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Sr. Consultant Resume

Santa Ana, CaliforniA


Highly competent, results oriented professional with extensive and progressive experience in Big Data Analytics, Predictive/Statistical Modeling, Data Mining, and Machine Learning with Natural Language Processing. Distinguished analytical and problem solving skills with experience in leading teams to develop solutions for challenging projects and consulting business cases. Creative hands - on team player with strong problem solving skills and many publications.


Statistics: SAS/IML, SAS/Macro, SAS/EM, SAS/Forecast Studio, R, Minitab, JMP

Big Data: HADOOP, MapReduce, Spark, Hive, PIG, Alpine Chorus

Software Programming: Python, R, JAVA, Scala, VB .Net, Excel (VBA), Perl

Software Package: Tableau, Spotfire, Crystal Ball, iGrafx

Database: Teradata, Netezza, MySql, CornerStone


Confidential, Santa Ana, California

Sr. Consultant


  • Writing Hadoop rule engine applications using distributed computing, MapReduce, Spark, etc. using Mapr system
  • Developing Python, R, and SAS codes for Medicare program
  • Interface with Hbase and Hive data
  • Applying Decision Tree and Random Forest in Healthcare applications

Confidential, Torrance, California

Sr. Manager


  • Writing machine learning programs with natural language processing using Python to classify customer service information from dealers
  • Developing un-supervised machine learning algorithms to increase the classification accuracy
  • Using Alpine software to help developing machine learning algorithms

Confidential, Irvine, California

Sr. Statistical Consultant


  • Write Python codes in Spark to retrieve data from Cloudera system and store useful information into Hive table for SAS to access
  • Use Data Mining tool to develop the logistic regression model
  • Optimize the Logistic regression model
  • Generate and modify the PMML codes of the model
  • Write Java codes to test the PMML model using JPMML
  • Generate predictive models in SAS and SAS Enterprise Miner for various applications
  • Working on predictive modeling for marketing department on web visits and conduct various ad-hoc requests on channel efficiency to increase ROI

Confidential, Irvine, California

Project Leader


  • Conduct supervised machine learning for marketing department to select parameters of new product specifications based upon VOC using Hortonwork system
  • Collect survey data from three on-line customers, Amazon, BestBuy, and Neweggs
  • Writing Python codes to employ the Natural Language Processing
  • Using classification methodologies, i.e. Naïve Bayesian, Decision Tree, and Max Entropy methods to analyze the survey data
  • Developing time series prediction models for Warranty prediction program to improve forecasting accuracy
  • Conducting various SAS projects including time series, data mining, Logistic regression, survival analysis, Cox model, Nonlinear regression, warranty prediction, process optimization, statistical process control, design of experiments, etc.
  • Implementing the Six-Sigma program

Confidential, Costa Mesa, California

Master Black Belt


  • Developing test algorithm using Confidential to increase the process efficiency and maintain the inspection quality
  • Conducting time series predictive models for future product demands with better accuracy using time series
  • Implementing the Six-Sigma program in Engineering/Manufacturing applications

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