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Business Intelligence Solution Architect Resume


  • Experienced and dedicated professional with over 12 years of IT experience playing various roles as DWBI Solution Architect, BI/ETL Architect, Data Analyst, Project Lead, Report Developer in various assignments covering all phases of Development, Testing, Maintenance, Implementation & Support.
  • Managing the entire Oracle BI environments, including Installation, Configuration, Upgrades and build deployments on OBIEE/OBIA 11g /12C and good experience in Administration of Web Logic server, EM and RPD in MUDE setups as well.
  • I n stallati o n & C o nfi gu r ati o n o f OB I E E 1 1 g/ 1 0g, H y pe r i o n Es sb as e, and HFR i n th e integrated en v i ro nm ent s and worked on upcoming RFP’s and RFC’s on OBIEE and Hyperion EPM Space.
  • Stro n g Te chni cal ex per i en ce i n Bu sin ess I nt elli gen ce pl a t f or m like Or ac le B usi ne ss I nt e lli ge nc e En t er prise E di t io n, OBIA, BI Publisher, H y per io n F in anc ia l Re por t in g, H y per ion I nt er ac t i v e Re port in g, Hy per ion Ess ba se, ET L T ools - I nf orm at ic a, Data Stage, ODI, APEX, Or ac le PL/ S QL, Netezza, C ont ro l M a nd U NI X S cr ip t in g.
  • E x t en si v e ex pe r i en ce i n de v el o pin g th e D at a mo del i n O BI R P D wit h multi di men si o na l so u r c es (E ss ba se Cub es), T r an sa cti o na l Sou r ces, OLAP Sources, Dashboard D ev el o pment, BIP Reports Development, Se ttin g u p th e Se cu r it y ( o bje ct & D at a l ev el S ecu r it y ) in a n int eg r at ed en v ir o n ment, LDAP integrations, Ca ch e Pur gin g, Ca ch e se ed in g u sin g OB I E E 12C, 1 1 G an d 1 0 G, U sage t r a ck in g, localizations, Applying styles and skins and Performance Tuning.
  • E x t en si v e ex pe r i en ce i n D ev el o pmen t o f AS O, B SO, Cal c Scri pt s, E SS CM D, Ma x l S cr i ptin g, D e v el o pin g Co m pl ex e d r e po r t s u sin g H FR, settin g u p th e fo l der s Se cu r it y, A dmini st r atin g th e Sha r e d ser v i ces an d Cr eatin g map pin g, map pl et s & w o r kf lo ws u sin g I n f o r mati ca et c.
  • Experience in Configuring DAC Setup for Incremental and full load.
  • Stro n g e x pe r i en ce tha t co v e r s Ap pli cati o n de v elo pmen t, migration, enhancements an d pr o du cti o n sup po r t i n Ban k in g a nd F i na nc e a cr os s M ar ke t R is k, L i qu i di t y Ris k, Reg ula t or y B as e l 2 & 3 and Gr oup C on t r oll ing, C or e ban kin g, Retail Banking and Payment Card Industry, HR and Healthcare.
  • P rof i ci en t i n all p hase s of sof t w ar e de v e lo pmen t l ife cyc le ( SDL C ) in clu din g r e qui r e ment s d ef initi o n, dat a co n v e r si o n, sy ste m i mpl ementati o n, maint enan ce an d a cce ptan ce te stin g.
  • F a milia r i ze th e t eam wit h th e cu st o me r ne ed s, sp ecifi cati o n s, de si gn tar get s, th e d ev el o p m en t p ro c ess, design stan dar ds, te chni qu es a s p er th e B est pr a cti ce s an d t oo l s t o su pp or t ta sk pe r fo r man ce.
  • Worked directly with business, data designers and gathered functional requirements.
  • Designing Complex Dashboards, Analytical Reports, Monthly current and historical snapshot using OBIEE, Business objects. Also designing appropriate Views to provide access to business users.
  • Designed & developed OBIEE RPD with all Physical, BMM and presentations layers with various dimensions and facts with multiple subject areas for addressing Members, Providers, Claims etc...
  • Designed & developed various reports like Enrollments by Product Type Per year, Dis-Enrollment per year, Chronic Disease Member visits per year, Members Coverage Details with different layouts pivots, charts and Drill downs etc..
  • Implemented Object and Row level security at OBIEE & Business Objects.
  • Implemented Active Directory LDAP with OBIEE 11G along with SSL and implemented Object Security and managing application roles and policies.
  • Implemented Usage Tracking, Configured Schedulers, Scheduled reports through email, created Run books and performing the code reviews.
  • Worked on multiple projects in building the ADW(Analytical DData warehouse) for the reporting needs and created reports using OBIEE, BO Rationalization and designed the approaches for converting all the existing crystal reports to BO reports.
  • Preparing technical design for data quality, BI & ETL solution such as ETL foundation layer as reference pattern for end to end implementation, Data Integration approach, Error handling, Audit and Balance Control, Recycle process, Restartability and clean-up mechanism.
  • Explicitly worked on designing the technical and process approach for data cleansing.
  • Working with various BI teams and ensure that PHI compliance systems are developed across the organization.
  • Responsible for OBIEE metadata dictionaries.
  • Prepared go live checklists and effort estimates.
  • Design and develop and Implement detail layout of ETL testing plan procedures.
  • Provide estimations for ETL & Reporting deliverables and oversee the progress for quality ETL Deliverables along with Dashboards & Reports.
  • Code Reviews and DDL's reviews and driving the offshore development team to achieve the deliverables on time.
  • Worked closely with IT and business owners to identify right strategic opportunities to improve the business and organization goals with the help of latest and available technology.
  • Worked with Upstream application owners and architects proactively to address any data related issues and design required solution for data acquisition need by business and customers.


BI To o l s: OB I E E 1 0 g /1 1g/12C, OBIA, BI Publisher, Hy pe r i o n F inan cia l R e po r tin g, Hy p e r i o n IR, Sie bel An a l y ti cs 7 . 8 . X, Cognos, Tableau and SAP Business Objects .

OLAP & Planning Tools: Hyperion Essbase 7.x/9.x/ 11.x, Hyperion Financial Management 11.x.

ETL/ELT Tools: Informatica, IBM Data Stage, ODI & SSIS.

Operating Systems: Solaris 8.0/10.0, Windows Family, UNIX, Linux and Redhat 5.0/6.0.

Databases: MS SQL Server 2000/2005, Oracle 9i/10g/11g and MS Access 2000, Netezza 7.X.

Programming Languages: C, SQL, and PL/SQL.

Web Technologies: HTML, XML, ASP.NET, Java Script, VB Script.

Utilities: Toad, Rapid SQL, Aginity, SQL DBX, SQL Loader.

Virtualization: VMware.

Practices: ITIL, ITSM.

Incident Management Tools: Remedy, Symphony, Jira.

Web Servers: Web Logic Server, IIS.

Version Control Tools: Clear Case (SCM), Tortoise SVN, CVS.

Automation Tools: Control-M, QTP, DAC.

Environment: Netezza, Sybase, Oracle, IBM Infosphere, IBM DataStage11.X, OBIEE11G, Business Objects Erwin, Nexus, Aginity, SQL DBX & Visio.


Business Intelligence Solution Architect


En v i ro n me n t: OB I E E 11 G/12C, OBI Publisher, SSIS, Windows, Azure, Microsoft VISIO and We blo gi c.


  • Full Life cycle upgrade project from OBIEE 11G to OBIEE 12C in all the environments Responsible for Migration of artifacts from lower environment to till production.
  • Configured AD Setup & Configuration, Geo-spatial Setup &Configured maps, Configuration & Mobile App Designer in OBIEE11G/12C and Tuned the performance of the application settings as per the best practices.
  • Configurations of Usage Tracking, Scheduler and Active Directory Integration with OBIEE 12C Developing and Administering the Security setups, Performance initiatives, BI Publisher and Map viewer etc… Design, develop and configure Dashboards, Answers requests, prompts, and BI Publisher reports as per user requirements.
  • Design and develop the OBIEE Metadata Repository including the physical layer, business model, mapping and presentation layer for various subject areas Serving as a subject matter expert for OBIEE11g, demonstrating expertise in Oracle BI Server, Oracle BI Analysis, Oracle BI Interactive Dashboard, Oracle BI Publisher, Oracle BI Agents & Actions.
  • Expert in Setting up security configuration (Object & Data level security)
  • Proactively worked to prevent and support data quality issues, query performance and report assistance through BI user community.
  • Prepared Go-live checklists and detailed documentation of installs and upgrades activity and all configurations etc. Responsible for Post Production Checks.
  • Expert in Troubleshooting and resolving all upgrade issues and make sure the system is ready and stable for use.
  • Prepared test cases and perform Unit Testing.
  • Performed installations, configurations and various patch updates in all the environments and DR setups & Prepared go live checklists and effort estimates.
  • Created the installation & migration guides and AD setup configuration documents backups and recovery etc.


En v i ro n me n t: OB I E E 11 G, OBIA, OBI Publisher, ODI, Hyperion EPM, O r a cl e 1 1 g R 2, APEX, So la r i s, Microsoft VISIO and We blo gi c.

System Integ Advisor


  • Worked on End to End Implementation of this Requirement Gathering, Various CR’s Design, Development, and Security setup, Performance Tuning, Testing and Deployment for all OBIEE Modules.
  • Worked on Installations and Configurations and Migration of OBIEE 10 G to 11G and from 11g to 12C and good expertise on patching, configuring maintaining Security setups, and SSO configurations OBIEE 12c.
  • Implemented Active Directory LDAP with OBIEE 11G along with SSL and implemented Object Security and managing application roles and policies.
  • Pr ov i de d s o luti o n s fo r c o m pl ex e d CR’ s an d Vuln er a biliti es. P CI Vuln er a biliti es di d R & D an d f o un d wa y s t o f i x th e PC I Vuln er a biliti es li k e c r o ss sit e R e qu est F o r g er y, mi ssin g sec u r e att r i but e wit h S SL, Pas swo r d C o mple x it y et c ..., Cr eat ed D a shb o ar ds an d R P D fo r th e C R ’s and provided various Customizations.
  • Cr eate d R e po r t s ex: I n vo i ce Su mma r y PD F an d E x cel T emplat es, A ff iliat e stat ement s et c.… u sin g B I Pu bli sh er OBIEE 11G and configured with GFT and created APW Cal l Center Anal y ti cs D a shb o ar d wit h multi pl e Pa ges SL, A band o n s, A SA, AH T with multi pl e v i ew s li k e Gra ph, Pi vo t, Gau ge an d Dy nami c Ti ck e r Views f o r th e KP IS
  • Han dl ed multi pl e dep l oy m ent s o f a r ti f a ct s t o higher en v ir o n ment s.
  • Handled Multiple Projects within BI Suite OBIEE/OBIA (Financial and HR)/ BI Publisher/ Hyperion EPM/ODI as an SME. Configuring BIACM, FSM and ODI Console for Financial, SCM and HR Modules.
  • Performed ETL changes and configured and loaded BI Apps data for different source systems and customized OBAW warehouse using ODI tool.
  • Expertise in using ODI designer, Topology Manager, Operator and Security Manager.
  • Created new mappings to fetch data from source tables and loaded it in to modified target tables.
  • R es po n si bl e f o r th e Deliverables f o r OB I E E/OBIA M o dul es, Technical specs, Handover docs, Metadata Dictionary.
  • Provided security to users by creating users using ODI Security manager and provided access based on the roles.
  • Initiated lot of Performance Improvements plans for the applications and successfully executed those like DR setups, Switching between DR and Prod, Data Retention of the files w.r.to database and also OBIEE.
  • Created Views, Tables, Packages, and implemented various logics as part of CR’s and modified many Database Objects, Packages etc. Created and Configured APEX Screens, and End to end development for various CR’s from all applications perspective and interacting with Business Users for the requirements.
  • W o r k ed o n v a r i o u s u pc o min g R F C’s an d P OC’ s on OBIEE Plus suite, Noetix Migration to OBIEE, Hyperion OBIEE Plus, and Discoverer to OBIEE Migration.
  • Responsible for Sprint Planning and assigning the tasks to the team and preparing the Status Reports etc.
  • Prepared Training materials and provided training to internal resources etc...
  • I n stall ed an d Co n f i gu r e d M o bil e A pps D esigne r t o ena bl e Tou ch Screen F a cilit y .


En v i ro n men t: OB I E E 11 G/10G, O r a cl e 1 1 g R 2, CRM On Demand, Microsoft VISIO, Excel, So la r i s, We b Lo gi c Se r v er and Smart View.

Se nio r OB I E E Con sultan t


  • Worked o n En d t o En d I m ple mentati o n o f thi s Pr o ject Requirements gathering and converting them Technical specs, D esi gn, D e v el o pmen t, S ecu r it y setu p (Object, Data, User based on countries), P er fo r man ce Tunin g, T estin g an d D e pl o ym en t.
  • Provided a R e po r tin g plat f o r m f o r th e F L U se r s t o anal y ze th ei r Co r e Banking F un cti o n s.
  • D ev el o p ed th e R P D wit h multi pl e f a ct ta bl es an d D im en si o n s f r o m bo t h T P S y st ems an d th e D at a Ma r t .
  • Buil t th e BM M la y e r t o sui t m y Ad -h o c Catal o g r eq ui r em ent s an d th e P r e-Canned R epo r t s an d D a shb o ar ds an d c r eate d co mput ed c o lu mn s f o r th e mea su r e s t o r ea dil y a v aila bl e f o r th e u ser s.
  • Inv o l v e d i n th e D at a M o del Chan ge s a t th e D at a Ma r t L ev el t o enhan ce th e Pe r f o r man ce.
  • Cr eate d multi pl e Su bje ct A r ea s f o r D i f f er e n t Use r P or t fo li o s t o sui t th ei r r eal-time r ep or tin g an d mak e decisi o n s o n da y t o da y ba si s ba sed o n th ei r P r i v il eg es. Created Reports using Hyperion SQR and OBIEE 11g and integrated with OBIEE Dashboards.
  • Created Reports and Dashboards with different views like Pivot views, charts.
  • Cr eate d Te chni cal D e si gn D ocu ment s, Ma ppin g D o cu ment s, Mi gr ati o n D o cs, Go -Li v e Chec k li st s, D ev el o p ed & Mi gr ate d th e R es o u r ce s t o U AT an d PRO D i n lia isi ng wit h multi pl e T eam s.
  • R ev ie we d th e C o de, P er f o r me d Uni t T estin g o f th e R ep or t s an d D a sh bo a r d s, f i x in g th e bu g s i n UAT an d SI T phas e an d inv o l v e d i n Per f o r man ce tunin g o f th e r e po r t s an d D a sh bo a r ds.
  • Han dl ed multi pl e R el eas es an d en su r ed D ep en den t D eli v e r a bl es an d Jo bs a r e released withi n Ti melin es by ma k in g sur e tha t th e P r o d Sy st em i s Sta bl e.
  • P er f or m ed En d t o en d testing an d provided t r ainin g t o th e Bu sin ess us er s t o u se O BI E E f o r th ei r Ad -h o c anal y si s & c r eat ed Us er Manual s.


En v i ro n me n t: OB I E E 11 G, SA P Bu sin es s Obje ct s, S o la r i s, O r a cl e 1 1 g, W eb Lo gi c Ser v er, OB I E E 1 0 . 1 . 3 . 4 . 1 . 2, H y p er i o n F inan cia l R ep or tin g 1 1 . 1 . 1 . 2, Hy pe r i o n E ssb a se 1 1 . 1 . 1 . 2, LCM, Informatica, Microsoft VISIO and OFSAA.

Senior OBIEE Consultant


  • Worked on various Projects like development, Production and Enhancements Projects using OBIEE, Informatica, Hyperion Essbase, Hyperion Financial Reporting etc...
  • Worked on End to End Implementation from Requirements Gathering, converting them to Technical specs, Project Design, Development, Testing and Deployment and also played an Administration Role in Setting up the Security for OBIEE Dashboards and also the Folder Security in Financial Reporting (both Object Level and Data Level Security)
  • Created RPD with multiple Sources Essbase, Oracle Tables and implemented security using Custom Authenticator. Implemented Security (Object & Data Level), Cache seeding and Usage tracking & localization
  • Developed various complex reports, Dashboards and integrated with HFR.
  • Converted the business rules into technical specifications for ETL process for populating Fact and Dimension table of FDW Data mart.
  • Developed complex Informatica Mappings, reusable Mapplets and Transformations for the counterparty applications using transformations such as the Aggregators, Filters, Routers, Sequence Generator, Update Strategy, Rank, Expression and lookups (connected and unconnected) while transforming the Reference Data for Counterparty to the FDW data mart according to the business logic.
  • Created Sessions, reusable Worklets and Batches in Workflow Manager and Scheduled the batches and sessions at specified frequency
  • Used Debugger wizard to remove bottlenecks at source level, transformation level, and target level for the optimum usage of sources, transformations and target loads
  • Provided Customizations to the User as requested like disabling the PDF, Download to Excel with Selected COB Date and provided single go button for multiple Dashboard Prompts using Java Script.
  • Provided lot of customizations as per the look and feel requested by the User.
  • Provided MUDE Design Documents, demonstrated to the Team and also Implemented the Security using UDML into the RPD as a part of Project Proposals.
  • Created Technical, Migration Docs, Mapping Docs, Go-Live Check lists, Developed & Migrated the Resources to UAT and PROD in liaising with multiple Teams.
  • Engaged with Various Teams and Monitored Proper Handovers, KT’s are performed.
  • Performed code Reviews and fixed the bugs at Reports, Dashboards, RPD and Informatica mappings.


En v i ro n me n t: OBIEE, Hyperion EPM, O r a cl e 1 0 g, S o la r i s, OBIA 7.9.5, OWB, DAC, Oracle Apps R12, Microsoft VISIO and Windows.

OB I E E & H y p er io n Ad mi n


  • I nv o l v e d i n R e qui r em ent s gath er in g an d R ep o si t o r y D ev elo pmen t f o r Ma rk et Risk Ap pli cati o n .
  • Cr eate d th e R P D wit h multi pl e D at a So u r ce s an d D ev el o p ed Hi er a r chi es i n th e R P D .
  • Cr eate d Ad v an ced an d C o mpl ex R e po r t s D r il l - Do wn, Na v i gat ed, Tr en d, Uni o n R ep or t s wit h dif f er en t ty pes o f v ie ws lik e Piv o t View, Cha r t View, D y na mi c Tic k e r, Gauge s an d Cu sto mi z ati o n s ac ro s s th e R ep or t s an d D a shb o ar ds le v el a s pe r th e Bu sin ess R eq . et c. u sin g Or a cl e BI P r e sentati o n S er v i ces an d CSS St y l es an d o pti mi zed th e Pe r f or manc e an d wo rk e d o n Ca chin g ( Ca ch e s eed in g an d Ca ch e Pu r gin g) f o r b o t h Mar k et R i sk an d Li qui dit y R i sk Appli cati o n s, created iBOTS and scheduled to obtain daily/ weekly Reports.
  • Resolved Prod issues within SLA's and w o r k e d o n Enhan cement s a s a pa r t o f Chan ge R eq u est and M o nit or in g th e Cu be buil ds an d Jo bs.
  • Performed P er f or manc e tunin g o f th e R e po r t s an d D a shb o ar ds & P rov i ded Map pin g, Han d -O v e r d o cu ment s an d Cu bes Do cum ent s t o th e R T B and support Manuals for Market Risk and liquidity Risk applications.
  • Developed a So luti o n U sin g O BI E E by cu st o mi zin g i t t o O r acl e Suit e o f Pr o du ct s ( OW B in st ead o f I nf o r mati ca, O r a cl e Ap ps R 1 2 a s th e D at a S o ur ce) f o r th e F inan cia l Ver ti cal a s a pa r t O f I P D e v el o pmen t which wo ul d b e h el pf u l f o r th e f inan cia l v er ti cal and Cr eate d Wa r eh o u se D e si gn D o cu ment s a s per th e r e qui r em ent s f ro m B A.
  • Cr eate d D at a Mo del u sin g OB I Ad mi n To o l wit h th e n eces sar y Hie r a r chi es an d Se cu r it y I m pl ement ed .
  • D ev el o p ed D a sh bo a r d s an d R ep o r t s wit h dif f e r en t ty pes o f v i ews wit h al l th e na v i gati o n s an d d r il l do wn f a ciliti es u sin g OB I P r es entat io n S er v i ces . And cr eate d iB o t s an d s ch ed ul ed th e jo bs t o r e ci pi ent ’s e mail .
  • Co n f i gu r e d th e OB I S ch ed ul er, B I Of f i ce Ad d -i n an d D i sc o nn ect ed Anal y ti cs.
  • P rov i ded T echni cal Su pp or t th ro u gh d o cu mentati o n du r in g th e Pr o ject P r o po sal s f o r F inan cial s an d SC M Ver ti cal s f o r OB IA Co mpet enc y whi ch Ex plain s a bo u t th e f ul l f un cti o nalit y of KP I 's ( met r ic s).

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