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Business Intelligence Developer Resume

Madison, AL


  • As a successful Business Intelligence Analyst and Developer with a forte in Reports Design, I have been designing, slicing, dicing, tilting, pivoting and summarizing data for corporations since 1998.
  • Show me where the data is, tell me how and what you want to see and I make it happen. My preferred mediums are MS SQL Server, MS Integration Services, MS Analysis Services and MS Reporting Services.
  • As a part of their Microsoft licensing, any corporation with a SQL Server already has these tools at their disposal and I am able to walk in, configure the tools and begin analyzing and developing immediately.
  • I also design Business Scorecards, BI Dashboards and Reporting Libraries using SSRS, SSAS, SharePoint Portals.
  • A company begins its’ day with the end in mind. Great reporting tells you how the day began and what areas need attention.
  • Tomorrows' numbers depend on today's actions to today's data.


Reporting Tools: MS Access, MS Excel, MS Analysis Services, MS Reporting Services, Bamboo Web Tools, KPIs and WEB components, PivotPoint

Databases: MS SQL Server 2008 R2, AS400/DB2, Oracle, Navision, MS Access

ETL Tools: SQL Server Integration Services, Informatica, Tableau, QLIK

Programming Tools: VBA, Visual Studio 2014 for BI, BIDS 2008 R2, XML, MS Excel Macros

Data Analysis Tools: EZ Pickens, Microsoft Access, SQL Server 2008 R2, Data Warehouse, MS Query, AS400 Query, MS Analysis Services, OLAP cube design, MDX

Networks & Web Based: ASP.NET Web Apps, MS Windows Server, MS SharePoint 2014, Mercury Portals, Wincct Scanning

Customized Applications: MS CRM Services, Web Timesheets, SharePoint Performance Point 2010

Technical Writing: MS Word, MS Excel, MS Project, MS Visio


Confidential, Madison, AL

Business Intelligence Developer


  • Developed an Integrated Data Environment amd it's Reporting component to custom Engineer Application Tools for Confidential Ground Missile Defense GMD program using MS SQL Server, MS SSIS, MS SSRS, Sharepoint Portals, Informatica and Oracle dBases. Creating Team Sites, Web Lists, Web Parts for the Sharepoint Portals and integrating them with Reporting Services drawing from several data source mediums such as XML, Oracle, MSSQL and custom lists rendering in multiple formats.
  • Assisted Agile Teams in their reporting needs for multiple Web Applications.

On - Line Reports Design and Technical Writing


  • Reports Design: Designed and deployed over 90 reports for Confidential ’s CRM application ‘Chart the Course OnLine’ for Phases 1-5.
  • Using MS Reporting Services passing thru an XML VDB directed at specific database UDFs, Stored Procedures and Views and displayed in PDF & Excel format.
  • Other Ad Hoc reports designed in stand alone MS Access MDE files as well as Report Manager Subscriptions.
  • Wrote and deployed 60 Analysis Reports for the ‘All In One Referrals’ (AIO) Application and collaborated with Team Development on the AIO Reporting Cube using MS Analysis Services designing the Datasources, Views, Dimensions and the Reporting Cube itself.
  • Technical Writing: For Confidential Online Customer Relationship Management Systems ‘Chart The Course On-Line’ and Synergy’ applications, authored 7 Extensive FDS (Functional Design Specifications) documents based on business unit BRD (Business Requirements Document) using MS Visio for screenshot constructions and data mapping and published for acceptance by the business units as well as well as 2 FDS documents for their Private Banking ‘ Synergy’ CRM system. Also authored TDS (Technical Design Specifications) documentation for different phases of application development and reports design.
Confidential, Birmingham, AL

Reports Analyst


  • Involves the Cyber Fit Remote Systems Reporting.
  • Monitoring and updating code and results for a reporting Database linked to 5 SQL sources to produce reports covering over 84,000 servers throughout the Confidential in order to determine Cyber Fitness for current Patches and updates.
  • Involves Remote weekly and Annual Scanning.
  • Using the Winncct tools to manually scan troubled Corporate and Stand Alone servers for cyber fitness.
  • Resolving and trouble-shooting procedures and preparations for the systems administrators in order to bring new and isolated servers into the flow of the automated scanning systems.

Confidential, Birmingham, AL

Business Intelligence Analyst


  • Developed Executive Dashboards and Business Scorecards using several data sources such as QuickBooks, SQL Server, Great Plains, MS Access and DB2 shifting them into SQL Server 2000 and Windows Server 2003 with using MS Analysis Services to create OLAP cubes from which could pinpoint perspectives, objectives and KPIs to display critical data thru Microsoft’s Sharepoint Portals.
  • Involved with Confidential's Customer Relations Management system which was instituted and deployed for Confidential .
  • Trained in MS CRM including navigation and configuration and helped assess application usage for further sales opportunities.
  • Deployed a web based timesheet application for consultants and contractors to help track billable and non-billable hours, expenses and goal oriented achievements for ACPs workforce.
  • Developed a reporting procedure to follow ACPs trailing twelve months of profit and loss to display monthly tracking gross expense, contracted expenses, product cost expenses and income culminating in a Net Income indicator viewed graphically and thru a Pivot Table.

Confidential, Birmingham, AL

Data Analyst / Reports Specialist


  • Merchandising Comparative Sales Report.
  • Developed a single three hour procedure to replace seven men and twenty-one man-hour processes for a weekly comparative sales report that tied to the sales audit department and gave a realistic view of comparative sales this year and last year by week, month, year to date; Which also included one hundred and eighty retail stores that the merchandising buyers used to plan weekly forecasts.
  • Prepared an overstock report for every store that could be used to thin slow and non moving inventory and return to the book publishers helping to reduce risky inventory volume by eighteen to twenty-five million dollars per publication.
  • Built a database and procedure in Visual Basic for MS Access to allow a buyer to monitor and execute digitally and manually the daily distribution of best selling titles to two hundred stores based on stores’ current real time inventory and forecasted sales.
  • Developed Vendor Sales Reports.
  • Streamlined a procedure using ODBC between DB2 and MS Access to process specific vendor sales data, publish individually to Excel and email to one-hundred ten vendors every Monday morning to help them forecast their printing runs and availability so that Confidential ’s wholesale department would never be without actively selling titles and items for their store chain.
  • The new procedure assured each vendor of accurate data at least forty-eight hours earlier than the usual timeframe.
  • Involved in more than thirty-five reports and procedures developed for merchandising, store operations, sales audit, wholesale and CEO use throughout three and one-half of years employment.

Confidential, Homewood, AL

Computer Applications-Database & Programming Instructor


  • Developed curriculum and syllabi for college instruction in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access and intro to Visual Basic 6.0 over a six year period.
  • Directed and instructed over forty classes totaling more than four hundred-fifty students in computer applications, database administration and introductory programming.
  • Prepared each student for national certification exams in each topic.

Confidential, Shannon, AL

International Department Data Analyst


  • Managed operations and data mining procedures for Foreign Industrial Markets.
  • Involved with the in the Nuclear bearings program which instituted procedures using internet technology and Excel Macros to locate specifically requested bearings and power transmission components, imported these items to a nuclear lubrication facility where they were chemically outfitted with nuclear resistant grease and then exported to foreign markets for use in Nuclear Power Plants.
  • Involved in Spanish translation, translated quote requests from Spanish to English and proposals back to Spanish for export sales representatives.
  • Engaged in daily quote logs, stored and archived daily requests for quote and sales proposals for forecasting and comparative departmental sales reports.
  • Involved in Data Queries, developed ODBC procedures for mining department specific data from company Navision databases to insure client’s product and service availability.

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