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Database Developer Resume Profile

Warren, NJ

Professional Summary

  • A distinguished technologist, data architect and leader, with many years experience delivering fit for purpose IT solutions for Fortune 500 companies talent for developing trust that enables transparent assessment, integration and improvement of corporate IT architectures experienced in developing high-performing teams that deliver predictable and measurable solutions driven to develop cost effective IT services that scale with growth and have the potential to be shared by other business entities Focused on reducing the total cost of systems ownership to business lines, while increasing business output ability to communicate, collaborate and create synergy at all levels of the enterprise to achieve shared successful outcomes for business and IT.
  • I provide tactical and strategic IT leadership for corporations that are ready to become more efficient at what they do, and are ready to execute on a focused commitment to improve processes that increase service delivery output and quality to support business growth.

A few recent facts

  • Quality In 2013 I executed over 120 successful software releases across projects, maintenance, and operation portfolios with less than 2 defects.
  • Increased Market Share - 150M projected gross written premium increase, scaled Corporate Policy Administration System designed and implemented systems integration through downstream financial systems to handle new underwriting business. Provided project management and coordination through transition.
  • Savings - 2M cost savings over first year of operations - Implemented SharePoint 2013 as the enterprise document management platform. Lead the vendor selection, global topology and compute specifications and design hardware/software purchase and installation user adoption and migration strategy legacy systems de-commissioning strategy.
  • Savings - 1M cost savings between 2012 and 2013- Implemented first 4 SAAS platforms, delivering a 50 increase in user efficiency and service availability across 2,500 employees in 20 different countries. Underwriting Platform, ITIL Platform, Content Management/Workflow, Human Resource Platform .
  • Global Solutions 50 bandwidth and network capacity increase for Australia and Singapore business division users.
  • System Life Extension - 30 system life extension Provided strategy and implemented tactical solution that extended the firms primary revenue generating system for an additional 5 years.
  • Governance/Security - Secured 100 of company software assets implemented standardized SDLC guidance framework and platform across enterprise for utilization by all IT divisions developed user training program to facilitate adoption and onboarding of all IT personnel migrated all source code to secure central software repository.
  • Corporate Image Managed corporate re-branding initiative to support new CEO vision delivered externally facing corporate web site presence coordinated vendor resources in conjunction with internal developers and IT teams through deployment architect global knowledge management foundation.
  • Business Continuation - Ensured 100 availability of business continuation and disaster recovery communication web sites globally moved sites from onsite location to more secure and geographically isolated location.
  • Quality Savings - reduced A H business unit quality assurance testing costs by 350k in first 6 months of solution implementation.
  • Process Improvement - 1M cost reduction of mandatory compliance process and operations replaced quarter-end and year-end manual consolidation of data and reporting with fully automated integration and flow.
  • Service level trust - Implemented Incident Management tracking framework brokered relationships and integrated IT systems and processes that previously operated in silos provided a transparent and accurate view of incidents and problem management published metrics to facilitate targeted improvement.
  • Reduced cost of ownership - Consolidated disparate CRM Dynamics implementations around the globe unified teams and initiatives to save on hardware, licensing, software and staff costs. Resulted in a 100k savings in 2012.
  • Champion Customer Care Developed team of business savvy technologists who engage business leaders to identify, document, develop, package and publish simple tools and services that can be used by line workers to do their jobs more efficiently and accurately. Initiative projected to increase overall productivity by 20 annually through 2019.

Professional Career:


Database Developer

Core Competencies:

  • Application Development / Systems Integration Information Risk Analysis and Management
  • Data Integration / Master Data Management Cloud Solutions Strategy / Offshore Resource Mgmt.
  • Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Business Process Automation / BP Offshore
  • Enterprise Content Management / Knowledge Management Strategy Client Needs Assessment / Customer Care
  • Server / Database / Network / Storage Optimization Planning Software Development / Quality Center of Excellence
  • Corporate Shared Services / Operations Cost Benefit Analysis / Cost Reduction
  • SDLC Standardization / Audit Performance Metrics Change Management / ITIL Governance

Technology Hands-On:

  • SQL Server, Transact SQL, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, Oracle DB, PLSQL, Oracle Forms, Win Server 2008/12, Share Point 2010/13,
  • Visual Studio, ASP.Net, VB.Net, WCF, IIS Server, VB Java Script, VBA, XML, XSLT, CSS, HTML, UML, ER Studio, Erwin,
  • Citrix, Exchange, Active Directory, Team Foundation Server, TIBCO Active Matrix/EMS/ESB/Data Exchange, MS BizTalk,
  • SAAS and Cloud Solutions, Service Now ITIL, MS CRM/ERP, SAP Business Solutions, Cisco Switches and Routers, VMware

Professional History:


Data Warehouse

  • Developed automated data cross referencing of all enterprise front-end system codes, types, lists and feeds. To provide single source of reference data globally to all lines of business. Published this data daily for utilization by Service Oriented Architecture Platform and other data consumption initiatives.
  • Managed the configuration of near real-time data integration of all Insurance business legacy systems across Party, Submission, Agreement, Policy, Claim, Endorsement and Cash data domains including. Re-Insurance and A H business divisions and products. Developed data quality rules engine and automated notification system to trap potentially bad data for manual analysis prior to being released to downstream systems.
  • Architect and documented all Data Models data landing topology, Data HUB, Operational Data Store, Warehouse and Divisional data marts, dimensions and fact tables.
  • Documented and delivered Corporate Data Dictionary, and established the data governance committee IGO to centrally manage data life cycle.
  • Coordinated the execution of non-disruptive business data profiling, data lineage discovery and data cleansing activities.
  • As directed by COO/CIO to establish and lead the development of an enterprise data hub and consolidation and standardization of operating data. I implemented the IEM Information Engineering Management group. Staffed Data Architects, Business Systems Analysts and ETL developers. Performed vendor and software product selection activities. Provided hands-on data and technology architecture, ETL design, project management and team leadership. Managed initiation and executive presentation of program, cost benefit, risk assessment, budget, approvals and overall strategic direction.
  • Managed the development, documentation, and source code library storage of all ETL code, physical database DDL and established baseline SDLC procedures to manage the data structure lifecycle and change management of all data related systems and components.
  • Implemented enterprise service bus. Purchased hardware and software, implemented topology and capacity planning. Developed infrastructure that supported loosely-coupled architecture which enabled ease of scale and integration initiatives as business systems increased in size and number.


  • Directive from COO/CIO to provide leadership to the struggling Corporate IT Division consisting of 10 distinct IT teams across operations, project and maintenance programs.
  • Standardized production support and maintenance procedures across all applications support teams to better manage SLA's as well as facilitate incident management measurements and performance metrics. Implemented consistent SDLC process across all applications and teams.
  • SharePoint Team Upgraded to SharePoint 2013, and implemented platform, topology, architecture, and user adoption strategy. Developed content management procedures to support corporate intranet. Lead the re-branding initiative for the corporate intranet site. Led the external hosting and re-branding of corporate internet site. Positioned SharePoint 2013 to support other platform dependent initiatives BYOD, Corp Shares Restructuring, Data Leakage Protection.
  • Procede Team - Ceded Reinsurance Platform Calculations, Reports, Financials . Automated many manual data entry processes and activities that provided a tremendous cost efficiency in terms resource reduction and increased data quality, and de-creased data correction activities.
  • IRIS Policy Admin Team IRIS is the company's primary policy creation platform. Implemented Real time data replication of policy data to downstream systems. Avoided potential business catastrophe and long-term business outage by identifying and executing the isolation of production hardware from non-prod hardware. Purchase of software hardware and configuration coordination Hardware separation, OS and Version upgrade .
  • Source Code Library Team Protect and Secure enterprise source code library by implemented Team Foundation Server Platform source code migration, as well as ALM framework and templates to support Agile, CMMI and other custom SDLC Implementation options.
  • Customer Relationship Platform Team - Implemented MS Dynamics infrastructure and platform. Utilization by several lines of business. Supports central repository for Broker customer relationships.
  • Enterprise Integration Team Development of Axis Web Services Library AWS Supports service oriented architecture SOA . Procured and implemented Tibco ActiveX platform and staff. Manages the orchestration of web services, and supports the automation of business processes. Integrates all legacy systems Message Bus, iProcess, Data Exchange
  • ITIL Support Maintenance Team Stabilized Human Resource Admin Services Integration, CMDB, Service Catalog, Release Mgmt, Change Mgmt, Problem Mgmt, Incident Mgmt, Identity Mgmt. Automated Legacy Application User Administration Service. Custom Event driven Workflow Approval Processes. Custom Facilities Management Services, Automated Recertification Processes Employees, Contractors, Sites, Shares, Services . Active Directory, Exchange Server and Network Security Administration integration
  • Enterprise Content Management ECM - SpringCM Document Mgmt. SAAS solution Implementation and integration with internal resources, Axis Document Mgmt. System ADMS central doc repository - iDOC Silverlight UI. Axis Knowledge Network rebranded Intranet initiative , AxisCapital.com rebranding and external hosting implementation Rack Space . Enterprise Employee Time Tracking system MS Project Server. Many other content mgmt. capabilities scanning, retention, OCR etc.



  • Cash Flow Forecasting Systems - Developed Logical and Physical Relational database models to accommodate Enterprise Cash Flow Forecasting, Funds Transfer, Bank Account Administration, Bank Account Analysis Web applications. This provided Cash Mgmt division with many ad hoc Cash reports, Metrics, Forecasting data and many on demand cash movement processing services, including tri-daily bank account cash position and balance information.
  • Prudential Secure Bank File Transfer - Designed and developed secure, encrypted data transfer services and protocols to manage the daily file transfer of hundreds of bank files BAI from Prudential's external banking partners. Staged the files, extracted and loaded the transactional data into target databases Gateway Treasury Workstation, Cashflow, MMIP etc. . This allowed Prudential to understand the cash position of all of its bank accounts, throughout the day, every day. Thus allowed the Corporate Treasurer to make accurate and timely investments, lending and borrowing decisions both internal business units and external. Final end of day cash results were automatically fed to Oracle Financial System.
  • Business Intelligence Automated Dashboards and Excel Cash Reports QtrBusBorrowing, MMIP reporting, Cashflow Reports, Cash Variance, Enterprise Scorecard. These services our critical to Treasury executives decision making pertaining to cash rich , or cash poor lines of business and their lending and borrowing positions and cash efficiency rankings.
  • Internal Data Feeds Developed extensible services that provided data to many different systems General Ledger, SMART Wire, Bank Fees Sys Admin, Charms System, etc
  • Corporate Banking On-Line Account opening and approval system Gathered business requirements, provided specifications for approval developed web based bank account management system with full integration with Prudential bank partners.
  • Money Market Investment Plan Internal cash investment system Developed application that allowed internal lines of business to manage investments.
  • Funds Transfer and Approval System Implementation wire transfer and approval system developed B2B funds transfer application that provided business real time management of cash transfer functions
  • Corporate Scorecard System Implementation senior management reporting system
  • Corp Treasury Workstation Implementation cash position management system Baseline implementation of Corporate system. Also upgraded this system to be web based few years later.
  • Custom Bank Fees Payment System Developed in-house bank services payment management system
  • Regulatory and Compliance - Managed mandatory system documentation update of all applications to ensure all systems meet company standards as well as annual SOX Roll forward testing of all external and internal data feeds
  • DR/BCP - Defined and documented all Disaster Recovery, Business Continuation plans for all Corporate Treasury businesses and systems. Conducted quarterly live DR/BCP failover for duration of 1 week each quarter to ensure process is smooth and transparent to end users, and seamless systems recovery.
  • IIS/Web Services - Implemented the topology and Initial setup and configuration of Prudential's web server hardware and manage routine maintenance on dev, test, prod and bcp server environments. Install and configured IIS Web services, Cyberfusion, Connect Direct, FTP services, vendor and in-house software installations.
  • Change Management - Manage the change control process and ensure signoffs and approvals for each phase of the software development cycle. Properly store and promote database objects using Serena VM Web Client and PVCS library management. Utilize enterprise Change Request Database to document and track business requirements, systems specifications. Approve, unit testing, QA and UAT results. Manage software implementation staging and provide detailed database and application install instructions for all new development and routine application maintenance changes.
  • Operations Team - Manage and lead team of System Admins. who provide Systems Ops support to Business Ops including monitoring and execution of batch procedures which ftp incoming bank files to staging areas, clean and load data into Treasury Workstation Systems that provide daily and intra-day enterprise account cash positions to allow business units, desk managers, corporate traders, and corporate account managers to make the best decisions on cash disbursements and concentrate funds on behalf of the Prudential General and Subsidiary Accounts.
  • Manage and lead team of Sr. Systems Analysts and Senior Developers providing daily production support priorities. Introduce new project development, review bus requirements and systems specs, provide project scope. Develop and implement detailed project plan conduct weekly meetings with team to ensure deliverables are on scheduled.
  • Manage team of SQL Server DBA's providing daily priorities including dump and loads code staging database security management business continuation guidelines enterprise patch installs research, analysis and purchase of 3rd party software, production issues analysis and resolution.

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