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Etl Developer/ Datastage Resume

Phoenix, AZ


  • Over all 10 years of IT experience and around 6+ Years of experience in Data warehouse Development using ETL tools IBM WebSphere DataStage 11.x/9.x/8.x, SSIS.
  • Expertise in building Operational Data Store (ODS), Data Marts, and Decision Support Systems (DSS) using Multidimensional Model (Kimball and Inmon), Star and Snowflake schema design.
  • Determining and implementing the best technique for extracting data from any source system and moving it to the BI system of Tableau and SSAS.
  • Efficient in all phases of the development lifecycle, coherent with Data Cleansing, Data Conversion, Performance Tuning and System Testing.
  • Excellent in using highly scalable parallel processing Infrastructure using DataStage Parallel Extender.
  • Efficient in incorporation of various data sources such as Oracle, MS SQL Server, and DB2, XML and Flat files into the staging area.
  • Experience in Mapping Server/Parallel Jobs in DataStage to populate tables into Data warehouse and Data marts.
  • Proven track record in addressing production issues like performance tuning and enhancement.
  • Used Data Integration tools get the required data into Salesforce seamlessly.
  • Experience in different Scheduling tools like AutoSys for automating and scheduling jobs run.
  • Excellent with PL/SQL, T - SQL, Stored Procedures, Database Triggers and SQL * Loader.
  • Experience in UNIX Shell Scripting.
  • Experience in agile development approach.
  • Detail oriented with good problem solving, organizational, analysis, highly motivated and adaptive with the ability to grasp things quickly.
  • Ability to work effectively and efficiently in a team and individually with excellent interpersonal, technical and communication skills.


ETL Tools: IBM InfoSphere Information Server 11.x/9.x/8.x, SSIS, Talend.

Data Modeling: Dimensional Data Modeling, Star Schema, Snow-Flake Schema, FACT and Dimensions Tables, Physical and Logical Data Modeling, Erwin 3.5.2/3.x.

Databases: Oracle11g/10g/9i, SQL Server 2014/2012/2008 , Teradata V2R6/V2R5, IBM DB2/UDB,

Operating Systems: IBM AIX 5.2/5.1, Windows XP/NT/2000/98,Windows7, Unix, Linux

Languages: UNIX Shell Programming, SQL, PL/SQL, T-SQL, Java.


Confidential, Phoenix, AZ

ETL Developer/ DataStage

  • Involved in investigating, identifying, and implementing application system changes and developing new applications.
  • Involved in consulting with System Analysts, Technical Leads, and Project Managers to establish specifications and estimations on complex initiatives and requests
  • Writing detailed description of user needs, system design, program functions, and steps required to modify computer systems. Review specifications with System Analysts, Technical Leads, and Business User to ensure compliance
  • Various scenarios were solved to provide solutions both in star and snow flake schemas.
  • I was able to work as an independent team member, capable of applying judgment to plan and execute the tasks. Implement technical solutions that are scalable, aligned with the enterprise architecture and can adapt to changes in business
  • Implementing ETL systems that maximize re-usable components/services, collect/share metadata, incorporate audit, reconciliation and exception handling
  • Implementing parallel processing, load balancing, near real-time and real-time ETL processes
  • Implementing entity resolution applications to build master indexes for members, providers, payers, etc.
  • Using agile methodology in project management.
  • Implementing monitoring and measurement of data quality as defined by business rules
  • Ensuring adherence to architectural governance standards and practices
  • Developing best practices, standards of excellence, and guidelines for programming teams
  • Conduct System Testing - execute job flows, investigate system defects, resolve defects and document results
  • Work with DBAs, application specialists and technical services to tune performance of the system to meet performance standards and SLAs
  • Off hour and weekend support may be required to meet project milestones.
  • Responsible for Documenting and support maintenance.

Hardware/Software: IBM DataStage 9.1, Oracle 10g, MS SQL Server 2014, UNIX

Confidential, Bentonville, AR

ETL Developer/ DataStage

  • Involved in analyzing the system and gathering the requirements.
  • Worked with the project and business teams to understand the business processes involved.
  • Worked with the Solution Architect in designing the Data Model.
  • Responsible for developing the process & testing as it pertains to data flow for the interfaces.
  • Used DataStage Designer to develop multiple processing jobs to read data from CPF and load into SQL Server 2014.
  • Extensively worked with Parallel Extender/Enterprise Edition (EE) using Parallel Processing (Pipeline and partition parallelism) techniques to improve job performance while working with bulk data sources.
  • Extensively worked on Unix Shell scripts to load data to SFTP server.
  • Used different types of Stages like Sequential File, Lookup stage, Transformer, Change capture, Remove Duplicates, External source, XML input/output, Funnel, Sort, Aggregator, and ODBC for developing different Jobs.
  • Used DataStage Director to Run and Monitor the Jobs performed, automation of Job Control using Batch logic to execute and schedule various DataStage jobs.
  • Used PL/SQL languages for writing stored procedures and functions and were called in DataStage Jobs.
  • Configured File for Parallel extender as per number of processors available to process the data by using DataStage Manager.
  • Coordinated with team members at times of change in Business requirements and change in design.
  • Implemented the best techniques for extracting data from the source system and moving it to the BI system of Tableau and SSAS.
  • Used DataStage Sequencer to run jobs in sequence.
  • Used Autosys to trigger the jobs on a daily basis.
  • Developed UNIX shell scripts for scheduling the jobs and for automation of loading processes.
  • Participated in the system testing and unit testing.
  • Production support and maintain for the all applications owned.
  • Responsible for Documenting and support maintenance.

Hardware/Software: IBM DataStage 11.3, Oracle 11g, MS SQL Server 2014, MS-Access, SAP-HANA, DB2, Tableau 9,UNIX


ETL Developer

  • Used Information Analyzer for Column Analysis, Primary Key Analysis and Foreign Key Analysis.
  • Extensively worked on DataStage jobs for splitting bulk data into subsets and to dynamically distribute to all available processors to achieve best job performance
  • Developed ETL jobs as per business rules using ETL design document
  • Converted complex job designs to different job segments and executed through job sequencer for better performance and easy maintenance.
  • Used DataStage maps to load data from Source to target.
  • Enhanced the reusability of the jobs by making and deploying shared containers and multiple instances of the jobs.
  • Imported the data residing in the host systems into the data mart developed in Oracle 10g.
  • Extensively used AutoSys for automation of scheduling jobs on daily, bi-weekly, weekly monthly basis with proper dependencies.
  • Wrote complex SQL queries using joins, sub queries and correlated sub queries
  • Performed Unit testing and System Integration testing by developing and documenting test cases in Quality Center.
  • Worked on troubleshooting, performance tuning and performances monitoring for enhancement of DataStage jobs and builds across Development, QA and PROD environments.

Hardware/Software: Ascential DataStage 7.5, Oracle 10g, SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX, SQL*Loader, AutoSys, Business Objects 6.1, Windows 2003, IBM AIX 5.2/5.1, HP Mercury Quality Center 9.0 


PL/SQL Developer 

  • Identified business needs, evaluated business and technical alternatives, recommended solutions and participated in their implementation. 
  • Requirement gathering and business analysis by attending requirement. 
  • Used DataStage Designer to create the table definitions for the CSV and flat files, import the table definitions into the repository, import and export the projects, release and package the jobs. 
  • Developed ETL processes to extract the source data and load it into the enterprise-wide data warehouse after cleansing, transforming and integrating. 
  • Imported metadata from repository, created new job categories, routines and data elements. 
  • Designed and developed jobs using DataStage Designer as per the mapping specifications using appropriate stages. 
  • Developed job sequences to execute a set of jobs with restart ability, check points and implemented proper failure actions 
  • Created source to target mapping and job design documents from staging area to Data Warehouse.
  • Used DataStage Director and its run-time engine to schedule running the solution, testing and debugging its components, and monitoring the resulting executable versions (on an ad hoc or scheduled basis).
  • Worked on troubleshooting, performance tuning, performance monitoring and enhancement of DataStage jobs. 
  • Wrote complex SQL queries to extensively test the ETL process.

Hardware/Software: Ascential DataStage, Oracle 9i, MS Access, SQL-Server 2000/2005,SQL, PL/SQL, Toad, UNIX

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