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Business Objects Developer Resume

Columbus, OH

Experience Summary

  • Around7+years of career reflecting pioneering experience in design, development, implementation, testing and documentation of business applications.
  • Extensive Client-Server application environment experience using SAP BOBJ(5.x/6.x/XIR2/XIR3 (Designer, Web Intelligence, Dashboards, Xcelcius), Oracle 10g/9i, SQL, PL/SQL, Core concepts of Data Warehouse/Data Mart Design, Informatica.
  • Experience inSystem analysis, Product Implementation, Universe Design, Report Development, Dashboard Design using Performance management Applications.
  • Expertise in designing Universes, migrating to multiple environments, designing Webi documents and maintaining them on Business Objects XI 3.1/R2.
  • Worked extensively on Business Objects Universe Design (Defining Joins, Dimension, Measure, LOV, Hierarchies, Derived tables, Indexes and Resolving Loops and SQL Traps, Custom SQL) and Managing Universes (Linking, Deploying, and Securing & Maintaining) and fine tuning the universe to meet performance and for Multidimensional analysis.
  • Extensively worked in Web intelligence reports using key functionalities such as using combined query functions, Sub queries, Grouping, Custom sorts, Alerts, Tracks, Break, Variable Editor, Drill down/up, Rankings etc.
  • Assisted Administrator in setting up the security in the central management console.
  • Experience with Migrating reports, universes, users, groups from Development environment to Test and to production.
  • Working knowledge of creating dashboards using Xcelcius.
  • Involved in planning, requirement gathering, design, development, testing and maintenance of Business Objects reporting environment.
  • Involved in Troubleshooting issues and customizing reports as per the specifications of the analysts.
  • Experience in designing the schemas in Dimensional modeling, SQL tuning, Debugging SQL queries,Creating Cursors, Functions, Stored procedures, packages on Oracle databases.
  • Efficient in writing unit and system test cases.
  • Self-starter with good understanding and goal oriented approach in resolving issues.

Technical Skills:

OLAP Tools: Business Objects6.5/XIR2/R3.1, Crystal reports 2008, Xcelsius 2008, Webi, Live Office, Developer 2000.

ETL Tools: Informatica PowerCenter

Operating Systems: Ms-Windows, Unix, Linux, Solaris, WIN NT

DataBases: Oracle 11g/10g/9i, SQL Server 2005,2008

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL.

Workflow Tools: MS-Project, MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint, MS-Word.

Other Tools: Toad

Professional Experience:

Confidential, Ohio

Business Objects Developer

The NPS data warehouse is a data store containing the analytical data required for the majority of analytical inquiry and applications related the NPS division of Cardinal. The existing NPS DWH contains star schemas conformed to a discrete list of dimension with snow flake off shoots. The design was created specifically to ease the use of and increase performance for analytical inquiry. NPS division consists of 160+ pharmacy locations (known as cost centres) across the country which deals with the nuclear/radioactive drugs, the nuclear drugs are manufactured/prepared across these cost centres.

The industry is highly regulated by the government agencies due to the radioactive nature of drugs.


  • Involved in requirements gathering in the meetings held with Business Users.
  • Working as onsite coordinator - to provide steady state support for NPS DWH (End-to-End) and other applications like RBC, RMS, Clarify, and .com.
  • Created/Enhanced universes against various data sources like Oracle and SQL Server.
  • Resolved Loops/Traps using context and Alias techniques.
  • Created dimensions and condition objects using @functions like @prompt, @select, @where and @variable.
  • Created complex dimensions using various analytical functions like decode, case and etc.
  • Worked on creating derived tables in universe for ad-hoc requirements.
  • Created completed webi reports with multiple queries using Universe and flat file as data sources.
  • Developed reports with combined queries using union, minus and intersect.
  • Generated business objects reports with Slice &Dice and Drill down Capabilities on a periodic basis.
  • Created dynamic list of values (LOV’s) while creating Universes, Reports.
  • Involved in Writing SQL Queries, Views and Stored Procedures on Oracle database.
  • Designed reports using charts and cross tabs with drillable feature and data tracking enabled.
  • Involved in testing universes and reports.
  • Migrated reports and universes between the environments using Import Wizard.
  • Created basic static and dynamic dashboards using crystal Xcelsius 2008.
  • Documented the work done, Worked with and trained the users appropriately for future handling of the reports.
  • Tested the Universe, Reports developed in Business Objects using Toad.

Environment:Business Objects XIR3.1, InfoView, Web Rich Client,Deski, Import Wizard, Toad, Xcelsius, Oracle 11g/MS SQl Server 2008, Toad,UNIX, Windows.

Confidential, Danbury, CT

Business Objects Developer

Confidential is a semiconductor manufacturing and life sciences company which is the source of bioprocess efficiency to its biopharmaceutical customers. Confidential Data Warehouse is sourced from the various modules of Oracle ERP (E.g. GL Revenue, Forecasting, Expense, FA, WMS and ASCP). These reports would help Demand, Sales, Marketing and Finance team to analyse the data and make some critical decisions.


  • Participated in designing the data models to meet the requirements of each report.
  • Involved in organizing, enhancing and reviewing the physical and logical data model and created database using physical database (Forward Engineering).
  • Involved in gathering, analyzing and documenting business requirements, functional requirements and data specifications about the financial system for Business Objects Universes and Reports.
  • Analysis of reporting requirements by defining connections and retrieving data from data bases.
  • Assess the current reporting environment and applications for the migration.
  • Performed Migrations from version 6.5 to XI 3.1 architecture and recreated security Models in XI.
  • Implemented both Single Pass Method and Incremental Method for Migrations.
  • Created reports using business objects functionalities extensively used Calculations, Variable, Break Points, Drill and Slice and Dice, Master Detail for generating reports.
  • Involved in Creation of Aliases to resolve the Loops.
  • Created Alerter using Business Objects to highlight the columns based on business criteria.
  • Preparing of Unit Test Cases for reports and Performing Unit Testing.
  • Customized LOV’s in Universes for quicker performance of reports.
  • Created joins, contexts and Aliases for resolving loops and Universe Tuning and checked the integrity of Universes.
  • Created various analytical reports like Market Share, Trending, Rank reports from multiple data providers.
  • Created User Conditions and Filters to improve report generation & readability of report and displayed the summery of data by creating charts.
  • Defined Hierarchies in Universe to provide the users with Drill down option in reports and predefined Conditions to use the Business Objects.
  • Developed Universe Objects and reports in Web Intelligence.
  • Participated in JAD sessions, War room sessions.


BO 6.5, BO XI 3.1 (Designer, Web Intelligence, CMC), Oracle 9i/10g,SQL Server 2005, Windows 2000 / XP.

Confidential, Cincinnati, OH

Business Objects Developer

Sales data mart of Enterprise Data Warehouse for a big Corporation is based on the Retail sales and Promotional sales OLTP systems. Main Objective of this project is to provide integrated information on retail sales data for better decision making. Star schema is used for modelling. Model consists of two fact tables i.e. Retail Sales fact table and Promotional fact table with several dimensions namely Customer, Product Store, Location, Promotion and Time. Aggregate table are built to improve query performance. Customer Dimension is a slowly changing dimension.


  • Documented user requirements, translated Functional requirements into Technical Requirements and develop implementation plan and schedule.
  • Participated in designing the data models to meet the requirements of each report.
  • Developed Universes and reports using Web Intelligence based on user requirements.
  • Maintenance of repository domains, Users and User groups, User privileges, Categories.
  • Created Universe custom connection parameters and designed cascading list of values
  • As well as reusable LOV’s, interactive objects with @variable and @where.
  • Streamlined SQL generation from Universes by implementing Aggregate Aware functions and @ Variables.
  • Created complex alerts and synchronized data from multiple data sources, Complex filters and Prompted filters to restrict data in a report.
  • Created Reports using all the BO functions like Drill Down, Prompts, Dimensional and Measure variables to show accurate Results.
  • Created highly formatted reports to visually represent data.
  • Created live reports in a drill down mode to facilitate usability and enhance user interaction.
  • Developed Dashboards using Crystal-Xcelsius with data source as Live Office.
  • Enhanced the Performance of the Dashboards by manipulating and using complex formulas on the Universe and Excel.
  • Worked in the Team closely with Functional Architect, DBA and Analysts to get a clear understanding on the Application.
  • Developed Report Mock-up samples before User interaction to analyse the business requirements.

Environment: Business Objects XI 3.1, Crystal Xcelsius 2008, Live Office, Oracle 10g, PL/SQL, SQL scripting and Windows 2000 server.

Confidential, Dallas, TX

Business Objects Developer

Confidential is one of leading financial institution, which provides financial products and services that make it possible for low-, moderate-, and middle-income families to buy homes of their own. It had helped more than 63 million Americans achieve their dream of homeownership. Business Objects, was the primary business intelligence tool which was used to get an insight into daily operations, performance, any exceptions. MIS team interacted with different departments in Confidential , Dallas to recognize there requirements and provided the management, workforce with necessary reports, training, assistance in getting and the head office in Washington D.C to change the universe design, create new universes and to open any problem tickets.


  • Interacted with users to develop business requirements for the development of Reports.
  • Used Business Objects XI R2, Desktop Intelligence to develop various Workflow, Exception, Performance reports.
  • Created and managed Universes in the Designer.
  • Exported the Universes to the Repository to make resources available to the users.
  • Created new Classes and user Objects in designing the Universes.
  • Used TRAX, FALCON, SNAPSHOT Universes, and suggested changes, opened ticket as appropriate for their enhancement.
  • Made Workflow, Exception report template for NPDC, OFHEO reports which was standardized and implemented for all the reports of the department.
  • Wrote Customized Sql, linked multiple queries for some complex reports.
  • Developed Adhoc, Workflow, Exception, Performance reports for Sales, Valuation, Mortgage Insurance, Recourse, Repairs departments.
  • Made daily, weekly, monthly, semiannual reports as when required within the given timeframe.
  • Used complex calculations, created variables, Breaks, Drill Down, Slice and Dice, Alerts, folding of tables.
  • Created charts, tables to display summary of the data.
  • Tested reports against CLM, FALCON for the verification of the data generated.
  • Recommended addition of new classes and objects in the universe as appropriate.
  • Created Custom Filters, Global filters, Predefined Conditions in developing reports.
  • Tested universe in Acceptance, Production environment.
  • Migrated Microsoft Access reports to Business Objects reports.
  • Developed reports which show monthly, Year to Date Performance of the departments.
  • Used WIN CVS to store, update reports in development.

Environment:Business Objects XI R2, Desktop Intelligence, Designer, WebI, Oracle 10g, CLM Application, FALCON, PL/SQL, WINCVS


Oracle Developer

This project was designed and developed for maintenance of chain of poultry farms. This maintenance system contains five major modules namely Material management module, Transaction management module, Sales module, Egg Production module and Feed plant module.


  • Responsible for the interaction with the client, collecting attributes, contribution in the analysis, and design and development phases of the system.
  • Developed database tables for the products, parts and forms for monitoring goods moving inwards and outwards.
  • Responsibilities included design the database and subsequent coding. Involved in Database Development Life Cycle including Analysis, Data Modelling, Mapping ER diagrams into tables, normalizing the relations and coding.
  • Involved in writing stored procedures, Stored functions and embedding them into Packages based on the business logic.
  • Written cursors and triggers.
  • Indexed columns to optimize the queries.
  • Documented all the code written for further reference.

Environment: Oracle 9i, Developer 2000, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, Sql * Loader, Windows 98/NT.

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