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Software Engineer Resume


Principal Software Engineer with comprehensive data warehousing, data marts, and ETL experience. Extensive experience in Java / C++ / Perl / RDBMS environments. Key strengths include building extensible tool sets, functional inter-interoperability in heterogeneous systems, communications and protocols development and business rules encapsulation. Recognized for high level of operational excellence. Possesses a passion for quality and continuous improvement.

Technical Skills Summary

Language Proficiency: Java, C++, Perl, Pascal, BASIC, FORTRAN, PLSQL, T-SQL.
Language Familiarity: HTML, LISP, ASSEMBLER
Special Packages: Oracle 10g, SQL Server 2005, Sybase 15, Informatica 8, DB2, Business Objects, SAS, SPSS, Lotus Notes
Hardware and Operating Systems: IBM/AIX, Sun /Solaris, IBM 3090(MVS/TSO), IBM-PC(MS-DOS & UCSD-p)


Confidential, Boston, MA 2/2011 - 4/2011

  • Text Book ETL implementation of new Oracle 10g Data Warehouse sourced from SQLServer 2005 and XML.
  • Data Modeling of MathXL (textbook data) to new warehouse.
  • Prototyping of XML and non-XML data via multiple mechanisms.

Confidential, Boston, MA 5/2010 - 9/2010
Contractor for Global Investment Technology Division

  • Fixed Income Trading System / Front-End Compliance Stored Procedure rules-based development via Sybase 15/RAP (In-Memory DB).
  • Design and implementation of trading system pre-trade rules (SQL) for DIVA (Data Integrity Validation Analyzer).
  • Full Review rules-based Analysis (1959 Front-End Compliance rules, 1209 Active, 259 Stored Procedures).

Confidential, 1997 – 2009
Principal Software Engineer (Fidelity Technology Group/Enterprise Group) / Bonded (Aug 2008 – Feb 2009)

  • Converted enterprise-wide Global Trade Preclearance System (GEMS) to Global System in Sybase, with next emphasis on Oracle PLSQL conversion.
  • Converted Global Post-Trade analysis, using Sybase triggers, stored procedures, and Actimize.
  • Developed Employee Category Loader using Informatica ETL, Sybase, stored procedures, and Autosys.
  • Re-Design of Annual/Quarterly Trade Verification (QTV) to include FMR-India workflow separation.

Principal Software Engineer Confidential / Bonded (Nov 2005 – Aug 2008)

  • Maintained Global Trade and Research Commissions (GTRAC), an ASP intranet application in Oracle 9i, encompassing Informatica ETL, PLSQL packages and Business Objects – a soft-dollars application sourcing Fund Trades from IDW (Investment Data Warehouse).
  • Implemented intranet ASP to .NET conversion using Oracle PLSQL.
  • Converted Informatica ETL business-rule processing to Oracle PLSQL package bucketing, for potential future use.
  • Architected Informatica ETL SQL Server loaders for new feeds processing, on separate project.
  • Managed department groups' Informatica 7 to Informatica 8 upgrade conversion, 14 applications/groups.

Consultant Software Engineer/Database Developer Confidential / Bonded, IMT (Apr 2000 – Nov 2005)

  • Converted Equity Trading Information Warehouse (ETIW) in Oracle, PLSQL to Investment Data Warehouse (IDW) Sybase; 8M fund trades, 12GB data. Re-Design of existing Autosys, Bourne profiles, Perl, shell scripts, and RDBMS stored procedures.
  • Created IDW Oracle, PLSQL instance of Sybase; 22M fund trades, 36.5GB of data. Warehouse consisted of new ODS/Archive segmentation architecture. Phase 1 conversion via Informatica/ETL as data transfer mechanism.
  • Implemented export data marts, ETL, target-aligned staging, group-level security via views, access and group/ end-user mappings, reference data dimension tables for performance.
  • Performed Autosys job scheduling with atomic processing and pre-processed single-source installs.
  • Bundled installation/backups via Make utility and individual Makefiles.
  • Created DDL preprocessing tool with CPP functionality and auditing/logging; originally required for Dev/QA on same RDBMS server. Preprocessing allowed single-source for multiple target environments.

Contractor Confidential / Bonded (1999)

  • Maintained Y2K development and testing for Perl applications within Treasurer’s Office.

Contractor Confidential / Bonded (Sept 1997 – Aug 1999)

  • Implemented Sybase stored procedures and triggers supporting Fidelity’s Research Reports, an equity research notes repository.
  • Developed Analyst Performance, a rating tool using web-based user interface, Perl, Sybase and market research data.
  • Designed Technical Notes loading system using Perl, Sybase, and Autosys on a Unix platform.
  • Developed and supported market research data loaders/ETL in a Unix, Perl and Autosys environment.
  • Other projects: Server migration, Perl4 to Perl5 conversions, Y2k issues, FAME upgrades, database design.

Confidential, Quincy, MA 1996 - 1997
Contractor for Information Technology Division

  • Performed data transfer for synchronization of global fund data for World Trust, a global financial data services project.
  • Built innovative, dynamic query application using stored procedures for selection criteria and data definition.
  • Application built in C, Sybase, stored procedures and shell scripts on Unix(Solaris/SunOS) platform.
  • Maintained existing application transfer protocols.

Confidential, Boston, MA 1994 - 1996
Contractor for FACS Systems Group (FACS/Systems) / Bonded

  • Developed and maintained a 400+ user, Fund Reporting Automation System (FRAS), a PC-based, three-tier client/server application in a heterogeneous environment utilizing JYACC Jam, MS-C, Sybase (UNIX), Interleaf (Ultrix) and SQR. Migrated UNIX-based FRAS to Client/Server PC desktop.
  • Re-engineered FRAS application - including database connectivity, cell rule evaluation, memory management, logging, stored procedures, triggers and indexing.
  • Projects included: FRAS Unlimited Shares project; cell rule (business rules) evaluator re-write.

Confidential, Cambridge, MA 1993 - 1994
Contractor for ISS Group

  • Implemented Direct Marketing campaigns using Sybase SQL Server, Transact-SQL and SQR in a Vax/VMS based environment.
  • Maintained database, database design using DEFT, Sybase stored procedures and triggers.
  • Corporate data loading using C, SQL-Server dblib calls and bulk-copy utilities.
  • Created company name-matching using corporate data from ABI and Dunn & Bradstreet vendors, via SSA-NAM3.

Confidential, Bedford, MA 1992 - 1993
Principal Software Engineer

  • Responsible for database applications development for the Airport Noise and Operations Monitoring System (ANOMS), an integrated Sun Sparcstation based(UNIX), airport noise abatement system.
  • Designed and developed a stand-alone Data Archiver for archival/restoration of large volumes of data within the ANOMS system in C and Interbase DSQL.
  • Implemented database relation access routines using both static SQL and GMDL (Interbase's proprietary DML).
  • Developed a C/GDML code generator for Select, Insert, Update, Delete and subsequent test operations for rapid prototyping; overcoming certain GDML deficiencies available in SQL.
  • Re-designed ANONS sub-component transaction models and scoping.

Confidential, Westwood, MA 1991 - 1992
Confidential, Burlington, MA 1989 - 1991
Confidential, Cambridge, MA 1985 - 1989
Confidential, Wellesley, MA 1984 - 1985


Computer Science
Business Administration

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