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Business Intelligence Analyst Resume Profile

Dunwoody, GA

Professional Summary

  • Navigation ofenterprisemaster data management initiatives through creation, implementation, integration and automation of a series of data cleansing, harmonizing, auto-mapping, macros built using the SAS macro facility
  • Enhancecurrent architectures, address scalability, and ensure reusability and integration of legacy applications enterprise data warehouses EDW's , while migrating to newer architectures capable of in memory, parallel,dimensional, analytics, and/or other advanced analytics.
  • Extensive experience in workflow development, .i.e. requirements gathering, conceptual, logical and physical data modeling and data architecture through all phases of the SDLC
  • Project Manager through all phases: conceptualization, design and implementation of a SAS software system which allowed the division of Medicaid to consolidate multiple data sources, perform advanced analysis, help flag fraud, find anomalies and patterns prior to loading the master data to a new EDW Enterprise Data Warehouse for further analysis and reporting
  • Create reusable macro, data driven reports of C level quality in consistency, and platforms.
  • Coordinated and acted as SME on matters including compliance with federal regulatory policies and state statutes in regard to Metadata, Policy, Reference, Master, Transaction, documentation and storage of historical data categories for reuse by encapsulation, componentization, modeling, identifying, provisioning and monitoring.
  • Coordinated the ETL development and business rules surrounding data capture consistency, extraction, translation, transformation, loading, replication, unification and automation across multiple platforms/environments.
  • Ensured compliance with both ANSI and ISO standards
  • Utilization of ICD-9, CPT, HCPCS as well as knowledge of ICD-10/D.0
  • Healthcare Affordability Act implementation and compliance
  • Oversight of Oracle MMIS Medicare/Medicaid Management Information System programmatic changes from concept, through UAT User Acceptance Testing sign off
  • Project lead on 'MS Access removal project'. These were replaced by custom C applications in a .net environment
  • Utilize T-SQL to analyze data from multiple sources through the load phase of a new EDW
  • Data governance, data metrics, and multiple other mitigating measures performed
  • Data and Resource migrations resulting in Loweredcost, raised performance, increased scalability, and load balancing local and virtual resources. This allowed for lowered resource cost, increased performance, decreased warehousing cost as well as multiple other benefits
  • Analyze data throughout migration process, to find trends, anomalies, create test scripts, create validation reports, create custom and ad-hoc reports as well as validate and test data
  • Migration Integration and implementation of multiple systems for use in building data marts. Systems include but are not limited to Siebel, Eloqua, Essbase, MBS, Google Analytics, HPCC

Professional Experience


  • Work across multiple platforms performing large scale data migration through all phases of the ETL process
  • Analysis, modeling, and implementation of new EDW multi TB scale utilized for analysis and reporting
  • Member of HPCC Development team LexisNexis proprietary open source 'BIG DATA' platform , developing data martsand integrating multiples systems for use byLexisNexis Marketing Operations Risk Solutions
  • ETL Developer on systems including, but not limited to, Siebel, Eloqua, Essbase, MBS, Google Analytics, HPCC
  • Currently implementing and integrating Tableau and OBIEE and other front end UI's to help end users automate reporting, dash boarding, and other initiatives
  • Ensure data quality and MDM adherence


Business Intelligence Analyst

  • Worked with Business Analyst to validate UAT environments to ensure all clients' needs were being met prior to moving to production Analyze, modify, change and create stored procedures and reports as needed using MS BI Stack
  • Analyzed and reconciled, validated, updated, and made changes to data from over fiftyphysical/virtual servers with over a hundred data bases located throughout the U.S. and Canada
  • Interpreted various data sources and structures and advised senior management on data governance and as well as Business Intelligence best practices
  • Generated and Executed Test scripts in and plans for new Energy Efficiency related programs
  • Generated update, transactions and other transformation scripts to align data from disparate sources
  • Maintained scripts during all phases of the SDLC


Big Data Analyst Data Scientist

  • Perform all SAS Analytics for the enterprise
  • Administer a SAS Server V9.3 in all regards.
  • Transform unstructured, structured, or semi-structured in HDFS, or raw XML, Eloqua, Google Analytics, MS-SQL Server. Also use ofdata generated through web portals with an Oracle back end, flat test files, ASCII, Excel. With proper connectors, any data source could be transformed for further mining, analysis compartmentalizing and loading of newly created EDW enterprise data warehousing
  • Analyze Financial Data and develop fraud and early default rate models
  • Work on Data Science Team Analyzing Master Data
  • Design, test, and build new data and financial products
  • Work with executive management on company initiative development, and implementation


Data Architect MDM Consultant

  • On the development team of the Scientific Workflow Management Solution Harmonization project, combining and cleansing data across 98 legacy systems and developing a SaaS solution utilizing many current software development techniques/methodologies in an Agile/ SCRUM development environment.
  • Assisted Liaison's SOI Service Oriented Infrastructure and Contivo Liaison's proprietary mapping utility developers in the configuration, scalability, testing and standing up of the environment for this project.
  • Performed Master Data Management and Data Architecture for a software development company managing Big Data, SaaS, and managed services. Integrated many systems and performed the ETL process. Utilized were web services, SOAP calls Extraction , XML and XML Schema with a proprietary mapping solution Contivo , and SOI environment Workflow/transformation , ALTOVA XML Spy, ALTOVA Map Force, ALTOVA Schema Agent, ALTOVA Diff Dog, ALTOVA Database Spy, PL-SQL, PL-SQL Developer, Oracle 10g,11g , T-SQL, SQL Server Databases Load , and finally served up
  • Cleansed data marts to an SFTP. Utilized in development were: Web Services, SOAP, CAML, TOAD, Pentaho, T-SQL, PL-SQL, SOA, SaaS, SOI, SDLC documentation, and SAS, using agile development and REST.


ETL Developer/Architect/PM

  • Project lead in all phases of software development lifecycle for specialized C applications to use to increase reimbursement for a federally sponsored program enabling the State of Alaska to increase health care infrastructure.
  • Utilized SAS software to create the ETL methodology, data modeling and analysis of the SQL code and data, replicating the end results of the C application. Utilized ICD-9, CPT and HCPCS codes for project/program development, analysis and report classing.
  • Pulled various state Medicaid programs out of non-software and rebuilt the ETL process in compliance with BI standard tools. Extracted information from many State of Alaska specific Medicaid programs by pulling data from both Oracle and SQL server and bypassing legacy software.
  • Provided in-depth statewide healthcare analysis. Conceptualized, designed and implemented and administered a SAS software system which allowed the state to consolidate multiple data sources ETL and established processes to analyze 20-25 million dollars in weekly Medicaid claims.
  • Enabled 60 Medicaid program managers with the tools needed to make informed Medicaid program changes utilizing SAS software.
  • Utilized the SAS software system for reporting to key state and federal officials enabling them to meet objectives mandated and to meet the needs of stakeholders in the state government, fiscal agents, and business partners.
  • Developed Center of Excellence COE related to project/program delivery models for effective deployment of people, processes and technology including BI standards documentation.
  • Utilized SAS on projects that allow the division of Medicaid to utilize acuity based measure of payment. Defined the concept, model and wrote macros to automate this process and generate reports for government officials.
  • Outlined business needs, data and information requirements that define the division's KPIs with federal, state, and other key stakeholders and business partners. This was achieved through workshops, mandatory regulatory meetings and coursework, including SAS coursework, training under Art Carpenter, State of Alaska workshops and federal workshops/regulatory required meetings. Served as the point of contact on many federal/state initiatives in healthcare.
  • Created requirements documents outlining business, information and data architecture for ERP solutions.
  • Identified related risks, constraints and assumptions in BI project transformation. Provided technical and functional analysis on information, product selection, change procedures and the reporting allowing state officials to make informed decisions.


Assistant Director of Financial and Information Technology Compliance

  • Modeled,architected and managed ETL models to decrease overhead automating the daily extraction of multiple integrated financial data stores.
  • Data was then balanced and transferred to corporate servers using and maintaining the Citrix connection , where we had the resources to leverage the large amounts of data for predictive trends, forecasting, and other statistical modeling.
  • Increase profits by leveraging financial data, using SAS products/technical strategy, technology trends and product positioning.
  • Using the results of analytics I created and implemented policies to ensure efficiencies were maximized, expenses were minimized, market share was increased, and profits were realized.


Operations Manager

  • Managed from 40 -70 FTEs in operations and IT.Maintained vendor relations, public relations, trained and mentored to all my staff.
  • Created training manual that increased employee retention by 40 over 3 years.
  • Integrated and mapped all systems through proper GL accounts.
  • Worked automating data transfer integrating, mapping, loading , and for all POS systems, streaming video, and other forms of media to a centralized Master Data solution and other social media.
  • Motivated staff and ensured the best were rewarded. Responsibilities included wage increase authority.
  • Monitored and leveraged financial data to keep cost down and worked with our revenue manager to ensure maximum occupancy. Worked with marketing, business partners to rebuild our website making us the top hit for many keyword searches.

Technical Summary

Including but not limited to: SAS programming, SAS Server Administration,SAS JMP, SAS Visual Data Discovery, R, R visualizations, PL-SQL, T-SQL, MS SQL Server, MS BI Stack 2008, 2010, 2012 , SSIS, SSRS, PowerShell, SaaS, SOI, SOA, SharePoint, SOAP/XML, XML Schema, Web Services, XML, BI Documenter, SDLC,Altova Mission Control Enterprise, Contivo, Pentaho, Tableau, OBIEE, TOAD, Agile/SCRUM Development, AS/400, MS Office all programs versions through 2013 , Power Pivot, Visio, HPCC, Siebel On Demand and Enterprise , Google Analytics, Eloqua, Essbase, ANSI/ISO Standards, multiple Citrix Products many proprietary state, federal and private industry programs in relation to ICD-10, and other Healthcare Affordability Act implementations

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