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Data Analyst Resume Profile

Professional Experience Summary

  • An IT professional with over 25 years of experience in systems and database analysis, design and development on many platforms, including UNIX, Windows 2003, Oracle and Teradata. Recent experience has focused on ETL, scripting, Informatica Administration/ installation/ DQ Profiling/ error analysis/ code migration/ training and supporting users. Strong SDLC, analysis, database, performance tuning, Process Development and communication skills allow him to design and deliver quality solutions.
  • Experience on multiple platforms, languages and DBMS has given him extensive expertise with data analysis, scripting, utilities, migrations and integrations, as well as Administration and Lead skills. Successful implementations/ knowledge of LDM/ PDM, ETL, performance tuning, process optimization and BI development make him a valuable resource. He enjoys challenges, brings a positive attitude and the ability to adapt to changing technology and project requirements. He always mentors team members to increase productivity and assure success. In addition, he has expertise with complex SQL, storage/ retrieval optimization.

Business Application Experience:


  • Develop/ Modify/ Test/ Deploy VMS scripts and Ingres RW routines to extract datasets for transmittal of Shop Floor measurements to the PROFICY Application. Scripts were parameterized to handle multiple report types, files, transmittal methods and scheduling for multiple instances. Data extracted from Ingres databases in multiple remote sites. ENV:: Ingres RDBMS, VAX VMS/ Alpha scripting, FTP, SFTP processing- via VPN.
  • Feb 2013 Jul 2013 Oracle ETL Developer Miami University, Oxford, OH
  • On contract thru Analysis Express, West Chester, OH
  • Develop/ Modify/ Test/ Deploy PL/SQL Packages and OWB mappings to populate BI datasets. Data is extracted from the HR and Student modules of the BANNER ERP. Perform analysis and coding to maintain deletions and SCD History ENV:: Oracle 11g, Oracle Warehouse Builder, PL/SQL.
  • Nov 2011 Feb 2013 INFORMATICA ADMINISTRATOR - JP Morgan Chase, Columbus, OH
  • On contract thru IDC, Inc. Miltipas, CA
  • Administer multiple PowerCenter and IDQ environments on AIX Servers in support of an Integrated Teradata DW. Environment is fast-paced and utilizes multi-node, grid-based domains. Deploy labels, XML and Scripts thru DEV/ QA/ UAT/ PROD. Develop automation scripts deploying updates to folders, connections, permissions, space and cleanup issues. Support BTEQ/ TPT loading, Development. Enforce security and methodology, analyze and resolve errors. Administer users, and security. Develop 'How-To' documentation. Work with developers, testers, managers, DBAs, AIX administrators to resolve technical issues. ENV:: Informatica 9.1, Teradata 13, Oracle 11, AIX 6.1, Subversion code management, VPN.
  • Nov 2009 Sep 2011 Lead Informatica Administrator Serco-NA, Fairborn, OH
  • At WPAFB, OH: Installed and administered Informatica on Windows Servers for the USAF ECSS project. Trained/ supported Powercenter developers. Supported mappings/workflows utilizing shortcuts, lookups, parsing, parameterization, routers, standardization. Analyzed processes, created Standards, presented demonstrations and resolved user/ application issues. Installed and migrated V8.6 to V9.0.1. Provided analysis of Report data structures. Developed process methodologies and checklists. ENV:: Informatica V8.6 V9.0.1, Oracle 10g, XML, Windows servers.

Data Analyst/ Designer/ Designer


At WPAFB, OH: Analyzed data flow/sources to define business rules for migration of the SMART application. Served as Team Lead and Application DBA for Supply View project using MICAP and SMART data. Implemented and tuned comprehensive views of inventory, requisitions and backorders. Developed SDLC Requirements, Standards, Design documents, and guided team members. ENV:: Teradata V2R5, ERwin and MS Office.

Data Analyst / Developer

On contract thru Concilium1

Migrated engine-lifecycle databases from Oracle to Teradata TD EDW. Analyzed and modified logical physical models. Profiled incoming data with Teradata tools. Loaded Oracle data into TD schemas. Analyzed original QA processes using Oracle and Access to develop a repeatable QA process. Validated ETL staging sources via SQL. ENV:: Teradata V2R5 , MLDM, Oracle 10g, PL/SQL, ODBC, ERwin/ Model Mart, Excel, MS Access.

Data Analyst / Developer


  • 1 AFRL EBS project- Analyzed/loaded multiple standard and XML sources into Oracle db for transfer to a DOD office. Analyzed/modified LDM/PDM to map elements from XML to Oracle tables. Conferred with SMEs to define data usage.
  • 2 GCSS EDW: Corrected Informatica workflows and K-shell scripts. Analyzed/ corrected PL/SQL routines. ENV:: System Architect, TOAD, Excel, Informatica V7.1, Teradata V2R5 and Oracle 9i on UNIX servers.

South West Ohio Data Management

WEBMASTER/ ADMINISTRATIVE VP : SWOC DAMA is a Non-Profit Professional organization dedicated to providing education regarding current data management technologies, methodologies and best practices. Implement/ maintain Website postings, Event Registration, information and interaction with members. Perform membership maintenance and treasury functions. Wrote HTML and PHP code to develop the original website. Assist in execution of educational events. Present Data Modeling Process dissertations.

Data Analyst/ Developer

  • At WPAFB, OH:
  • 1 Q303 migration to a Teradata EDW. Created/ administered Teradata databases, developed Informatica Workflows to load Oracle sources with expressions, routers, joins, lookups, parameterization, etc. Wrote SDLC documentation. Modified Business Objects Universes.
  • 2 Q303 Logistics DataMart: Modified PL/SQL routines, created specifications, mappings, complex SQL, shell scripts. Created/optimized tables, views, indexes, MVs. Built Cognos BI reports and cubes, administered Cognos catalogs. Worked closely with customers and Functional Analysts while developing reports and cubes. Performed integration and OLAP analysis. ENV:: Teradata V2R5, Oracle 9i, PL/ SQL, Erwin, TOAD, Cognos, BO, Informatica 7.1, Excel and MS Access.


Professional Services: Analyst, Developer, Supervisor and ETL specialist implementing Teradata ETL processes in Repair Logistics time/ parts/ cost , Customer Profiling systems. Conferred with SMEs to determine requirements and develop models, mappings, SDLC documents. Performed design reviews and supervised contractors. Translated European currencies, de-normalized data for optimal access, developed BTEQ, Fload, Mload routines and UNIX shell utilities. Optimizing architecture performance was a critical function for supporting applications and BI systems. ENV:: Teradata V2R4, Erwin, Excel.


Analyzed/ modified COBOL programs accessing Oracle, adding functionality to the ERPS system. Tools: COBOL, Oracle, UNIX on HP9000 servers.


Analyzed and migrated the FEMA system from IBM COBOL to Oracle, including data-type conversion and cleansing in shell scripts. Tools: IBM MVS, FOCUS DBMS, COBOL, UNIX awk, sed, shells and Oracle on UNIX servers.


Re-engineered Order Management, Reporting, Billing software and procedures as well as provided technical guidance and developed stored procedures. Environment: DEC-20 mainframes, System 1022, Sybase and Fortran 77.


Developed an integrated building design application via C, SQL/C, FORTRAN and Ingres 4GL programs. Performed code analysis, query optimization and load distribution. Installed/ administered INGRES RDBMS, migrated software and databases from a Data General Server to HP server. Developed and implemented the Release Management Methodology. Performed HP-9000 UX system administration. Developed comparative software benchmarks on HP800 vs. DG 9500 servers.


  • Merged MS Project data into a centralized PM application in an Ingres DB. ENV: Solaris, INGRES RDBMS and its tools, SQL, C-shell, S-T-P, Banyan-Vines.
  • Provided DBA, data analysis and programming expertise on numerous projects including migrations, payroll, MRPS, plant-loop execution and performance monitoring, financial AR/ AP/ GL/ Procurement and insurance systems. Performed optimization, analysis, instruction and project management. ENV: INGRES, Fortran, C, 1022, VSAM, KSAM, Cobol, V4 and Datatrieve on IBM, DEC VAX/ PDP, DG, HP, Cyber and Unix hardware.


  • Air Force Central Adjudication Facility valid thru 2019
  • Tools/Protocols: SQL, Teradata V2R5, 13.0, Oracle 9i/ 10g, Ingres, System1022, MySQL, COGNOS Administration/ Impromptu/ Powerplay, Business Objects, Informatica Powercenter/ IDQ, Erwin, S-T-P, Excelerator, TOAD, Teradata BTEQ/ MLOAD/ FLOAD/ OLE, TPT, SQLdeveloper, SQL , Unix shells, HTML, PHP, Perl, AWK, SED, Word, XML, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Fortran, C, Cobol, Dibol, FOCUS, DBASE III, MS Access
  • Platforms: AIX 6.1, HP-UX, Solaris, MP-RAS, VAX VMS, RT-11, IBM 30XX DOS/VSE OS, HP MPE, Cyber NOS, DG RDOS, Windows 3.1 thru 7, and 2003 server
  • Methods: Client/Server, SDLC, Inmon, Zachman, Dimensional/ Star, ETL, SQL optimization, Enterprise Warehousing, MLDM Teradata's Manufacturing Logical Data Model
  • Functional Areas: Air Force Logistics and Financial: G021, D200A, D043 MIICS , G004C, G337, D035 Stock Control, G081, MICAP, SMART Deficiency tracking, Engine life-cycle tracking, XML, OLAP reporting, BI analysis and development, data warehousing, application development, order management, Payroll/ Student and Employee HR.

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