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Consultant Resume

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Hines, IL


  • Over 25 years of experience, in different fields of application software development, maintenance, on - going support, testing and extensive experience in application development and maintenance across Confidential Mainframes platforms.
  • Extensive domain knowledge in the diversified fields of Government health, Banking and Student Loans Life and Health Insurance, Patient accounting and Patient management system, and Accounts payable sectors. Experienced in Analysis, Coding, Testing, Implementation and knowledge transfer activities.
  • Corroborate record of success in design, development and implementation of software applications using COBOL, COBOLII, SYNCSORT, JCL, VSAM, CICS, DB2, QMF, IMS, SPUFI, SQL, PLI, FORTRAN, ASSEMBLER, EASYTRIEVE PLUS, C, C++, API, SAS and MQ Processing.
  • Good Programming and Communication Skills with excellent work ethics, easy adaptability to demanding time schedules coupled with positive user interaction and excellent team spirit. Able to quickly absorb new material and highly motivated to work in a group.


Operating System(s): zOS, OS/MVS, IDMS, IMS, VSE/XP, Windows.


Hardware: Confidential Mainframes and PC Compatibles.

Web Technologies: CWS (cics web system)


Applications/Domains: Banking and Student Loan, Heath and Life Insurance, Account payablePatient accounting and patient management system. Pharmacy claim processing system.

Utilities: TSO/ISPF, File-aid, Panvelet, VISIO, Abend-Aid, SPUFI, XPEDITER, ENDEVOR, INTERTEST, ABENDAID, IDCAMS, SYNCSORT, CA7, CA11,OMEGAMON, MICROSOFT-OFFICE, ClearQuest, Fle Manager, Shareport, Golden, Teradata


Confidential, Hines, IL


Environment: Bull, Mainframe COBOL


  • Document system design, using the Agile method to develop specs.
  • Troubleshoot problems for an IMS database and cobol programs.
  • Wrote and tested new IMS database system for all phases of the project.

Confidential, Franklin Lake, NJ


Environment: CICS, DB2, Mainframe COBOL, SQL, TSO/ISPF, JCL, Teradata.


  • Documented High level and Detail design requirements, using the Agile method to develop specs with the help from clients .
  • Troubleshoot problems in data files that were transfer from one company platform to the new company platform
  • Wrote SQL to load rows to table and documentation to deploy queries to be process in production.
  • Wrote new programs in CICS and Batch Cobol processing DB2 tables.
  • Used various testing techniques to look for problems in the systems whose function is to process data and derive analytics. Used claim processing tools.
  • Worked closely with offshore developers and other QA team members

Confidential, Madison WI


Environment: MicroFocus COBOL, CICS, Oracle, PL/SQL, Linux, Mainframe Cobol, SQL Forms, TSO/ISPF, Golden, Tortoise SVN, and Textpad Editor.


  • Converting Screen SQL Forms application software into MicroFocus CICS Screen application software.
  • Using Technical Design documentation detailing specifications for creating and testing of application processing software.
  • Analyzed mainframe sql forms code to converted to CICS cobol.screens.
  • Documented the new screens process using Visio
  • Use the Agile methodology to develop the full software development life cycle.

Confidential, Sioux Falls, SD


Environment: IDM /MVS, COBOL, CICS, TSO/ISPF, JCL, VSAM, ENDEVOR, INTERTEST, SAS, CWS (APS) SHAREPOINT, ClearQuest, File Manager, Assember, MQ Series, DB2


  • NDM over 3000 modules (source, JCL, and loadlibs) to Confidential ’s Confidential platform.
  • NDM over 5000 files to Confidential ’s
  • Create new PROC(s) and JCL from old instream JCL
  • Create new PARMS, CONTROL CARDS……etc
  • Rename Batch and Online programs to standards
  • Perform Impact Analysis to determine the impacted Programs/JCLs/PROCs that need changes as part of the new requirements/enhancements
  • Create various VSAM clusters and GDGs using File-Aid and JCL
  • Use various Confidential utilities IDCAMS, SYNCSORT…etc to write various jobs depending on requirements.
  • Prepare Technical specification, Detail Design and New transaction process documents to rename CICS trans Ids and programs..
  • Design, code, and provide solutions for the above.
  • Changed old Confidential socket programs to use CWS process to accepted URL message from Web (APS) area, used Data mapping to convert Social Security No to customer account numbers.
  • Prepare Unit and System Test cases, test plans and participated in unit and system testing.
  • Use FileAid to perform various operations for VSAM and flat files.
  • Problem solving and bug fixing and providing technical support for the team.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Senior Programmer Analyst

Environment: zOS, OS/390, MVS, COBOL, CICS, MQ process, TSO/ISPF, JCL, IMS, Endevor, Intertest, Xpediter, ClearQuest.


  • Preparing the Functional specs for given Business requirements. Prepared supporting documentation as needed, including but not limited to Technical Specifications, and User Documentation.
  • MQSeries system Administration: Core Database applications interfaces with other external applications: Using MQOPEN, MQPUT….etc to pass batch data to online VSAM file that read data to load to online processing.
  • Involved in the development of programs as per specifications.
  • Involved in code reviews.
  • Preparing the test data and test JCL for Unit testing.
  • Conduct the impact analysis for existing code changes.
  • Involved in peer reviews.
  • Involved in Weekly issue meeting with team members and clients.
  • Co-ordinated between Clients/Users and the development team.
  • Created conversion scheduling tasks and coordinated with all team members
  • Wrote batch programs using within different subsystems and created JCL using syncsort to create files as needed
  • Wrote CICS online programs and analyzed old cics programs that enhancements.
  • Resolved the issues and updated the log files to share the information among the team.
  • Maintained version control following the QA standards
  • Troubleshot CICS-related system problems using TMON/CICS as well as full-region and and transaction dumps analysis (IPCS, Abend-aid/cics).
  • Also diagnosed CICS application-related problems and performance issues using CEDF, Xpeditor/cics and interest.
  • Develop new and junior staff.

Confidential, Madison, WI


Environment: COBOL, CICS, DB2, SQL, JCL, Panvalet


  • Maintained a Health care insurance system.
  • Design, coded and tested batch and online programs
  • Wrote SQL statement for DB2 database.

Confidential, Itasca IL


Environment: COBOL, CICS, DB2, SQL, API, JCL, CA11, Omegamon


  • Maintained DB2 online database telephone billing systems
  • Created development/test/production regions for all processing on a client/server system
  • Supported the programming development team by fixing the defects encountered.
  • Used Ca11 and Omegamon to process batch JCL, batch jobs and check Online files.

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