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Business Intelligence Consultant, Microstrategy Developer & Architect Resume


  • Motivated professional with 6 years’ experience and expertise in all facets of MicroStrategy Product Suite, Schema and Data Modeling, warehousing, business intelligence, engineering development, and life cycle SDLC development within fast paced environments.
  • Adept at collaborating with all members of the organization to achieve business and financial objectives.
  • Credited with extensive experience in the creation of Interactive dashboards and scorecards to aid in improved understanding of business trends.
  • Proven track record of creation and integration of MicroStrategy reports and objects with the data warehouse.
  • Communicative and personable, will learn and adapt quickly, interact with internal and external stakeholders with poise and professionalism and add value from the outset to any new organization.


  • Data Modeling & Warehousing
  • MicroStrategy Architect& Administrator
  • Aggregates & Customized Views
  • Software Development Life Cycle SDLC
  • SQL Programming & Interactive Dashboards
  • Business Intelligence
  • MicroStrategy Dynamic Reports
  • Application & Schema Objects
  • Strong Communicator
  • Intelligent Cubes
  • Visual Insight
  • VLDB Settings


IT Skills: Fully Proficient MS Office, MS Project, Visual Studio

Programming Languages: C/C++, Java, Python, SQL

Databases: Teradata, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL

Teradata Tools & Utilities: Teradata SQL Assistant, Performance Monitor, BTEQ, Multi Load, Fast Load, Fast ExportOLAP, Business Intelligence

Reporting Tools: MicroStrategy - Desktop, Architect, Narrowcast Server, OLAP Services, Object Manager, Web, Distribution Services, Office, OpenERP



Business Intelligence Consultant, MicroStrategy Developer & Architect

  • Proactively gathered all requirements, created semantic layer, developed reports, including development of high end dynamic reports and dashboards using MicroStrategy, and consistently expedited system administration.
  • Utilized MicroStrategy to specifically assist several important decision - making processes such as commercial launch of campaigns, products and bundles, and supported Finance in month end closing, yielding improved performance.
  • Routinely created reports and drove report’s object development, dashboard development, SQL programming for ad hoc requests, and efficiently scheduled reports and procedures, including MicroStrategy related development.
  • Efficiently optimized, tuned and removed any error or issue detailed in reports by business users and ensured seamless operation of the system through effective management of MicroStrategy jobs and caches.
  • Achieved effective system operation, fulfillment of business user requirements, improved decision making through utilization of reported data and data analysis, successful launch of campaigns, and improvements to report execution.
  • Successfully increased customer base through addition of new customers during campaign launches, reviewed and analyzed data and provided key insights regarding renewal or termination of products yielding focused operations.
  • Forged strong working relationships with business users through regular interaction via email and phone.
  • Promoted more effective data analysis with business users through efficient alteration of business requirements.
  • Recognition of achievement for successful first-time implementation of intelligent cubes, achieved reduction in server load, reduction in jobs response time and significantly improved efficiency.
  • Collaborated closely with ETL team member and successfully introduced an event trigger framework which automatically emailed relevant colleagues of ETL load failure or any other load issues, yielding improved productivity.
  • Effectively developed aggregates and customized views to efficiently apportion and delegate ETL team work load.
  • Drove development of interactive Google map based dashboard providing detailed geographical analysis of revenue, market share, customers and additional parameters and received accolades from management and business users.
  • Efficiently increased market share, customer base, revenue and profitability on the team through consistent provision of high level geographical analysis, product analysis, revenue analysis, customer segmentation and dashboards.
  • Utilized MicroStrategy to effectively develop dynamic dashboards, grid, graph, scorecards, and statistical reporting.
  • Routinely developed reports based on data in data warehouse through SQL query writing and BI Tools.
  • Effective utilization of entire MicroStrategy product suite, including intelligent server, desktop/developer, narrowcast, architect, administrator, office, web, mobile, visual insight and object manager to enhance efficiency for company.
  • Proactively created and managed application objects (Metrics, Filters, Templates, Consolidation and Custom groups) and schema objects (Attributes, Facts, Table, Views, Transformation and Hierarchies).


Database Developer

  • Collaborated closely with business users to efficiently collect all reporting requirements yielding improved efficiency.
  • Effectively developed and managed complex Oracle PL/SQL scripts, and stored procedures and functions.
  • Consistently reported developments in Oracle Hyperion tool and MicroStrategy, and improved productivity.
  • Routinely expedited data reconciliation and verified authenticity of all reports, resulting in high accuracy levels.
  • Achieved performance optimization, necessary modification and thorough documentation of PL/SQL scripts.
  • Efficiently defined and created advanced prompt expressions to effectively create hierarchy prompt, prompt-in-prompt, and nested prompts.
  • Proactively created and managed all MicroStrategy application objects, schema objects, and configuration objects.
  • Key contributor to the configuration of Narrowcast server and participated in multiple Narrowcast tasks including creation of documents, service designs, subscriptions, administration, and scheduling.
  • Successfully automated all repetitive tasks and enabled initiation on time-based or event-based triggers resulting in improved operational performance, productivity, and efficiency.
  • Effectively reduced time consumption of developers through proactive automation of tasks, yielding cost savings.


Application & Database Developer

  • Key role as application and database developer in Stockbridge Racing Ltd., and successfully developed primary project for the company i.e. a full and effective implementation of ERP solution based OpenERP.
  • Devised and created an application to run on handheld barcode scanner to communicate effectively with server; application created in C++ with visual studio as the tool to create and develop different modules e.g. stock taking.
  • Application capable of reading barcode tags to relay information to the server, wireless communication between client and server was ensured utilizing XML-RPC protocol, data information and retrieval from the server to handheld device and reliable automated printing of barcode labels, resulting in improved productivity and efficiency.
  • Created and developed modules to run on server ensuring customization of workflow on new system to accurately reflect modus operandi of the company, and utilized python to successfully create modules.
  • Recognition of achievement for extending project scope from creation of application for scanner, to include construction of modules, thereby achieving cost saving initiative for company through elimination of need for an additional consultant.

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