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Business Development Consultant Resume

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Herndon, VA


  • Senior Business Development Professional in tactical and strategic communications, sales and capture management with concentration in the US DoD and Federal Government marketplaces.
  • Highly skilled at identifying, qualifying and developing new business opportunities and building key relationships that create win - win scenarios. Very motivated, goal-oriented professional with 20+ years of C4-ISR sales experience in secure, tactical, 4G-LTE cellular, MANET radio, MFoCs, Government SATCOM market and terrestrial communications. .
  • Expertise in business development, sales and marketing of solutions and services sold directly and indirectly through channel partners.
  • Successful in establishing new customer relationships, assessing customer requirements and providing solutions through a suite of integrated capabilities. Resourceful and adept at establishing new customers and maintaining long-term customer relationships. . This includes identifying and supporting requirements in PEO C3T, APG, MD.
  • During my career I have planned, managed and executed all aspects of implementing engagement strategies from solution concept, relationship building, identifying gaps to provide a total solution, acquisition process, influencing RFP, team building, proposal and program management and development, and coordinating delivery, installation, customer training and technical support.



Business Development Consultant 

  • providing independent business development and capture management services to Government and Military contractors, integrators and vendors. Focus on C4-ISR, computing and communications contracts, programs and opportunities.

Confidential,Springfield, VA

Director Business Development

  • Lead strategic outreach and partner programs to best comply with technical and acquisition requirements for COCOMs including USSOCOM, JCSE, USCENTCOM & USSOUTHCOM.
  • Working directly with JSOC J6 organization and user groups.
  • Identified requirement at JSOC J7 to provide “synthetic ISR” transmitting position location and mapping airborne with Inmarsat for situational awareness in SF Training Exercises.
  • Identified requirement for 4G LTE with MANET radio in Denied Area Infrastructure, DAI, supporting live SF Psyops requirement.
  • Gathered business intelligence to identify new business and shape the customers’ requirements.
  • Provided live demonstration to JCSE to use 4G LTE with MANET radio for Early Entry Communications and Executive Travel Packages.
  • Identified key contacts with MARCORSYSCOM, MCSC, NETT warrior to bring 4G LTE to the tactical edge for US Army and PM WIN-T. Provided live demonstrations to PEO EIS, PEO C3T, NETCOM, CERDEC, Mission Command, PM WIN-T and DCGS. Meetings with key leadership and influencers.
  • Identified key contacts for scheduling and completing US Army CERDEC Lab testing.
  • Requirement to provide tactical 4G LTE with MANET radio for Command Surgeon, USSOCOM, US Army MEDCOM field medic reachback communications.
  • Established sales support and training partnership with DOD contractor, Cubic Communications to support customer training and support.
  • Built an initial $9m revenue pipeline
  • Selected to participate in multiple USSOCOM Technology Experiment events to show and demonstrate new C4 with 4G LTE and MANET radio technology for tactical communications.
  • Participate in US Army Advance Programs Briefing to Industry at APG.

Confidential,Alexandria, VA

Customer Engagement Manager 

  • Provided recommendations to complete a General Services Integrated Technologies Services Business Plan to initially engage the Department of Homeland Security and DISA.
  • Provided a follow on business development strategy plan to engage current customer base and new accounts to promote ITS contract vehicles for their ITS requirements.

Confidential,St Paul, MN

Manager Business Development, Military Markets 

  • Established new relationship with US Army CERDEC, Space & Terrestrial Communications Directorate to collaborate in joint Research & Development for EMI, EMC and transparent antenna technology. Established relationship with US Army Depots, Tobyhanna, Anniston Army Depot, Red River Army Depot to propose and sell 3M specialty chemicals for parts cleaning in Aviation and Ground Vehicle Reset Programs.
  • CRADA established with S&TCD for Research & Development collaboration to include 3M into the design for a soldier handheld cellular device to be used in the field.
  • Established relationships with major prime contractors to include 3M in tactical vehicle programs, radar programs and new facilities. Prime contractors included Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, BAE and others.
  • Led 3M in participating in key US Army Conference, AUSA and Advance Programs Briefing (APBI) to Industry.

Confidential,Bethesda, MD

Director, US Government and DOD Programs 

  • Established initial contract for the Distributed Tactical Communications System (DTCS) secure tactical handheld radio with US Army PM TRCS. This initial contract transitioned to DISA EMSS contract for DOD and Federal Agencies’ satellite communications requirements. Produced over $11m in revenue.
  • Provided Iridium SATCOM Space Segment through DISA EMSS Contract.
  • Lead point of contact for Marine Corps Intelligence Command providing unmanned ground sensors and intelligence operator satellite secure communications packages.
  • Established new relationship with Army’s FBCB2 Program Office (Program of Record) BFT and prime integrators to include Northrop Grumman and ViaSat for the FBCB2 BFT Program (Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below Blue Force Tracking). This included ground mobile and airborne platforms providing situational awareness to Army and Marine Corps forces.
  • Successful implementation of the FBCB2 BFT pilot program to incorporate Iridium’s satellite technology. This success has resulted in several million dollars in additional revenue to Iridium as well as substantial cost savings to the customer.

Confidential,Annapolis, MD

Account Manager 

  • Provided SATCOM Space Segment to US Department of State, COCOMS - USCENTCOM, USSOCOM.
  • Sales efforts resulted in multi million dollar sales for VSAT secure voice / data terminals and air time to US Army PEO C3T, Navy Special Warfare and US Marine Corps teams. Presented and demonstrated satellite secure communication system to Naval Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC) leadership at NECC, Little Creek, VA and NAVEOD, Indian Head, MD. This resulted in secure communications sales to RIVERINE Group 1.
  • Won program to provide an end to end satellite solution with VSAT portable communication package and air time sales to joint forces counter IED teams in excess of 5 Million dollars. This package included information assurance (IA) and network security encryption. Participated in technical demonstration at US Army CECOM and worked with CECOM Contracting.
  • Provided support to the VSAT program through travel to the Middle East providing initial training and satellite communications packages to the counter IED teams.
  • Led TCS proposal team to win US Navy SPAWAR portable satellite communications requirement engaging weekly with the SPAWAR customer and TCS team.
  • Increased existing sales to Department of State through new space segment program.
  • Efforts led to approx. $10m in sales on WWS contract for PM WIN T and PEO C3T.

Confidential,Sterling, VA

Director of Business Development

  • Received contract to provide new lightweight secure communications technology resulting in new sales to US Special Forces and XVIII Airborne Corps, Ft. Bragg, NC.
  • Established new relationship with US Army INSCOM, Ft. Belvoir, VA.
  • Led team to integrate Iridium into a fly away secure Inmarsat terminal for the US Army National Guard Bureau Chief travel team which included information assurance and redundant capabilities for continuity of operations.

Confidential,Crystal City, VA

Sales Manager

  • Recognized as Sales Manager of the Year in 1993, 1995 and 1997.
  • Brought in mid-program to resolve technical requirements issue. Actions resulted in successful production and increased sales of Secure Enroute Communications Planning Improved (SECOMP-I) Program to US Army CECOM and XVIII ABN Corps, Fort Bragg, NC.
  • Collaborated with US Army ARL, Washington, DC to develop a smaller, lighter version of the SECOMP-I tactical switch.
  • Combined sales exceeded $12 million dollars.
  • Strong coordination and teaming with Confidential International and Confidential Distributors to initiate search / rescue radio sales in the Foreign Ministries of Defense of NATO countries.
  • Penetrated new market by conducting product demonstrations in Honduras with the URC-200 (Ground to Air) radios for the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, Fort Campbell, KY.
  • Combined sales exceeded $7.5 million dollars.
  • Conducted shipboard product and network demonstration of digital STU-III and secure video aboard US Navy Mt. Whitney, Aircraft Carriers George Washington and Eisenhower leading to successful sales.
  • Expanded secure voice, data and video business with US Marine Corps in “Operation Restore Democracy” and “Uphold Democracy”.
  • Expanded market penetration by providing new solution to implement Network Encryption System (NES) for secure video networking into XVIII Airborne Corps.
  • Teamed with US Army in Panama to test interoperability of STU-III and satcom radios resulting in $1m in sales.
  • Sales activity with SOUTHCOM, Task Force Bravo (Honduras) resulted in additional $1.5m sales.
  • Collaborated with US Navy SPAWAR FMS to provide Poland with a ground to air radio system supporting the Polish air space security leading to their inclusion in NATO.

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