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Business Objects Consultant Resume

Atlanta, GA


  • Business Intelligence Designer having 8 years of software development experience within several business areas.
  • Extensively worked as a Business Intelligence Developer on Data Warehousing projects. Worked on installing and configuring Business Objects, developed reports, universes from various databases like Oracle, SQL Server and Teradata.
  • Expert in creating database semantic layers (Universes) and developing Decision supportReportsusingBusiness Objects,Desktop Intelligence, Web Intelligence, Crystal ReportsandPerformance Management.
  • Extensive experience with Business Objects development withWebI,DeskIandCrystal.
  • Involved in identification ofFacts,Measures,DimensionsandHierarchiesfor OLAP models.
  • Experience in designing and developing the Universe (business view of the database), developing canned/ad- hoc reports, scheduling the processes and administering the BO activities.
  • Experience in building & retrieving data using Universes and used functionalities likeCombined Queries,SliceandDice, Drill , CrosstabandMaster Detail Reports.
  • Worked on BO Designer Functionalities likeDerived Tables,Linked Universes,Index aware,Contexts,Aliases,complex joins,Customized LOV’s,Cascading PromptsandAggregate Awarenessfor the Optimization and Performance tuning of Database.
  • Strong experience in advancedDocument Schedulingusing Broadcast Agent, distribution and troubleshooting including: Report Bursting, publishing over the World Wide Web, creating and managing Categories using InfoView and Broadcast Agent.
  • Experience in managingSecurityin Business Objects Product Line and Crystal Reports usingCMC. Primary responsibilities included giving access privileges to users to use different universes.
  • Efficient inOptimizing,DebuggingandtestingSQL queries and stored procedures written in Oracle, SQL Server and Teradata.
  • Goodcommunicationskills, strongdecisionmaking skills,organizationalskills, and customer service oriented. Excellent analytical skills, problem solving skills, and Technical writing skills.
  • Expert in designingDisaster RecoveryandPerformance optimizationtechniques.
  • Experienced in applying patches/fixes & performing Upgrades, environment sizing,Performance tuning& troubleshooting.
  • Good experience in creatingSub Reports,On DemandReports,LinkedReports, Mailing Labels, Cross Tab Reports and Graphical Reports. Expert in using shared and global variables across the crystal reports.
  • Very strong in Client/Server Architecture, Relational Databases (RDBMS), Data Modeling and Design and build the Data Warehouse, Data marts using Star Schema and Snow Flake Schema for faster and effective Querying for the Metadata Management solutions.
  • Good experience in ETL/Data warehousing, Data integration using BO Data Services XI 3.1, Data Integrator XI and Informatica.
  • Good experience in Performance and Memory utilization analysis.


BI Tools: Business Objects (6.5 / XI/ XI R2/XI 3.1),Designer, Central Management Console, Supervisor, Desktop Intelligence, InfoView, Web Intelligence, Performance Management XI, Broadcast Agent, Crystal Reports (10.0/ XI/ 2008), Xcelsius 4.5/2008.
ETL Tools:Business Objects Data Services XI 3.1, Data Integrator XI, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Informatica PowerCenter 6.2
Databases:Oracle 9x/10g/11i, Teradata, DB2, SQLServer7.0/2000, MS Access
Operating Systems:UNIX (HP, Solaris), Windows 9X/2KX/NT/2008
Programming Languages:C, C++, JAVA, SQL, HTML and PL/SQL
Web Servers:Tomcat,BEA Web Logic, IBM WebSphere, Microsoft IIS
Other Tools:SQL*Plus, MS Office XP, MS Visio, MS Project, Visual Terminal


  • Bachelors in Computer Science from Confidential.


Confidential, Atlanta, GA Mar 2009 to Present
Role: Business Objects Consultant
Technical Environment:Business Objects Enterprise XI 3.1/ XI, Crystal Enterprise XI/2008, Web Intelligence, Xcelsius 2008, QAAWS, Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2005.
Description:IHGhas more guest rooms than any other hotel company in the world – that\'s more than 650,000 rooms in over 4,500 hotels in over 100 countries. Guests make over 130 million stays in IHG hotels every year. Business objects is used for Intelligent reporting on business goals, analyze huge amounts of data and thereby help in further enhancing business performance.

  • Involved and coordinated with users to gather new requirements and resolved existing issues.
  • Planned, Coordinated and executed Business Objects XI R2/XI 3.1 deployment for End users.
  • Created Universes for ad-hoc and canned reports based on relational data model and exported to repository.
  • Involved in the migration of all reports, universes and security settings from Business Objects XI R2 to XI 3.1.
  • ManagedUsers,GroupsandObject-Level Rights, Scheduling,SecuritySettings,Universes, Data Connections, User and Group creation using theCentral Management Console.
  • Created installation scripts for installing latest releases and service packs.
  • Designed hierarchical security model for new Business Objects Enterprise system.
  • Identified and resolved productionissuesarising from migration.
  • Performed tuning on Business Objects Enterprise and implemented load balance on servers.
  • Implemented Object and row level security in Universe to incorporate security at Business level.
  • CreatedCardinalities,Contexts,JoinsandAliasesfor resolvingLoopsand checked theIntegrityof the Universes.
  • Created Dashboards to monitor business performance, insightful analytics and role-based dashboards using Business Objects Xcelsius. Created Query as a Web Service on top of relational databases, created excel functions and linked dashboards.
  • Worked with the team in the Process of migrating universes and reports from Development to Test and then to Production servers.
  • Created dashboards using different analytics like Interactive Metric Trends (IMT), Speedometers, Metric Trees, Maps, Pareto Charts and Traffic Lights across the sliced metrics.
  • Created Aggregated Tables at various levels in the universe to improve the performance of the reports and the dashboards and wrote the stored procedures and packages at the back end for these aggregated tables.
  • Created various eCommerce and Financial reports using Business Objects.
  • Created Metadata Repository and Statistical tables in the data warehouse using the Configuration Wizard.
  • Created Consolidations Custom Groups and Prompts for the reports.
  • Created/enhanced catalogs and set user profiles to grant user permissions for querying.
  • Used Web Intelligence for web based query and reporting.
  • Created complex reports including Monthly/Weekly reports, User Conversion and Retention reports, High Usage reports using DeskI and Crystal Reports XI.
  • CreatedHierarchiesto provide drill down options for the end-user.
  • Created and developed Stored Procedures and packages in Oracle.
  • Conducted end-user training to make them understand data models and use Business Objects tool.

Confidential, Louisville, KY Mar 2008 to Feb 2009
Role:Business Objects Developer

TechnicalEnvironment:Business Objects (6.5/XI R2), Web Intelligence, Broadcast Agent, Oracle 8i, SQL Server 2000, MS Office, Windows NT/2000, Crystal Reports XI.
Description:Kindred Healthcare, Inc. is a healthcare services company that through its subsidiaries operates hospitals, nursing centers and a contract rehabilitation services business across the United States. Business objects is used to establish links between its own employees and hospitals.

  • Worked with HR directors, Business Analysts, DBA’s and end-users to gather universe design and reporting requirements to implement business objetcs for successful implementation of report systems
  • Created complex reports using multiple data providers for processing insurance claims for customers
  • Created universes, universe objects, classes, appliedfilters, pre-defined and complex conditions.
  • Worked extensively onCMC, Designer, Web Intelligence and Info view
  • Created fully functional Full client and thin client reports by making use of Business Objects functionalities.
  • Used Personal data files, free-hand SQL, Combine Queries and aggregate awareness in universes.
  • Created reports using BO functionalities like, Drill Down, Cross Tab,AlertersandFormulae.
  • Created Dashboards using Dashboard Builder and Dashboard universes with metrics.
  • Implemented object level security in universes to incorporate security for sensitive information
  • Implemented various levels of user profile rules - Folder level or view only access
  • Used WebI to create & analyze reports and used InfoView to publish reports to various groups
  • Designed Data model for Data Warehouse using snowflake schema, star schema
  • Generated wide variety of reports -2D,3Dandpiechartsfor business query results
  • Generated complex reports involving numerousprompts, open document functions and data through multiple data providers
  • Extensively used extended syntaxes and complex formulae
  • Formatted Reports as per User requirements using functionalities in BO, which allows the users to analyze data
  • Edited Joins, resolved loops using aliases and contexts in the universe and exported to repository
  • Created Crystal reports when needed and exported to enterprise repository in order to make Crystal reports accessible through Infoview
  • Responsible for support issues with reports on Business Objects Enterprise environments (Development, Test, Integration and Production)
  • Involved in writing detail level documentation and migration of reports as well as universes to production

Confidential, NY Oct 2006 to Jan 2008
Role:Business Objects Developer

TechnicalEnvironment:Business Objects XI R2, WebI, Crystal Reports XIR2, Designer, Desktop Intelligence, CMS, Infoview, DB2, Oracle, Informatica, Erwin 4.0, PL/SQL, Windows XP
Barclay\'s provides blue sheets by product based, system based, account based, trade based etc. The volume of data involved is in tera bytes. Business Objects is used to leverage the performance of the reporting on a well-designed database.

  • Analyzed the existing database and designed the Universes using Business objects DesignerModule.
  • Worked on dimensional modeling to Design and develop STAR Schema\'s, identifying Fact and Dimension Tables for providing a unified view to ensure consistent decision making.
  • Created Cardinalities, Contexts, Joins and Aliases for resolving Loops and checked the Integrity of the Universes.
  • Used Business Objects Developer Suite (Broadcast Agent, Supervisor, Designer, InfoView) to perform various tasks specific to every component.
  • Customized LOVs in Universes for quicker performance of reports.
  • Changed the universe parameter settings to optimize the performance of universe.
  • Regularly interacted with end users in order to generate the reports required.
  • Extensively tested and debugged the code in various database environments. Worked on Performance Tuning of the SQL code.
  • Worked extensively with Business Objects. Made universe changes as per the Reports design document.
  • Developed standard Full Client reports and Web Intelligence (WebI) reports, and extensively used Business Objects functionality’s like Queries, Slice and Dice, Drill Down, Custom sorts, Cross Tab, Master Detail and Formulae\'s etc.
  • Row level and object level securities were implemented.
  • Used various @Functions like@Prompt(for user defined queries),@Where(For creating conditional filters) and@Select.
  • Created stored procedures in Oracle using SQL for canned Business Objects reports.
  • Scheduled full client reports and WebI reports with Broadcast Agent Server.
  • Used the Broadcast Agent server to Schedule and Monitor reports.
  • Using Supervisor, created groups and Categories.
  • Provided security access management by creating users/groups and folders for Business Objects and involved in Administration tasks like Supervisor and CMS maintenance, universe domain & security issues.
  • Created reports using Crystal Reports with Standard, Summary, Cross Tabs, SQL, Command Objects, Selection Criteria, grouping, sub reports, parameter fields, shared variable, complex command statements.

Confidential, New Haven, CT Jul 2005 to Sep 2006
Role:Business Objects Developer
TechnicalEnvironment:Business Objects 6.5 (Designer, Reporter), Desktop Intelligence, MS Excel, MS Access, Broadcast Agent 6, Oracle 9i, SQL, PL/SQL, ERwin 3.5.2
The CSR Program in CIGNA establishes meaningful links between its own employees, individuals & families and wellbeing of communities across the globe. As a part of this CSR program, several reports and measurements are needed based on the standard operating procedures at CIGNA which include regular and appropriate reporting of internal audit functions.

  • Created Universes according to the user needs, defined connections and exported universes to the different universe domains
  • Resolved Loops andTrapsusing Aliases and Contexts to remove cyclic dependencies.
  • Created Classes, sub classes, Dimension objects, Measure objects in multiple universes, checked Integrity of the Universes and exported the Universes to Repository for making them available to business users
  • Used the drill down/up function to analyze data and created multiple charts in reports
  • Created, managed and formatted standard reports, master/detail reports and cross tab reports using Report Manager
  • Created report templates forconsistencyin the look and feel of the reports, exported the reports to the Broadcast Agent Server for Scheduling and Refreshing
  • Created Summary reports using Excel for high level calculations
  • Created reports using Web Intelligence and published reports using Broadcast Agent Publisher
  • Linked the universes to generate documents from multiple universes
  • Generated BO reports for several levels and used drill analysis which allowed users to view data at a more detail level, than current level
  • Generated line-wise reports for Marketing department, Products and geographic locations
  • Developed Full client reports using multiple Queries, combination of charts and tables
  • Designed and developed Loan, Revenue, Market share and Market data reports
  • Developed Top clients by Revenue, Transaction opportunities by client reports using drill down, cross tab, multiple data providers, ranking, alerts and master detail report
  • Extensively used Web Intelligence through Info View interface to generate reports
  • Used SQL commands to generate business objects reports using free hand SQL as a data provider
  • Evaluated reporting environment for performance and efficiency and presented recommendations to senior management

Confidential, Columbus, OH Jan 2004 to Jun 2005
Role:Business Objects Developer
TechnicalEnvironment:Business Objects XIR2, Web Intelligence, SQL Server, Crystal Reports, Windows 2003, MS Excel, UNIX.
Description:Nationwide is one of the largest insurance and financial services companies in the world. They offer a full range of insurance products and financial services for home, car, family and financial security. Multi Access Integration (MAI) is designed to quote for new business and customer care models

  • Participated in project planning sessions with project managers, business analysts and team members to analyze business requirements and outline the proposed solution.
  • Built universe on designed schemas, used Derived tables in universe for best performance, and created Alias tables and Context for resolving the loops in the Universe.
  • Generated Reports in Excel using the Universe as the main Data provider and also using personal data files provided by the users.
  • Created several reports using the universes on daily, weekly, year to date basis. Developed critical reports by creating Hierarchies to provide drill down, Slice and Dice and master/detail.
  • Used various @Functions such as @Prompt, @Where and @Select and @Variable
  • Created Derived Tables, Lov’s in the Universe to create frequently used reports
  • Created complex reports using the multiple data providers, free hand SQL, stored procedures and functionalities like Combined Queries and synchronized data providers by linking the common objects to create common reports.
  • Created complex reports using multiple queries and involved in tuning the reports in order to increase accessing speed.
  • Created Crystal Reports using command prompt, Cascading prompts and written complex queries including Sub Queries.
  • Created various full client reports according to the user’s requirements and exported them to the repository to make resources available to the users using Webi.
  • Applied security features of Business Objects like row level, report level & object level security in the universe so as to make sensitive data secure.
  • Provided training for end users for generating their own reports including complicated reports with documentation guide as reference.
  • Worked with the team in the Process of migrating universes and reports from Development to Test and then to Production servers.
  • Developed Crystal reports with Groups, Running totals, Hyperlinks etc.
  • Scheduled reports on a daily, weekly, monthly basis in Crystal Enterprise. Also, scheduled reports based on events
  • Designed and developed Crystal Reports, Cross Tab Reports, Top N Reports for highlighting significant data and summary reports with drill-down capabilities.
  • Created standard, summary reports in Crystal reports and also using PL/SQL, crystal subreports, and reports with prompts, multiple groups, parameter fields and crosstab reports. Migrated Crystal reports to the server and scheduled using Infoview.

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