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Field Manager Resume


  • As a recent graduate in the Information Technology field, seeking to apply learned skills in an active environment, and to develop skills further through real life experience in conjunction with continuous education
  • Experienced with both individualized and medium - to-large scale stakeholder training and support
  • Proficient in the use of Java, and familiar with Confidential, Python, C#, and numerous other mainstream programming languages often used in business environments
  • Experienced with data analysis and generation of reports and dashboards for stakeholder consumption


Field Manager



  • Received and organized donation pick-ups and drop-offs, and supervised volunteers for this veteran-oriented charity thrift store
  • Worked directly with the City of Austin No Longer Homeless Program to organize supply-side logistics for the program
  • Worked with a multitude of service and charity organizations in order to provide services to Confidential in need

Data and Process Analyst



  • Began in Quality Control, assuring quality of work for clients by reviewing the work done by the vendor network on their properties
  • As an analyst, created multiple scripted utilities using Confidential, including reporting automation and on-demand information retrieval
  • Interpreted data to find trends, build detailed reports for executives, and troubleshoot systemic issues with daily operations procedures

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