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Data Architect Resume


  • 9+ years of IT experience on Data Volume Management, Open Text for SAP Solutions, Archiving, & System Decommissioning using various tools - DART, Doculink, ILM.
  • Preparing Project plans and Resource allocations
  • Provide client presentations and participate in client orals
  • Work directly with clients providing consulting services designed to help them solve their most complex business and technology issues
  • Deliver outstanding client results, direct client personnel, prepare work plans and facilitate client teams to implement recommendations
  • Support business development activities in the form of gathering best practices for RFI/RFP responses and writing proposals
  • Work/collaborate with external vendors, including on-shore and offshore resources.
  • Proactively support team building and on boarding efforts via mentoring
  • Collaborate with clients, identify engagement follow-on opportunities


SAP: Data Archiving, Document Archiving, Print list Archiving, Data Volume Management, Data Retention Tool (DART), SAP Information Lifecycle Management Retention Warehouse (SAP ILM RW) and Retention Management (SAP ILM RM)

Open Text: SAP Doculink, Archive Server, Open Text Imaging, VIM, Extended ECM

Modules: FI, CO, MM, SD, QM, PM


Data Architect



  • Managing multiple Archiving Project Implementations across globe
  • Coordinating System Decommissioning Project and Open Text from Onsite
  • Implemented Standard and Custom SAP DART projects
  • Lead Legacy System Decommissioning project from off shore using Doculink and DART
  • Configure Open Text Vendor Invoice Management Reporting
  • Configured and provided support For SAP Doculink
  • Lead project from on-site for Upgrading Open Text Archive Server
  • Subject Matter Expert for Legacy Data migration for over 12+ million data entries in landscape and enforcing retention policy on it
  • Lead project for Upgrading Java viewer and Windows
  • Lead project for Upgrading Open Text Scan station
  • Implemented Data and Document Archiving in various SAP environments
  • Preparing estimates for new Implementations and blueprinting of Projects
  • Quality Steward for Client team
  • Preparing Solution papers and technical design documents for clients
  • Preparing Database Analysis and statistics for client team
  • Conducting Client Training during Data retrieval issues
  • Check the feasibility in terms of value of implementing archiving on Confidential tables
  • Metrics Process Owner- Draw weekly/daily metrics for tickets assigned to team, their statuses and follow ups and sharing it globally
  • Maintenance of Defect and Risk tracking matrix to optimize team performance
  • Process improvements and innovations done to save cost and time for the client
  • Implementing Archiving in SAP HANA and CAR systems
  • Implemented SAP ILM RW for North America, Australia, Japan and Europe regions
  • SAP System Assessment for DART and SAP Archiving for Singapore Region
  • Implemented POC for xECM for Finance module
  • SAP Data Archiving for Life Science and Retail
  • Implemented data archiving for Finance and Controlling area
  • Central Reporting Infrastructure for Vendor Invoice Management
  • Configure Central Reporting for OT VIM
  • Japan SAP System Decommission using DART
  • Implementing SAP DART standard and custom segments to migrate all historic data to new landscape
  • Meet all Japan audit needs and create custom views to retrieve data
  • Latin America Legacy system Decommission using DART and Doculink
  • Migration of all historic data (transactional and master data) from source system to Confidential system using DaRT (SAP Data Retention Tool) decommissions solution to fulfil Audit and Regulatory requirements.
  • Migration of PDF files from legacy system to Confidential system and provide access to documents using Doculink views.
  • Implemented SAP DART for US region
  • Design and Configure Custom DART segments
  • Design and Build Custom DART views
  • Extract DART files from SAP
  • Run checksum and FI Control to perform verification
  • Maintaining DART file system by pushing file to Archive system
  • Providing post Go-Live support
  • Upgrade of Imaging Solution
  • Upgrade Desktop viewer from v5.1d to Open Text Imaging Windows v7.1
  • Upgrade Java viewer from v6.1 to Open Text Imaging Java Viewer v7.1
  • Upgrade Enterprise Scan station v5.1d to Enterprise Scan v7.1
  • IXOS Upgrade & Migration Project
  • Upgrade Legacy IXOS server v4.2 to Open Text LEA v 9.6
  • IBM Jukebox to EMC Centera
  • Migrating business critical documents including transactional data, DART files, AP invoices, Certificate of Analysis, shipping document and Print list
  • Migrate over 3.7 terabytes of data from ~2,500 platters to Centera storage system
  • Implemented Data Archiving for Chemical client
  • Implemented archiving objects from all functional area such as Finance, Material Management, Quality Management, Production and Controlling across various clusters in SAP
  • Implemented custom archiving object for Finance
  • Implementing Document and Print list Archiving in GTS and multiple ECC systems
  • POC for Data Volume Management
  • Run & maintain
  • Providing run and maintain support for more than 100 archiving objects
  • Preparing Database analysis for client
  • Preparing estimates for new Implementations and blueprinting of Projects
  • Providing Technical specification, functional specification for archiving objects
  • Providing weekly metrics to client
  • Providing defect tracking and risk tracking to client
  • Conducting trainings for client and client team

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