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Bi Tech Lead/architect Resume

Dayton, OhiO


  • Total 11+ years of IT Experience, including 10 Years in Business Intelligence (Cognos 10.x, 11 and TM1, Spotfire 6.x)
  • Data warehousing (Teradata, Oracle11g, DB2,SQL Server 2008, Informatica 9.X, Data stage, Pentaho) and 8 years in Product Life Cycle Management as B.I Architect.
  • Installations, Deployment, Upgrades, monitoring log files, performance tuning, Reports, Dashboards.
  • Designing Framework models, Cubes, Canned/adhoc reports and Development.
  • Modeling and maintaining DataMart’s both Relational and Dimensional Models (DMR) Metadata, Star Schema, Snowflake Schema.
  • Upgrading and Migrating BI Tools.
  • Documenting and Implementation of Business Applications.
  • Reviewing the requirement with the Client / Onsite coordinators. Preparing the Design documents and Estimation documents.
  • Technology Reporting: Big Data Analytics, Content Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Location Analytics.
  • Strong verbal and written communicator.
  • Scripting: Mdx, HTML, Java and Python.
  • Ability to understand end to end scope of work by analyzing the requirements provided
  • Over 400 Reports, 70 Dashboards, 25 transformer cubes & 60 DataMart’s.


Business Intelligence Tools: Cognos 11,10.2.2,10.2,10.1.1.Spotfire (6.5,7.0,7.5),Report Studio, Query Studio, Analysis Studio, Event Studio, Framework Manager, Transformer, Workspace, Active Reports, IPad Reports, Dynamic Cubes, Data Manager, Power play Transformer, TableauCognos,Spotfire administration: Installation (Cognos 11,10.1.1,10.2) on windows, Data level security, Deployments, Organization level security,LDAP,Access manager

Database & Tools: DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, Big Data, Hadoop.

Data Modeling: Erwin 4.x/3.x, Framework manager, Transformer, MS Access, TOAD, Denodo Express 6.0, Denodo 5.5

Reporting Tools: Cognos,Spotfire,Tableau

ETL Tools: Informatica, Data stage, Pentaho(kettle)

Operating Systems: Windows, Solaris

Migration experience: Cognos 10.1.2 to Cognos 11 & Cognos 8.4.1 to Cognos 10.1.1


Confidential, Dayton, Ohio

BI Tech Lead/Architect


  • Upgraded Cognos from 10.1.2 to Cognos 11.
  • Setting up Cognos architecture, Security, Integration, Models, Dashboards and report.
  • Created Active Reports for IPad and Mobile services. Dashboards with visualizations.
  • Handled TM1 and Controller products to install, configure and apply in the server.
  • Engaged in project planning, controlling, and documentation
  • Involved in project budget and cost estimation.
  • Arrange all project solution and transfer it to the testing and production unit.
  • Handled a number of issues and made necessary changes immediately.
  • Coordinated with off - shore teams and clients directly.
  • Managed several projects and completed them successfully.
  • Prepared reports of all Cognos models (relational and multi-dimensional).
  • Designed DataMart’s, cubes, dashboards, Cognos framework models according to the need of the project.
  • Good Experience in Extraction, Transformation and Loading from Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Sources.
  • Used the data Integration tool Pentaho for designing ETL jobs in the process of building Data warehouses and Data Marts.
  • Participated in Performance tuning in database side, transformations, and jobs level.
  • Created and designed the jobs and transformations and load the data sequentially & parallel for initial and incremental loads.
  • Good experience in using various PDI steps in cleansing and load the data as per the business needs
  • Involved in Configuration and Data integration server to run the jobs in local, remote server and cluster mode.
  • Designed the advance reports, analysis reports and Dash Boards as per the client’s requirements.
  • Created cubes by using Pentaho Schema Workbench.
  • Migrated Tableau reports to Cognos.
  • Developed Tableau workbooks from multiple data sources using Data Blending.
  • Provided 24/7-production support for Tableau, Cognos users.
  • Arranged all project solution and transferred it to the testing and production unit.
  • Design, develop, and implement Cognos TM1 9.5.2 Applications for Financial planning and budgeting models with complex rules.
  • Maintenance of Cognos, TM1 user’s security (Groups and Roles).
  • Data extraction, managing, aggressions and loading into NoSql Data base HBASE.
  • Integrated Cognos with Denodo 5.5.
  • Added Denoda server to cognos.Created modules, reports, enabling the SSL protocol between IBM Cognos and Denodo VDP Server.
  • Migrated from Denodo 5.5 to 6.O and integrated with cognos.
  • Worked on development projects that were based on Data Virtualization concepts and creating web services in cognos.
  • Written Scripts in Java, Python, RDBMS, PL/SQL.
  • Created Data Models by extracting the data from various data sources by connecting through JDBC, ODBC and OLEDB.
  • Created scheduled jobs for data extracts and report reloads by Scheduler.
  • Developed business requirements, Dashboard development, and data verification and analysis.
  • Ensured delivery of projects within deadline.

Environment: SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Cognos 10.2.2, Cognos 11, Data stage, Hadoop, Pentaho, Informatica, Cognos TM1 9.5.2, TOAD.

Confidential, Stamford, CT

BI Architect/Lead


  • Upgraded Cognos from 8.4.1 to 10.2.2.
  • Upgraded Spotfire from 6.5 to 7.5.
  • Creating financial dashboards using Cognos, Tm1 & Spotfire.
  • Extensively worked on Release activities & did follow ups with support teams for the approvals and playing a major role while migrating the code to QA/Production.
  • Worked in Agile/Iterative methodology and familiar with Rally, Jira tool to capture User stories, tasks tickets and estimations.
  • Restricted data for particular users using Row level security and User filters.
  • Developed Cognos, Spotfire visualizations and dashboards.
  • Provided 24/7-production support for Cognos & Spotfire users.
  • Managing onsite and off-shore Project teams and Clients.
  • Setting up Automation Scripts for Cubes.
  • Design and implementation of a global, enterprise class Congos & Spotfire environment.
  • Performed day to day administration tasks for Cognos & Spotfire BI, including group/library management, upgrades, monitoring log files, performance tuning, troubleshooting and reporting.
  • Gathering the requirements from the users. Finalizing the reports and dashboard templates.
  • Helping the development teams in creating reports with best practices.
  • Responsibilities include Requirement Analysis, Designing and Creating Data Services Layer in downstream Dashboard systems.
  • Identifying the Source Systems, possible Fact tables and Dimension Tables.
  • Other activities include data preparation for data services layer, unit testing, and other project lifecycle activities support.
  • Integrated MySQL Workbench and Oracle using JDBC to Denodo.
  • Responsible for Creating and Monitoring all components of Denodo tool (Administration, VDP, Scheduler, Custom Views, and Caching)
  • Designed and developed high-quality integration solutions by using Denodo virtualization tool (read data from multiple sources including Oracle, Hadoop, MySQL)
  • Created caching jobs in Denodo different databases like MySQL, Hadoop, Teradata, and Excel.
  • Analyzing and debugging of code to fix issues reported.
  • Providing technical assistance to team members.
  • Involved in Testing like Unit testing, System integration, regression testing and performed code review.

Environment: Oracle, DB2,SQL server 2008, Informatica, Spotfire 6.5, Cognos 11,10.2.2, Report studio,, Active reports, Cognos Sdk, Denodo 5.5, Pentaho,Data stage, Cognos Mobile, framework manager, IPad reports

Confidential - Richmond, VA

BI Lead


  • Setting up Development Environment, Q.A Environment, Production Environment.
  • Created a data ware house environment (data marts for sales, finance and HR Departments) by flattening dimensions and creating aggregated columns in fact tables to the lowest level for star schema.
  • Tuning the performance on the servers.
  • Created Standard, Cross-tab, Sub reports and TAT reports for Pathology department management.
  • Created Batch Stored Procedures for in the Report Scheduler according to the monthly, weekly or daily.
  • Generated Tableau Dashboard with quick/context/global filters, parameters and calculated fields on Tableau (7.x / 8.x) reports.
  • Created Tableau Dashboards with interactive views, trends and drill downs along with user level security.
  • Created and developed Parameterized, Drill Down and AD Hoc Reports using SQL Server 2008 Reports Services (SSRS)
  • Interacted with the existing database developers and DBA to understand the existing schema.
  • Gathering the requirements from the users. Finalizing the reports and dashboard templates.
  • Leading the project with 5 resources (2 in onsite and 3 in offsite)
  • Cognos Bi 10.1.1 installation and Configuration. Fix packs installations, performance monitoring, load balance.
  • Internal security, external security, and data level security for the customers. Scheduling, bursting of reports.
  • Created multiple relational models and D.M.R models based on the requirements.
  • Created cubes using transformer and automated them for daily, weekly, monthly.
  • Created 15 active reports and dashboards for iPhones, android, ipad devices and trained resources on Active reports.
  • Analyzed project feasibility and costs prior to drafting designs.
  • Reviewed project goals and objectives with the project manager and design team.
  • Coordinated with segment leaders to promote architectural goals and design concepts.
  • Devised overall strategy for documentation and identified the sheets planned for each stage of the work.

Environment: Cognos 10.2.2, SQL server 2008, Informatica, IPad, mobiles, windows.

Confidential - New York, NY

BI Developer Cognos


  • Creating reports using Spotfire application.
  • Migrated from Cognos 8.4 1 to Cognos 10. Migrating reports to spotfire form business objects.
  • Worked on complete life cycle of Cognos 10 Administration and Cognos BI (Installations, Security, Configurations, Migration and deployment.
  • Worked closely with Clients and Business Users to analyze and understand business requirements and Participated in requirements gathering meetings / Sessions.
  • Developed technical specifications, data identification and also recommendations on the preferred solution for development and deploy efficient BI solutions.
  • Created Relational and dimensional models.
  • Created Complex reports and dashboards Using spotfire application.
  • Improved long running reports performance through writing SQL queries, resolving complex joins in framework manager, filters, and using stored procedures.
  • Written java scripts for report prompts automation.
  • Expertise to understanding, analyze, Cognos, Spotfire data warehouse(OLAP), and OLTP data.
  • Identified and re-mediates problem areas quickly while streamlining risk and compliance productivity. Provided customer training.

Environment: Spotfire 4.5, Cognos 10/8.4, Report Studio, Framework Manager, Query Studio, Event studio, iPad reports.

Confidential - Indianapolis, IN

Cognos Developer


  • Reviewed project goals and objectives with the project manager and design team.
  • Analyzed project feasibility and costs prior to drafting designs.
  • Devised overall strategy for documentation and identified the sheets planned for each stage of the work.
  • Created new and innovative approaches to problems and discussed them with project managers.
  • Created and updated project cost analysis spreadsheets.
  • Constant detecting and fixing various issues that arise from changes at server, package, & database level, appropriately using best practice
  • Created the reports in spotfire application, Scheduled jobs in spotfire application •
  • Published developed Information links using spotfire.
  • Extensive testing and Manual alteration of complex SQL before including them in Spotfire Queries and enhancing its performance.
  • Applications are made for iPhone, and used Spotfire reports to open them in phones.
  • Developed technical specifications, data identification.
  • Responsible to build the Information links and dashboards as per the business requirements.
  • Worked on various reports like, List, Crosstab, drill-thru, multi-query, master/detail, prompted, dashboards, port lets, and tabular reports.

Environment: Spotfire 4.5, Business objects, Report Studio, Mobile, IPad reports, windows

Confidential - Saint Louise, MO

BI Consultant


  • Completed comprehensive code compliance evaluations.
  • Kept the project on schedule and within budget while serving as project leader.
  • Gathering the requirements from the users.
  • Finalizing the reports and dashboard templates.
  • Helping the development teams in creating reports with best practices. Working with ETL and Database teams in creating DataMart’s.
  • Training Users in using the tools with Healthy documentation.
  • Created Self-Service Models, Active Reports & IPad Reports. Created Audit reports for Cognos, Tm1, spotfire applications.
  • Setting up internal security and external security. Worked as a solution architect for the projects and creating self-service reports.

Environment: Spotfire 4.5, Cognos 10, Analysis Studio, Framework Manager, Metric studio, Sql Server, Informatica, java, Windows XP

Confidential - LONG ISLAND, NY

BI Consultant


  • Requirement study and understanding business.
  • Preparing design documents, SRS, SDS, Impact Analysis, Performance metrics and other release related documents.
  • Developing Information Links, reports/dashboards in Spotfire.
  • Involved in implementing the text areas to configure as interactive, which includes filters, dynamic items, etc.
  • Developing Cognos Framework manager models, Packages, Standard/Ad-hoc Reports and Cubes Preparation of unit test cases and completing unit testing for all the objects developed.
  • Extensively worked on Release activities & did follow ups with support teams for the approvals and playing a major role while migrating the code to QA/Production.
  • Leading Worked in Agile/Iterative methodology and familiar with Rally tool to capture User stories, tasks and estimations.
  • Managing onsite and off-shore Project teams

Environment: Cognos 8.4, SQL server 2008, Informatica, IPad, mobiles.


Front-end Cognos Developer


  • Worked with users, to define reporting requirements for various services and processes using Cognos v8 series, organized reporting applications like Report Studio into different folders in Framework Manager for sales and distribution department.
  • Create a reports library for top management team using Deltek Performance Manager (DPM), representative of the wide range of advanced report writing capabilities offered, including drill through functionality, advanced prompting, multiple queries and graphing.
  • Generated Transformer Models using Cognos Transformer and ability to generate the resulting cubes using Transformer for multi OS platform
  • Created Calculations, Filters, Drill through, Cross-tab for easy access to run the reports, review dashboards and drill down into increasing levels of details using Deltek Performance Manager (DPM)
  • Created groups and users, roles, folder deployment, grant access permissions, scheduling reports and setting up default prompt values.
  • Designed a Metric Model using Metric Designer and created Scorecards using Metric Studio for Performance Analysis of the Revenue Details using Deltek Performance Manager (DPM) tools.
  • Created user groups for distribution and assigned security based on different roles for those who used dashboard and Scorecard (metric studio)

Environment: Cognos 7.4, SQL server 2008, Informatica, IPad, mobiles.

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