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Cognos Consultant Resume

San, DiegO


  • Senior Cognos Consultant with 8 years IT experience working in medical science companies, telecommunication companies, large global bank institutions and insurance companies.
  • IBM Certified Metadata Modeler, IBM Certified OLAP developer and IBM Certified Report Designer for Cognos 10.
  • Strong technical understanding on Cognos 11.0.8/ 10.2 , 10.1.1 / 8.4,8.3, Framework Manager, Query Studio, Report Studio, Analysis studio, Metric Studio and Cognos Connection.
  • Hands - on experience in Report building (Crosstab, List, Dashboard reports) using Report Studio and Analysis Studio.
  • Expertise with Framework Manager Modeling (Physical Layer, Business Layer, and Database Layer).
  • Expertise in Report Formatting (String variable, Boolean variable, alignment, crosstab spaces, etc)
  • Hands-on experience in Package building and publishing of Package for Reports development using Cognos Framework Manager.
  • Expertise in building Multidimensional Cubes, Metadata Modeling, and Data Mapping using Cognos Transformer.
  • Experience in Extraction Transformation Loading (ETL) Process, Creation of Data Marts, and Interface Development using Oracle Data Integrator (ODI).
  • In-depth knowledge on SQL queries using SAP HANA, Oracle SQL, and PL/SQL.
  • Extensive experience with Cognos security (LDAP, Active Directory, Access Manager, Object Level Security, Data-Level Security).
  • Extensive experience on production support and troubleshoot/test issues with existing Reports and Cubes.
  • Worked on multiple platforms including IBM AIX, UNIX shell scripting.
  • Excellent understanding of end-to-end Software Development Life Cycle, impact analysis, dataflow diagram, data mapping via lineage, performance tuning, application maintenance, and logs analysis.


Operating Systems: Cognos Report Studio, Cognos Query Studio, Cognos Framework Manager - metadata modeling, Cognos Transformer - Metadata modeling; Cube development, Cognos PowerPlay, Business Intelligence Cognos Suite (ver 11.0.8/10.1.2/8.4 ), Oracle 12c/11g/10g, Teradata, GreenPlum DB, DB2, HANADatabases SAP HANA, Oracle SQL Developer, SQL Navigator, PL/SQL

Database Tools: Oracle Data Integrator 12c/11g, Talend, Cognos Data Manager, Informatica

ETL - DataWarehouse: Cognos Suite, QlikView, Tableau, OBIEE

GUI: ALM HP Quality Center, JIRA, AutoSys, PuTTY

Other Tools: Windows, UNIX


Confidential, San Diego

Cognos Consultant


  • Developed more than forty (40) Cognos reports using version 10 and the new version Cognos 11. This involves crosstab, list reports, charts, and dashboards with heavy-formatting and heavy-calculation reports. Standard List reports are column-heavy reports (minimum of 80 columns in a report) and requires accurate data mapping between the source and the target.
  • Converted reports from Cognos 10 to Cognos 11 environment. This includes familiarization with both versions, as the locations and features are mostly different from both versions.
  • Developed Cognos reports from Dimensional database (Cognos Transformer) to Relational database (SAP HANA). This requires expertise in SQL syntax, familiarization with Transformer hierarchical concept, and accurate mapping to the Framework Manager.
  • Involved with completion of more than fifty (50) reports, especially Data Validation between UAT and PROD environments. Summary and Detailed data validation are essential part of the testing phase which requires cell-by-cell Excel comparison between environments.
  • Created an Excel template for faster Data Validation. This has been used by the whole team as it is a formula-driven Excel template which only requires the tester to dump their data and the validation will be checked and highlighted immediately. This helped the team to complete the testing timeline faster.
  • Consulted by the team for best practices and standard approaches used for formatting (crosstab spaces, Boolean variable, and Style variable) in crosstab and list reports. Alignment in a Cognos report should be simple, but is usually tricky and can burn a lot of hours to capture the intended format. Thus, most of the formatting issues in the Cognos report encountered by the team are being given to me so they focus on other things. I have also provided documentation and solutions for advance formatting and conditional styles for the Cognos BI team.

Confidential, California,

Computer Programmer Analyst


  • Involved in creating an extension App for Google Chrome that enables the modifying / submitting / pasting resume for Google Chrome.
  • Design the UI and all functionality of the App - instructions on inclusion in the Chrome Web Store.
  • Involved in designing the alert notification during installation / de-installation.
  • Involved in creating APIs for the App.

Confidential, Philippines

Senior Cognos Reports Developer / Lead Role / SME


  • Lead the Cognos Reports Development team with 19 juniors to senior resources.
  • Gathered the functional requirements from business customers, analyzing and transforming them into business intelligence reporting specifications.
  • Developed Technical Design Documents.
  • Interacted with the Cognos Framework Manager and Database teams to gather the requirements for the reporting.
  • Created Cognos Reports for the different promos and plans of the client for their prepaid subscribers:
  • Bulk SMS, Voice and Data Take-Up Report
  • Segment Usage and Promo Revenue Report
  • Promo Combo Offers with MDS Component
  • Subscriber Usage Report
  • Globe and MDS Subs by area
  • Promo Registrations Report
  • International Services Utilization Report
  • Globe Promo Portfolio Registration Status Report
  • Created different types of reports for Cognos 10 Report Studio:
  • List, Crosstab, Drill Through, Charts and Graphs, SQL Generated reports
  • Reports are combinations of medium to complex crosstabs, charts, and SQL generated reports that mostly require:
  • SMS count, voice call duration, data usage
  • Used different Report features such as:
  • Prompts, Cascading prompts, Filters, Calculations, Conditional variables
  • Multiple queries for data extraction in reports
  • Used complex SQL scripts in Cognos Report Studio for Prepaid Data with over 100 million records.
  • Performance tuning of all reports, specifically on SQL object, as most of the records had large volume of data
  • Involved with the client’s Solutions Architect team for the solution, validation, and verification of the development and creation of Cognos packages.

Technologies Used: Cognos 10 Report Studio, Teradata SQL Assistant

Confidential, Philippines

Cognos Application Lead / System Analyst


  • POC for all Cognos-related tasks both for Application Maintenance and Application Development in all environments (DEV, UAT, PROD).
  • Analyzed the business requirements and developed a model using Cognos Framework Manager and published packages for Reports development.
  • Used standard templates and tools to provide accurate and swift deliverables -
  • Estimating model
  • Technical Design template
  • Unit and System test templates
  • ALM, JIRA, and SMS for Testing
  • Created and enhanced Cognos Reports for the Human Resource team:
  • Employee list and background information
  • Employment history
  • Careers, Premiums
  • Employee ratings and achievements
  • Created different types of reports for Cognos 10 Report Studio:
  • List, Crosstab, Drill through, Charts and Graphs
  • Cognos Reports development of complex Dashboard Reports:
  • Multiple Drill through Reports, Dashboard, Drill-up/Drill-down
  • Master-detail relationships and Conditional blocks
  • Creation of customized query items to address complex calculations
  • Additional Cognos tasks:
  • Modified the prompt pages using HTML Scripts.
  • Created New Jobs using Cognos Connection.
  • Scheduled Reports through Schedule Management in Cognos Connection.
  • Additional roles during project management:
  • Provided estimates for the project with client approval.
  • Provided logical and impact analysis of the new project with the existing system.
  • Created and reviewed the technical design document.
  • Reviewed and approved testing approaches (Unit and System test).
  • Prepared migration and implemented post migration checking.

Technologies Used: Cognos 10 Report Studio, Cognos Framework Manager, and Oracle SQL Developer

Confidential, Philippines

Senior Cognos Developer / Business Analyst


  • Built complex reports and queries using dimensional modeling using Cognos Framework Manager.
  • Created star schemas, snowflakes; dimensional modeling and reports were made using Cognos reporting tools.
  • Developed complex report using Cognos 8 and 10 Report/Query Studio and created Logical and Physical design in Framework Manager.
  • Developed KPIs and Quadrant dashboards based on the combination of reports, spreadsheets and charts to check the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly status of the company’s KPI and Target vs Completed deliverables of the year.
  • Added Javascript to multiple Cognos Reports to allow refreshing of Prompt page without clicking the Finish / Reprompt button. This was a required feature from the business and it was address by adding Javascript to the prompt page.
  • Scheduled reports in Cognos Connection based on the reports to run daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Created the financial statement reports of the bank:
  • Financial Reporting reports
  • Financial Analysis reports
  • Cost-booking (fee-based) reports
  • Transfer Pricing reports
  • Accrual and Allocation reports
  • Annual MAS report - Regulatory reports using BEx Query.
  • Created different types of reports for Cognos 10 Report Studio:
  • List, Crosstab, Drill Through, Charts and Graphs
  • Customized data by adding below Cognos features and functions using Cognos 8 Report Studio:
  • Prompts, Cascading prompts, Filters, Calculations and Summaries
  • Conditional Variables and Conditional Style
  • Data Layouts, Static headers, Drill Through, Sub-queries,
  • Scheduling Report in Cognos Connection
  • Created the following financial statement reports of the bank:
  • Financial Reporting report
  • Financial Analysis report
  • Cost-booking - Fee-based
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Accrual and Allocation
  • Annual MAS report - Regulatory reports using BEx Query.
  • Additional roles:
  • Discussed a new project and assessed the migration of existing Business Object reports to Cognos reports.
  • Facilitated the certification program for IBM Cognos BI Report Designer certification. Four (4) senior analysts were certified due to this initiative, which increased the Cognos skill level of the project.
  • Lead the move-out from the client site to an off-shore site ( Confidential ) that helped the client save cost for seat allocations of the bank.

Technologies Used: Cognos Reports Studio 10/8, Cognos Framework Manager, Javascript, and Oracle SQL Developer

Confidential, Philippines

Cognos Cube Developer


  • Primary resource for Information System (IS) team focusing on OLAP application development.
  • Used PostGres SQL as the back-end tool to create Queries from the Greenplum DB.
  • Used Cognos Transformer as the middleware tool to create OLAP cubes that will be the new data source of Cognos reports.
  • Batch creation and monitoring for the scheduled daily batch jobs using Control-M.
  • Created technical design document per business requirements following the SDLC process.
  • Created data marts using SQL and UNIX shell scripting to execute batch jobs for automation.
  • Strong understanding on the ERD model and database logical relationship.
  • Designed the application using Campaign (CRM tool) for relationship mapping of the fields.
  • Created Cognos Cubes and Data Marts per business requirements:
  • Car insurance, Property insurance, Building insurance, Travel insurance
  • Additional Cognos tasks:
  • Created MDL files (Cube models) in Cognos Transformer, built Cubes and published Cubes to Analysis Studio
  • Performance tuning of Cognos Cubes, IQDs, and SQL (Indexes, Partitions) for optimized extraction of data.
  • Used PowerPlay and Cognos Analysis Studio to view and provide unit test results.

Technologies Used: Cognos Transformer 8, Cognos PowerPlay Studio 8, PL/SQL, Control-M, UNIX, DB2


Production Engineer - Technical Trainee


  • Production Engineer - technical trainee for three (3) years in Toyama, Japan.
  • Used AUTOCAD to create jigs and tools used for Production line.
  • Created Instruction manuals for machines and tools to be used in Production. These are from Japanese to English and vice-versa.
  • Primary Engineer for Laser Etching machine being used in Production.
  • Responsible to implement new and existing tools to be used in Production.

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