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Program Analyst Resume

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  • Total 9+ years of IT solutions and GIS experience including analysis, database objects creation, ETL development, testing, and reports creation
  • Worked in various business domains like energy & utilities - Oil & Gas: upstream & subsea, Telecom, Electric, Payroll, Health and Navigation
  • 5+ years of development, administration and testing of Enterprise GIS and database projects using ESRI, Microsoft and Oracle based technologies
  • 4+ years of developing database schema, BI, ETL, Data reports and Data visualization solutions using SSRS, Tableau
  • Good understanding in OLTP/OLAP System Study, Data warehouse, Dimension modelling concepts
  • Plan, design of conceptual, logical, physical entity-relationship diagrams for database physical schema generation
  • Design and Implement database systems in various environments such as Development (DEV), System Integration Testing (SIT), User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and Production
  • Implementation of database change requests using ITIL-based DBA Change Management methodology
  • Data migration from different GIS datasets using ETL tools, Jobs creation & scheduling and report creation, Knowledge in pipeline data management principals and pipeline data models (PODS/APDM)
  • Experienced in developing Interactive reports and dashboards integrating various components from multiple sources
  • Worked with application, quality assurance (QA) and production teams for the design, development, test and maintain of database systems
  • Creation and maintaining the Geo-databases such as compressing, versioning, spatial indexing and geo-databases replications
  • Creation & Scheduling daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly batch jobs using ETL, ESRI Objects based on customers’ requirements
  • Data loading & migration into Oracle and Spatial Database Engine (SDE) based geo-databases
  • Liaise with vendors, stakeholders and Internal customers, Production DBA’s regarding data integration, data migration and data processing using ETL Jobs
  • Support to Enterprise business applications, database maintenance activities, and resolve issues in timely, accurately with committed Confidential and Experience in Agile and Waterfall project methodologies
  • Good in written, communication, inter personal, liaison and problem solving skills with the ability to work in multi-cultural environment


Languages & Script: SQL, PL/SQL, T-SQL, Basic R, HTML, XML, JavaScript, CSS, Python, VB script

RDBMS: Oracle 10g/11g, SQL server 2008/2012, PostgreSQL GIS, Oracle Spatial 10g/11g, MS SQL spatial 2008 and later, SDE, MS Excel, MS Access 2010

GIS Tools: ESRI Arc GIS 10.x/9.x, Map Info, Intergraph Geomedia

ETL Tools: SAFE FME 2012 desktop & server, Informatica

Reporting Tools: Tableau Desktop and Server, MS BI-SSRS, SSAS, SSIS Basic SAS, Basic OBIEE

Data Modeling Tools: ER Win, Oracle SQL developer & Data modeler, MS Visio

Web: IIS, Arc GIS Server, Geoserver, GIS Online, Arc GIS Portal

Operating Systems: MS DOS, UNIX, Linux, Windows server 2008, Windows 7/8/10

Other Tools: TOAD, Putty, WIN SCN, Team Foundation Server (TFS)


Confidential, NJ

Program Analyst


  • Planning, Design & Data Modelling for BH Records and BR iPayroll projects and generate physical database repositories.
  • Creation of database objects like Tables, Views, Procedures and triggers using Oracle, MS SQL Server to provide definition, structure and to maintain data efficiently.
  • Generate the Data Definition Language (DDL) to create the objects to implement in the RDBMS.
  • Development of SQL scripts and automate the process for push notifications for Payroll, Tax pay and filing of Tax returns.

Environment: SQL, TOAD, Oracle, SQL server, MS Access, Excel, Windows, HTML, JavaScript, ETL tools and PL/SQL, SSRS

Confidential- Houston, TX

Systems Analyst (GIS) - ETL Developer/Tester


  • Data inventory of existing datasets and define Data Standardization and data flow processes for Oil & Gas upstream and subsea operations
  • Database design, creation and maintain data models for Subsea and Upstream data formats
  • Understand upstream Oil & Gas based field datasets, which is held in different formats automate the process using Data Interoperability, Python scripting and schedule jobs
  • Design, develop, and test ETL processes per business requirements to meet the development standards
  • Development, testing for generating geospatial Reports, Charts and Dashboards using Tableau, Excel and Web App Builder as per business logic
  • Understanding, gathering and documenting business and functional requirements and developing solutions to meet those requirements

Environment: SQL, Basic R, Python, Tableau, SSRS, SSAS, TOAD, Oracle 10g/11g, SQL server 2008, MS Access, Excel, FME, Google Earth Pro, MS Visio, Oracle SQL data modeler, ESRI Arc GIS, Arc GIS Web App builder, Windows, Basic HTML, JavaScript


Geospatial DBA, ETL Developer & Tester


  • Oracle spatial database administration, Interaction with stake holders, Production DBA’s, business team for requirement related to database operations
  • Planning, Design & Data Modelling for new projects and generate database repositories
  • Generate the Data Definition Language (DDL) to create the objects necessary to implement in the relational DBMS using the Data Dictionary
  • Creating primary and objects such as Tables, Views, Indexes. Modifying the database structure as necessary as per application developer’s requirement
  • Understanding, gathering and documenting business and functional requirements and developing solutions to meet those requirements
  • Collaborate with business users to gather required data and execute all ETL Programs and scripts
  • Analyze exiting data sets, schema creation and loading datasets using ETL tools, validations and provide Geospatial reports as per business logic
  • ITIL Change management for DB related change requests (CRs) for ongoing projects
  • Perform unit tests on all processes and develop required jobs, scripts and schedule

Environment: Linux, UNIX, Windows, WIN SCN, Putty, SQL, Oracle Spatial 10g, Oracle 10g, SQL developer Data modeler, SQL * Loader, MapInfo, Geoserver, FME, ITIL, MS Access and Excel, Teradata


Database Architect & Analyst (GIS)


  • Provide end to end solution for 4G broadband services initiative for centralized Geo-database. this includes support to business team, RF and Network planning team
  • Determine database structural requirements by analyzing client operations, applications for various teams of RF, Network team and business team
  • Understanding the customer’s business requirements, business processes and system functionality to develop the database design and maintain the source of data.
  • Responsible for developing and maintaining a formal description of the data and data structures - this can include Data Definitions, Data Models Conceptual, Logical and Physical Data Model, data dictionaries, data flow diagrams, etc.
  • Providing assistance in the development of the conceptual & logical database design
  • Developing & maintaining naming standards for database objects such as tables, indexes & views
  • Creation of database objects like Tables, Views, Procedures and triggers using oracle to provide definition, structure and to maintain data efficiently
  • MS BI - Reporting Services as per business logic, Geo-coding, Data visualization, SDE versioning

Environment: Oracle 11g, M SQL Server 2012, SDE administration, SQL developer Data modeler, SSRS, MS Visio, MS Access and Excel, Windows, ESRI Arc GIS, Windows


Database Administrator (GIS), ETL Developer

  • Providing assistance in the development of the Conceptual & Logical database design
  • Creation of database objects like Tables, Views, Procedures and triggers using oracle to provide definition, structure and to maintain data efficiently
  • Creating primary database storage structures such as Tablespaces as per requirement
  • Participating in data integration, data migration and data processing.
  • Carrying out application Performance Tuning and Testing.
  • Develop and lead the effort to collect, compile and analyzedata, from various structured and unstructured sources, to performstatisticaland usageanalyses.
  • Supporting Application Programmers in the testing of database applications
  • Data migration of business tables and geospatial objects from Land NET system to SG-SPACE system using ETL and SQL Scripts
  • Data upload & download configuration at different government agencies
  • Preparation of technical documentation including Metadata standards, Data migration, Data interoperability procedures and Data dictionary document
  • Responsible for Singapore Government Data Center (GDC) Geospatial operations and data administration

Environment: ESRI Arc GIS 9.x, Arc GIS Server, SDE, SAFE FME geospatial ETL desktop & server tool, Informatica, SQL Developer Data modeler, Oracle Spatial 10g, Oracle 11g, SQL, MS Office/Access, Web logic, Web center, 4 node Oracle RAC, Arc GIS Server, Java, XML, Window, Linux


Production Executive


  • Conduct user need assessment on existing infrastructure to come up with specific requirements, Database schema and Objects creation
  • Data inventory of existing data, application and Integration with GIS and define structure datasets
  • Preparation of data Inventory matrix, organize and classify geospatial data into new datasets
  • Recommendations for altering and refining the existing Data models
  • Analyze of existing datasets for various formats i.e. CAD/GIS, Excel, etc. for schema generation
  • Data migration / Data porting into centralized database using SDE, ETL tools and Scripts
  • Oracle Spatial Integration with various GIS Software’s such as Intergraph Geomedia, ESRI Arc GIS 9.x and Perform Spatial operations.
  • Data migration between databases using Oracle Export and Import utilities.
  • Preparation of detailed design, Metadata standards and data dictionary document

Environment: SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle 10g/9i, Toad, SQL * Loader, ER Win, FME desktop, Rolta On Point, Geomedia, ESRI Arc GIS 9.x, XML, VB Script, Auto CAD, MapInfo, PostgreSQL GIS, GML, KML, ENC, AXIM, Windows, Blue Marble Geographics, Global Mapper, Oracle SQL Developer




  • Plan, design and implement of Geodatabases as per the projects requirement.
  • Installation & Configuration of Oracle, Spatial databases.
  • Preparation of Conceptual, Logical & Physical database design documentations
  • Implementations of data dictionary documents & ensure objects are on par with naming convention standards.
  • Creation of tables, views, build & maintaining of relationships between entities as per business logic.
  • Perform database backup and recovery activities & data loading using SQL * loader as per business Requirement.
  • Worked with other database administrators, report writers, and project teams to refine reporting requirements based on customer’s business needs.
  • Establishing database connections & perform data processing activities between different GIS Software and databases.

Environment: ESRI Arc GIS, Arc View, ERDAS Imagine, Garmin GPS and Trimble DGPS equipment, MS Access, Oracle, 3D Analyst, Spatial Analyst, VBA for Arc GIS

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