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Systems Data Analyst/data Warehouse Analyst Resume

Omaha, NE


Experienced Data Warehouse Analyst with a history of developing database solutions. Successfully supported team members, end users, and management, and has consistently been distinguished with awards recognizing timely and outstanding contributions to the team and company at Confidential .


Python, SQL Dialects (Oracle, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL, Informix SQL), PL/SQL, Perl, Bourne / Korn Shell, Oracle 8i - 11g, SQL Plus, SQL Loader, Oracle Business Intelligence, Oracle Data Integrator, IBM DataStage, SSMS (Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio), Linux, Solaris, Informix, Greenplum, Postgres, regular expressions / regex, ssh


Confidential, Omaha, NE

Systems Data Analyst/Data Warehouse Analyst


  • As the senior member of the Business Intelligence team, was responsible for vetting new database tools and techniques to improve ETL and reporting performance and operational response time
  • Served as the Lead Administrator, responsible for adopting and operating the Oracle Business Intelligence Suite
  • Worked extensively with IBM DataStage to manage data workflow between data warehouses and application databases
  • Participated in project planning and data warehouse modeling to set up an optimal system for quick and accurate data retrieval per business requirements, closely working with client teams
  • Verified data integrity of production database contents using SQL*Plus & SQL Server Management Studio
  • Responsible for creating daily reports which assisted client managers and department heads in monitoring our clients’ actual versus expected usage level for the month, quarter, and year.
  • Authored numerous pieces of software to automate data flows from a wide variety of sources into internal resources
  • Wrote PL/SQL stored procedures to determine client locale information to be used in daily ETL, which was needed to comply with Confidential regulations on client communications
  • Regularly updated the internal documentation on current procedures, and authored finalized documentation which was released and distributed for internal consumption and training
  • Continuously tuned SQL used in ETL to increase reliability and improve success rate

Confidential, Columbus, OH

Contact Data Analyst/Systems Data Analyst


  • Developed solutions in Perl to retrieve data from a variety of clients’ servers using LDAP, (s)FTP, HTTP(S), and more, then standardize the data, producing local files for ingestion to the staging database
  • Developed reliable back - up and encryption scripts to keep the client’s data secure and quickly recoverable
  • Set up and maintained the Database team’s wiki space and ticketing system to keep essential information current and centrally located using Atlassian products Confluence and Jira.
  • Utilized PGP and OpenSSL to encrypt and decrypt client data
  • Updated Perl-based internal billing application to add new products and to improve scalability
  • Manually monitored multiple Oracle 10g resources and services to prevent errors and downtime until Infrastructure team implemented automated monitoring
  • Frequently called upon to debug, modify, or extend a wide array of software (typically Perl, occasionally C++)
  • Used SQL*Plus to update and correct billing filters under direction of DBA
  • Located and resolved billing issues and provided suggestions on how to resolve future issues
  • Configured Microsoft Access on Windows desktops to connect to internal database using Oracle’s ODBC drivers so client managers could verify clients’ data

Confidential , Dublin, OH

Front Line Analyst


  • Provided troubleshooting and telephone support to company employees regarding a variety of technical issues
  • Performed remote administration on end user PCs to correct various system and software settings
  • During performance reviews, consistently received exemplary scores with additional commendation for outstanding troubleshooting and focus in the performance of duties

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