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Salesforce Developer Resume



  • 7 years of overall IT experience including 6+ years of experience with Salesforce and 1+ years of experience with Java .
  • Involved in various projects in end - to-end implementations with multiple roles as an Administrator, Business Analyst, and Developer.
  • Including 3 years of experience in Salesforce Customer Relationship Management(CRM).
  • Implementation and Integration experience using Custom Objects and Custom Tabs.
  • Extensive experience in developing Apex classes, Triggers, Visual force pages, Custom Controllers, Controller Extensions, Sites, Customer Portal, Communities and Force.com API.
  • Excelled in working with various salesforce.com standard objects like Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Products, Cases, Leads, Campaigns, Forecasts, Reports and Dashboards.
  • Experience in designing of custom objects, custom fields, custom formula fields, validation rules, custom reports, work flows and approval processes for automated alerts, field updates and Email generation according to the application requirements.
  • Exposure to other ETL tools like Datastage, SSIS.
  • Enhanced in Communities by adding new fields, field sets using Salesforce lightning.
  • Developed various Apex Classes, Triggers, Controller classes and methods for functional needs in the application compatible with lightning.
  • Exposure in other OLAP tools like Business Objects, SSRS for developing Reports.
  • Expertise in aura framework, Lightning Components and Salesforce Lightning Design System(SLDS).
  • Worked on Salesforce Lightning Components for building customized components replacing the existing ones.
  • Also embed Lightning Components in Visual force page by using new Lightning Out feature by event-driven programming.
  • Experience in Creating Roles, Profiles, Page Layouts, Record Types, Workflow rules, and Approval Processes.
  • Experience in building custom HTML5 visual force pages to access the sales force applications from Mobile devices.
  • Proficient in web technologies like HTML, XML, CSS, JSP, JavaScript, WSDL, and SOAP
  • Experienced in conducting User acceptance testing and preparing training documents for users.
  • Extensive knowledge in understanding the post go- live problems faced by organizations using Sales force.
  • In depth understanding of the sales cloud and service cloud automations using Sales force.
  • Extensive experience in analyzing business requirements, entity relationships and converting them to Sales force custom objects, lookup relationships, junction objects, master-detail relationships.
  • Experience in migrating data from legacy systems to Salesforce using data loader.
  • Excellent communication and inter-personnel skills.
  • Highly flexible and accustomed to work in both large and small group settings.
  • Highly passionate for automating the processes using Sales force.
  • Excellent team player, self-motivated, quick learner with good communication skills and detail oriented problem solving skills.


Salesforce Technologies: Apex Trigger, Apex Classes, Custom Controller, Controller Extensions, Batch Apex, SOQL, SOSL, Visualforce Pages / Components, Custom Settings, Workflow & Approvals, Reports, Dashboards, Analytic Snapshots, Custom Objects, Roles, Profiles, Permission Sets, Communities, CRM, sales cloud and service cloud, Lightnng Experience.

Salesforce Tools and Integration Tools: Force.com, Apex Data Loader, Lightning Connect, Force.com Platform (Sandbox, and Production).

Programming languages: Apex, VisualForce,java, SQL,PL/SQL,Unix shell scripts

Web Technologies: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Angular JS

Operating Systems: MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7, UNIX

Database: MS Access, Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server

Other Tools: Arena and All Basic computer software


Confidential, PA

Salesforce Developer


  • Worked as enhancement developer and team member, performed the roles of Salesforce.com Developer and Administrator in the organization.
  • Creating Workflow rules, validation rules, formula fields, escalation rules, auto assignment rules in the project.
  • Facilitated workshops between business stakeholders and offshore developers to modify Salesforce.com Merchant CRM platform to conform to Best Practices and to improve performance.
  • Sales cloud handling including Accounts, opportunities, leads, saleshistory and salescallAgendas. Added Custom visualforce pages and Buttond to override.
  • Created pagelayouts, searchlayouts to organize fields, customlinks, relatedlists, and other components on a record detail and edit pages.
  • Provided help with testing, documenting and developing training materials and also assisted users with Reporting needs.
  • Created workflow rules and defined relatedtasks, timetriggeredtasks, emailalerts, fieldupdates to implement business logic.
  • Experience in modifying Visualforce pages to be supported in Lightning Experience and good understanding of lightning mode and its features.
  • Responsible for setting up web service integrations.
  • Triggered interface events by user interactions, which includes Lightning Component framework and also involved in building Lightning Components using the aura framework.
  • Created Triggers to execute complex business logic on certain custom objects besides work flows.
  • Created various Reports (summary reports, matrix reports, pie charts, dashboards and graphics) and Report Folders to assist managers to better utilize Sales force as a sales tool and configured various Reports and for different user profiles based on the need in the organization.
  • Managed multiple sandboxes and moved data between different sandboxes.
  • Created Customized dashboards for the service representatives and case team members to keep track of the cases assigned to them and to share insight across the company.
  • Documented all recent changes from SFDC LightningExperience, LightningAppBuilder, LightningProcessBuilder and LightningConnect.
  • Experienced with Cast Iron for saleshistoryIntegeting with SF database.
  • Worked and designed in enabling Territory Management from scratch, change the organization-wide Territorymanagementsettings, profiles and activeSalesforceusers are added to territories based on their roles.

Environment: Salesforce Platform, Standard Objects, Custom Objects, Tabs, Reports, Dashboards, Page Layouts, Profiles, Permission Sets, Apex Classes, Visualforce Pages, Apex Triggers, Salesforce1 Mobile platform, Developer Console, Data Import/Export, Chatter, Eclipse IDE, Data Loader, Sandboxes, Workflow Rules, Approval Process, HTML and JavaScript

Confidential, VA

Salesforce Developer


  • Duties included design, development, integration and administration of salesforce.com applications.
  • Gathered user requirements and involved in application design discussions and documentation.
  • Developed custom objects, profiles, sharing rules, roles and integration using web services, as needed by the business.
  • Developed Apex Classes, Controller Classes and Apex Triggers for various functional needs in the application.
  • Deployed Apex using Force.com IDE, Force.com Migration Tool and Web Services API.
  • Implemented Classes and Interfaces.
  • Worked with Apex Scheduler to invoke Apex classes at regular intervals.
  • Worked with Dynamic Apex to access sObjects and Field describe information, execute dynamic SOQL, SOSL and DML queries.
  • Responsible for designing system/Unit/UAT test cases.
  • Used future methods to invoke web service call out. And used SOAP and REST API for integrating different applications with salesforce.
  • With help of Cast Iron integrated Salesforce with MS SQL Database (In house BI Data warehouse) developed and implemented scheduled jobs for both batch and real-time Salesforce integration scenarios.
  • Working on communities and customizations.
  • Used Apex Data Loader for migrating records to Salesforce.
  • Involved in data migration to Sandbox and production.
  • Used sandbox mode for testing and migrated the code to the production instance in iterations.
  • Wrote batch classes for manipulating mass data and invoked it from apex classes and triggers .
  • Scheduled batch classes to perform a mass delete on unwanted records as a part of data cleansing.
  • Wrote test classes to test apex classes for more than 90% code coverage .
  • Involved in administrative activities like periodic data cleansing, security setup and workflow update .
  • Worked in Agile project model and involved in documenting IT Stories and scoping sprints.
  • Used Visualforce in development mode to change the behavior and appearance of Visualforce components.
  • Implemented VisualforceTemplates and Placeholders to encapsulate page elements to be reused across several Visualforce pages.
  • AccustomedPicklists, Dependent Picklists, and Record Types to enforce data quality.
  • Created Dashboards and Dashboard Components and implemented multiple levels of Dashboards and scheduled Dashboard refresh.
  • Worked on Many-to-Many relationships and created Junction objects to implement Roll-up Summary fields to aggregate data from child records on the parent.

Environment: Salesforce.com platform, Workflow and Approvals, Reports, Custom Objects, Tabs, Apex Language, Visual Force Pages, Components and Controller, Email Services, HTML, JS, AJS,Reports, Dashboards and Informatica JavaScript, Eclipse IDE Plug-in, Data Loader.

Confidential, MD

Salesforce Developer and Administrator


  • Interacted with various business users to gather the requirements, documented those requirements, and developed the prototype to meet the business needs.
  • Built and customized multi-user Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications and developed a custom user interface with Visualforce and Apex.
  • Created custom applications on Force.com Platform for multiple business requirements.
  • Created a user interface for custom applications using the Custom Objects, Custom Tabs, Page Layouts, Record Types and Customization options.
  • Created Custom Fields, Custom Reports, Triggers, Field help, Custom Formulas and Field History Tracking.
  • Used Master-Detail relationship, Lookup relationship, Lookup filters, and Roll-Up Summary fields.
  • Developed Custom List Views with respective fields, etc.
  • Created Workflows rules with field updating actions and validations.
  • Created complex Validation rules to implement the business logic for user requirements.
  • Created email templates to send emails to the appropriate users using workflow rules.
  • Created Profiles, Permission Sets, Sharing rules, public groups for business requirements.
  • Created Apex classes and triggers with required code coverage using test classes.
  • Using Data Loader for insert, update, and bulk import or export of data from Salesforce Objects.
  • Trained the staff members in salesforce technologies and assisted them to use the application in an effective manner.

Environment: Force.com Platform, Standard Objects, Custom Objects, Apex Classes, Triggers,Visualforce pages, Custom Reports, Dashboards, Apex Data Loader, Sites, Validation Rules, Record Types, List Views, Page Layouts, Tabs, Apps, Workflows Rules, Email Alerts, Field Updates, Permission Sets, Profiles, Public Groups, Sharing Rules, Salesforce1 Mobile platform, Developer Console, Data Import/Export, Chatter.


JAVA/J2EE developer


  • Involved in analysis, design and development of Expense Processing system using Agile Methodology and developed specs that include Use Cases, Class Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams and Activity Diagrams.
  • Experienced in using Agile Methodology including creating product/sprint catalogs, active participation in Scrum, Sprint planning and exit meetings.
  • Experienced in design and development of various web and enterprise applications using J2EE technologies like JSP, Servlets, EJB, JDBC, JPA, XML, JAXB, JAX-WS, AJAX, ANT and Web Services.
  • Developed the application using Struts Framework that leverages classical Model View Controller (MVC) architecture.
  • Deployed the applications on IBM WebSphere Application Server.
  • Involved in designing the user interfaces using HTML, JSP.
  • Exposure to other ETL tools like Datastage, SSIS.
  • Exposure in other OLAP tools like Business Objects, SSRS for developing Reports
  • Used Hibernate in data access layer to access and update information in the database.
  • Used Log4J to capture the log that includes runtime exceptions, monitored error logs and fixed the problems.
  • Used ANT scripts to build the application and deployed on Tomcat Server.
  • Designed various tables required for the project in Oracle 10g database and used the Stored Procedures in the application.

Environment: Java, Struts, Hibernate, JSP, XML, JDBC, UML, HTML, JNDI, Log4J, Windows XP, Tomcat server, WebLogic, Oracle.

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