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Hcm/elm 9.2 Functional Lead Resume

Hershey, PA


  • Confidential is a Senior ERP Functional Analyst for Enterprise Systems. Primary focus being on Oracle PeopleSoft HCM and ELM, he has had tremendous exposure and experience working with various IT and business teams as well as personnel in all levels within the client organizations, and has a lot of success stories in both implementation and upgrade projects. He is applying for “PeopleSoft HCM/ELM Functional” or a similar role.
  • Concurrently, Confidential has 10+ years of functional experience in PS HCM (version 8.x through 9.2), and 8 years in ELM (version 9.0, 9.1 and 9.2).
  • Modules cover HR Core, Position Management, Base Benefits, Benefits Administration, Compensation, Pension, Payroll for North America, Payroll Interface, Manager Self Service, Employee Self Service, Profile Management, ePerformance, Succession Planning, Recruiting (TAM), Enterprise Learning, etc.
  • His overall expertise includes Fit - Gap Analysis, Requirement Gathering, System Solution Custom Design, Retro-fit Analysis, Configuration, Data Conversion, Testing, Training and Maintenance of the applications.
  • As a lead person, Confidential manages project team and client expectations to deliverables; prioritizes issues; performs change management and damage control; estimates effort of tasks, plans for resource placements within budgets; attention to details, and keeps close and consistent contact with clients.
  • Other hands-on experience includes Data Mapping Analysis, Functional/Technical Design; proficient with HPQC and Loadrunner, very experienced in all phases of testing; SQL and PS Query Development; Enterprise Integration Point (EIP) Configuration and Maintenance, Approval Workflow Engine (AWE) Configuration; Operations Management; Applications Research. Have Oracle Training Certificates for PS Security and Portal 9.2.


PeopleTools: Integration Broker, App Designer, SQR, Component Interface (CI); Excel to CI, Data Mover, Process Scheduler, Performance Monitor, PS Query.

Databases: Oracle, MS SQL Server.

System Platforms: Windows (all platforms), UNIX, and Macintosh.

SQL Development Environment: SQL+; SQL Developer; Benthic; Embarcadero DBArtisan; and, TOAD.

Time Tracking System: Kronos, Artemis, SmartTime, Chimes, ADP

Web Services: BEA Tuxedo, Weblogic, IBM Websphere, Apache

Software: IBM Lotus Notes, MS OUTLOOK, MS Visio, MS Project, MS Word, MS Excel, Crystal Report, MS Live Communication Server, MS Live Meeting, WebEx

FTP/SFTP server: MS DOS FTP server, Humming bird, Bullet-Proof, FileZilla

Other software systems: Edify Voice Interaction Platform (IVR), Spirent Smartbits Testing System, IMACRO, RUEI, OPNET, Oracle IMS, BPEL, Tumbleweed, BMC Remedy, BMC Control-M, UC4, CA Workload Automation, HPQC/ALM, LoadRunner and Clearquest.


Confidential, Hershey, PA

HCM/ELM 9.2 Functional Lead


  • Led the implementation of HCM Succession Planning and Profile Management.
  • Troubleshot production issues related to ePerformance Evaluation documents for school year .
  • Led the phase 2 implementation of HCM ePerformance Management for school year, assessed the efforts (hours and steps) for the tasks based on the requirements of the new school year, designed custom rating model, worked with IT team on development, worked with business users on configuration and testing, managed status report and go-live activities, and trained the business users. The ePerformance module was successfully live on Sep 1st, with no open issues or defects, and all tasks 100% completed.
  • Production Support after the above ePerformance go-live.
  • Assessed customizations from the initial implementation of HCM 9.2, analyzed the changes between image 9 and image 23, provided decision makers the list of customizations that can be overwritten and the justifications to upgrade to image 23.
  • Owned and maintained HCM setups including performance review sections/templates/text catalogs, competencies, rating models, content items, person and non-person profile setups.
  • Audited assigned document type on person level versus job family and job code.
  • Enabled the integration points between Profile Management, ePerformance, and Succession Planning.
  • Let the loading effort of licenses and certifications from legacy system to HCM profile management, and the data integration from Taleo to PeopleSoft during the hiring and onboarding process. Managed the solution design and content item data.
  • Worked on integration issues between Confidential and HCM during UAT of Confidential implementation.
  • Worked with Oracle Support on service requests.
  • Led all tasks in ELM Phase 2 and Phase 3 Implementation.
  • Integrated ELM with HCM ePerformance, Profile Management and Succession Planning modules.
  • Worked on Certification and Curriculum Program Conversion issues, fixed certification dates, expiration dates, demonstrated how to correctly use the delivered Program status related processes (Set to Warning and Set to Expire), and removed un-needed registration records for a few groups of employees; showed the training team how to use program functionality when they had business requirements.
  • Worked with OpenSesame on content loading and status/score tracking, tested contents from 14 vendors under OpenSesame. Acted as the MHS primary contact with vendors.
  • Fixed incorrect team members for managers under MSS. The issue was caused by Oracle bugs related to HR Data Integration and had a huge impact to business.
  • Enhanced ELM and MS Outlook integration.
  • Assessed and enabled ELM notifications in the proper way, minimized the risk of people getting too many emails.
  • Troubleshot SES search and Elasticsearch related issues.

Confidential, Wilmington, DE

HRIS Analyst


  • Managed Non-Prod and Prod system configurations for Core HR and Benefits.
  • Managed 20+ Benefit Interfaces, data files, daily reconciliations of payroll data, matched balances.
  • Troubleshot production issues with regards to ADP, eTime, PeopleSoft Core HR, Base Benefits, Benefits Administration and Payroll.
  • Reviewed and updated 50+ SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) with correct information, provided valuable input and optimized production support processes.
  • Worked on Confidential (Affordable Care Act) related setup and testing, including employee Tax ID testing.
  • Participated in the Job Code and Department data cleanup and consolidations for the ADP Conversion project.

Confidential, NYC, NY

HCM 9.0 to 9.2 Upgrade Benefit Pension Functional Lead


  • As the HCM benefit/pension and interface expert in the Confidential Quality Assurance team, reviewed design for numerous functional and technical documents (including data conversion, inbound, outbound, reconciliation, valuation, etc.), validated data mappings, analyzed configuration loading scripts, created complicated audit queries, performed independent unit, system integration and end to end testing, provided feedback to the client team; estimated efforts for change requests and enhancements; advised the project team of the best practice of the design and interface testing approach from Quality Assurance point of view.
  • Worked closely with Confidential internal audit and stakeholders, addressed concerns related to dependents, QADO, surviving spouse, conversion fallouts, etc., walked through and verified the setups for Define Pension Plan, Pension Payee Setup, Pay Schedule, etc.
  • Developed numerous auditing SQLs to verify conversion data in such as pension schedule and detail tables as well as custom tables.
  • Participated in the discussion of deployment and cutover plans for the Pension 9.2 module go-live.
  • Participated in the UAT and cutover planning for Confidential 9.0 to 9.2 upgrade. Worked on security and testing for GL, AP/P2P, AR, Billing, eSupplier modules.

Confidential, Melville, NY

ELM/HCM 9.2 Functional Lead Consultant


  • As the ELM functional lead in the implementation team and the major contact person with client stakeholders, played the critical role in data conversion, requirement gathering, fit-gap analysis, design of customizations, effort estimation, legacy system data validation, testing, advanced user training, environment readiness, change management, and project management for an ELM 9.2 implementation project. Client is moving away from Plateau learning system.
  • Worked with project managers in Confidential IT and business teams, came up with an ELM implementation project plan with very granular details.
  • Followed up communications and meetings, moved project tasks forward in a pro-active manner. Estimated efforts and number of resources required. Assigned tasks for each resource.
  • Worked on HR attribute and user data conversion from multiple source systems including one PS HCM 9.0 and one PS HCM 9.1 instances, designed and reviewed designs for multiple inbound interfaces. Worked with 4 technical resources and worked on functional-technical side myself for data analysis and query reports.
  • Worked on the upgrade of HCM 9.0 to 9.2 upgrade and HCM 9.1 to 9.2 upgrade for the 2 entities of the company, focused on requirements, configurations, customization retro-fits, interface, testing and test runs of benefits admin process for Core HR and Benefit modules.
  • Worked with HCM and IDM teams on integration issues.
  • Leading the effort on Catalog conversion including course, class and programs, came up with table and field mapping between Plateau and ELM, reassessed the design of the conversion programs, tested results; enforced sign-off process and change control.
  • Leading the effort on Learning History conversion, determined scope and designed the mapping and solutions.
  • Helped business teams on data cleanup process.
  • Leading the effort of migrating 500 Plateau Assignment Profiles to ELM as Learner Groups. Trained and worked with 6 Learner Group query developers.
  • As the Go-To-Person in ELM team, worked closely with client stakeholders, answered numerous functional questions on ELM, and discussed the limitations - what can’t be done, what can be done and how. Clarified on learning environment and learner group security, designed security customization related to row level security by learning environment with regards to learners, learner groups and reports from administrator’s perspective.
  • Became one of the support go-to people for legacy system - Plateau - for business teams in a very short time.
  • Coordinated user testing for Single Sign On, SIT and UAT.
  • Involved in the content server setup process. Provided expertise on content readiness to the project team and business team.
  • Participated in the language pack installation, implementation, and customization. Loaded translations of setup data for users in Japan, Canada, Mexico, and South America. Ensured the languages in online application, emails and reports all match that of the users’.
  • Provided tremendous amount of training on PeopleSoft applications, Security, Portal and Peopletools overall for core business teams, trained the trainers; met business stakeholders, created instructor led (classroom) and online training plan, schedule, agenda and materials for the final training deliverable targeting the whole training team in the organization, conducted and coordinated training sessions, managed users’ expectations, followed up users’ questions and concerns after the training sessions. Provided adequate documentations for the trainers to do their business; provided support docs and user manuals for IT and core business teams to maintain and use the applications.
  • Triaged and resolved defects.

Confidential, Smithfield, Rhode Island

HRIS Analyst, ELM/HCM 9.2 Functional Lead Consultant


  • As the leading ELM resource in HR Solutions (HRS) team, took on data cleanup and system stability projects after ELM 9.2 initial implementation (minimal customizations but lots of data conversions). Successfully completed every project on time.
  • As the only ELM resource from HRS team participating in the RISK & Compliance Mandatory Learning Rollout which involves lots of customizations, performed fit-gap analysis, customization design and design review, impact analysis, and design documentation sign-offs; performed significant amount of testing during SIT and UAT; played a key role in cutover; established great partnership with HR training team, RISK & Compliance training team and branch training teams.
  • For data conversion issues in Curricula and Certificate Program setups (causing errors in ASYNC process and class enrollment transactions), worked closely with tech team, training team and HRSS team, examined data from backend using SQLs, understood the issues and came up with backend/online solutions, finalized requirement documents, obtained sign-off from business, presented in front of the HR Analytics and Solutions team, performed SIT, led UAT, drove the production implementation of the fixes, and performed post-production support for HR training and HRSS teams.
  • For data conversion issues in Curricula and Certificate Program registrations, examined data in ELM, compared with the data in source legacy system, reviewed the data conversion strategy and approach used in the implementation in end 2013, determined that the registration data was wrongly converted in both ELM parent and child tables and not fixable in ELM; proposed resolution which includes 2 parts: archive then delete the converted program registration data from ELM, and convert the original data in source system to OBIEE system for reporting purpose; meanwhile, established a process to deal with user inquiry on historical program registration data.
  • For data conversion issues in class enrollments, took over the task from others in late 2014, reviewed data in ELM and source legacy learning system, identified where the errors were, provided SQL logics to tech team, and validated their fixes. Currently the fix is in Production. Also, during the process, clarified to business teams what really happened during the conversion - what was converted, what was not, and explained or confirmed their observations.
  • Conducted ELM product demonstration and user training, helped training team, instructors and HR Shared Services team (HRSS) configure and set up the systems to achieve their business goals. As an expert on course and content setup, provided tremendous support for the user community on their daily job as well as training for full-time coworkers in HR Solutions team.
  • Provided insights and advanced training on how to enable and correctly use delivered functionalities, introduced new features, explained in much more detail than Oracle training so management and user community have deeper understanding on ELM 9.2.
  • Provided education and clarification on Effective Dates, Enrollment Status, Scores, Grade, Attendance, and other key data elements in ELM application.
  • Provided resolutions to fix wrong information displayed in New Learning Pagelet.
  • Enabled/disabled pagelets in homepage according to the business needs.
  • Provided multiple ways on sending system-wide announcement and notifications during emergency.
  • Provided overview and recommendations to email notifications in enrollment activities, disabled unnecessary notifications, enabled and trained business how to use delivered functionality, such as adhoc notifications, to achieve their needs.
  • Worked on SES and Search Framework, troubleshot the failure of ‘build search index’ process that happened in production; recommended new support procedure to avoid business interruptions.
  • Troubleshot HCM/ELM integration and security issues caused by SQR loading programs on HCM side (which don’t trigger IB messages) and HCM ID Deletion processes due to hire and transfer scenarios.
  • Worked on new ELM implementation projects for RISK and Compliance department at the result of re-organization and bank separations, created and updated project plans, issue logs, risk logs and status reports, conducted meetings with stakeholders and implementation teams, assigned tasks for each resource and tracked their progress; participated in fit gap analysis, went over 400+ requirements and worked on big portion of them; participated in the design, review, impact analysis and sign-off for 15+ functional and technical design documents; participated in the design/discussion of Operating Model, Support Model, Integration and Security strategies; configured system setups and learning catalogs, loaded AICC, SCORM 2004 and 1.2 contents, tested and troubleshot content launching (like 404 error), scoring and completion issues, validated from backend.
  • As part of the separation project, led the efforts of bringing in contractors from legacy systems to ELM so they become internal learners in ELM; played the key role in the design review, impact analysis, approach finalization (the decision was related to auto enrollment feature), sign-off; participated in the discussions with HCM business teams including Payroll, Recruiting, Benefits, Shared Services and Call Center; evaluated and updated 40+ downstream interfaces/reports so contractors are included or excluded as per need; performed tremendous of testing until go-live; production support.
  • Participated in the implementation of company hierarchy in the ELM system, provided business teams the pros and cons of the old and new hierarchies, clarified by giving table structures and locating info like RC Code, Department ID, Business Line, Division, etc.; from there, provided insights and visions for the impact on ELM activities like learner enrollment and reporting, helped management on decision making.
  • Participated in Oracle Fusion assessment process for Learning, HR Core, TAM and Payroll modules; participated in the testing for Fusion Compensation module.
  • Participated in the configurations of HCM ePerformance module, enabled the integration between ePerformance and ELM by setting up HMCR SYNCH PORT EIP; performed testing and validations for the data flowing between.
  • Participated in the configurations of HCM Profile Management module, enabled the integration between Profile Management and ELM; performed testing and validations for the data flowing between.
  • Participated in the configurations of HCM Succession Planning module, enabled the integration between Succession Planning and ELM; performed testing and validations for the data flowing between.
  • Ensured that on HCM side, ePerformance, Profile Management, Career Planning, Succession Planning and TAM still work seamlessly together while integration with ELM. Performed regression testing within HCM.
  • As the lead resource and project manager for ELM 9.2 image (A term replacing ‘bundle’ in HCM/ELM 9.1) project, worked with development teams, analyzed/reapplied customizations, and performed SIT and coordinated UAT.
  • Worked closely with Reporting Team to achieve business reporting needs by providing ELM system info to them in a timely manner. Conducted lots of communications and clarifications when they built reporting database and later OBIEE for ELM reporting purpose. Backed up for reporting team, provided lots of ELM query reports when OBIEE was not yet available.

Confidential, NYC, NY

HCM/ Confidential /CRM Functional Consultant, Integration Expert


  • Reported to Senior Solution Architect and worked with the HCM/“CRM-HR HelpDesk (HRHD)” Support Manager in PeopleSoft group; worked closely with developers, Benefit Directors, Project PMs, and application support colleagues in PS Financials and Data Warehouse teams. Successfully completed every task assigned.
  • Worked as the major resource, performed functional design, Data Mapping, interface development and testing for the implementation of HR Edcor project which is about Tuition Remission and Reimbursement for employee students. All the deliveries, including data files, requirement/design/troubleshooting documentation, were on time with fine quality. Cleaned up HR data including “Highest Level Degree” and “Reports To”. Participated in the discussion and design to synchronize degree data between HR Personal Data and Profile Management.
  • Worked as the lead functional resource for Send Word Now project, met the legacy support team, talked with the SWN vendor, went over the existing interface, performed functional re-design and re-development, enabled web services to achieve real time automation, eliminated the multiple steps of manual work that sometimes last 15+ hours; helped clean up PS HR data including “Address” and “Reports To”.
  • Planned interface testing activities during the upgrade of HCM and FS from 9.0/8.49 to 9.1/8.52. Tested and troubleshot issues in HR/Benefits/Payroll interfaces and reports after benefits admin and payroll processes were run; tested downstream legacy interfaces, test run GL Spreadsheet Upload and nVision reporting. Attended HCM Payroll Parallel testing. Worked closely with PeopleSoft Administration team and DBAs. Met users to ensure customer service during and after go-live.
  • Participated in and drove HCM/FS interface projects with Real Estate vendor Planon, actively involved in functional and technical design, data mapping, FDD/TDD documentation, and interface testing. Moved the projects in a steady pace.
  • Worked with the Solution Architect of Web Development team, successfully performed the re-design, data mapping, development and testing for the PS HCM integration with corporate Active Directory and FrontRange ticketing systems.
  • Worked with the Solution Architect of Web Development team, MCIT CTO, Security Officer and PeopleSoft Admin team on Identity and Access Management (IAM) Multi-factor Authentication project, identified the involvement of PS HCM application, estimated the integration efforts and planned what needs to be done.
  • Worked with the Solution Architect in the Web and SharePoint Development team, implemented and enhanced the worklist exportation project that was initiated and tested directly by the CTO and CIO of the medical center. All the requirements were satisfactorily met.
  • Appointed as the lead functional resource from IT group, participated in the PeopleSoft “CRM - HR HelpDesk (HRHD)” 9.2/8.53 implementation, performed fit-gap, requirement gathering and customization design, performed SIT and UAT testing, verified system setup related to integration with HCM, ERMS, Search Framework, SES, and Telephony (CTI), verified agent/manager data and core functionalities like create and assign a case, ensured vendor deliverables of system integration diagram and support documentations including process run book, Benefit Program Code Customizations, security, and training guides on Agent/Manager/ERMS/Telephony. Participated in the cutover activities and production support after go-live. Designed training plan and training schedule, conducted classroom training for the user community.
  • Worked as support staff, helped the manager come up and adjust support policy; monitored, prioritized, assigned and troubleshot tickets/cases sent from FrontRange system, followed up the tickets/cases with users until resolved. Provided ticket reports to management in a weekly basis.
  • Worked as support and research staff, according to PeopleSoft product defects and business requirements, created Oracle GSC service requests (SRs) and business case documents, provided issue reproduction steps and screen shots, provided technical and functional answers to inquiries, followed up the SRs until resolved. Provided SR reports to management. Participated in the discussion and research of extending support for NYUMC.
  • Explored and evaluated the new features in HCM 9.2/8.53, prepared for HCM upgrade.
  • Participated in HCM performance analysis, improved user experience.
  • Participated in the security optimization for HCM during the upgrade. Performed security audit and submitted monthly access logs to corporate security office.
  • Participated in the strategy design of HCM/FS bundle/patching applications, retrofit analysis of the customizations, regression test.
  • Worked as the sole resource, configured/implemented Unified Navigation for PeopleSoft Interactions Hub (PIH), previously called Portal Solutions or Enterprise Portal. Participated in the design and discussion of Content Management, Enterprise Search and Feed Publisher.
  • Planned for the project of retiring unsupportable 3rd-party job scheduling software and participated in the movement of PS jobs to PS Process Scheduler. Evaluated 3rd-party scheduling software that may bring value to the organization.
  • As the integration analyst, designed interface/integration strategy based on technology, business requirements and timelines; helped finalize and enforce development standards; provided standard for functional and technical design documents; oversaw HCM and Financials interface deliverables and test plan/results; coordination of the migration of HCM and Financials interface code; troubleshot interface issues, proactively identifying issues that may cause problems or errors.
  • Delivered insights and clarifications on functionalities and data structure of enterprise solution, eliminated unnecessary efforts for development and support, simplified and optimized data handling programs and processes;
  • Participated in the maintenance of data handling/manipulation Shell/Perl scripts and logs.
  • Planned and led the migration of PeopleSoft file transfer from FTP to SFTP, successfully met the compliance/security requirements.

Confidential, NYC, NY

HCM, CRM and ELM Functional Lead Consultant, Production Support


  • Worked in Confidential HCM Functional implementation team with 3 director-level implementers from the beginning of HR Core/TAM/ESS/MSS/PM rollout until after go-live, participated in fit-gap and design meetings with the software vendors and business stakeholders, gathered requirements, customization (CEMLI) requests and change orders, assessed resources and time required to implement, followed up with all the parties, helped decision makers to make final determinations; configured over and over, and walked through PeopleSoft HR, Base Benefits, Benefit Admin, Pension, Payroll for North America, Positon Management, Profile Management, ePerformance, MSS, ESS, TAM and Candidate Gateway functionalities with HR users, provided sample queries or reports, explained what they can or can’t see and what they can change/customize with the help of software vendor or Confidential support team.
  • Designated as the Payroll Lead Resource by central office processing and support team, participated in payroll implementation meetings/calls, gathered payroll requirements from business teams, translated into test scenarios and test scripts; worked with Oracle consultants to ensure deliverables and quality control/assurance, performed payroll test runs, troubleshot issues and errors, finalized customization processes, validated paycheck earning/deduction amounts and payroll reports, confirmed accounting line data posted to GL; validated Payroll setup during cutover; coordinated and performed payroll parallel testing activities, analyzed discrepancies; participated in the design and finalization of FDD/TDD for Payroll Interfaces, participated in the sign-off process.
  • As the client IT resource, participated in the implementation of Time and Labor module, configured the system during UAT prep and cutover, and worked on production tickets.
  • Analyzed and finalized data mappings for certain HR and Benefits CEMLIs, performed data migration/conversions for HR and Benefit legacy data. Test run benefits administration process and troubleshot issues.
  • Set up and configured CRM/ELM applications, performed data conversion and fullsync from HCM application to CRM/ELM applications during CRM/ELM implementation go-lives; conducted user training for HelpDesk personnel and training team (“Train the trainer”)
  • Worked as support staff, troubleshot production issues for HCM, CRM and ELM applications, helped the manager come up and adjust support policy; monitored, prioritized, assigned and troubleshot tickets/cases sent from PeopleSoft CRM ticketing system, followed up the tickets/cases with users until resolved. Provided ticket reports for management in a weekly basis.
  • Worked as support and research staff, according to PeopleSoft product defects and business requirements, created Oracle GSC service requests (SRs) and business case documents, provided issue reproduction steps and screen shots, provided technical and functional answers to inquiries, followed up the SRs until resolved. Provided SR reports to management, attended the calls with Oracle GSC team. Participated in the discussion and research of extending support for Confidential .
  • Reviewed functional, technical and security documents, planned and developed test plans and test scenarios, executed test scripts, coordinated campus and central office testers on their testing activities, maintained and managed test results in HPQC; helped users, followed up and resolved their functionality and performance problems.
  • Planned/created/managed the batch schedule for HCM/CRM/ELM.
  • Enforced the inbound/outbound interface file transfer rules and daily monitor tasks, troubleshooting errors; enforced school policy on development standard, application security and workflow approval process, managed post-production projects (such as patching, applying bundles/tax updates, and enabling Accessibility for visually impaired users), review, analysis, development or retrofit, testing and the migration to production environments.
  • Conducted PeopleTools upgrade for HCM, CRM and ELM. Meanwhile, assessed 3rd party software that may help the automation of integration and batch scheduling among applications, eventually recommended BMC Control-M to supervisors and the product was soon purchased and adopted.
  • Led the design, documentation and support activities of the integrations between HCM and CRM, Financials, ELM, Campus Solution as well as 3rd party applications; maintained the master list for all the interfaces and EIPs; generated status reports and dashboards for upper management in regular basis.
  • Prepared for HCM/ELM 9.1 upgrade. Researched on the new functionalities and identified key features that can be utilized by Confidential .

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