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Tableau Solutions Bi Architect \tableau Sme\tableau Developer\tableau Admin Resume

San Jose, CA


  • Have 11+ years of experience in the state - of-the-art mission critical and scalable end-to-end (Full life cycle) Data Warehousing,Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, Business Analytics, Data Visualization & Visual Analysis, Data Exploration and Discovery,Big Data,Big data Analytics,Hadoop,Data Science,Decision Science,Cogitative Analytics,IOT Analytics,Machine Learning,R,Data and Analytics industry solutions expertise in Tableau BI Products (Desktop,Server,Reader&Online),Tableau BI Solutions, Tableau BI Automations & Integrations. MS-BI (SSIS, SSAS and SSRS), Microsoft Office Performance Point Server 2007(PPS), Informatica and Business Objects hands-on experience in analysis, and development for BI project solutions in Networking, banking, insurance, retail, Healthcare and C&HT applications.
  • Technically hands-on commercially experience mainly with full range of BI, Data Analytics,&Big Data Skills with Tableau 10x\9x\8x\ 7x, Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, Tableau Reader and Tableau Public, MS SQL Server 2005, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, MS Performance Point Server 2007 (PPS 2007),Lumira, Microsoft BI, Power BI, SAP BI,Cognos,Business Objects (BO), SAP HANA,Domo,IBM SPSS, IBM Big Insights and Informatica .
  • Expertise in Tableau BI reporting tools & Tableau Dashboards Developments & Tableau Server Administration and Tableau Server Architect .
  • Hands-on experience with Tableau suite of products- Server & Desktop , Data warehousing, data marts,Data Lakes, Big data sets, Predictive modeling, and Analytics, ETL, OLAP analysis and reporting processes using Tableau, MS SQL Server 2005 and BO. Working knowledge of ETL processes of SSIS Packages, MS DTS, OLAP analysis SSAS cubes and SSRS reporting applications (Operational and Business Intelligence).
  • Involved in implementation and maintenance of high performance BI, Big Data analytics, Data Science solutions-, ETL, analysis (OLAP) and reporting of techno-commercial solutions for Biz D’Risking Ops.
  • Good knowledge of Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing BIDW Fundamental architecture concepts, dimensional modeling, requirement gathering.
  • Strong skills with Business Intelligence application stack including Tableau Desktop/Server/Reader/Public/SSIS/SSAS/SSRS, Performance Point Server, multidimensional cube building, OLAP/MOLAP and have the solid experience in data warehousing/BI,Big data and, Hadoop environments.
  • Proven myself as a dedicated, worth full and energetic well-rounded Business Intelligence/DWH background professional in growth oriented reputed organizations that gives me scope to apply my knowledge and skills and be a member of a team that dynamically works towards success and growth of the organization.
  • Self-motivated high-energy person who enjoys challenging assignments and good Confidential working on multiple engagements. Versatile team player with excellent analytical and presentation skills.


ETL Tools: Informatica 7x\8x, SSIS, Pentaho- kettle Tableau Desktop

Database: MS Access, Oracle 9i, MS SQL Server 2005

BI Tools: Tableau BI Products (desktop, server, reader & online), Business Objects.

Data Modeling: Erwin, Visio 2003\2008

Reporting Tools: SSRS, Business Objects 6x, Tableau server\site

Scripting Languages: SQL, T-SQL


Dimensional Modeling: Kimball & Inmon


Confidential, San Jose, CA

Tableau Solutions BI Architect \Tableau SME\Tableau Developer\Tableau Admin


  • SME on Tableau BI Program Implementation, client consulting project delivery and advisory.
  • Data exploration, Visual and discovery analytics using tableau BI product stack tools.
  • Working closely with various departmental stakeholders, directors, and VP’s.
  • Designing and developing the analytics, dashboards and visualizations using tableau BI and other popular BI tools .
  • Formulas, computations, rules and logic development.
  • Single point of contact for data, analytics and reporting requirements.
  • Effective use and best practices implementation of Tableau BI for the departmental reporting and analytics needs.
  • Net Promotor Score NPS, TS Training, and TAC Training dashboards developed for various teams CTE, CLN Store,CLN Networks,ILT and TSA to gauge the survey results of the training programs of Confidential .
  • Implemented various advanced charts, visualizations for various diversified data sources.
  • Data and Analytics solutions and Big data and Cognitive Analytics Search tools evaluation for Confidential TAC engineers.

Environment: MYSQL DB,PHP, Tableau TDE, Tableau 9x\10x version, Tableau Desktop, tableau server\site,, MS Excel, MS Excel reports, Smart Sheets & reports, RALLY, Windows OS.

Confidential, San Jose, CA

Sr Tableau Lead Consultant\Architect (Tableau Developer\Tableau Admin)


  • Understanding the various cross-functional programs, projects, and departmental report requirements and working for various dashboards of programs, projects, &platforms of various departments.
  • Interacting closely with various Programs leads & Tech leads of various programs (Connected Supply Chain- CSC, GSM, HANA PaaS & Mobility Program) and projects (BAAO, PCAM, HANA PaaS, Mobility, PEGA & ERP) and other project managers & departmental users.
  • Working on the Tableau BI reporting of (HANA, Hadoop, Mobility, and ERP & PEGA) platforms dashboards and also Agile trending dashboard for RALLY agile data.
  • Working on various source feeds such as excel, excel reports, smart sheets, Agile RALLY data, Oracle db for reporting the dashboards in Tableau.
  • Working on various dashboards for 3 cross functional departments SC Finance,SC Source & CVC IT Supply Management.
  • Worked extensively with tableau desktop and tableau server\site for the dashboards development and publishing the content.
  • Responsible for the RALLY data extraction, loading into Oracle DB and developing tableau reports from oracle db.
  • Working with the Tableau desktop, and tableau Server\site for tableau BI reporting.
  • Responsible for building 3 main dashboards SC IT platforms dashboards, PBI dashboard, CR dashboard and QA metrics dashboard.
  • High performance analytics using tableau for HANA data source.
  • Responsible for dashboard building, demoing, communications, and socializing the dashboards with the business departments.
  • Responsible for the end-to-end implementation of tableau BI Phases.
  • Responsible for designing, developing and demoing the dashboards to the 3 departments.
  • Tableau training & adoption for business end users, other departments and IT executives for the presentation and for the usage consumption.
  • Managing the tableau developed dashboards in the Confidential tableau enterprise tableau server site for all the 3 departments. And responsible for the dashboards, user management, security, content management & restriction.
  • Working on the RALLY API’s and RALLY SDK web development to automate the data extraction from CA RALLY portal to oracle db.
  • Working on the ITSM dashboard which consists of PBI’s, incidents and Change requests requirements and content.
  • Responsible for the smart sheets data automation to tableau, portal integration with Smart sheets.

Environment: MS Excel, MS Excel reports, Smart Sheets & reports, RALLY,RALLY API’s,Oracle Client 11g,TOAD, Tableau 9x version, Tableau Desktop, tableau server\site, Windows OS.

Confidential, Sunnyvale, CA

Sr Tableau Lead Consultant (Tableau Developer\Tableau Admin)


  • Understanding the various cross functional departments report requirements and working for 3 departments GPSO, IE & Replicon.
  • Interacting closely with the Sr Systems manager, director level folks for gathering the business report requirements.
  • Working with the Tableau desktop, and tableau Server\site for tableau BI reporting.
  • Responsible for the end to end implementation of tableau, design to publishing.
  • Primarily responsible for the development of Tableau BI reporting & other data infrastructure activities for various sources of data of 3 departments.GPOS uses MY SQL DB as data storage and uses Pentaho Kettle ETL packages for loading the data mart.IE uses various sources of data for CMS Metrics, Paris Master Timeline & Adobe analytics data as SQL Lite DB.
  • Developed the tableau reports for GPSO- TMS data from the MY SQL DB tables. Also connected to SQL Lite DB for IE using ODBC connector.
  • Systems data analysis of TMS FTP feed data using tableau for finding the gaps in the system, manual errors and data inconsistency.
  • Developed the tableau dashboard for IE department on various sources of CMS Metrics, Paris Mater timeline, Adobe Cloud analytics which as storing the data in SQL Lite.Evalution of approach for Replicon time sheet data.
  • Responsible for designing, developing and demoing the dashboards to the 3 departments.
  • Tableau training & adoption for business end users and IT executives for the presentation and for the usage consumption.
  • Developed reports and dashboards for TMS data - Lang by Speed, WC counts, Lang Trend spotter, Content Type Trend spotter, etc from the MY SQL Db. Also for IE sources, Topic Assessment & topic quality rating, ranking the rating, KB page view counts, & KB page DL’s.
  • Managing the tableau developed dashboards in the Confidential tableau enterprise tableau server site for all the 3 departments. And responsible for the dashboards, user management, security, content management & restriction.

Environment: MS Access DB,MY SQL DB,Pentaho ETL,Replicon Time sheet portal, Zen desk ticketing tool, SQL Lite dB, Excel reports, Adobe cloud analytics and Tableau 9x version, Tableau Desktop, tableau server\site, Windows OS, &UNIX .

Confidential, Redwood City, CA

Sr .Tableau Developer\Tableau Admin - Lead Consultant


  • Understanding and analyzing the various departments of data such as sales, presales, finance, marketing, and demand planning.
  • Interacting with Product manager and Data quality analyst for gathering the business report requirements and various cross departmental users for the report requirements, clarifications and tableau end user report trainings.
  • Designing the mock ups and proto types of the dashboards.
  • Developed the presales dashboard with the tableau desktop advanced functionalities such as conditional color coding, conditional display, sheets swapping, and reports swap, common base analysis, dynamic hierarchy, Top-N analysis, and secondary tableau calculations.
  • Demoing the developed dashboards to the business end users and IT executives for the presentation and for the usage consumption.
  • Interacting with the various business cross functional department users for the requirements, inputs, for presentation, for end user report usage training.
  • Responsible for the end to end implementation of tableau, design to publishing.
  • Implementing the advanced dashboards with the complex calculations and complex functionality,
  • Responsible for the various dashboards development such as APO, DP, Sales, Marketing Campaign, Finance, SRA, Presale and digital dashboards.
  • Working with various products of tableau such as Tableau desktop, tableau reader and tableau Server\site.
  • Implementation of Tableau Server and site for the various departments’ usage for the porting usage by rolling off the tableau reader to tableau server\site.
  • Managing various users for multiple departments, content restriction, security and scheduling the tableau TDE’s and implementing the best practices of Tableau and other BI.
  • Acting as a Lead Tableau Admin for managing the tableau sites for multiple departments, managing the users and groups, content restriction, user level access and other various tableau server and site administration activities.
  • Also involved in the UAT2 of the Sales DWH for reconciling the data counts, data quality and the ETL, hence created the dashboards for the data reconciliation of source, stage and destinations phases in the dashboard.

Environment: Oracle Demantra DP,Oracle db, OBIEE, MS Excel macro reports, and Oracle Sales Analytics DWH, Tableau 9x version, Tableau Desktop, tableau reader, tableau server and tableau data reshaping tool.

Confidential, San Jose, CA

Tableau Developer\Admin - Lead Consultant


  • Understanding of the tableau dashboard business requirements of various source systems.
  • Responsibility, ownership and accountable for the tableau desktop dashboards building and tableau server administration.
  • Understanding of the whole system integration project including the 3 layers of the project such as source (applications), data (composite virtualization) and presentation layer (tableau visualization).
  • Translation of business requirements to dashboard technical requirements.
  • Creation of FSD for tableau dashboards with the help of BA.
  • Creation of mock ups\proto types dashboards in PPT and Excel\Visio for business users.
  • Design, development and publishment of various tableau visualization dashboards.
  • Design and implementation of tableau dashboards layout.
  • Publishing and authoring the dashboards from tableau desktop to tableau server.
  • Understanding of various source filed systems such as clarity, Impensa,T roux and Apptio and middle layer tool - Composite data virtualization and pulling the data from source system and middle layer to the end presentation layer Tableau.
  • Generation of Tableau extracts and implementation of different calculations, visualizations in the tableau lay out design.
  • Tableau server site set up, administration of tableau project department User management (users and groups), security and authentication methods.
  • Tableau extract incremental strategy execution, extract refreshment and tableau extract scheduling thru the tableau server.
  • Maintenance of various published dashboard s to tableau server (live connection or extract or data source).
  • Implementation of Composite and Tableau data caching technique.
  • Transformation of some of the clarity reporting to tableau dashboarding for the better look and feel and tableau users interactive visualizations.

Environment: CA Clarity solutions,11 Source System Applications (Apptio,Clarity,Troux,Remedy,MeMs(Service Metrics),SP/AP,Apptio ESC,Apptio TCO, Apptio SPF,Risk Metrics, HR and Fin) environment with the diverse technology/tool expertise and Confidential Data Virtualization and ETL tool - Composite Software, Data Visualization Tableau 8x Desktop and Server, RALLY,MS Excel, MS Visio and, Clarity Business Power Users.

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

Tableau Developer\ Administrator


  • Understanding and translation of various existing SSRS reports to Tableau dashboards.
  • Design, development and deployment of tableau reports.
  • Generation of Tableau extracts and implementation of different calculations, visualizations in the tableau lay out design.
  • Installation and configuration of Tableau server in dev. and production environment.
  • Authenticating the tableau dashboards before publishing to tableau server.
  • Publishing the developed reports to production Tableau server environment.
  • Security implementation to tableau server reports based on user community.
  • Performed the back up and restoration activity, server performance monitoring of Tableau server for environmental changes, change management, or for any software upgrades or patches.
  • Tableau server API integration with MRCS 4.0 portal integration for trusted authentication.

Environment: BI solutions, BI environment, BI Applications, Tableau 8x BI toolkit\Product stack (Desktop\Server (Suite), Windows 8, SQL Server, and Excel.

Confidential, Santa Clara, CA

Tableau Developer\ Administrator


  • Experience using Tableau tool to handle the various data feeds from the different data sources using Tableau Desktop tool.
  • Creating customized and interactive dashboards using multiple data sources, data extraction and custom objects.
  • Migrating some of the existing excel - based dashboards of Tableau.
  • Experience in creating and implementing interactive charts, graphs, and other user interface elements.
  • Understanding of relational database structures and ability to create SQL views.
  • Designing, developing, maintaining and supporting multiple Tableau dashboards and apps using Tableau 7x and understanding of new features of Tableau 8x.
  • Good experience in T ableau development, analysis and Tableau Desktop, Server &Public support implementations.
  • Develop Tableau module deliverables such as workbooks, package workbooks, building data views manually and automatically using different charts, graphs.
  • Deploy and administer complex Tableau server environments involving multiple server setups in controlled and secure environments.
  • Involved in Tableau server upgraded from single node to distributed environment, making tableau services more scalable and stable.
  • Added multiple additional processes (VizQL, Application server, data server and background processes) for performance improvement.
  • Helped Tableau power users in optimizing their tableau reports with proper use of filter, optimized SQL queries etc.
  • Created Data extracts for better performance and accessing data offline.
  • Implementation of incremental data extracts updated on timely basis as database updates, Refreshing extracts, optimization and tuning applications for maximum memory management, scheduling .

Environment: BI solutions, BI environment, BI Applications, Tableau 7x BI toolkit\Product stack (Desktop\Server (Suite), Windows,Accolade, SQL Server, Excel and other internal source applications

Confidential, Greensboro, NC

Tableau Developer\Administrator


  • Working on the POC (Proof of Concept) for the Tableau 7x product.
  • Hands-on analysis, design and development of reporting dashboards and parameterized and cross tabular reports.
  • Experience in extracting, transforming, analyzing, visualizing, and presenting data from diverse business areas in novel and insightful ways to enable business executives to take informed action.
  • Create PDF push reports and setup email distribution on Tableau server 7.
  • Knowledge of Tableau sheet objects and understanding of available functions and properties and Tableau architecture.
  • Preserving and/or clearing user selections during tab navigation based upon business need and automation of user actions.
  • Understanding of installation, configuration and administration of tableau server and desktop.
  • Should have involved in administration (User access, Scheduling, Server configuring.)
  • Understanding of the architecture and process of the tableau servers. Performance tuning of the dashboards.
  • Published common Tableau reports on Tableau server under appropriate projects.
  • Involved in the creation of users, groups, projects, workbooks and the appropriate the permission sets for Tableau server logons and security checks.
  • Performance administrative and support activities across a multi-environment Tableau infrastructure including security administration, &troubleshoot and performance tuning or deployment issues when required during the implementations.
  • Scheduled data extracts on daily/hourly basis according to business needs, to provide most up to date data to the business users.
  • Understanding of Tableau architecture and administration.
  • Improved Tableau performance by adding more processes on tableau worker.
  • Identify user profiles and design report delivery environment to meet users’ needs.

Environment: BI solutions, BI environment, BI Applications, Tableau 7x version product stack, Windows,, SQL Server 2005,& Excel .

Confidential, Dallas, TX

MS BI Developer


  • Working as a BI Consultant in Business Analytics team.
  • Supporting and loading the RCA.
  • Maintaining the data warehouse, ETL processes ((DTS - SQL 2000)/(SSIS - SQL 2005)) packages and also maintaining the reporting part.
  • Working for BOBJ-Business objects - BODI as an ETL process to one of the project.
  • Creating the DW bus matrix, dimensionality modeling for the BOBJ by integrating the BOBJ with Kodiak RCA.
  • Understanding the existing data modeling (db model) in MS Visio.
  • Extracting the different source feeds text file, excel, Siebel CRM Answers feeds into the SSIS\ DTS packages of ARCA (Kodiak RCA, SE (South East) RCA).
  • Running the back-end supporting stored procedures to the end reports in MS BI environment.
  • Implementing and Supporting the SE RCA ETL process using the MS BI tool for loading the SE RCA data warehouse.
  • Developing and Maintaining the BO XI (Xcelsius 2008) to build up the Scorecards and Dashboards to the biz users using BO Power User and Xcelsius.
  • Using SQL server Enterprise manager\BIDS as an ETL\DTS for extracting data from source, transformation and load the data into target tables.
  • Ad-hoc ETL, Reports requirement runs.
  • Working on the SSRS reports/Scorecards to publish to the different user communities and publishing different SSRS reports tabular, matrix, parameterized, and chart reports using SSRS.
  • Implemented all the sub component tools of SSRS such as Report manager, Reports, Report server, Report viewer, and Report builder for the SSRS reports generation purpose and also for the ad-hoc report requirements.
  • Also implemented and supported some of the most advanced analytical reports with the tool MS Performance point server 2007 (Monitoring, Analysis & Planning) to create the MS PPS models, applications, user roles.

Environment: BI solutions, BI environment, BI applications, MS BI toolkit\Product stack (Suite) Windows, and BOXI- BODI, Power User, & BOBJ

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

MS Bi Developer


  • Worked as a BI developer for Data track\BI development team from Offshore using Microsoft most valuable emerging technologies and specific products, solutions suites.
  • Worked on MS SQL server 2005(SQL Server\SSIS\SSAS\SSRS, MS Visio, MS PPS 2007 & MS Excel 2007 tools.
  • Worked with operational\BI technical Framework\architecture\skeleton\pattern, tools evaluation techniques.
  • Prepared the high-level metadata plan for the entire life cycle of the project.
  • Prepared the high - level security management plan for the current project requirement.
  • Prepared the SSRS report Inventory, report mock-ups, and report specifications for operational reports, analytical (Business Intelligence) reports & DW elaboration and for dashboards and scorecards.
  • Mapping the report elements to the report inventory as per the business functionality of the client’s requirements by using the reverse engineering technique.
  • Reverse-engineering the clients customers DB models and existed Biz use cases. Also creating the new Biz use cases for some of the modules/functionalities.
  • Implemented the standardized report structure (SSRS report designing) of the report Mock-ups for the end users (Biz users).
  • Worked on the standardization of report layout- Standardize the report header and footer, page reset using the global variables, conditional formatting and styling the report, displaying the company logos dynamically, Incorporated the @ variables to filter out the data for the input users, page and print layout settings, pagination, multivalue parameters, RDL issues.
  • Freezing out the DWH\DM\Biz use cases requirements.
  • SSRS and PPS delivery management of report services\managing of reporting solutions-report scheduling, report distribution and bursting, and report user management/administration.
  • Deploying the demo cubes to MS Excel 2007 for tactical analytics and also to MS PPS 2007 to create the most advanced BI\Operational scorecards, and dashboards.
  • Deploying the work quality deliverables to the client share point site.
  • Implementation and delivery of BI platform solutions to develop and deploy ETL, analytical, reporting and scorecard\dash boarding on SQL Server (2000/2005) using SSAS, SSIS/DTS, SSRS.

Environment: MS SQL Server 2005(SSIS/SSAS/SSRS), Microsoft Office Performance Point Server 2007 (Monitoring, Analysis and Planning), MS Excel 2007, Windows.


DWH Developer


  • Team member of the BI module and involved in analysis of business requirements template, decomposition matrix, dimensionality modelling and ETL strategy.
  • Understanding the Erwin ER diagrams.
  • Utilizing the Kimball- Star/Snowflake schemas and slowly changing dimensions.
  • Worked on Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Tools-SQL Server Integration services (SSIS), SQL Server analysis services (SSAS) and SQL Server reporting services (SSRS).
  • Responsible for extracting the data from different source feeds like Flat file, XML, OLE DB, and Excel.
  • Created packages by using sources, destinations and transformations using SSIS designer.
  • Connected to different types of sources to extract data and destinations to load the data using Connection manager.
  • Defined the data Sources, data Source views, dimensions, cubes within the Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) Using SSAS.
  • Administration and development of data warehouse\data marts and OLAP cubes
  • Used Business Intelligence Development Studio, Management Studio for developing SSIS, SSAS, and SSRS.
  • Involved in the creation of SSRS reports using with\without wizards.
  • Performed parameterized reports, reports bursting, and scorecards.
  • Involved in performing drill down the data, calculations, sort the data, add groups, subtotals, and colour code the business data exceptions.
  • Troubleshooting ETL, OLAP analysis and reporting process failures.

Environment: MS SQL Server 2005(SSIS/SSAS/SSRS), Windows

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