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Sr Data Scientist Resume


  • Seasoned data scientist w/superior visionary, leadership & analytical skills/abilities
  • 20+ years in advanced numerical/statistical analysis, modeling & design ( )
  • 15+ years in design/analysis of algorithms, AI & numeral/statistical methods
  • 15+ years in predictive analytics & machine learning algorithms ( )
  • 15+ years in developing with SAS platform/framework ( )
  • 15+ years in modeling & mining large datasets with C, R, Matlab, SAS, SPSS
  • 10+ years in designing/delivering Big Data solutions ( )
  • 10+ years in designing/delivering cloud - based solutions via AWS & Azure ( )
  • 15+ years designing/delivering business intelligence solutions ( )
  • 15+ years in database modeling, design, development & ETL/ELT ( )
  • 15+ years in data warehouse design & implementation ( )
  • 15+ years in application analysis, design & development ( )
  • 15+ years in architecting, designing & delivering MDM solutions ( )
  • 15+ years in developing on Oracle, IBM & Microsoft platforms ( )
  • 15+ years in enterprise, solution & system architecture ( )
  • SME in health care, finance, entertainment, insurance, government & utilities


Methodologies: ER/AOM/Dimensional/MOLAP/ROLAP/HOLAP; IAAS/SAAS/PAAS; DevOps/Agile, TOGAF/DODAF/FEAF/Zachman/ITIL; SOA/MicroServices; RUP/UML/JEE/.NET; Kimball/Inmon

BI tools: SAS BI/STAT, SPSS, R, Matlab; Azure (DF/HI), Cognos BI, OBIEE/OBIA, Tableau

Big Data tools: Cloudera/Hortonworks Hadoop (Kafka, Impala, Flume, Spark, MapR, Hive, HDFS)

Relational databases: Oracle, DB2/UDB, Teradata, SQL Server, Informix, Sybase, MySQL

NoSQL databases: Cassandra, MongoDB, Vertica, HBase, AWS DynamoDB

ETL tools: Informatica, DataStage, ODI, SSIS, Boomi

ERP tools: Oracle Apps R12, Peoplesoft, JD Edwards, Salesforce, Cerner, MS Dynamics CRM

Modeling tools: Rational Suite, System Architect, Toad Suite, ERWin, ER Studio, PowerDesigner

Operating Systems: Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Windows; Azure, AWS; VMWare, EMC


Sr Data Scientist



  • Leading/directing Big Data/cloud migration/BI/ERP projects, involving legacy CRM/ERP /BI systems w/focus on predictive analytics, clinical analytics, retail analytics, risk management, machine learning, NLP, deep learning, artificial intelligence, actuarial, fraud detection, real estate tax assessment, supply chain optimization, finance & accounting in health care / pharma, entertainment, public sector, banking, utilities & insurance
  • Leading, directing & advising Big Data/BI/ERP/cloud migration project delivery teams (5-25 resources; $1.5-10M annual budgets; on/offshore models)
  • Increasing business performance by enabling clients to leverage data/cloud to facilitate enhanced decision making in sustained, predictable & measurable way
  • Recommending, influencing & enforcing best architectural practices/processes
  • Architecting, advising, designing & implementing machine-learning/AI solutions
  • Architecting, advising, customizing & implementing enterprise Big Data solutions for health care, entertainment, government, finance, banking, insurance & utilities
  • Architecting/implementing Big Data based enterprise solutions ( Clinical Analytics/ Fraud Detection/Predictive Analytics/Marketing/Risk Management/Visual Analytics)
  • Expert statistical analysis & modeling, covering linear, simple, multiple, multivariate regression, factor/PC/clustering/discriminant analysis, ARIMA/ANOVA/MANOVA
  • Conducting design sessions with business SMEs to capture business requirements
  • Acting as senior level SME to executives/stakeholders/sponsors/business/vendors/IT
  • Providing strategic, short & long term insight to executives, stakeholders & sponsors
  • Defining, influencing, enforcing & providing architectural governance & guidance
  • Defining, creating & enforcing reference architectures, standards & procedures
  • Architecting, advising & implementing enterprise data warehouses (largest Big Data ~50 PB of core data; largest relational ~500 TB of core data)
  • Designing, developing & optimizing parametric/non-parametric multivariate models & algorithms for statistical & predictive analysis
  • Architecting/implementing predictive analytics & forecasting solutions
  • Leading, advising & directing data analysis/profiling, modeling & design for enterprise DW/ODS/DM/MDM based on profile/land/stage/conform/publish methodology
  • Architecting, advising & implementing business metrics tracking/dashboard solutions
  • Architecting/implementing enterprise AWS EC2/Lambda/EMR solutions
  • Architecting/implementing enterprise AWS EMR/RedShift/DynamoDB solutions
  • Migrating enterprise Oracle/Teradata/DB2 DW/BI solutions to AWS/EMR/RedShift
  • Architecting/implementing Azure (DW/SQL/Data Factory/HadoopInsight) solutions
  • Translating specific business requirements into conceptual models
  • Translating conceptual into logical models using E/R & dimensional approaches
  • Translating logical into physical models for Oracle, Teradata, DB2 & SQL Server
  • Designing & implementing semantic layers for EDW/ODS/DM/MDM interfaces
  • Providing guidance/directions for DBAs when implementing physical layer
  • Providing guidance/directions to ETL/data conversion teams for source-to-target maps
  • Providing ongoing data architecture & modeling support throughout SDLC
  • Consulting, advising & mentoring staff on various issues related to:
  • Machine learning / AI; Predictive Analytics; Statistical & Numerical Methods
  • TOGAF/DODAF/FEAF/Zachman/ITIL; SOA/MicroServices; DevOps/Agile
  • BI Analytics; EDW/MDM/ODS solutions; RFP/RFQ; Inmon vs Kimball revisited
  • Hadoop: MapR/Spark; Data pipelines/lakes/reservoirs; Real-time data ingestion
  • AWS (EC2, Lamdba, EMR, RDS, RedShift, DynamoDB) reference architectures
  • Azure (DW/SQL/Data Factory/HadoopInsight) reference architectures

Technical Environment: Cloudera/Hortonworks Hadoop (Kafka, Impala, MapR, Spark, HDFS, Hive; JEE/MR4C), MongoDB, AWS (EC2, EMR, Lambda, RDS, RedShift, DynamoDB), Azure (HI, DF, SQL), SAS/BI/STAT, SPSS, R, Matlab, Python, Oracle Apps R12/EBS/Fusion/OBIEE/BICS/OSC/HCM/SCM/CDH/PDH, JD Edwards, Salesforce, Teradata 15, SQL Server 2016, Informatica PowerCenter, Rational Suite, Toad Suite, ERWin, ERStudio, Solaris, Linux, VMWare, EMC

Sr BI Architect



  • Advising, architecting & implementing BI/DW/MDM solutions, involving CRM/ERP/legacy systems w/focus on finance, accounting, manufacturing, category management, supply chain, planning/forecasting, DAM/DRM domains in entertainment sector
  • Acting as senior level SME to executives/stakeholders/sponsors/business/vendors/IT
  • Defining, creating & enforcing guidelines, standards & procedures for EDW/MDM/ODS/DM
  • Leading/directing data analysis, profiling & design for EDW/MDM/ODS/DM
  • Architecting, advising, designing & implementing EDW, MDM & ODS solutions
  • Translating specific business requirements into conceptual models
  • Expert statistical analysis & modeling, featuring linear, simple, multiple, multivariate regression, factor/principal component/clustering/discriminant analysis
  • Designing, developing & optimizing parametric/multivariate models & algorithms for statistical/predictive analysis of financial, marketing & econometrics data
  • Translating conceptual into logical models using E/R & dimensional approaches
  • Translating logical into physical models for Oracle, Teradata, DB2 & SQL Server
  • Defining, designing, developing & optimizing DW/DM/MDM/ODS ETL processes
  • Expert BI platform administration w/emphasis on optimization/migrations
  • Expert ETL/ELT design, development, optimization & performance tuning
  • Architecting & implementing EDW/MDM/ODS/DM metadata management solutions
  • Managing & coordinating release/migration process
  • Consulting, advising & mentoring staff on various issues related to:
  • BI/DW/MDM; Advanced statistical modeling & analysis
  • Relational database design, modeling, administration & development

Sr DBA / Consultant



  • Expert database administration, addressing initial database software installation, applying upgrades & patches, initial configuration setup, performance tuning & troubleshooting, storage & capacity planning, backup & recovery implementation, clustering/replication implementation, data loads, production/development/test instance data migration & synchronization, role based & advanced security implementation
  • Architecting & implementing DW/BI OLAP solutions using dimensional / conformed dimensions/star schema/snowflake methodology
  • Architecting & implementing enterprise OLTP solutions using E/R methodology
  • Architecting, advising & directing enterprise RDBMS platform migrations
  • Architecting, advising & implementing BI/DW solutions using dimensional methodology
  • Conceptual/logical/physical relational database design & modeling (3NF/4NF; canonical)
  • Expert design, development & optimization of stored procedures / embedded SQL
  • Automating ETL processes, data loads/migration, database backups/restores
  • Expert design, development & optimization of UNIX shell scripts
  • Consulting, advising & mentoring staff on various topics related to:
  • Data warehousing & dimensional modeling; Inmon vs Kimball
  • Relational database design, modeling, administration & development

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