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Data Analyst / Sr. Business Intelligence Developer Resume

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Parsippany, NJ


Analytical Programmer possessing high knowledge of data warehousing, Analytics and Reporting with an experience of more than 6 yrs. Equipped with technical expertise in Data analysis, Data modeling, Business Intelligence, Data analytics, Python and its data analysis libraries, Also have the knowledge in Python for data analytics, Numpy, Pandas, Scikirt,S Big data, Hadoop, Maching learning algorithms, Qlikview/Qliksense, Power BI, DB2, SQL, DAX, Data stage, Cognos,Mainframes (Cobol, JCL, and its utilities). Capable of identifying scope for automation and eventually implementing it. Can work effectively under high pressure and yet deliver high quality output. Sound domain experience in Insurance claims, Risk management and in the office of COO. Have complete knowledge of SDLC lifecycle. Capable of quickly mastering new software packages and technologies. Interested to work in a technical driven environment that aids innovative thinking, recognition and is keen to advance professionally. Willing to learn something new every day.


Languages: C,C++, Java, Python, R, Cobol, JCL, PLSQL

Database: DB2, SQL, UDB

ETL tools: Data Stage, Cognos Report Manager

Data Visualization & Analytics: Power BI, Qlikview, Qliksense.

Data Modeling: Star and Snowflake schemas, Business Intelligence and analytics.


Data Analyst / Sr. Business Intelligence Developer

Confidential,Parsippany, NJ

  • Analysis is done on the financial information (labor and Non - labor information) and make sure all the data is sent in right format right time.
  • Complex data models are built to satisfy and combine data from various sources.
  • Programs were built to analyze the financial models which saves 30% of manual effort.
  • Had to deal daily with the data of size 5 to 10GB on projects, workforces, applications and finance data across the organization.
  • Analysis of data is done in each module so that every day 1hr saved.
  • All the analytical information is presented to high level management on the daily basis using Qlikview/Power BI.
  • A total of 30 to 40% of time is saved for each manager from the analysis dashboard.
  • Timely response and updates can be addressed based on the analysis.
  • A separate tracker is built to track the timesheets which helps to save 10% of person effort per week.
  • Analysis and Reporting is done on budget vs spent for easy decision making.
  • Built KPI objects, What-if analysis, Heat Maps, Sankey charts various types of charts and many custom objects to showcase the data in a presentable format.
  • Exception reports were built to analyze and keep track of projects and resource efforts which lead to save $52k per annum.
  • Workforce strategy dashboards were built to track the resource movements and their locations for effective re-stacking of the organizational structure.
  • KPI on Non-Labor costs, Labor costs, High Cost vs Low cost locations, Employee vs Non-Employee ratio helped the COO/CTO’s for effective planning.

Data Analytics / Sr. Business Intelligence Developer


  • This project we have to deal with 10M records on daily basis which is around 2TB in size.
  • Data from different countries in different format needs to be analyzed and transformed to store in a DB.
  • Programs were returned to extract the data and transforming them by applying set of rules.
  • Used supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms to do predictions on claims reserves, and also forecasting company premiums which helps to grow the business by 10% annually,
  • A predictive model is built to identify the date and time of each source file which effectively notifies the users in case of file delay. This process saves the wait time by 1hr per cycle.
  • Transformation logics were built to retrieve any kind of valid data in any format, this process helps in prevention of data loss.
  • Predictive jobs were built to notify developer in case of abnormal termination of jobs. The developer can take early actions to save 30% of his time.
  • Developed a customizable, printable Dashboard provides several metrics KPIs and filter options for instant viewing of critical claim data, with hyperlinks to details. Also, the custom reports are developed based on the customer needs.
  • On the fly reporting helps management to take timely and effective decisions which leads to save 20% of their time.
  • Successfully able to achieve company loss/profit margin based on the predictive analytics.
  • Designed data models using Star schema, Snowflake, Cubes based on fact and dimensions observed in the data provided.
  • Develop the scripts and develop the dashboards to meet customer requirements.
  • Also developed Claims executive summary dashboard which helps the business users to have better understanding of the business on a detailed level.
  • Responsible for the evaluation of design and development of the project lifecycle.

Business Intelligence Developer

Confidential,Parsippany, NJ

  • WC GO project is focused on reporting workers compensation claims and their details such as claimant name, policy name, adjuster name, email, phone, Payments, Next scheduled payment, User Direct deposit status etc., and their doctor appointments.
  • This whole automated process of WC helped the Business to maintain the user community by 15% annually.
  • I owned and developed this application completely.
  • Gather and analyze customer requirements to eventually prepare an estimation for the project, Prepare design models and unit test cases for the project.
  • ETL sequence and parallel jobs were built to load the data into IBM DB2 Data stage.
  • SQL Stored procedures in Mainframes were built to extract the data from DB2.
  • Reports were built for Claimant information to analyze the history of claims.
  • Dashboards were built to show all the Workers Comp claims and their history.
  • Considering performance of the new jobs developed.
  • Project management activities such as change management, release management etc.
  • Create and update system's reference documentation.


Confidential,Parsippany, NJ

  • Developed Process control logic in CLR application which helps to manipulate the data and avoided corrupt and invalid data processing in CLR database which reduces manual effort of 3PD for one invalid feed.
  • Designed new batch flows. Developed new reports as per the requirements and triggering emails to user in pdf format or in excel formats. Making sure that no wrong feed is entered into the system, this helps to take early decisions on feed that saves 1hr effort per day
  • The overall process of CLR batch automation saved 30 years of manual effort which is 300K effort savings.
  • Analyze designs, develop and execute custom application features and functions.
  • Develop apt standards and controls to ensure every system’s projects function effectively perform all varied applications as well as operating systems.
  • Design, code, test, debug, and record those programs proficient to work at top technical level of every level of applications programming activities.

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