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Sr. Business Objects Developer Resume

Decatur, IL


  • Over8years of Professional Experience in Data Warehousing as Business Intelligence Reporter using tools likeBusiness Objects XI R3, XI R2, 6.x, 5.x, Crystal Reports, Crystal Xcelsius, Dashboards.
  • Experience in using Business Intelligence (BI) Tools likeBusiness Objects XIR3/XIR2/6.x/5.xto buildcomplex universesandreportson multiple databases and experience in development, testing and implementation.
  • Experienced in working with Business Objects modules likeCMC, Designer, Info view, Web Intelligence, Performance Manager, Import Wizard,Publishing Wizard,SupervisorandBroadcast Agent, ZABO,EDMS.
  • Experienced ininstallation,configuration, migrationandadministrationof Business Objects XI R2 and the previous versions.
  • Having Industrial Experience on Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence and Data Mart systems in implementation of Business objects applications for various verticals such asFood Production Industry,Pharmaceutical, Financial, and Insurance.
  • Expertises in resolving join path problems likeLoopsandTrapsin the universes usingAliasesandContexts.
  • Expert in working with Business ObjectsPerformance Managementto createDashboardsandAnalytics.
  • Experience inCreating&Maintainingvarious complexAd-hoc reportsusingWeb IandDesk I/ Business Objects.
  • Extensively used Business Objects reporting functionalities suchasFilters, Ranking, Alerts, Sections, Breaks, Sorts, Query promptsandDrill filters.
  • Extensively usedCalculation Contexts, Variables, Drill down, SliceandDicein making the reports easy for user analysis.
  • Hands on experience inInstallation and Configurationof Business Objects Enterprise XIR2 in Windows environment.
  • InvolvedinMigrationofBusiness Objects 6.5content in toBusiness ObjectsXIR2environment.
  • Good experience inCrystal ReportsXI/10/9, Business ObjectsSuite (6.x/XIR3) Designer, Desktop Intelligence, Web Intelligence, Broad Cast Agent, Central Management Console/ Supervisor, Performance Management / Application Foundation.
  • Experience in developingCrystal Reports, Cross Tab Reports, Top N Reportsfor highlighting significant data, summary reports with drill-down capabilities.
  • Involved inadministration taskssuch as managing user accounts and groups, controlling user access, scheduling reports and events.
  • Extensive knowledge in all phases ofsoftware development life cycle.(Requirement Analysis, Design, Development, Testing and Documentation). Exposure to version tracking control systems (PVCS, Exchange)
  • Very strong in Client/Server Architecture, Relational Databases (RDBMS), Data Modeling and Design and build the Data Warehouse,Data martsusingStar SchemaandSnow Flake Schemafor faster and effective Querying for the Metadata Management solutions.
  • Specialized in creating complex query reports usingOracle, SQL server, MS Access and variousRDBMS.
  • Ability to quickly adapt to different project environments, work in teams and accomplish difficult tasks independently within time frame.


Databases:Oracle 10g/9i/8i, SQL Server 2005/2000/7.0, DB2 UDB 8.0, MS Access, Teradata.
BI Tools:Business Objects XIR2 (Info view, CMC, CMS, CCM, Designer, Desk I, Web Intelligence, Import Wizard, Report Conversion Tool, Performance Manager, Query as Web Services), Business Objects 6.5.1/6.1b/5.1.2 (Supervisor, Designer, Reporter), ZABO, Application Foundation, Crystal Xcelsius 4.5, WEBI 6.x/2x, Broadcast Agent 6.x/5x, Crystal Reports XI/10, Crystal Viewer.
ETL tools:Informatica (Power Center 5.1/6.2/7.1, Power Mart 5.1/6.2)
Front-end tools:TOAD, SQL Developer
Modeling Tools:Erwin 4.1/3.5.2, Visio 2000, UML 2.0
Programming Languages:SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle Forms 4.5/6i, Java, VB 6.0, UNIX Shell Scripting, XML, HTML, ASP.
Operating Systems:Windows95/98/2003/XP, Window 7, UNIX
Web Tools:Tomcat, Apache, Web Sphere, Web Logic, IIS


Confidential, Decatur, IL
May'10 - Present
Sr. Business Objects Developer
PlanView Application (PVE) manages the planned work process across various departments, which include approval process, charge to location entry followed by requestor approval, setting schedules, creating a baseline and completed status reviews by work managers and requestors. This will allow analysis of where time is spent and drive future decisions for both resources and technology.
The project aims to help make decisions for new product improvements, analysis of existing products and improve customer service.

  • Installed Business Objects modules, createdRepositorywithmultiple universesand document domains for Development and Test environments and distributed the Domain key among the enterprise.
  • Installed Business Objects XI 3.1 Designer and Import Wizard tools.
  • DevelopedDashboards using Performance Manager, Dashboard manager (XI R3.1) and Crystal Xcelsius (Standalone format)
  • Designed, created and implemented and tested dataflow, workflows, scripts and jobs for multiple projects.
  • Full lifecycle project focusing on surveys, promotions, including Data Services and Designer components.
  • Installed the ADM PlanView Scoreboard Extension, Created ODBC database connections to the Planview transactional database and to the Planview Datamart database
  • Responsible for gathering the user requirement; prepare the requirement specifications document, design, development, analysis and testing.
  • Created and modified the existing Universes by adding new classes/objects, prompts, hierarchies, Strategies. Resolved the loops using Aliases and contexts and checked the Integrity of the Universes.
  • Created Business Objects reports, enhancements and fixes using Web Intelligence and customizing BO universes.
  • Developed new Reports based on Business Requirements documents for Projects, Resources, Work and Request Portfolios for PlanView Application.
  • Assist in ensuring all existing BO reports work appropriately during the PVE10.2 upgrade project.
  • Involved in troubleshooting BO Central Management Console (CMC) problems.
  • Performed report analysis to ensure existing documentation is accurately depicting the report information.
  • Provide guidance to I.T. team members in relation to Universe items or best practices for report promotions and/or report documentation.
  • Generated Business Objects Reports involving complex Queries, Sub Queries Unions and Intersection.
  • Created Users and Groupsand assigned access levels to BO content as well as applications.
  • Extensively used Designer to design various universes for different business groups.
  • Used@ functionslike@aggregate aware, @promptand implemented customhierarchies.
  • Created complex reports usingcascading prompts, variables and calculation context.
  • Created different types of reports such asMaster/Detail, Cross Tab, Chart and Tabularusing universe as a main data provider.
  • Worked extensively with the major functionality of BO likeBreaks, Ranks, Alerter, Variables, and Formulas, Calculated data items,Filters, SortsandQuery promptandDrill filters.
  • Responsible for creating aDashboardwith graphical pie chats and speedometer representations withCrystal Xcelsius.
  • Performed unit testing, system testing and user acceptance test (UAT) for universe, reports, and security management.
  • Interacted with Co Developers, Business Support Analysts and Business Users in gathering the requirements for the Report Requests.
  • Attended PVE-Team meetings and Weekly Status meetings and documented each stage of Implementation.
  • Created documentation for users to access and analyze data using Business Objects.
  • Provided support and training for business users in using Info view and Web I

Data Services XIR 3.1, Business Objects XIR 3.1, CMC/Supervisor, Designer, Info View, Web I, Desk I, Crystal Reports, Xcelsius, Oracle, MS SQL Server 2005, Windows 7.

Confidential, Philadelphia, PA June'09 - Apr'10
Sr. BI Developer
Confidentialis a pharmaceutical, biological, and healthcare company. GSK is the world\'s second largest pharmaceutical company and a research-based company with a wide portfolio of pharmaceutical products. In order to keep track of the huge amounts of data generated, a data warehouse was developed which aided all levels of management in obtaining a clear perspective on the trend of the business and sales. Budgeting for the company needs and forecasting the company business decisions were based on the reports produced using this data warehouse.


  • Experience with Installation and Configuration of all Business objects modules.
  • Created Universes using the Business Objects Designer and connected to the database.
  • Developed, implemented and maintained Universes using Business Objects Designer.
  • Used Business Objects 6.5 for developing reports.
  • Used Business Objects XI for securing the universes and extracting the universes from Metadata.
  • Responsible for creation of the Universe withClasses, sub classes, DimensionObjects, Measure objectsandCondition objects.
  • AppliedRow LevelandObject Levelsecurities to restrict sensitive data at designer level.
  • Resolvedloopsin universes usingAliasesandContexts.
  • Set upAggregate Awarenessto enhance the performance of SQL transactions.
  • Created the reports using Business Objects functionalities likeQueries, Slice and Dice, Drill down, @Functions, Cross Tab, Master/Detail and Formulasetc.
  • Exported the Business Objects reports to the repository to be viewed by all the users on the intranet and the Internet.
  • Involved in creating reports on the web using Business Objects and Web Intelligence. Involved in formatting the reports to the user requirements.
  • InvolvedinMigrationofBusiness Objects 6.5content in toBusiness ObjectsXIR2environment.
  • Created simple and complex reports including dynamic calculations involvingContexts, Queries, Hierarchies, list of values (LOVS),local variables, Alerts, Rankingandmultiple data providers.
  • UsedFilters, Sections, Breaks, Sorts, Slice & Dice, Query promptsandDrill filtersfunctionalities in making the reports easy for analysis.
  • Created reports using Desk I and Web I in BO XIR2 environment.
  • Developed Full client reports and Web I reports with various complex features and user accounts.
  • Administer user accounts, implement data security and personalization, and impart necessary features involved in creating reports on the web using Business Objects Web Intelligence training and knowledge transfer to assigned project members.
  • Scheduled Reports usingCrystal Reportsand used the Business Objects Server Administration Tool.
  • Managed the user, groups, repositories and the documents throughSupervisor. Actively attended for the meeting in the team management to discuss the views and analysis of the documentation.

Business Objects 6.5/XIR2(CMC/Supervisor, Designer, Desk I, Web I), CCM, Report Conversion Tool, BCA, Performance Manager, Crystal Reports, Teradata SQL Assistant, Windows 2003 Server.

Confidential, Pittsburgh, PA
Feb'08 - May'09
Sr. BI Consultant
DHS provides wide range of services to the county residents through its DHS program offices. Data source consists of various independent operating applications, is supplemented with the US Census bureau and is capable of reporting data in "real time". The Data Warehouse has evolved to be a central repository of social services data, which allows DHS to track and report client demographic and service data across its program offices and beyond. Since the Data Warehouse enables data-driven decision making among DHS staff, it also makes possible better outcomes for the individuals served by the Department.


  • Installed Business Objects and createdRepositorywithmultiple universeand document domains for Development and Test environments and distributed the Domain key among the enterprise.
  • Configured Web Intelligence usingConfiguration tool.
  • Responsible for setting up theUsers/Groups, Database connections, assigningprivilegesto the users usingSupervisor.
  • AssignedBroadcast Agentto various groups usingWeb I Admin Console.
  • Implemented security structures withRow Level restrictionsandObjecthiding.
  • Defined categories of documents for different level of groups.
  • Involved in gathering functional requirements from the business users.
  • Design and Development ofUniverses, which suits the standard, analytical and ad-hoc reporting requirements of the Business Objects users.
  • DefinedJoinsandCardinalitieson tables manually in the universe and createdClassesandObjectsas per requirements.
  • Createdderived tablesto reduce the complexity of the universes and also createdpromptsto force the users to restrict the data in the process of building the universes.
  • Involved in the troubleshooting of universe schema withLoops, ChasmandFantraps andCardinalityproblems by creatingAliasesandContextsas required.
  • Created custom List of Values (LOVs) for better understanding of prompts by the end user.
  • CreatedAdhocandCannedreports and fine tuning them for faster execution.
  • Created customHierarchiesto support drill down functionality for in depth analysis.
  • Extensively usedCalculations, Variables, Breaks, Slice and DiceandAlertsfor creating Business Objects reports.
  • Linked Universesto share the common components using Kernel and Component approach.
  • Generated complex reports using the various data Providers likeUniverses, Personal Data FilesandFree Hand SQL.
  • CreatedWeb Intelligencedocuments and published them to corporate documents.
  • Definedcategoriesof documents for different level of groups.
  • Involved in day-to-day Business Objects Server maintenance.
  • Optimized systems with load balancing with distributing components on different servers.
  • Worked with DBA for creating the aggregate tables to improve the performance of the SQL transactions and usedAggregate Awareness(@Aggregate Aware) in select statements to run a query against the aggregate tables in the database instead of base tables.
  • Created users/groups and defined privileges using Central Management Console. Migrating Business Objects 6.5 version reports to new version XIR2.
  • Convertedthe existingfull client reports to Web Ireports usingReport Conversion Tool.
  • Imported existing users, groups, categories, Web I documents, connections, universes and restrictions to BO XI environment.
  • Actively involved in giving demos to the users and prospective users about the functionality available in Business Objects.

Business Objects 6.5.1/5.1.8 (Supervisor, Designer, Reporter), Web I 6.0, ZABO, Info View, Broadcast Agent, Oracle 9i, DB2 UDB, SQL, TOAD, Sun Solaris, Windows 2000/NT.

Confidential, Memphis, TN
Jan'07 - Dec'07
BO Consultant
First Data the leader in electronic commerce and payment services, First Data serves more than two million merchant locations, making it easier, faster and more secure for people and businesses to buy goods and services using virtually any form of payment. This project is intended to bring up their reporting application using Business Objects. Data extraction is done from various data sources. Reports are generated from this data source and distributed through the corporate Intranet.


  • Gathering the user requirement and prepare the requirement specifications document. This involved interaction with thebusiness usersand understanding thecurrent reporting system.
  • Involved in the Installation and configuration of all components ofBusiness Objectsand configured theWeb Intelligenceusingconfiguration tool.
  • Responsible for setting up theUsers/Groups, Database connections, assigningprivilegesto the Users usingSupervisor.
  • Installed & configuredBCA Scheduler & Publisher BCAP.
  • AssignedBroadcast Agentto various groups usingWeb I Admin Console.
  • Created centralizedRepositorywith all three domains (security, universe and document) and distributed theBO Main keyamong the enterprise.
  • DefinedJoinsandCardinalitieson tables manually in the universe and createdClassesandObjectsas per requirements.
  • Worked in creation ofmultiple universe and document domainsfor development, test and production Environments.
  • Created users, groups and assigned roles, privileges and alsoset row levelandobject level securitiesto different users and groups usingSupervisor module.
  • Good experience in creating and maintainingSecured,SharedandPersonalconnections.
  • Involved in designing and developing of Universe for reports generation.
  • Checked theintegrity functionfor existence of loops and resolved them by usingaliases and contexts.
  • Involved in the performance tuning of the SQL queries by restructuring the Joins, creation of indexes etc.
  • Manipulatedthe data bycreating user defined objectsusing advanced database functions
  • Involved in setting up ofAggregate awarenessto enhance the performance of SQL transactions.
  • Created the Reports using the universes as the main Data providers and writing the complexqueriesincludingSub Queries, Unions.
  • Formatting the Reports based on the user requirements using all the functionalities in Business objects likeSliceandDice, Drill Down ,Alerter, User response,andFormulasetc
  • Developed complex reports using @Functions like@Prompt(for user defined queries),@Where(for creating conditional filters),@Selectand Cross Tab tables.
  • CreatedMaster DetailandCross Tab reportsto view the data in an analyzed way andHierarchiesto provide the drill down functionality to end-users.
  • Created Full Client reports using different Data providers like Oracle, Excel sheets, SQL server.
  • Createdreport level contextsinWeb Intelligence and Desktop Intelligence reports.
  • UsedBroadcast Agentfor scheduling and distributing the documents.
  • Gave my thoughts and ideas to thedata-modeling teamin designing a new data mart for future reporting applications.
  • Trained business users in creatingweb intelligence reports.

Business Objects 6.5.1(Supervisor ,Designer ,Reporter),Web Intelligence 6x, Broad Cast Agent, ZABO, Crystal 9, Oracle 9i, MS SQL server 2000, Sybase 12.0,TOAD,ERWIN,Windows 2000/NT,UNIX.

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN
May'05 - Dec'06
Business object Developer
Express Scripts Inc is the one of America's largestpharmacy benefit manager(PBM), providing the pharmacy benefits for millions of people nationwide through employers, managed-care plans, unions. Express Scripts handles millions of prescriptions each year through Home delivery and at retail pharmacies. Enterprise Benefit Systems (EBS)is a client server application used by theClient Benefit Administration (CBA)team to create and revise benefits for clients, based on the client's needs. The project scope in Key is to build Business Objects reports from several universes using Oracle 9i data source.


  • Interacting with report users and Business Analysts to understand and document the requirements and translate these to Technical Specifications for Designing Universes and Business Object Reports.
  • Developed Business Object Universes using Designer and Business Objects for the reporting solution for Operational reporting system.
  • Potential usage ofalias, context, andshortcut joinconcepts to overcome theloops.
  • Created reports that limit the reports to display information for particular measures by designing complexFilters.
  • Created reports like, Reports by Category, Reports by Plan, and Reports by Time (Year, Quarter, and Month Date).
  • Created complex reports likeMaster DetailandCross Tabreports to view and analyze the data.
  • DevelopedAd hoc reportsusing Business Objects.
  • Formatted Reports as per the user requirements using extensively the functionalities in Business Objects, which allows the users to analyze the data.
  • Involved inImporting/Exportingthe Universes to repository to make available to the end user.
    Used Web Intelligence for web based query and reporting and published reports using Info view.
  • Extensively usedCalculations, Break points, Drill down, Slice and Dice, @Functions and Formulas, Filters & Alertsfor creating Complex reports.
  • Used the Broadcast Agent for Scheduling and monitoring the reports. Validation of the data by creating different test reports on warehouse tables and on base tables.
  • Tested the report data, performance of data retrieval against the Warehouse data with TOAD.

Business Objects Designer6.5.1, Business Objects Reporter 6.5.1, Web Intelligence 6.5.1, TOAD, ZABO, Broadcast Agent, Dashboard Manager, Oracle 8.1.7/9i, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*PLUS, Windows XP.

Confidential, Broomfield, CO
Feb'04 - Apr'05
Business object Developer
GATEWAY Insurance, which provides insurance for Life, Motor and Investment etc; this application is developed to assist which of the coverage's are most profitable and those that are least profitable. The project involved measurement of profits over time by covered item type, city and state, sales broker and sales region.


  • Created complexUniversesandReportsand Checked the Universes for Integrity and exported them to the Repository to make resources available to the users and groups.
  • Managed the user, groups, repositories and the documents through Supervisor.
  • Created the reports using Business Objects functionalities likeQueries, Slice and Dice, Drill Down, Functions, Cross Tab, Master Detail and Formula\'setc.
  • Exporting the reports to the Broadcast Agent Server, and used the Broadcast Agent to Schedule and Monitor the Reports.
  • Created a wide variety ofchartsfrom the table. Used reports and generated pictorial views in the form of2D, 3D&PieCharts from existing reports & Chart Wizard.
  • Administer user accounts, implement data security and personalization, and impart necessary involved in creating reports on the web using Business Objects Web Intelligence training and knowledge transfer to assigned project members.
  • Scheduled Reports using Crystal Reports and used the Business Objects Server Administration Tool.
  • Actively attended for the meeting in the team management to discuss the views and analysis of the documentation.
  • Involved in gathering business requirements, logical modeling, physical database design, data sourcing, data transformation and data loading.
  • Involved in creating reports on the web using Business Objects Web Intelligence 5i.
  • Worked with supervisor module in creating users and user groups for different areas and setting privileges to them.
  • Tested the Created reports and modified the relevant objects in the Universe.

Business Objects 5i, Business Objects Designer, Business Objects Supervisor, Desk I, Web I, WebiSDK, Oracle SQL, Crystal reports.

Confidential, Hyderabad, India
Jan'03 - Dec'03


  • Extensively involved in Coding PL/SQL, Packages, Procedures, Functions and Database Objects according to Business rules.
  • Extensively coded Forms, Reports using Developer.
  • Performed tuning the application (includes Packages, Procedures, Functions, Triggers and Database Objects.
  • Created Database Objects (indexes) to boost the performance of the Application.
  • Extensively involved in coding of Triggers, Packages in the Application Level at each and every Transaction.
  • Database Triggers, Cursors were used for the Data Validation at every Transaction level.

Oracle 7.3.2SQL, PL/SQL, Developer/2000 and Sun Solaris NT.


Masters in Computer Applications, Confidential, India
Bachelors Degree in Electronics, Confidential, India

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