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Tm1 Architect Resume



  • Senior Business Analytics professional with more than a decade of implementation experience in using analytics software’s like Confidential Cognos TM1, Cognos BI, Cognos Enterprise Planning which includes architecture, design, development, administration and Support of large business applications in Web - based and Client/Server environments.
  • Designed and implemented multiple projects, reviewed and identified areas for automation within the business analytics applications and amended improvements in business process and provided solutions to eliminate inefficiencies.
  • Well versed experience in implementing Budgeting and Forecasting applications for Profit Loss, Balance Sheet, Head Count and Cash Flow performance management by using Confidential Cognos business analytics software.
  • Support and liaise with project managers across various project implementations both in agile and waterfall methodologies and strive for project milestones.
  • Communicates well with stakeholders on status, facilitates architecture design, recommends improvements and risk mitigation. Understand business at a detailed level and leverage the knowledge to ensure the timely delivery of quality solutions.
  • Extensive experience with Cognos BI and TM1 security integration with respect to data integration, API URL’s and rolled out self sustainable business applications.
  • Experience in Using Business Objects XI in creating metadata model using universe and familiar in creating webi reports and freehand SQL reports.
  • Expertise in writing SQL queries against Oracle 12c/11g and SQL Server.
  • Business process experience in banking, Sales, Insurance and Manufacturing operations.
  • Strong communication skills, problem solving skills and ability to adapt to new technologies and professional in interaction with all levels of users.


Business Analytics Software: Confidential Planning Analytics 2.0, Confidential Cognos TM1 10.2, Confidential Cognos 10.2 BI, Confidential Cognos SPSS, Confidential Cognos Controller 8.x, SISENSE, Qlikview10, Business Objects XI, Cognos EP, Informatica 8, SSRS...Etc

Databases: Oracle 12c/11g/10g, SQL Server 2005/2008, MS Access, Teradata V2R6.


Confidential, Chicago

Tm1 Architect


  • Since 3 years worked on multiple projects like ERP Analytics,P2P, Asset Flows, Trust Fee analysis, FR2052a Reporting, Complex Liquidity coverage ratio (LCR), Federal Reserve XML Mapping, LCR Public disclosure analytics, Limits and market risk metrics.
  • Created numerous solution protypes and demonstrated to Confidential business partners.
  • Have worked on the proof of concepts for the complex Fed XML submission process based on the FR products, relational drill thrus with humongous volumes of data and maintaining with automated solutions.
  • Have designed architecture, proposed and implemented solutions for multiple TM1 Projects.
  • Have utilized offshore resources by mentoring and delegating standard technical tasks alongside of adopting best practices.
  • Worked along with Business partners to stream line the requirements and built the configurable &flexible application models.
  • Have completely involved with infrastructure team for server level configurations, sizing and security protocol implementations.
  • Participate in the FPM and BI road map decisions to cater the needs of E-enablement transformation

Environment: Confidential Cognos PA 2.0/Tm1 10.2, Cognos Analytics, Oracle 12c, Oracle PS ERP, Hyperion, OWE, Control M and Confidential Data stage.


TM1 Implementation Consultant


  • Solution Design for the finance dashboard and reporting using cognos Tm1 Reporting cubes as data source.
  • Have created new dimensions, Approval Subsets and cubes using Advanced Tab turbo integrator Process Scripting and loaded data from flat files and Database.
  • Created business rules for calculations during multi cube modeling and declared skip check and feeder statements for optimized cube performance.
  • Created reporting cubes with different hierarchies as per Cognos BI team requests by transferring data from the main cubes. Defined attributes and levels for the hierarchies to support BI reporting.
  • Created User Manuals with application navigation steps and screenshots for admin users and business users separately during application rollout stage.

Environment: Confidential Cognos Tm1 10.1,Cognos Controller 10, Cognos 10.1 BI suite, Oracle 11g,Microsoft ERP.


Tm1 Specialist - Finance IT


  • Designed and documented requirements as per Confidential Finance Planning reporting requirements.
  • Installed 10.2 Tm1 software and configured with cognos BI servers for enabling reporting capabilities in VM and standalone environments. Experienced challenges (installation / security) during the upgrade due to the architecture differences between Cognos 9.5 and 10.2.
  • Upgraded Tm1 from 9.5 versions to latest 10.2 version validated data.
  • Created Cubes, Dimensions and Approval Subsets using advanced tab turbo integrator process scripts and loaded data from database.
  • Have created separate cubes for the Cognos BI reporting purposes with hierarchies.

Environment: Confidential Cognos Tm1 10.2.2, Cognos 10.2.1 BI suite, SQL Server 2008


Sr. Tm1 Developer - Finance IT


  • Requirement analysis and solution architecture in migrating from Excel legacy reports to Cognos TM1 Planning. Reviewed Business Requirement Document (BRD) for Completeness, Gather and analyze financial planning, budgeting and reporting requirements.
  • Design, develop, and implement Cognos TM1 10.1.1 Applications for Financial planning and budgeting models with complex rules.
  • Have Created Perspectives Excel Dashboards and provided End user trainings to the Finance teams including Finance Directors and Regional Corporate team.
  • Development of Turbo Integrator Processes to load data from database tables and SAP BW feeds, for creating dimensions, hierarchies, and cubes. Well versed in using Prolog, metadata, data and epilog in the advanced tab coding.
  • Migrated some models from Cognos Enterprising Planning to Cognos TM1 and implemented security model.
  • Created Customized macro buttons in the Perspectives excel with VBA scripting in maintaining data loads and finance dashboards.

Environment: Cognos Tm1 10.1.1,Cognos 10.1 BI suite, Oracle 11g,SAP BW,SAP FICO,Microsoft Axapta Dynamics,Informatica,Sql Server2008,SSIS,SSRS,IIS 6.5,Oracle Developer,Qlikview 10


Presales TM1 Consultant


  • Created Model design specification documents based on end user requirements in implementing planning models.
  • Have used Turbo integrator process advanced tab in writing scripts for automatic monthly data loads for actuals, updating dimensions and subsets.
  • Implemented complex Business rules with relevant skip check and feeders as per requirements.
  • Created Dashboards and finance templates in perspective excel.

Environment: Cognos TM1 10.1.1 Suite, Cognos 10.1 BI Suite, Cognos 8.4 Controller,oracle 10g,IIS 6.5,Windows 2008 server, MS SQL Server 2008,MS office 2003


Sr. Developer - Cognos Tm1 & Cognos Controller


  • Design and Creation of Forms, Reports and Input Sheets using TM1 Excel Interface and integration using Cognos TM1 and Cognos Controller.
  • Created Turbo Integrator process to extract the data from an external data source into TM1 cubes, updating dimensions through TI process, archiving data between the versions and months in a cube.
  • Written business rules with Skip Check and Feeders for better performance of cubes.

Environment: Cognos tm1 9.4/9.5.2,Cognos 8.1 Controller, Cognos 8.4 BI suite,Aggresso,Oracle 9i,SSIS, TOAD, SQL Server 2003, PL/SQL,MS office 97/2003


Tm1 Developer


  • Created various cubes and dimensions using TI process advanced tab scripting as per requirements.
  • Create complex business rules and optimized performance using skip check and feeders.
  • Have migrated some Hyperion models to Tm1 9.5 and performed data validations as per the old models.
  • Conducted training sessions with End Users on extensive usage of Cognos tools.

Environment: Cognos Tm1 9.4 suite, Cognos BI 8.4 Suite,SSIS,SQL Server 2000,Windows 2003, Toad, MS office 97,QC


Senior Software Engineer


  • Have created many canned reports using report studio for sales, Inventory, logistics and billing enterprise Data mart models.
  • Created Metadata models using Framework Manager, transformer and applied data security.
  • Worked with repository, Governors settings and Checking default Gateways.
  • Extensively worked transformer cubes development and deployments and provided admin support.
  • Cognos package migration and testing. Scheduled the reports and jobs for specific or recurring times using Cognos Connection. Performance monitoring and tuning of servers.
  • Cognos auditing for users and review of licenses. Implementation of best practices in framework modeling.
  • Have worked on Cognos 8.4 EP Contributor Application in applying security rights, macros, GTP, Admin links.

Environment: Cognos Report Net 1.1/Cognos 8.4 BI, Informatica 7,Windows 2000,Oracle9i,MS SQL Server 2000, Cognos 8.4 EP,Oracle Developer, MS office 97,JDE Edwards

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