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Etl Informatica Developer Resume Profile



  • To obtain a position with a forward thinking company that will allow me to continue to provide viable Application support solutions.
  • To provide my strong leadership skills that I have obtained with 10 Years Extensive Experience within the Information Technology area for the development and maintenance of a decision support Application.
  • I have Excellent Problem Solving, Coordinating, and Analytical, teamwork and interpersonal Skills and knowledge of Strong Client Server Development.

Software Technologies:

Databases: ORACLE11g,10g MS Access Sybase11, DB2, People Soft EPM8.8.

Data Model: Erwin-4.0,8.0, ER Studio, Sybase developer.

Programming: Informatica ETL Mapping, PL/SQL, SQL, SQL Loader UNIX Shell Scripts Perl Script PeopleSoft App Engine.

ETL tools: ETL tools INFORMATICA Power center Power Mart 9.1.0,8.6.1,8.5,7.3.1,6.2 Ab Initio GDE v1.6, 2.0 SourceSafe PVCS Erwin3.5.2 Microsoft Project Planer Rational Rose.

Reporting: Crystal report8, OLAP tools Hyperion Analyzer 3.0, Essbase6.51, Business Objects5, Cognos Series 7, Power Play, MS Access ORACLE Reports

ERP Technology: People Soft EPM 8.8, SAP R/3 SD, MM Module, Web Logic Server, JSP

Operating System: UNIX in HP Sun Solaris10 system IBM Aix NT 4, Window-XP-2000 LINUX.

Project Experience:


ETL Informatica Developer

  • Design and developed high level Technical Specification for ETL mapping, session and workflow and scheduler flow diagram for various projects.
  • Assist as a Informatica Administrator for UPGRADE 8.6.1 to 9.1.0. Upgrade PC Domain, PC Repository domain from earlier version to 9.1.0 Set up unix variables and binaries for 9.1.0.
  • Exposer to MDM products: Involved in MDM demo for Security Master data evaluation.
  • Design and developed data modeling using ER Studio. Reversed engineered existing model and update Model as per new Business requirement.
  • Dimensional Modeling: Design and developed date dimension, Rate, Customer for data warehouse.
  • Design and Developed Standard Data Quality Rule Engine, Data Error process and Run book Frame work and demonstrated at Federal Reserve Bank Level.
  • Design and Developed the ETL mapping, session and workflow and scheduled in Informatica. Also nicely applied Mapping variable and parameter file concept to control the data stream dynamically and increase the re-usability of ETL Objects. Mentor the junior developers in Team for development activity.
  • Design and deployed ETL/Unix/Database object migration specification document for Integration/Development to QA, UAT and Production environment.
  • Extensively used the Expression, lookup, Joiner, Union, Aggregation, Router, Store Procedures transformation and developed custom code for generate surrogate key.
  • Design and Developed ETL functional and technical specification for change management/enhancement process.
  • Supports the various environments such QA, UAT, SIT and production.
  • Performed various Tuning scenarios for ETL session and set thresholds option.
  • Written UNIX scripts, for FTP process, file check sum such as header/Trailer count checks.
  • Written VB Macro script to move file from XLS to CSV format.
  • Create high level process diagram for ETL Workflow design using MS Visio Tool.
  • Written complex SQL queries to satisfy business requirement, creates and maintained tables, views and Oracle Store Procedure.



Project: Surveillance and Compliance, Patriot Act Suspicious Activity Reporting System and, Anti Money Laundering System for Trades, Securities, Asset Movement, Cash Transactions, ACH, Wires and other Transactions.

  • Design and creating technical design document for Surveillance and Compliance, Anti Money Laundering System.
  • Excellent business knowledge of Surveillance and Compliance and AML data analysis.
  • Design and Developed the Complex ETL mapping, session and workflow and scheduled under autosys.
  • Design and Developed Data Model for Fact Dimension Tables for slowly changing dimension.
  • Design and Developed ETL objects to load data such as Equity, Trades, Government Security, Market Data, and Mutual Fund, Pricing data, Bond and Anti Money Laundering.
  • Extracts the Source data from various source systems such as IBM Main Frame using FTP profiles, JCL, VSAM files, db2 and Sybase and heavy flat files.
  • Heavily used look up, Expression, Aggregation, Normalizer, Router, Store Procedures transformation and developed custom code for generate surrogate key.
  • Handle data error for critical and non-critical scenarios for reporting purpose.
  • Design and developed ETL mapping for source to target data reconciliation process.
  • Design and Developed ETL functional and technical specification for change management/enhancement process.
  • Design, Developed and organized complex ETL sessions and workflow by proper sequence.
  • Designed and developed autosys process to automate whole process by US-NY, TK, and LN calendars.
  • Good knowledge of Compliance Tool Actimize and participated in end users and developer Training for Actimize Reporting system.
  • Nicely Organized ETL workflow under Autosys scheduler to run on Box time.
  • Manages the Migration ETL Objects to various environments such UAT, SIT and production.
  • Performed various Tuning scenarios for ETL session and set thresholds option.
  • Writes UNIX scripts, for FTP process, file manipulation, editing header records. Trailer Records.
  • Create high level process diagram for ETL Workflow design using MS Visio Tool.


Environment: Oracle9i, ETL Informatica v-7.1.3, 6.2, 5.1, ERP PeopleSoft EPM, Data Model, Erwin, Autosys Scheduler, Web Logic Server, Crystal Report8.5, Hyperion Reports, Essbase6.51, Unix O/S Sun Solaris, Autosys Unicenter, Perl Scripts.

Sr.Programmer Analyst

  • Design and Developed Data warehouse system for Corporate Finance and GL system.
  • Design and developed the functional technical specs for EDW project.
  • Design and Developed conceptual data model Erwin Tool, Visio, and Power Designer Tool for data mart/data warehouse.
  • Design, Developed and Maintains ETL Mappings, workflow, People Soft Application Engine programs, Relational Data Model, Star Schema Model, PL/SQL Programs, SQL Queries, PS Query for ODS, Data Mart/Data warehouse.
  • Written UNIX Shell Scripts, autosys jil scripts to manage ETL under autosys scheduler and schedule the calendar for daily, monthly and history loads.
  • Designed and Developed complex ETL mappings for ODS and data warehouse loading.
  • Designed and Developed ETL Mappings for various Financial streams e.g. GL Stream, Fixed Income Stream, Edit and Quality checks, Functions Group Stream, Rules group, Rates, Dimension Groups, etc. . Maintain load by autosys scheduler for daily and monthly jobs.
  • ETL Mappings: Developed complex ETL Mappings using various transformations also handled data error for reporting.
  • Design and developed complex crystal reports Essbase Cube for end users.
  • Excellent Knowledge of ERP PeopleSoft Internet Architect PIA Web Server, Application Server, Database Server.
  • Application Tuning: Involved in Tuning Process for Application Performance by Table Partitioning for multiple Regions Insertion/Deletion. And SQL Tuning using Oracle Cost base tuning, Hints etc.
  • Support and Trained the Operational/Functional Users to use Project data.



Environment: Oracle 8i, PL/SQL, SQL ETL Informatica 5.1, UNIX SunOS, NT-4 O/S, Win-2000 O/S Erwin3.5.2, Cognos, Data Model JSP, PeopleSoft.

  • Designed and Developed Financial Data warehouse System End user Reporting System.
  • Design and Developed Physical Data model
  • Design, Developed Complex ETL Mappings, PL/SQL Store Procedure /Function.
  • Managed ETL Repository for Folder Migration to various Environment
  • Performed Reverse engineering of existing Database objects and Create Data Model in Erwin.
  • Creates Complex ETL Mappings for Staging Database and Schedule Session for Partial Load.
  • Performed Tuning the SQL Queries, Database, Session, Mappings using Various Method of Tuning to analyze statistics. Written UNIX shell script to create Data files.


Environment: Data warehouse Oracle 8.0, PL/SQL8 ETL Informatica Power Center 5.1 , NT- 4.0, IBM Aix UNIX, BO5.0


  • Worked as Design and Architect for ETL Informatica tool IBM Aix Unix Installed and Configure Informatica Tool for Data warehouse system.
  • Create and Managed the Folder and securities for Data Warehouse Team.
  • Support Informatica Server and Repository on daily base in case of the issue logged from users.
  • Design/Developed Logical and Physical Data Model Erwin for Data warehouse.
  • Design and Developed Technical documents based on Business Users Requirements
  • Also involved in developed ETL mappings, SQL Loader, PL/SQL Programs to Load Data.
  • Created ETL Mappings using various transformations such as Look up, Router, Normalizer, Update Strategy to load the Dimension table and Fact Table and also handling data error.
  • Written complex SQL queries to satisfy business requirement, Creating and maintaining tables, view.
  • Creates Session /Batches and scheduling for Automate data Loading for Day-to-Day support.
  • Performances Tuning the Mappings, Session for heavy Volume of Data Load.


Environment: Data warehouse, Oracle 8 i , ETL Informatica Power Mart 4.5, 4.7 , PL/SQL, SQL,Unix Sun Solaris, NT-4.0, Brio 6.0 Erwin3.5.2, DataModel

Enterprise Data warehouse for HR and Sales Application.


  • Designed, Developed Database Model for Relational Data Warehouse: Heavily used ETL Mappings, PL/SQL, SQL and Designed Oracle Tables, Indexes, Table Partitions, etc.
  • Assist for Design, Developed and Implementing Logical and Physical Data Model.
  • Designed Complex ETL Mappings in Designer tool Creates ETL Session Batches to Load Data from Various Source Systems to Data Mart / Data warehouse.
  • Design and Developed Session, Batches in Server Manager to Automate system for data Loading to Star Schema Model Data Warehouse using Scheduler.
  • Also, Writing PL/SQL Stored Procedures uses Variable Cursor, DBMS-SQL, Record Type
  • Tune SQL Queries and Informatica Session, Mappings using Hints, Explain Plan to Improve Data Loading performance.
  • Support web Report Sever ODS Group to design and developed Reports.


Environment: Data warehouse, Data Mart Oracle8.0, Oracle Financial10.7, 11 ETL Informatica, Sun Unix,NT-4.0. Oracle Finance Application Order Entry, AP, AR, GL .

Sales and Revenue of Booking for Data warehouse Data Mart:

  • Building Data Mart using existing Data Warehouse Views Other Site Source System. System data is housed on multiple Unix servers in Oracle Database.
  • Performed Application DBA role for Design and Developed database objects tables, Indexes, Constraints, Table spaces, views, Storage Parameters, Partitions for ODS Database
  • Written and Maintain SQL Query, PL/SQL Codes, ETL mappings to Load Customer Order Entry, Account Payable Receivable, and General Ledger data to Staging Database for Day to day Production Support.
  • Involved in writing complex SQL Queries to satisfy business requirements.

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