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Sr. Business Intelligence Developer / Admin Resume

Sacramento, CA


  • 12+ Years of professional IT experience, 10+ y ears in USA in multiple Business Intelligence which includes IBM Cognos, Cognos TM1, Tibco Jaspersoft, OBIEE, Power BI (SSRS), AWS Quicksight, & OLAP/OLTP reports.
  • 8+ Years in IBM Cognos v11/10.x/8.x, 5+ Years in Cognos TM1, 2+Years’ in Tibco Jaspersoft BI.
  • 6+ months experience in Amazon AWS Quicksight, OBIEE, BI Publisher, SSRS & other Business Intelligence.
  • Experience in POC, BI tools for DOMO BI”, “SISENSE BI & Analytics”, “LOOKER BI and Big Data Analytics.
  • Expertise in Cognos 11 /10.x/8.x (Report studio, Workspace/Workspace advance, Active Reports, Query Studio, Analysis Studio, Event Studio, Framework Manager, Transformer Cubes etc.).
  • Multiple vertical experience in Education sectors, State Pension/Administration, Child/Family protective services, Financial/Banking, Telecom, Healthcare, Retail/Manufacturing, Insurance, Clinical Research/Pharmaceutical & Consulting with strong technical skills in (Framework Modeling and Report Authoring).
  • Client facing, requirement gathering/Interviewing with clients/end users for shaping reporting landscape by which BI Analytics interacts with and leverages data, broadens available dashboard/reports and expands analytics.
  • Experience in Reporting solutions/enhancements, transform business reporting needs into better solutions.
  • Understand existing business models or BI systems analysis, designed, & converted requirements specifications into functional specifications.
  • Developed Complex Reports (List, Crosstab, Charts, Maps, Drill Through/Dashboard & Master Detail Reports) using Report Studio, Query studio and Analysis studio and Dashboards for (KPI) performances.
  • Build data visualizations, executive level dashboards to be leveraged by business leadership to gain BI insights.
  • Experience in Content Deployment, Scheduling, drill through/down and automated report bursting.
  • Created models/packages, implemented ‘best practices’ while modifying relationships, resolving the loops and dimensionally modeled relational data (DMR/ROLAP).
  • Migration/Conversion experience from SAS BI/Tableau/OBIEE/SSRS and Jasper Soft Reports to Cognos BI.
  • Experience in different (POC) proof of concepts in different BI reporting, arranged demo’s, pricing etc.
  • Created use cases, compared different features, price negotiations working with Amazon or AWS BI products.
  • Experience in designing/developing OLAP Cubes using Transformer, enhanced existing reports, created Member based Security, Custom/ Dimension Views, Apex Custom views, Cloak etc.
  • Experience in Installation, Configuration and Administration of Cognos 10.x/8.x BI Reports and developed reports using MDX functions in Report studio and Analysis Studio.
  • Experience in data modeling / data warehouse, dimension modeling using star schema, snow - flake schema etc.
  • Created reports with Multiple Relational Databases/ relational data source in Oracle 12c/11g/10g, MS SQL Server 2012/2008/2005/, PostGRE SQL, Mongo, Amazon DynamoDB, DB2 databases, Talend and AWS Redshift..
  • Worked on production issues, modified SQL queries, reporting enhancement and performance tuning reports.
  • Excellent Inter-personal skills, quick learner, ability to get along with the team well, Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, ability to prioritise multiple tasks to achieve deadlines.
  • Experience in Leading/Mentoring On-site/Off shore structure & worked with cross functional DW & BI teams.
  • Solid analytical, critical thinking and problem-solving skills to effectively resolve complex situations and issues.


BI Tools: IBM COGNOS 11.7/10.x/8.x, Tibco Jaspersoft BI v6.0/6.4, IBM TM1, Amazon Quicksight, OBIEE, SAS BI, Web Focus, Tibco Spotfire, Power BI, Board BI, Domo BI, SISENSE BI & Analytics, Looker BI and Big Data Analytics.

ETL Tools: Informatica, IBM Data Stage 8.0, SSIS, Talend, Amazon AWS Redshift, AWS Data Pipeline.

Languages: C, C++, SQL, VB script, JavaScript.

Databases: Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8i, SQL Server 2008/2005/2000, PeopleSoft, DB2, Teradata, PostGRE, Dynamo

Operating Systems: Windows XP/2003/2000/NT, DOS, UNIX.

Interface Tool: Toad, PL/SQL Developer, SQL Developer

Healthcare: HIPAA, CRO, CDM, ICHGCP, GCP, Clinical Research Etc


Confidential, Sacramento, CA

Sr. Business Intelligence Developer / Admin


  • Attended daily AGILE scrums/standup, reports & grooming meetings with project teams/product owners.
  • Requirement gathered for reporting needs for serving 114 California community colleges needs and information.
  • Viewed technical and functional report confluence pages in detail and worked with SME’s with questions.
  • Installed Tibco Jaspersoft Studio v6.0.1, Docker, Slack, SourceTree, LastPass and worked with admin on access.
  • Translates business requirements into reports & optimized reports using PostGRE SQL and Jaspersoft Suite.
  • Participates in integrating reports, fix production issues in jrxml reports using Tibco Jaspersoft Studio.
  • Designed new data sources using PostGRE SQL, AWS Redshift, installed missing drivers in Jaspersoft.
  • Created AWS Data sources with EC2 credentials/AWS Credentials from AWS Settings for Amazon RDS and Amazon Redshift, and created multiple JDBC data sources, MongoDB data sources and Virtual Data sources.
  • Created domains using different data sources, used DB tables, derived tables, defined Joins, add calculated fields, domain filters, renamed data fields in display, created Sets & Items, edit fields description etc.
  • Created Topics using Domain, grant access to topics for Adhoc users, restrict users accessing domains, added row level security in domain so each college should see only their college data, their student’s applications and details.
  • Built application reports for colleges as summary reports and sub report as detail report in List report with added filter, prompts, which provide information about student application by confirmation numbers & CCCID’s.
  • Created International student’s application report for California community colleges, which gives information about student applied courses, educational details, personal info, financial & application confirmation etc.
  • Worked with Datawarehouse engineers to communicate data architecture required for dashboard/reporting needs.
  • Shaped reporting landscape by which BI Analytics interacts with and leverages data, broadens available data sets and expands analytics self-serve capabilities and Created self-service and adhoc data reports for users of all levels.
  • Modified JRXML reports, added new fields required by California state laws to implement them in reports, California AB 801 homeless youth, financial aid, California College Promise Grant as BOG Fee Waiver etc.
  • Worked on Production reports issues, fix & resolve backlog tickets, met with user on user specific issues.
  • Integrate New EPPN to CCCID Mapping Table to Report Center and created Report that provides EPPN to CCCID mapping for all OpenCCC Accounts (CCCIDs) created by the SSO Proxy service.
  • Fix Reports Layout Issues by realigned the data fields on the Reports for all environments (Dev/Test/Production).
  • Created multiple ad-hoc views/reports from views, added calculated fields, converted data fields into measures, added filters, required and optional prompts in reports.
  • Managed various application and server settings, Log Settings, Ad Hoc Settings, Ad hoc Cache settings etc.
  • Configured view Query, display null as zero, set Query limits, added restriction on filter list values row limits etc.
  • Set Ad Hoc Dataset Row, Ad Hoc Query Timeout limits in Ad hoc settings, different Log settings in Report Center test and production environments.
  • Managed roles, add, deleted roles, assigned roles to users, created Organization, users, folders etc.
  • Add, delete, edit, enable, and disable user accounts by managing user accounts, provided report access.
  • Organized Repository, Organize resources such as reports, data sources into folders, grant/restricted access permissions to users from Creating or Duplicating Domains & Data Sources in Report Center Administration.
  • Modified RC Labels by adding different Logos to Pilot/Prod Environment in Report Center to differentiate.
  • Worked with cross domain team members, product owners, project managers, tech lead for their report needs.
  • Initiated Zendesk tickets coordinated with Infiniti teams, worked with them in resolving report server-side issues manage by them and also issues related to RackSpace team.
  • Worked on Unit Testing and administration work in report center, coordinated with testers, worked on fixing issues found during test phase and closed Agile JIRA’s after test pass.
  • Researched AWS Market Place Reporting Applications for Jaspersoft and Spotfire, worked with Tibco and AWS.
  • Met with AWS TIBCO/Jasper Representatives to better understand subscription offerings, pricing, scalability, etc.
  • Planned, prepared, Created Gap Chart / Analysis between Existing RC Functionality and AWS Offerings of Jaspersoft, worked on Migration of Jaspersoft from v6.0.1 to v6.4 and coordinated with Infiniti teams.
  • Researched on IBM Cognos, Cognos vs Jaspersoft features, Demos and POC and worked on Pricing.
  • Investigated about multiple Business Intelligence software solution from Gartner’s list of top BI which includes “BOARD BI”, “DOMO BI”, “SISENSE BI & Analytics”, “LOOKER BI and Big Data Analytics”.
  • Researched about products, features, client requirement and offerings from them, attended Demos, created POC’s (Proof of Concepts) reports, use case meeting and compared existing BI features vs their offerings.
  • Worked with Amazon Quick Sight Analytics team on different Use Cases, attended multiple technical meetings, got access and worked on AWS Quicksight POC (proof of concept).
  • AWS Quicksight POC Phase1 created new AWS QS data sources, created new AWS QS Data Sets end number of POC reports in QS Analytics which includes List, cross tab, different Chart, added filters, created Dashboards.
  • Worked with Amazon team on different issues found during POC reports, documented all issues and Use cases and working on fixing by them in their future release.
  • Closed JIRA tickets in each Agile Sprints, Presented Demo’s in Sprint planning and grooming meetings.
  • Attended State of California Community College yearly CCCApply Workshop, educated users on creating adhoc reports, answers their questions, taught new users on how to use, schedule reports and presented report Demo to different audience, held Q&A sessions and answers and trained users on their specific questions.
  • Coordinated with Scrum Master, Project Managers, team lead and send weekly Status Reports.

Environment: Tibco Jaspersoft v6.01/6.4, Jaspersoft Studio v6.0.1/6.4, Jasper Domain, AGILE Methodology, JIRA, Amazon (AWS) Redshift, Amazon (AWS) Quicksight, PostGRE SQL, Cognos 11.7, Talend, Docker, Jenkins, SourceTree, PuTTy, Atlassian, Slack, Zoom.

Confidential, Austin, TX

Business Intelligence Developer


  • Attended report & Introduction meetings with project team, gather requirement and understand assignments.
  • Reviewed technical and functional report documents in detail and worked with SME’s with questions.
  • Installed setup IBM Cognos FM Manager & SQL Developer, connected them with required databases.
  • Developed summary reports in Chart and detail report in List report with prompt page, created query subject, query items, defined relationship, added summary and detail filter in reports.
  • Created KPI dashboards for supervisor which gives information to supervisors/state case workers about child cases which are completed, due, pending and critical.
  • Added drill through functionalities from summary report and dashboards sot when user create KPI info it will take it to detail report with information about each case worker, case supervisor, case updates and other details.
  • Applied Accessibility features in reports which assist users who have a disability, such as restricted mobility or limited vision for navigating user interface in reports so that they're accessible for yourself or others.
  • Worked with other developers implementing accessibility feature and testing JAWS screen reader in reports and also used JavaScript in Prompt pages.
  • Working on Unit Test Script by documenting all test results with reports each functionalities and fix issues found during Unit testing and coordinated with testers in testing reports.
  • Attend daily/weekly Report meetings and Send Weekly Status report to managers.

Environment: Cognos 11.7, Framework Manager, Report Studio, SQL Developer, Microsoft JAWS, JavaScript.

Confidential, Sacramento, CA

Sr. Cognos BI Developer


  • Designed complex Cognos reports using Drill through, master-detail which involved multi prompts, multi-queries in Report Studio against relational data sources.,
  • Created reports for Burst Reports, integrated various conditional prompts, cascading prompts, conditional variables in the report, developed Prompt pages used multi textbox, date, value prompts, used singleton, blocks, conditional blocks to display parameter.
  • Used JavaScript in Prompt pages created finish button for customizing prompt interaction in the reports.
  • Created new projects in Frame Work Manager using Oracle and Native/Pass through SQL in FM Models, wrote Case statements, applied SQL Filters used SQL prompts etc.
  • Researched, analyzed, designed, implemented appropriate Cognos data modeling packages for business users based on customers need/requests, Scheduled Reports and Jobs to run reports periodically in background.
  • Participated in (JAD) Joint Application Development sessions with BA in AGILE Methodologies for reporting, collaborated with Application Development teams to modify the developed SQL required for the reports.
  • Maintained knowledge of Confidential data models and data dictionary for the purpose of maintaining Cognos packages and enhanced user awareness of business data.
  • Created reports against Peoplesoft HR, Benefit, Pension, Health insurance and other domains via Oracle DB.
  • Integrated Cognos to batch processes to run/create and saved reports using Cognos SDK by collaborating with SDK developers, collaborated with batch users for successfully running the job reports using job process.
  • Worked in collaboration with Application developers for Integrate External Application to Cognos to trigger/run reports, created reports for External and Internal users and also scheduled reports with Java SDK.
  • Performed detailed technical documentation of design, development, testing, and deployment activities.
  • Gate Keeper for Cognos Framework Branches & Mergers by separating them Release wise & created multiple framework manager branches using single project, communicated between team members & resolved the Conflicts between the root project and branches during the merge process.
  • Created logical layers, business layers in framework Modeling and published the packages.
  • Used singleton, blocks, conditional blocks to display parameter value text dates to numerical dates etc.
  • Designed/delivered data extracts from Confidential databases/data warehouses for JITS reports, ran daily/weekly/monthly JITS (Just in time SQL programed) Reports using SQL Developer/TOAD & output in Excel formats to different Internal and External users.
  • Created Cognos reports for Internal & External user, applied & maintained proper security of Cognos Objects (Reports, Folders and Packages) within Cognos and implemented data level, row & column level security on reports to restrict data based on Internal and External user.
  • Enhanced various reports in Report Studio, created multi-page reports with grouping, sorting, used conditional formatting, style variables, and render variable on report and Used conditional blocks to display different outputs of single report for Internal or External users & Trained/Mentored Cognos training to fulltime state staff.
  • Converted existing Model based reports into SQL Query based using native/pass through SQL plugged SQL queries & modified queries with generate SQL option in Report studio.
  • Created User Guides, how to Documents with screen shots to create Cognos FM Modeling/Folders/Query Subjects/Query Items in FM, Install Cognos Framework Manager on local PC and detail step by step information for New Employees/report developer.
  • Performed Unit Testing, Assembly testing on developed reports, worked with QA teams, provided support during User Acceptance Testing (UAT) & System Tests on testing Cognos reports.
  • Worked on Jaspersoft reports prototype, created list, crosstab & graph reports and compared with Cognos reports.
  • Worked against transactional data for reporting purpose & created reports using transactional data, traced report logs, Cognos report issues used Fiddler tool for tracing errors, find resolution for Cognos report issues with IBM.
  • Created Demo Interactive reports in workspace, workspace advance & Active Reports.
  • Educated, knowledge transferred (KT) to report developers and business users on Cognos tools and best practices.
  • Send weekly Status report to management every week, attended project meetings as requested, weekly, bi-weekly Data Reporting team meetings, lead fulltime Cognos developers and trained new employees on Cognos.
  • Developed best practices for report developing and adhere to company reporting standards and policies.

Environment: Cognos Analytics 11.6/10.2, Framework Manager, Report Studio, SQL Developer, TOAD, Oracle 12c/11g/Golden Gate, Peoplesoft HR, OBIEE, JavaScript, Jasper Soft Reports, HP Openview, Windows Server 2012.

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