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Sr. Tibco Consultant Resume

Broomfield, CO


  • Qualified Software consultant with 8+ years of total IT experience in analysis, design and development of software applications.
  • Excellent work experience in TIBCO/EAI components like TIBCO/Rendezvous, TIBCO EMS, TIBCO Business Works, Adapters, Hawk and Administrator.
  • Working knowledge of developing web services using SOAP, WSDL and UDDI.
  • Designed Business processes using TIBCO Business Studio.
  • Having a brief knowledge of TIBCO Business Events.
  • Developed Complex mapping rules using Contivo Tool.
  • Worked on Third party protocols like OAGIS, Rosetta Net.
  • Good knowledge on EDI transactions and TIBCO Business Connect.
  • Designed & Developed Governance process for Rule Engine, implemented using Tibco Business Events.
  • Implemented Web services using TIBCO Business Works Service and Policy pallets.
  • Designed CMS (Common Messaging Service) using TIBCO Hawk app.
  • Developed ANT scripts for TIBCO deployment automation.
  • Designed & Developed common B2B framework using TIBCO BC, BE & BW.
  • Prepared ACF (Architecture Concept Form) for solutions patterns.
  • Developed TIBCO BW Patterns, Custom Functions, and Common Shared libraries for Middleware ILEA (Integration Logging, Error Handling and Auditing) Framework.
  • Excellent Knowledge in Oracle 8i & 9i, SQL Server 2000, MS Access.
  • Installed EMS in fault tolerance and load balanced mode in DEV machine.
  • Excellent work experience with XML/Database mapping, writing SQL queries, Store Procedures, Triggers with major Relational Databases Oracle 9i/8i, DB2, and MS SQL Server.
  • Experience in developing Use Cases, Interaction Diagrams (Sequence, Class and Collaboration diagrams), Packages and Classes using Rational Rose and Visio.
  • Good communication and Technical writing skills with good team spirit.


TIBCO TOOLS: Business Works 5.x, Administrator 5.x, EMS, TIBCO Adapters for Database, Adapters for File, Hawk, Business Connect, Tibco RV

General Tools: XML, XSLT, RosettaNet, Business Studio

Other Ancillary Skills: Rational Rose, UML, Microsoft Visio, TOAD, SQL Developer, .net

Databases: Oracle 9.x/10.x/11.x, SQL server

Version control tools: Win CVS, Tortoise SVN, Clear Case


Confidential, Broomfield, CO

Sr. Tibco Consultant


  • Installed and configured TIBCO components
  • Configured various Web services using Service Palette
  • Responsible for designing high level Technical design and detail design architecture with reference to sessions with the client
  • Used different pallets like XML, Parse, File, FTP, JMS, HTTP, JDBC, RV Active Enterprise Adapter etc. to implement processes in BW.
  • Created Test plans and Unit Test cases for designed services
  • Responsible in delivering the code and Transitions from ON Shore to Offshore
  • Knowledge Transfer to the offshore people for further testing
  • Involved in 24/7 on call production support for various code drops
  • Design and Implement scheduled and on - demand batch jobs using TIBCO tools
  • Implement Monitoring framework for existing and new services
  • Created various levels of design layers for EDO to APP and vice - versa
  • Tibco BW Code development for the Technical Project Requirements (TPRs).
  • Production support for Tibco services
  • Developed web services to use transport as JMS as well as Http
  • Involved in process integration, deployment, and monitoring during design time
  • Involved in technical documentation preparation and report writing
  • Responsible for fixing bugs and reporting them to the team
  • Designed XML Schemas using XMLSpy

Environment:: Tibco Business Works 5.x, TIBCO Rendezvous 7.x, EMS 5.x, TIBCO Business Works Administrator 5.x, Tibco Hawk, Tibco ADB Adapter, Oracle, Linux/Windows


San Jose, CA

Sr. Tibco Designer/Developer


  • Responsible for design, development, deployment and support of TIBCO middleware based business processes that integrate enterprise applications with several other corporate applications.
  • Developed web services using Service palette and SOAP for integrating Confidential Sales Force applications and Siebel applications with Microsoft systems.
  • Configured WS security using SSL for outbound Web Service calls.
  • Integrated centralized logging by developing Common Logging Exception BW process to persist the exception to a file and also into the database by writing the exception to JMS queue.
  • Created rulebases for monitoring EMS queues and BW Process Engine instances using TIBCO Hawk.
  • Handled the project flow from Design, Development, Quality testing, UAT and Deployment.
  • Provided the Business Analysts the real time statistics of each outage transaction by maintaining a State flow and time stamps on each transaction using Business Events
  • Configured for load balancing and fault tolerance allowing Tibco BW processes to be served by multiple Servers
  • Worked on Tibco Hawk 4.x to monitor all Tibco components including MQ adapter, EMS server and Queues, log files.
  • Developed Processes in TIBCO Business works for the transforming the data to from XML and proprietary formats.
  • Responsible for Designing BW Processes using Tibco Business Works 5.x to send the data to the Backend server (LCIS) which is an MQ application through STACER interface
  • Worked on Tibco Administrator 5.x to monitor the log messages for Audit logging and Exceptional Handling service in GAL (Global Audit Logger) and GEH (Global Error handling)

Environment:: Oracle 10g, Business Works 5.x, TIBCO Rendezvous 7.x, TIB/EMS 5.x, TIBCO Business Works Administrator 5.x, Tibco Hawk, Tibco ADB Adapter, Linux

Confidential, Lebanon, New Jersey

Tibco Developer/Analyst/XML Developer


  • Coordinated BR sessions and documented Integration Requirements document.
  • Coordinated JAD sessions between different application teams and created high level and Low level design documents.
  • Developed Processes in TIBCO Business works for the transforming the data to from XML and proprietary formats. Used different pallets like XML, Parse, File, FTP, JMS, HTTP, JDBC, RV Active Enterprise Adapter etc. to implement processes in BW designer.
  • Used Tibco Business Studio to model Business processes
  • Implemented Budget Monitoring Interface using Tibco Business Events for tracking expenses being incurred on Internal Orders
  • Used EMS channels to receive messages (OAGIS format)
  • Created Budget Concept to store Budget details and Internal order details and created Rules in Business Events to send out an event to SAP XI via Outbound EMS channels when budget is about to be compromised
  • Used Scorecards to keep track of Internal Order expense amount
  • Used Eclipse IDE for developing and testing java code
  • Responsible to communicate Integration requirements and Low level design to offshore development team
  • Responsible for Technical Specification reviews, code reviews, End to End testing
  • Supporting R1.0 in further test environments
  • Developed Common Solution Document for all inbound & outbound interfaces to SAP using SAP XI, EMS and Tibco BW
  • Configured File Adapters and ADB adapters for various interfaces
  • Configured MQ Series Adapter to publish messages on to MQ queues
  • Designed Private processes for BC to receive messages from Business Partners and to publish the same to corresponding BW processes.

Environment: HP UX 11i, TIBCO Business Works 5.3, TIBCO Business Events 2.0, TIBCO TRA 5.5, TIBCO Business Studio 2.0, TIBCO BC 5.1, TIBCO BCSOAP 1.4.0, TIBCO Administrator 5.5, TIBCO ADB 5.2.1, TIBCO MQ Series Adapter 5.x, File Adapter, TIBCO Designer 4.1.2, TIBCO Rendezvous 7.4, TIBCO Hawk 4.6, Eclipse IDE 3.4.0, SQL Navigator,ClearCase 2003.06.10 +.

Confidential, Atlanta, Georgia

Sr.B2B Developer


  • Conducted detailed Business analysis leading to development of a strategic solution offering.
  • Participated in planning and defining the solution & driving & understanding the business & technical requirements
  • Elaborated business use cases and transformed them into Integration Solution documents.
  • Prepared solution design documents, technical design documents and mapping documents for 837 Institutional and 837 Professional and 835 EDI documents exchange with Emdeon, ProxyMed, GHN, Gateway, SSI etc.
  • Installed the following TIBCO products: Business Connect, Business Works, Administrator, Hawk
  • Installed EDI plug-in for TIBCO Business Connect
  • Installed and configured the EMS for routing the messages across networks
  • Worked on Edifecs Spec Builder to create implementation guidelines and validations for various ANSI X12 transactions
  • Created .ecs and .xsd files for 837 claims, 824 Application Acknowledgement, 277U Unsolicited claim status acknowledgement, 834 and 835 remittance EDI documents using EDIFECS Spec Builder
  • Installed and Configured BC DMZ server for achieving Load Balancing and for security purposes
  • Configured Business Connect: set up trading host, trading partners, uploaded guideline files
  • Configured secure FTP as the transport protocol for sending and receiving the documents in Business Connect
  • Configured auditing and error handling tables on the database to capture Business Connect related information.
  • Prepared mapping document for EDI 810, EDI 856 and EDI 850.
  • Used TIBCO Business Works to design the private process and map the fields of the Outbound EDI 810 (Invoice), EDI 856 (Shipment Notification) and EDI 832 (Sales Catalog) processes and publish.
  • Used TIBCO Business Works to design the private process which subscribes the Inbound EDI 850(Purchase Order) from TIBCO Business Connect and load them into the SQL Server tables.
  • Configured and fine-tuned the performance of TIBCO ADB Adapter for publications of Invoice, Shipment Notifications and Sales Catalog from SQL Server.
  • Utilize TIBCO Hawk, TIBCO Administrator throughout project life cycle.
  • Created private processes using Business Works for receiving inbound documents and for preparing outbound documents and for performing various business validations
  • Generated various XML schemas as per the mapping involved in the process flows from the integration perspective
  • Developed Custom Java tasks and ECMA scripts based on the business logic. Developed test data for the testing team for the 834 transaction
  • Created error handler and auditing processes in Business Works
  • Deployed the processes on UNIX boxes using TIBCO Administrator
  • Troubleshoot issues relating to large files associated with Business Connect
  • Configured TIBCO ADB and TIBCO File Adapters for integration with various systems
  • Participated in user testing
  • Hawk rule bases were written to automatically start and stop the Common Vendor Service processes basing on the Hawk schedule
  • Generated Hawk rulebases/scripts for monitoring the BW engines and Adapters

Environment: AIX UNIX, Windows 2000, and Oracle, QNXT, SQL Server, TIBCO Business Works 5.5, TIBCO Business Connect 5.2, TIBCO EMS 4.4, SOAP, TIBCO ADB Adapter, TIBCO File Adapter, TIBCO Administrator, EDI protocol, EDI protocol HIPAA edition.

Confidential, Philadelphia, PA

SR. Tibco Developer


  • Defining, managing, and coordinating all the business processes across application using TIBCO Business Works development based on TIBCO best practice guidelines
  • Designed and developed various interfaces - Business Partner (BP), Security Lending and SR (Security Reference Master) interfaces
  • Developed technical interface design document, use case scenarios and test cases
  • Worked with different application and BaNcs teams to design and create various business objects (XSDs) between the systems
  • Involved in EMS server configuration and Administration. Created static Queues, Topics and managed Users
  • Worked on creating WSDL for SOAP services, XPATH transformations and XSLT mapping using Business Works
  • Extensively worked on complex XPath transformations, Date Time functions, Groups
  • Used Rnet PIPs as CDMs for data exchange
  • Configured and used TIBCO Smart Mapper for cross reference data Look ups
  • Designed and implemented several Common Services Frameworks using TIBCO Business Works
  • Designed and developed a reusable exception handling service for capturing various businesses, technical and application errors and logs. Configured the application for Tivoli alerts
  • Writing SQL queries and PL/SQL stored procedures to be incorporated into data exchange for conversion purposes
  • Developed various UNIX (korn shell) scripts to FTP incoming data files to Tibco Servers
  • Worked with DBAs to setup database instances for use by TIBCO applications
  • Designed and developed various testing BW processes to test the Adapter Configurations and BW Processes. End to end testing of the conversion processes to ensure correct functionality
  • Reviewed the processes developed by the peer developers and gave necessary suggestions
  • Deployed the applications in various Vanguards regions-INT, SAT, CAT and PERF regions
  • Provided administration support, to maintain deployed applications and troubleshoot any problems that arise
  • Involved in documentation to facilitate maintenance of the application.

Environment:: TIBCO Designer 5.x, TIBCO Business Works 5.x, TIBCO Hawk 4.x, TIBCO Administrator, CVS, Smart Mapper 5.x, Tivoli, SOAP, XML, Tibco EMS, Oracle 10g, and UNIX

Confidential, Richmond, VA

Tibco Developer


  • Integration of circuit city store system (Yantra) and warehouse (High jump) applications with RMS
  • Update RMS with the online orders and transactions using SOAP services
  • Interface third party vendors using EDI flat files to the RMS database
  • Installing and maintaining TIBCO products on 6 different environments
  • Available to help developers with troubleshooting deployment problems
  • Develop interfaces using Business works and Designer for transactions such as ASN, receipts and replenishment of inventory
  • Configure and use File adapters and database adapters
  • Conduct and be part of code reviews and test case reviews
  • Use TIBCO Administrator to deploy the projects to different environments
  • Deployment of code using AppManage to facilitate multiple environments using the same code but different connection variables
  • Tuning TIBCO's Enterprise Messaging Service server and Business Works processes for connections, security, and performance
  • Used XML Canon as the version control tool for Tibco code
  • Unit, Integration testing and Deployment of interfaces

Environment: Tibco Business Works 5.2, Designer 5.3, XML Cannon, Oracle Retail Merchandising System (RMS), Tibco Administrator 5.3, TIBCO Hawk, EMS 4.2.0, Active database adapter 5.2, File adapter, Oracle SQL 11.0.8 and RH Linux


Middleware Analyst


  • Interact with customers like Blue Cross of Arizona, Home Depot and Amtrak for requirements gathering using SpecBuilder, Building Pilot Communities, including travel to customer on-site for problem resolution and proof-of-concept demos
  • Create and deliver demonstrations, presentations and/or prototypes, which map features/benefits of Edifecs to prospects specific needs in order to educate the prospect about the Edifecs environment
  • Understand healthcare activities that impact on healthcare information solutions and to translate that knowledge into detailed requirements that are easily understandable by developers
  • Create and customize base standards to assist with HIPAA - compliance, HIPAA projects and testing.
  • Worked with Product Managers in communicating client requirements and needs within the different products
  • Responsible for researching EDI, Rosetta Net, Positional, and XML EC standards and assisting the standards team in implementing these standards
  • Responsible for creating implementation guidelines for clients and incorporating custom edits/ Business Rules using Java Script
  • Responsible for interacting with clients to educate them with respect to the technical aspect of implementing Edifecs solutions through web based sessions
  • Helped Trading Partners/Clients test and be certified on Edifecs HIPAADesk, a web-based portal providing the full-service HIPAA compliance testing and certification facility for the healthcare industry
  • Responsible for building strong partnerships with OEM partners, resellers and strategic partners
  • Responsible for Building and leveraging relationships within the partner community and understanding their Business and service requirements
  • Responsible for Identifying key decision-makers and build strong relationships with partners
  • Retain and grow indirect channel revenue through the Association partnership Program
  • Responsible for Evolving and executing the overall Edifecs channel strategy and plan
  • Serve as the Primary Contact for the clients and was responsible for their success with Edifecs Products
  • Identify opportunities for additional Edifecs products that were not currently being employed by the client.

Environment:: UNIX/AIX, EDI, ANSI X12 (4010), Edifact, Rosettanet, XML, SmartFTP, Cyclone Interchange, Gentran, Analyzer and MS-Office.

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