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Member Of Technical Staff Resume

Bellevue, WA


17+ years extensive experience in wireless telecommunication strategic planning, infrastructure planning, application development, DevOp and cloud computing. Experience in management of small to large projects ($10/million dollars with complexity). Skilled in network architecture design and software application development including requirements gathering, proposal specification, design, code development, release management, testing, documentation and training. Passion for building hardware/software solutions and high performing teams in the technology industry .


  • RFP/RFI and Business Cases
  • Hardware Capacity/Scalability
  • SOX auditing processes and controls
  • Security Compliance
  • DevOp process/Framework
  • Agile Project Management/Development Methodology
  • Data architect and governance
  • Database design/development
  • Data Analytics/Data Mining
  • Full Life Cycle Product Development
  • Systems development life cycle (SDLC)
  • System Engineering
  • Billing Systems
  • Business Continuity


Technology: Hadoop (Map - r and Hortonworks), Hive, Hue, Presto, Hbase, MongoDB, Solr, Elk, DevOp Tools (Jira, Jenkins, Ganglia, Docker, Git, Ansible), Teradata, Openstack, Kerbernetes, SaaS Architectures

Programming: UNIX Shell Scripts, Perl Scripts, SQL/NoSQL, Python

Packages: MS Project, Confluence, Visio, SharePoint, Clarity, Tableau, MS Power BI


Confidential, Bellevue, WA

Member of Technical Staff


  • Total responsibility for capacity planning for the data mediation systems (80 servers) and data lake and analytics systems (600 nodes) that collect and processes over 1 trillion records a day.
  • Planned, designed, ordered and implemented new hardware for the Network Data Lake with the budget of $10 million dollars. The new data lake capacity will handle 28 PB of data.
  • Led the conversion of Map-R Hortonworks Hadoop solution that included implementation of Hive, Hue, Presto (SQL Query Engine) and several big data applications.
  • Created and implementation of DevOps framework for Data Mediation applications to bring the team into using Agile Methodology.
  • Planned and upgraded all Data Mediation hardware (80 servers) with budget of more than $7.5 million dollars that allowed the system to process all billing data (365 billion records/day). The system was reengineered to behind secure DMZ and meet all security requirements.
  • Successfully implemented a highly visible major 4G/LTE billing data format changes in the mediation systems that required managing upstream and downstream teams and resources.
  • Created and design the front end for the Billing Analytics system that allows user to search trillion of records in seconds.
  • Successfully completed implementation of billing retention and analytics system that uses Map-R Hadoop cluster and apache Solr search capabilities.
  • Successfully completed RFI/RFP and vendor selection for various projects including big data solution
  • Conducted training for CDR analytics and billing system at annual NSS Summit Training
  • Created business case that resulted in successful approval/funding of $10 million for CDR analytics and billing system.

Confidential, Bellevue, WA

Senior Client Server Dev/Analyst (Team Lead)


  • Successful conversion of CEOS mediation to Ericsson Multi-mediation application. This included vendor evaluation, planning, testing and successful implementation.
  • Successfully developed and launched the CDR Trac application into production. Key player in planning/development of CDR Trac analytics tool that helped save Confidential $2.3 million a year.
  • Successfully migrated the data mediation systems from WWC data center to Confidential data center after the merger.
  • Instrumental in successful approval of End-to-End Billing Reconciliation project.
  • Designed/implemented Disaster Recovery for the GSM data mediation system.

Confidential, Issaquah, WA

Team Lead Data Mediation/Provisioning


  • Designed and developed CDR data Analysis Tools that resulted in $6 million dollar a year.
  • Developed in-house applications that saved $1.5 million dollar in vendor costs
  • Conducted impact analysis HLR impact for Mediation, Provisioning and Billing System.
  • Created and set up processes and controls for SOX (Sarbanes-Oxly)
  • Managed CEOS 7.0 Mediation Upgrade and GSM/GPRS Mediation/billing solutions
  • Analyzed and created solution for impacts of switch upgrades (ECP12-ECP23, MTX8-MTX12, AAA 3.0 and Policy Server) to the billing system, Fraud System and all other downstream applications
  • Created InterMTA reporting process for regulatory that saved company $400,000/year
  • Designed, developed and implemented in-house mediation solution for 1xrtt network (AAA) and SMSC that saved WWC over million dollars.
  • Developed processes for managing CEOS mediation system that included alarming, reporting, testing, archival, and interfaces.
  • Create, defined and implemented a normalized data feed (SCF) to the billing system
  • Created and developed in-house Reciprocal Compensation billing
  • Created and developed interfaces for CIBER/TAP data from clearing house to the billing system
  • Developed solution for invoicing Sprint AAA data usage that led to extensive savings money in the clearinghouse expanses.

Confidential, Redmond, WA

Senior Configuration Engineer


  • Customize the Confidential predictive dialer/telephony products to meet existing and new client specifications.
  • Performed all custom RPE (Request for Product Enhancement) work.
  • Developed UNIX shell scripts for non-standard functionality and/or modification of existing shell scripts.
  • Created quality assurances processes for outgoing systems.

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