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Database Administrator Resume Profile

Rock Island, IL


Confidential has over10 years of hands-on experience in developing solutions using Microsoft Technologies. She has strengths in working in a team-based environment as well as a self managed type role and can also work directly with a customer to determine requirements or support needs.

technical skills

  • Software Visual Studio 2005/2008,SQL server 2005/2012,Oracle 8/9,IIS 7.0,
  • SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio SSRS, SSIS and SSAS
  • Languages VB.NET, ASP.NET, VB, ASP, XML, Cold Fusion, JavaScript, CSS, SQL and PL/SQL, PHP
  • Databases SQL Server 2005/2012, Oracle, Sybase, MySQL and Access


Database Administrator


  • Implementing and supporting SQL Server Database Systems, Data Warehouse, Reporting Services and Integration Services on enterprise and dedicated Windows servers to support Client applications.
  • Installing, configuring and implementing of Microsoft Server/Client Products. Applying patches and service packs to keep the database at current patch level.
  • Performing day to day Database Maintenance tasks including Database Monitoring, Backups, Space Management, and Resource Utilization.
  • Managing user and data security to allow access to appropriate resources
  • De normalize historical data and load into data warehouse for reporting and analysis
  • Developing database queries, functions and stored procedures including those of a complex nature.
  • Created MySQL as a linked server and transferred data from SQL Server to MySQL
  • Transferred data between SQL Server and Access using SSIS.
  • Created over 80 reports for Financial Aid, Admission and Human Resources using SQL Server reporting service SSRS and Crystal Reports.
  • Created excel files for Admission and Financial Aid office using stored procedures
  • Designed and developed the athletic web application using asp.net, which lets the coaches to search production database, add, edit new applicants and send email to Admission.
  • Support other customer applications including third party software such as MP2 and Advocate.

Application Development Consultant


  • Created Mailing List Database in Access 6.3. Imported excel file into database, created form to let users search, add user to another database, generated reports for marketing department using VBA. Drew ER Diagram for merging two Access Databases and upgrading it into SQL Server in the future.
  • Created stored procedure in SQL server 2005 and generated out of balance report using SQL Server Reporting Service for accounting department
  • Created stored procedures in Sybase to generate required letters for claim
  • Converted a Cobol program into a web application using vb.net



  • Developed a pharmacy application using ASP, ASP.NET, HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Responsible for entire application: design, development, testing, implementation, and maintenance. Converted it from VS 2003 to VS 2005 later.
  • Created databases, tables, views, assemblies, functions and stored procedures and imported data needed from one SQL server 2000 database to another SQL server 2000 database.
  • Generated weekly Credit Card Report in Excel Document to track total orders using stored procedure and sent it as an attachment to RX payment Company, integrated the Common Language Runtime into SQL server 2005 and scheduled the SQL job.
  • Passed UPS and DHL shipping and tracking certificates for new users using VB.NET
  • Performed common IIS administrative tasks such as creating virtual directories and application pools and configuring FTP.
  • Provided daily technical support customer service to clients.



  • Developed several web applications using ASP, Cold Fusion, HTML, JavaScript and CSS, connecting with ACCESS and SQL 7 Databases.
  • Wrote codes using VBA to automate the daily routine tasks for users.
  • Developed a contact windows form application using VB, connecting with a SQL Sever 7 database using ADO
  • Queried, retrieved, manipulated and displayed data for the purpose of internal or ad hoc reporting as requested by the customer or project managers in Oracle Database.
  • Provided technical documentation on applications including flow charts, specification and end user documentation.
  • Worked on the DART projects to enable data input automation functionality using SQA.
  • Set up data from a variety of sources and converted all the received data into usable formats for company applications, including transferring data to a live Oracle relational database environment using Oracle SQL Loader.
  • Created tables, indexes constraints, views, functions and stored procedures in Access 2000, SQL 7 database and Oracle database.

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