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San Jose, CA


Greatly concentrated Linux Administrator with a strong background in a wide variety of systems support and solution based IT services for Linux and Windows administration including monitoring, configuration, continuous self - improvement seeking a Linux Administrator position in a goal oriented IT environment that will utilize my existing education and hands-on skills, as well as experience over 7 years to achieve the organizations objectives troubleshooting, and maintenance of operating systems and a strong advocate of team work and performance excellence .


Operating Systems: Red Hat LINUX Release 5.x,6.x,7.x SUSE 8/9/10, Solaris release 2.10/2.9/2.8/2.7/2.6 , UBUNTU, SUSE, AIX 5.0/5.x/6.1, HP - Unix 10.20, 11.0, 11i, Windows 2003/2008/2010.

Cluster: Red hat Clustering and VERITAS Clustering.

Virtualization: VMware ESX4 server, VMware Workstation, and Xen.



Confidential, San Jose, CA


  • Over 7 years of Experience in Linux/Unix System Administration, Server Builds and Application support of Red Hat Linux, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, HP-UX, Jboss, Apache, Weblogic, WebSphere, and VMware.
  • Expertise experience in Confidential & Confidential working with Incident, change and problem management.
  • Worked in Confidential multi cluster site environment to resolve issues, Participated with infra provider service teams to setup new systems in Confidential & Confidential .
  • Experienced in Installation and Administration of RHEL 5.0/6.0/7.0, Solaris (9,10,11), SUSE, Ubuntu, AIX and HP-UX. Monitoring and administrating of Red Hat Linux on Enterprise class servers and Sun Solaris Servers for operating systems, patches, packages, hardware, firmware drivers etc.
  • Strong hands-on experience with Cisco routers/switches, VLAN's, TCP/IP.
  • Experience in monitoring of Confidential & Confidential environment, Confidential queue management, User management increasing Confidential slots, prioritizing Confidential capabilities.
  • Platform Computing Confidential and RTM.
  • Using System Imager for Configuring new Confidential machines with PXE boot.
  • Worked in Confidential multi cluster site environment to resolve issues, Participated with infra provider service teams to setup new systems in Confidential & Confidential .
  • Extensive Experience in Linux Device Drivers (USB, UART, SPI, I2C, GPIO, Ethernet etc.)

Confidential, Florida


  • Set up and configuring of Linux (Red hat& SUSE) and Solaris servers/workstations for clients.
  • Configuring the NFS servers, setting up servers in network environment and configuring FTP/NTP/NIS servers, clients for various departments and clients.
  • Experience working with high availability, high performance, multi - data center systems and hybrid cloud environments.
  • Handling the scheduling tasks (Cron jobs and task scheduler) for the scripts for various purposes.
  • Troubleshoot complex issues configuration issues, applying patches, kernel upgrades, package management, diagnosing resource utilization and file system issues.
  • Daily execution of build ops in an automated and continuous process.
  • Involved in support databases and performed MS SQL upgrades running on Windows servers.
  • Compiling code to move into test environments via automated processes.
  • Maintained existing programs/scripts and extended Linux system functionality as needed.
  • Involved in development of custom tag libraries, which provides various functionalities like check-in, checkout, export, import, open, delete, search etc. on JSP pages.
  • Involved in development of customized Web applications on top of Orion Frameworks using Web technologies like JSP, Servlets, and Java script.
  • Written Oracle Admin schema using SQL, which creates Orion Oracle database instances in Oracle 10g and Oracle9i.
  • Implemented various customized java beans, which creates Windows start up services for Storage Server and Command Server, Updates registry entries, executes Oracle database schema, installs web based and console based applications.
  • Involved in migration of code in CORBA framework to Java/J2ee framework.
  • Troubleshoot build and deploy failures, and facilitate resolution.
  • Configuring network services such as DNS/NFS/NIS/NTP for UNIX/ Linux Servers.
  • Improve speed, efficiency and scalability of the continuous integration environment.
  • Logged all events to log files.
  • Extensive knowledge of Linux /Windows based systems including hardware, software and applications.
  • Creating a change requests, work orders and problem tickets using Service Now tool and getting approvals from higher officials.
  • Experience in development with Perl, Python, PowerShell or other scripting languages.
  • On-call support for troubleshooting production issues.
  • Project Management for various UNIX/ Linux /Windows system integration projects.

Environment: RHEL, Solaris, AIX and Windows, ShelliPlanet4.1, Python, Sun One 6.1, IIS 6.0, Windows 2008, Linux , Shell Scripting, Oracle 9i.


Unix/AIX Administrator


  • Support for Linux operating systems and do install at clients place as they are resellers of computers.
  • Install Software, troubleshoot, diagnose, and resolve hardware and software and connectivity problems in accordance with Service levels.
  • Worked in Confidential multi cluster site environment to resolve issues, Participated with infra provider service teams to setup new systems in Confidential & Confidential .
  • Installing send mail on Linux for their outgoing mail service while they use bulk emails.
  • Troubleshoot backup issues, perform manual backups & restore on VERITAS Net Backup.
  • Supporting for domains hosting and domain registration and creation.
  • Troubleshooting desktop and server problems.
  • Account management using Active Directory such as resetting password, unlocking accounts, creating new accounts, adding users to GP, setting up email accounts on exchange server and distribution lists etc.
  • Remote installation, configuration and troubleshooting of printers, software and business applications.
  • Created File systems, Mount, Umount the filesystems.
  • Changed permissions of file systems, Directories, and changed the permissions of users by giving sudo access etc.
  • Determining and resolving networking issues such as loss of network connectivity and missing network drives.

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