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Big Data Analyst Resume


To develop a career in the Software industry, and gain practical experience to progress my knowledge base in the Computer Sciences


  • Experienced researcher with strong analytical and problem solving abilities
  • Professional interactions with faculty, staff, and leadership administration at Confidential University
  • Excel as team member, but functions in leadership positions as needed
  • Experience utilizing SQL, Java, Linux and knowledge of web development


Languages: Java, C/C++, HTML+CSS, Python

Database Design: MySQL

Operating Systems: Unix/Linux, Windows 7,8,10

Software: Eclipse, Cloudera, Android Studio, Visual Studio, Excel, Word, Notepad++

General Skills: Communication, Teamwork, Teachable, Problem Solving, Time Management, Self - Motivated



Big Data Analyst


  • Utilized Linux and Unix commands on Cloudera to import data in the cloud for processing
  • Analyzed algorithms in terms of speed and scalability.
  • Focused on Big Data, Hadoop, and the Confidential Clustering algorithm.
  • Implemented my own version of the classical Confidential Clustering algorithm using java
  • Improved Map/Reduce version of the Confidential Clustering algorithm
  • Provide a basic understanding on the above topics through the analysis of both algorithms.
  • An android app on Google’s Play Store that was developed using Android Studios.
  • Implemented a team to test game and provide recommendations and feedback
  • Designed the sprites and the graphics used for game, and improved UX/UI based on recommendations
  • This project focuses on assets, threads, & preferences.
  • An android app on Google’s Play Store that was developed using Android Studios.
  • The purpose of this app is to show working knowledge of developing an app that utilizes event listeners, web services, and basic GUI components (buttons, images, & layouts).

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