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Biztalk/edi/developer/administrator Resume

Nashville, TN


  • Highly Motivated Professional, Senior Level Developer/Administrator/Architect
  • Visionary role for defining technology direction, coordinating with various projects and that build architecture
  • Proficiency in Architecture , Administration, Development, testing and Deployment
  • Demonstrable experience in HIPAA\EDI\EAI\BIZTALK and broad range of Health care related solutions
  • Proficient in HIPAA regulations and implementation of business processes(BPM) and compliance of Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act(HIPAA)
  • Strong experience in designing, documenting and implementing different BizTalk architectural components
  • Experience in developing the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Orchestrated Framework Design pattern to promote SOA
  • Experience with Methodologies like Waterfall, Agile Software Development Methodology like SCRUM
  • Created various mapping technical design documents and companion guides/Trading partner documents


Integration Tools: Biz Talk, Gentran, BizTalk Artificts, BAM, BRE, ESB, Pipeline components etc.BizTalk Adapters, SOAP, SQL, SAP, HIPAA Accelerator, SWIFT Accelerator, HL7

EDI Transactions: 270,271,276, 278, 810,820,824, 834, 835, 837, 850, 855

Languages: Visual C#, Java, T - SQL, XML

Databases: SQL Server, Oracle

Message Formats: XML, EDI X12, EDIFACT, SAP IDOC file message formats

Operating Systems & Platform: .Net Framework, MS Windows Server, Unix,Linux


Confidential, Nashville, TN



  • Provided Architectural guidance on existing BizTalk solution
  • Involved in every stage up to deploying in the production environment and supporting
  • Trained resources for ongoing support and operations
  • Involved in installing the new software's and configuring the software's in development, integration, cert and production environments.
  • Documenting the whole process
  • Configuring the adapters and developing the orchestrations etc.,
  • Involved in BizTalk and SQL clustering
  • Production support after deploying in the production environment
  • Production Support and onshore offshore coordination for deployments.

Confidential, Redmond

BizTalk/EDI/EAI Developer


  • Involved in the design of the BizTalk system requirement collection, design and Documentation .
  • Developed Orchestrations, complex maps, exception handling, custom pipelines, Custom XSLT Scripts
  • Designed and build numerous ESB Itineraries and custom components
  • Developed especs( gap analysis, looping etc)
  • Involved in the administration of BizTalk 2013.
  • Developed Canonical Schema
  • Worked with business rules Engine of 2013 BizTalk. worked with functions, views written stored procedures
  • Used BizUnit testing
  • Implemented Business Activity Monitoring(BAM) of 2013 BizTalk STOB project leverages existing Integration of center of excellence(ICOE) B2B Gateway infrastructure .
  • Defines Business Requirements & submits new requests
  • Built and delivered interfaces using the ESB Toolkit
  • Map changes in the Gentran, Creating new maps in the Gentran
  • Worked on reverse engineering by taking an existing map and creating an eSpec etc.,
  • Manages & Supports ICOE Gateway, including SIT, UAT & Production environments
  • Worked on migration from Gentran 5.1 version to BizTalk 2013.
  • Created Technical Specification and functional specification
  • Worked on the Gentran.
  • Worked on the edi x12 transaction types 850,810,856,852 etc., and EDIFACT transaction types like ORDERS, INVOIC, DESADV etc.,
  • Used AS2 protocol

Confidential, Houston, TX

BizTalk/EAI Developer


  • Involved in the design of the BizTalk2010 system requirement collection, design and documentation.
  • Developing 26 ANSI X12(850,860,856,944,214,204/216,852,810,etc) interfaces between BizTalk, GSAP, Gentran, SQL Server and establishing reconnections between Confidential, suppliers, hauliers, customers etc.
  • Developing orchestrations, exception handling, complex maps, custom pipelines, Business rules(BRE), BAM, Custom XSLT Scripts in maps
  • Configuring SFTP, SQL, and SAP 2.0/3.0 adapter, InfoPath and BizTalk Integration.
  • Creation of SQL Cluster and NLB(Network Load Balancing)Cluster on Windows Servers hosting BizTalk Server
  • Using C# to write custom .net components and developing SQL stored procedures needed in BizTalk2010.
  • Creating partner profiles in SAP and associating them with the inbound and outbound messages in SAP.
  • Creating architectural diagrams in Visio, preparing proof of concepts, and preparing technical specifications and reviewing code, Performance Tuning and Capacity Planning.
  • Implementation of Exception Handling using ESB Exception Management Framework.
  • Testing the interfaces by triggering the iDOCs in SAP and also check SAP to view the posted messages.
  • BizTalk integration with Oracle Database.
  • Worked on migration of BizTalk.
  • Retrieving data from PeopleSoft and writing data to PeopleSoft using BizTalk adapter for PeopleSoft.
  • Creating of Schema from PeopleSoft adapter metadata and establishing connectivity between BizTalk and PeopleSoft.
  • Production Support and onshore offshore coordination for deployments.

Environment: BizTalk Server 2010, C#. Net, ANSI X12, SAP adapter, WCF Custom, HTTP Adapter, SQL Adapter, SFTP adapter, FTP adapter, SMTP adapter, Enterprise Service Bus(ESB), Visual Source Safe, XML, XSLT, IDOCS, BAPI, RFC,Gentran, GXS VAN, PeopleSoft, BizTalk PeopleSoft Enterprise Adapter, MSMQ, InfoPath 2007, Mercury Quality Center 9.0, .Net Framework 3.5, LINQ,CSS,HTML, JavaScript, SSRS.

Confidential, Omaha, NE

BizTalk/EDI/Healthcare consultant


  • Architect for a HIPAA conversion for 835 and 837 transitions
  • Responsible for BizTalk, Reports, SSIS, and ASP front end solutions
  • Developed 837 Institutional mapping from 837Institutional to UB-92 format.
  • Setup continuous integration and automated builds for the BizTalk 2006R2solution inside TFS
  • Designed and built the 835 BizTalk process to send payment notifications
  • Architected the 837 claims process using BizTalk 2006R2
  • Built a BizTalk-based global exception handling process
  • Developed 837 Dental mapping from 837Dental to NSF (National Standard format).
  • Created the flat file schema for the NSF and UB-92 flat file formats via mainframe copybook.

Confidential, Houston, Texas

BizTalk Developer


  • Prepared the Functional and Technical specifications for the eRouter Project.
  • Deliver a new vendor portal to submit invoices to SAP
  • Architected a solution going from web to SAP including complex schema validation with end-user notification
  • Used BizTalk 2006R2

Confidential, Omaha, Nebraska

BizTalk Developer


  • Worked on dotnet development environment including WCF. Relational database design and development (using T-SQL).
  • Designing and developed BizTalk 2006 Business Orchestrations this included use of correlation, error handling to effectively and actively monitor the business activities.
  • Deployed BizTalk applications and packaged by creating MSI Files.
  • Worked on BAM Portal.
  • Created the custom file adopter.
  • Created the custom pipeline.
  • Worked on web services, WSDL (Web Services Description Language).
  • Experience with message routing error and exception handling

Confidential, Baltimore, MD

BizTalk Developer/Administrator


  • Worked on Road mapping and planning for BizTalk upgrades
  • Upgrade BizTalk from .
  • Installed and configured BizTalk Server 2006.
  • Worked as the Administrator of the BizTalk 2006 dealing with message box (SQL database) and interface with PeopleSoft and SAP. performance monitoring, performance tuning, BizTalk artifact versioning
  • Design, develop and support of integration methods to interact with various internal systems
  • Design of clustered server configurations.
  • Designed and developed the XML Schema and Maps for BizTalk inbound and outbound documents using BizTalk 2006 Tools.
  • Designing and developed BizTalk 2006 Business Orchestration diagrams using .Net Framework and Orchestration Shapes.
  • Designed and developed synchronous and correlated orchestration for order processing.
  • Designed and developed atomic orchestration for material master
  • Used mySap v2.0 adaptor, SQLAdaptor, File adaptor and SOAP adaptor.
  • Designed Product Catalog interface to integrate E-Commerce sever and SAP.
  • Designed E-Commerce Profiling interface to synchronize E-Commerce server and SAP
  • Designed Order processing (Business Process) between E-Commerce and CRM (SAP) to synchronize the orders and inventory.
  • Used stored procedures, update Grams in SQL Adapters for writing Batch file to the SQLServer 2000 database.
  • Deployed the BizTalk applications on the production server after creating the application as MSI files.


BizTalk/EDI/Healthcare consultant


  • Designed and developed the XML Schema and Maps for BizTalk inbound and outbound documents using BizTalk 2002 Tools
  • Design, Architect BizTalk EDI interfaces and HIPAA EDI Frame-workcomponents
  • Worked on EDI HIPAA transactions(270,271,275,276,820, 834, 835,837 etc.,)
  • Worked with the 837 Institutional mapping.
  • Worked with HIPAA Accelerator
  • Developed 837 Dental mapping from 837Dental to NSF (National Standard format).
  • Designing and developed BizTalk 2002 Business Orchestration diagrams using .Net Framework and Orchestration Shapes
  • Used stored procedures, update Grams in SQL Adapters for writing Batch file to the SQL Server 2000 database.
  • Deployed the BizTalk applications on the production server after creating the application as MSI files. Responsible for BizTalk2002 production maintenance and BizTalk server2002 performance.
  • Implemented system deployment and maintenance. Using user authentication, role authorization and validation of user transactions.
  • Developed stored procedures, triggers and views.
  • Implemented system deployment and BizTalk2002 application maintenance.

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