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Xcelsius Developer Resume

New Jersy, NJ


  • Over 7+ Years of IT experience in Analysis, design, development, test and implementing Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence and Client Server applications.
  • Experience in Business Intelligence full client & thin client environment using Business Objects Business Objects XI 3.1/R1/R2/6.5.1/6.1b/5.0 with Info view, Web Intelligence, Webi Rich Client, Desktop Intelligence, Central Management Console, Central Configuration Manager, Query as a Web Service, Import Wizard and Report Conversion Tool.
  • With Strong Knowledge in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) such as developing, testing, Migrating, Administrating, security management and production supporting on various platforms like UNIX, Windows NT/2000/XP/98.
  • Very good understanding of Data Warehousing Design Methodology, Data Warehouse Concepts, Very good understanding of Data Warehousing using ETL, FACT Tables, Dimension Tables, OLTP, OLAP, MS SQL Server 2005,2008, MS Access 2003/2000/97, Erwin 4/3.x.
  • Provided 24X7 support to the users.
  • Extensive experience working with End Users and Business System Analysts in understanding their requirements, assisting in providing technical solutions and implementing them.
  • Experience in Crystal Reports and In-depth knowledge of creation of Dashboards using Crystal Xcelsius 2008.
  • Expert in planning, designing, developing, modifying, updating, maintaining and distributing Universes and Reports.
  • Used Gmap plugin, XML maps in Xcelsius to get a better understanding by visualizing the data.
  • Created complex reports by linking data from multiple sources, using functionalities like Combined Queries, Slice and Dice, Drill Down, Master Detail, etc.
  • Trained Users in report development and running ad-hoc queries in Business Objects.
  • Involved in designing Universe, generating canned reports using different data providers like Universe, Stored Procedures and Free Hand SQL using Business Objects Reporter.
  • Developed Universes using Business Objects Designer -Universe Methodology involving the creation of underlying database structure, resolving the loops, creating classes & objects, conditions & joins and finally testing the integrity of the Universe.
  • Solid experience in conversion of Desktop Intelligence documents to Web Intelligence documents using the Report Conversion Tool.
  • Efficient in Optimizing, Debugging and testing SQL queries, stored procedures written in

Oracle, MS Access and SQL Server.

  • Experience using database design tools like Erwin.
  • An effective communicator with client and team members, easily interfacing between the technical and non-technical
  • Unique ability to understand long-term project development issues at all levels, from interpersonal relationships to the details of coding scripts.

Professional Experience:
Confidential,May’11 – Till date
Role: Business Objects /Xcelsius Developer

Description: CDPH WIC Program is a federally-funded health and nutrition program for women, infants and children.WIC helps families by providing checks for buying healthy supplemental foods from WIC-authorized vendors, Nutrition education and help finding healthcare and other community services. In California, 84 WIC agencies provide services locally to over 1.45 million participants each month at over 650 sites throughout the state.


  • Coordinated with the Business Owners to outline Business Requirements.
  • Worked with Business Systems Analyst to understand the flow of data.
  • Interacted with business, SME’s, Business System Analysts, Technical Leads, and Data Architects for design finalization.
  • Was also involved in Gathering the requirements from the end-users.
  • Extensively used QAAWS as a source to the custom dashboard.
  • Extensively used List box, Bar chart, Tab set, dynamic visibility.
  • Involved in designing security for the dashboard, setup security as per users request.
  • Published the Dashboard onto the corporate share drive, which was eventually accessed seamlessly by the end users.
  • Also used Live Office for building the custom dashboards.
  • Involved in setting up connectivity of various sources with Xcelsius.
  • Created Complex Reports using Drill down, Cross tab and Charts (time series graphs, column, line, pie). Used the drill functionality, ranking, sorting, complex alerter and complex variables in full client reports.
  • Created different types of reports, like Master/Detail, Cross Tab and Chart (for trend analysis). Used filters, conditions, list of values (LOV), calculations, etc.
  • Created the Universes with Default & Custom Hierarchies for multidimensional analysis and created reports with Multi-Level Scope of Analysis using drill down, drill across, drill up and slice and dice
  • Worked on Info-view to develop various reports having linking feature and data at various levels.
  • Developed number of reports, validated reports developed by team, assisted in fixing the issues. Written complex queries at the backend
  • Exported the Universes to the Repository to make resources available to the users. Tested reports for data consistency, tested Universe table joins, contexts, defects in reports/fixed the defects in reports. Involved in resolving the loops, cardinalities, contexts and checked the Integrity of the Universes.
  • Provided training for end users for generating their own webi reports.

Environment: SAP BO XI3.1, TeradataV2R12, Crystal Reports XI/2008, Oracle 10g, DB2, UNIX

Confidential,Washington DC Feb’10-Apr’11
Role: Business Objects /Xcelsius Developer

Description: Health Right Inc is a Medical Insurance provider which has major presence in DC region. Health Right Inc provides various types of Medical Policies and undertakes the medical insurance policies supported by DC Government and DC Corrections Cell. As insurance provider HRI has various lines of business under its portfolio which user wants to bring under one system in order to reduce operational costs and better performance.


  • Created technical specifications as per the technical and business requirements.
  • Facilitated Joint Application (JAD) sessions with business users, Subject Matter experts (SMEs) and the development team.
  • Designed and developed universes based on the user requirements for reporting generation. Resolved loops, contexts and checking the Integrity of the Universes and making available to the users.
  • Extensively used the Business Objects functionality such as Master-Detail, Slice and Dice, Drill Down and Hierarchies for creating reports.
  • Developed Business Objects Universes with classes, objects and condition objects and developed hierarchies to support drill down reports.
  • Analyzed the existing database and designed the Universes using Business Objects Designer Module. Involved in resolving the loops, cardinalities, contexts and checked the Integrity of the Universes.
  • Created regular reports and templates for users and posted on the web and scheduled for users.
  • Wrote stored procedures in Siebel 6 & 7/Oracle 10g and SQL Server 2005 using TOAD and SQL Server Management Studio to create call center reports in Crystal XI platform.
  • Add database objects to the report: tables, views, PL-SQL commands and stored procedures.
  • Exported the Universes to the Repository to make resources available to the users.
  • Created various Dashboard reports to measure the performance of several marketing programs.
  • Created and developed Analytics and Alerts for individual Dashboards, specific to functional heads.
  • Extensively used QAAWS as a source to the custom dashboard.
  • Used Image component, Container component, List box, Stacked Column chart, Tab set, Pie chart, Line chart, dynamic visibility.
  • Extensively used Input Output Components, Single Value Components like gauge.
  • Tested reports for data consistency, tested Universe table joins, contexts, defects in reports/fixed the defects in reports. Involved in resolving the loops, cardinalities, contexts and checked the Integrity of the Universes.
  • Actively involved in with ETL team to get right data to create crystal and BO reports.
  • Worked as an IT support to solve issues/tickets related to Business Objects/Crystal reports
  • Trained Power Users/Managers to create reports in Webi and provided on-going production support for Business Objects End users.

Environment: Business Objects XI R2 (Designer, CMC, CCM, Supervisor, BO Full Client, Web Intelligence), Crystal Reports XI, Oracle 10g/9i, SQL Server 2005 (SQL Server Management Studio),Access 2007, TOAD, PL/SQL, MS Office 2007, Windows XP, Live Office.

Confidential,Seattle WA Mar’09-Jan’10
Role: Business Objects developer

Description: T-Mobile USA is a national provider of wireless voice, messaging, and data services capable of reaching over 268 million Americans where they live, work, and play. T-Mobileis a leading provider of fully integrated wireless communication services. The project scope was to design and build different Universes and associated reports for decision support for personal and phone usage data. Application provides revenue information and tracking system for their customers call time in minutes for billing as part of the contract.Reports were made to facilitate the end user to extract detailed customer information, service usages, billing information, and account details.


  • Involved in requirements gathering from the business users to build the reporting application.
  • Installed Business objects created repository and distribute the BO Main Key across the enterprise.
  • Created users and groups and applied row level and objects level securities using Central Management Console.
  • Created universes, classes and objects by retrieving the data from various data sources and defining the necessary connections.
  • Resolving loops using contexts and aliases to remove the cyclic dependencies.
  • Used Business Objects Developer Suite (Broadcast Agent, Supervisor, Designer, and Info View) to perform various tasks specific to every component.
  • Involved in creating the various reports using crystal reports according to specifications
  • Assisted with all systems integration issues that impact the Business Intelligence reporting infrastructure
  • Used parameters, Formulas, running totals and Crystal Functions to Convert Data according to the specification of the report
  • Designed, tested and implemented reports successfully on time
  • Developed Drill-Down, Cross Tab, Standard and Sub Reports
  • Created reports like Reports by Product, Reports by Customer, Reports by Period, Demographic reports and Comparative reports
  • Developed views using base tables and customized them to use in the reports
  • Extensively used Crystal Reports to generate various reports and export them in PDF Format
  • Involved in exporting the reports to Excel Format according to the user requirement
  • Involved in modifying the Existing Stored procedures, which were used for Reports
  • Coordinated with Functional Users/Teams in gathering the requirements for Reports based on Front-end Application interface
  • Validated the data in the reports against the databases
  • Extensively involved in integrating of Business Objects Reports & Crystal Reports with front-end application

Environment: Crystal Reports 9.0, Business Objects 5.x (Designer, Business Objects), MS SQL Server 2000, Oracle, PL/SQL, SQL, TOAD, and Windows 2000.

Confidential,IL Apr’08-Feb’09
Role: Business Objects Developer

Description: HSBC offers a diversified line of financial services, including business and personal banking, wealth management and estate planning and investments. HSBC provides mortgage, banking, Credit Cards and capital market services to individuals as well as businesses. The project scope is to design and test universe for decision support for personal and institutional loan data. The warehouse is built from data received from various branches and offers summarized view for optimized decision making.


  • Gathered requirements from the management for functionality, display and effectiveness of the reports.
  • Created initial Classes & Objects, qualification for the Universes in both on/off line modes.
  • Defined Aliases and Contexts to resolve the join issues in the Universe.
  • Created custom LOVs and Hierarchies, which helps the report users to select the list of values and also to drill down to lower levels.
  • Defined @Aggregate_Awarness, @Prompt, @Select, @Where functions in universe level. Designed cascading prompts in the universe to filter the list of account names based on the business units.
  • Created Dynamic Filters and Dynamic Conditions in universe level as per Business rules. Defined Customized Hierarchies in Universe level.
  • Defined Customized Sorts in Universes and Reports Level.
  • Exported the universes to the Repository for making resources available to the users.
  • Defined User Response function in Report Level as per Business Rules.
  • Created Report Level Variables, Objects and Formula to create new columns based on the result set.
  • Generated BO reports for several levels and used drill analysis in Business Objects ,which allowed users to view data at a more detail level than current level.
  • Developed Drill down, Link Report reports, sub reports, used various Charts and Graphs, Line graphs, Pie Charts etc.
  • Organized data in the reports by using Filters, Sorting, and Ranking.
  • Created Alerter based on business criteria.
  • Created reports on web using Info View Portal, distributed the reports to different users.
  • Used the Broadcast Agent Server to Schedule, Refresh and Monitor the Reports.
  • Involved in migration of reports from Business Objects 6.x to Business Objects XI/R2.
  • Resolved Year Ago Variance Calculation, Percentage Calculation in Cross Tab in Web I XI R2.
  • Working knowledge of new features of Business Objects XI and 6.x including Index awareness, Derived tables, Single sign on support, LDAP, Central management console.
  • Synchronized queries from multiple data providers by linking the common dimensions using merge dimensions option in Web XI R2.
  • Scheduled pre-canned reports through Web I XI R2 Scheduler for distribution and printing.

Environment: Business Objects XIr2(CMC, CMS, CCM, Designer, Desk I), Web Intelligence Xir2, Business Objects 6.5.1(Supervisor, Designer, Reporter) Web Intelligence, Broadcast Agent, Oracle 9i, MS SQL Server 2000, PL/SQL, Windows 2000 Server.

Confidential,DC. May’06 – Mar’08
Role: Business Objects Developer

Description: ROSCO is a web based application designed to support Sirius XM’s supply chain management processes. The system facilitates the processing of data feeds between Sirius XM and its partners; particularly, car dealers that include a satellite radio and subscription with the purchase of a new or used vehicle. ROSCO integrates with other key applications in the enterprise architecture which automate different components of the overall supply chain and subscription processes.


  • Installed and Configured Business Objects on Both Client and Server Installations.
  • Deployed Business Objects Universes and Reports in a Secure Environment from One Server to Other Servers using Import Wizard.
  • Converted reports from 6.5.1 to XIR2 using the report conversion tool.
  • Worked on the WEB.XML file on the application server to enhance auto user logout from info view with the parameter customization and then users are redirected to a custom JSP page.
  • Changed the info view page layout by adding new features like the company details instead of the Business Objects logo by using the customization methods.
  • Created user defined @prompts and complex conditions at Universe level for better performance.
  • Created Reports using all the BO functions like Drill Down, Prompts, Dimensional and Measure variables to show accurate Results.
  • Generated Reports from Different Data Providers in Business Objects using Oracle Database.
  • Created Compound Analytics, Charts and Goals on the Dashboard Manager.
  • Created Universes for Customized Metrics and Goals to Create Metric Analytics and Goal Analytics.
  • Scheduled Metrics and Analytics to refresh for a scheduled time.
  • Created Analytics on top of Metrics for the Performance Manager.
  • Opened tickets in the Tracker for Reporting purpose to track all the Report statuses purpose.
  • Created Derived Tables in the Universe using views and stored procedures to meet the Reporting Requirements.
  • PM repository development and Metrics development.
  • Created Cascading Prompts on the Reports.

Environment: Business Objects 6.5.1,Oracle 9i, DB2, CMC, CMS, CCM, Designer, Desk I, Web Intelligence Xir2, Business Objects 6.5.1(Supervisor, Designer, Reporter) Web Intelligence, Broadcast Agent, Oracle 9i,Windows 2000 Server.

Confidential,India May’05-Apr’06
Role: Report Developer

Description: Malar Hospital is one of the reputed hospitals, wherein FuturHealth manages the inpatient and outpatient records in a proper way. FuturHealth also manages administration problems, monitoring accounts, Diagnostic report analysis. Administrator part contains different modules like General, Emergency, Surgery, Suturing, Counseling, and Physiotherapy. Lab module consists of sub modules like Investigation Reports. Consultant Module contains scrutinizing of Investigation\'s Test Entry & Lab reports and generating Prescription.


  • Business Objects reports and Universe Designer, Key Elements of Universe. Design and Hierarchy Building for Data Analysis and apply to condition in Objects, Resolving loops.
  • Created several full client reports using Business Objects 6.0.
  • As a part of Universe development, inserted Classes, different kind of objects, cardinalities, Strategies. Resolved the loops using Aliases and contexts. Checking the Integrity of the Universes. Linked the Universes and Export the Universes to Repository.
  • Provided technical assistance to developers for writing smart SQL code
  • Resolved previous reporting issues, which were troubling the users.


Environment: Windows NT, Business Objects 6.x, SQL*Loader, SQL Server, Erwin 3.5.


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