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Salesforce Administrator Resume

Westmont, IL


  • Over 2.5 years of experience in Salesforce.com CRM and Force.com platform, Service Cloud and Sales Cloud as Salesforce Administrator.
  • Skilled in translating business objectives into clear functional and technical requirements.
  • Expertise in configuration of Picklists, Custom Formula Fields, Field Dependencies, Validation Rules, Record types, Work Flows, Visual Workflows (Flows), and Approval Processes for automated alerts, field updates, Email generation, Reports and Dashboards according to application requirements.
  • Proficiency in SFDC Administrative tasks like creating Profiles, Roles, Users, Page Layouts, Email Services, Approvals, Workflows, and Validation rules, Reports, Dashboards, Tasks and actions.
  • Hands on experience in creating User Interface such as Custom tabs, page layouts, custom links, Formula Fields, Lookup and Master - detail Relationships, Junction Objects, Controlling and Dependent Picklists, Roll up summary.
  • Experience in Service Cloud automation activities like Case Escalation, Auto Response Rules, Assignment Rules and Workflows.
  • Proficient in dealing with Security and Sharing Model which control the User’s access to different data.
  • Experience in Data Migration using Data Import Wizard and Data Loader.
  • Experience in working with Force.com Explorer for querying Salesforce database using SOQL & SOSL queries and Data Loader for Data Migration, insert, update, and bulk import or export of data
  • Experience in working on DML Statements, Governor Limits and Exceptional Handlings.
  • Experience in developing Visualforce Pages, Components and Controllers.
  • Strong team builder having excellent analytical skills with capability to handle new technologies.
  • Expertise in handling several concepts of Apex Language like Triggers, Apex classes for custom controllers and controller extensions, Dynamic Apex, Apex scheduler, Batch Apex, Email Services, Apex Sharing rules, debugging, Anonymous blocks etc.
  • Experience in Code optimization with governor limits of Salesforce.
  • Good knowledge in Test Methods, Test cases to ensure maximum Code coverage.


Programming Languages: C, C++, Java, Apex, SQL Query languages SQL, SOQL, jQuery

Operating Systems: Windows 7/Vista/XP/ME/2000, UNIX Scripting Languages JavaScript, CSS, Python, PERL

Web Technologies: Web services, HTML, XML, CSS and JavaScript.

SFDC Tools: Force.com Data Loader, Eclipse plug-in, Cast Iron

SFDC Technologies: Force.com platform, Custom Objects, Workflow & Approvals, Validation Rules, Controls, Apex Classes/Controllers, Test Classes, Triggers, SOQL, SOSL, Visual Force (Pages, Components & Controllers), Sandbox development & Testing, Reports, Dashboards, Analytical Snapshot and Data Migration, Lightning Development (Components, Connect and UI).


Confidential, Westmont, IL

Salesforce Administrator


  • Analyzed customer requirements and translating them into a technical reality that is extendable and maintainable by communicating with Business users .
  • Worked on various Salesforce .com standard objects like Accounts, Contacts, Cases, Contracts, Service Contracts, Entitlements, Contract Line Items, Orders, Order Items, and Products.
  • Created various Profiles, Roles, Page Layouts and Configured the permissions based on the organization hierarchy requirements .
  • Designed and deployed Custom tabs, validation rules, Workflow Rules and Process Builder for automating business logic .
  • Created Permission Sets to maintain the user access to Standard and Custom Objects, Fields, Record Access without the hassle of making changes at the Profile level.
  • Created page layouts, search layouts to organize fields, custom links, related lists, and other components on record pages .
  • Involved in all stages of Data Migrations In Production.
  • Configured and customized Salesforce.com using standard setup tasks as well as developed Apex coding for Triggers, classes, controllers, schedulable and Batch apex classes, Apex sharing rules, Web Services, Email Services etc. according to the functional needs of the application.
  • Created 4 Apex Batch Jobs to handle the large volumes of Data without hitting the Governor Limits.
  • Created Apex Batch Job Queues to automatically kick off the batch jobs without the user interference to kick the jobs.
  • Wrote SOQL & SOSL queries in the apex coding with consideration to Governor Limits for data manipulation needs of the application.
  • Worked on Visual Force Language to develop Visual Force pages, overriding buttons, links and tabs, custom components, templates, integrating email etc.
  • Designed custom components, used them in Visual Force pages along with AJAX for partial page refresh.
  • Performed Deployment between sandboxes using ANT tool.
  • Involved in production support during deployment activities .
  • Resolution of bugs during the QA and UAT testing process.
  • Involved in the all the stages of Data Migration to ensure Data Quality during the Production Deployments.
  • Involved in handling the Data sync between Production Orgs.
  • Involved in Unit Testing, for the customizations and developments done during the project .
  • Written Apex Test Classes for unit testing to ensure at least 75% of code coverage is met .

Environment: Saleforce.com platform, Apex Language, Triggers, Visual Force, Salesforce.com Data Loader, Force.com Explorer, SOQL, Work Bench, Code Collaborator, Workflow & Approvals, Reports, Custom Objects, Batch Apex Interface, Custom Tabs, Email Services, Security Controls, HTML, Java Script, Eclipse IDE Plug-in.


Jr. Salesforce Administrator


  • Performed the role of SalesForce Administrator in the organization.
  • Design the site to support the subscription model.
  • Providing ongoing SalesForce.com maintenance and administration services including periodic data cleansing, custom objects, workflow.
  • Maintained data cleanliness and accuracy by adding custom validation rules, custom formulas, reports and dashboards.
  • Created web to lead forms, assigned tasks, and managed workflows for managing Marketing app.
  • Worked on various SalesForce.com standard objects like Campaigns, Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunity, Forecast, Cases, Reports and Dashboards.
  • Created workflow rules to send auto response emails, email alerts, field updates, and other tasks.
  • Designed, and developed the Custom objects, validation rules, Page layouts, Custom tabs, Components, Visualforce Pages to suit to the needs of the application.
  • Designed various HTML Email templates.
  • Worked with Methods to insert and update records without re-directing users to a new record Worked with Standard Controllers and record identifiers to implement automatic record retrieval and display/update a record's data, bind input fields to new records, display warning and error messages, create links for form processing, place command buttons and create custom messages, implement nested Visual force pages.
  • Used Translation Workbench on SFDC in-order to translate the custom labels, validation rules and email templates in different languages.
  • Developed a custom application with Force.com to manage territory, account, and quota assignments, and integrated it with an internal commissions system using Informatica on cloud.
  • Designed and developed Visualforce Pages to meet various functional needs.
  • Migrated data using Apex Data-loader to centralize data and processes across different divisions that were previously using decentralized systems / databases.
  • Used Apex classes and Visual force page to customize partner portal and make it convenient for the customers to review and renew the licenses for the purchased products.
  • Designed, developed and deployed Apex Classes, Controller Classes and Apex Triggers for various functional needs in the application using Force.com IDE.
  • Used Force.com to develop the Agile Vision application that is available on the AppExchange to help third parties manage their agile projects and increase productivity.

Environment: Saleforce.com platform, Force.com API, Workflow & Approvals, Reports, Custom Objects, Custom Tabs, Email Services, Visual Force, SalesForce.com Data Loader, Security Controls, HTML, Java Script, Sandbox, Eclipse IDE Plug-in.

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