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Obiee Developer Resume

Atlanta, GA


  • Experience working on complete Software Development Life cycle (SDLC) which includes Business Requirements Gathering, System Analysis & Design, Data Modeling, Development, Testing and Implementation of Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Applications.
  • Strong understanding of Transactional and Dimensional Data Modeling, Data Warehousing Concepts, and Designing Star & Snowflake Schemas for OLAP Systems
  • Expertise in developing OBIEE repository with Physical, Logical and Presentation layers, Build Reports/Dashboards from the repository using OBIEE (Siebel) answers
  • Developed various Dynamic and Interactive Dashboards/Reports with intuitive drilldowns, drill - across and drillable charts using OBIEE answers.
  • Expertise in OBIEE/Siebel Analytics features (i.e. Caching, Usage tracking, Dimensional hierarchy, Aggregate navigation, Variables/Initialization Blocks configuration etc.)
  • Experience in Installation, Configuration, and Administration of OBIEE, OBIEE, ODI on Windows and Linux Platforms using both Simple and Enterprise install
  • Experienced in Upgrade of RPD and Web Catalog from OBIEE to OBIEE using the OBIEE upgrade utility tool
  • Developed various Dynamic and Interactive Dashboards/Reports with intuitive drilldowns, drill-across and drillable charts using Oracle answers
  • Experience working on JCL Scripts, Mainframes and Teradata database
  • Worked on Implementation with SAP BW as backend database and OBIEE as reporting tool
  • Experienced in Performing end to end testing, creating Test Plans including Data Validation, Unit Testing and User Acceptance
  • Experience in interacting with Business users to analyze the business process and requirements and writing technical documentation both Functionally and Technically and rolling out the deliverable
  • Excellent Team Management Skills with good business acumen, effective communicator, good team mentoring and training skills, experience in working with Business Users, Controllers, Directors, Senior Managers, Executives and Department Heads.
  • Excellent problem solving skills with strong technical background and good inter-personal skills, Quick learner and excellent team player, ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure.


Business Intelligence Tools: OBIEE,OBIEE, Oracle BI Applications 7.9.5(DAC, OBIEE Platform), BI Publisher Cloud, Essbase, Tableau, Birst, Power BI, Crsytal Reports, Discoverer 4/4i

Data Warehousing: Informatica 8.1/7.1, ODI (Oracle Data Integrator), Transformations, Workflow Manager, Workflow Monitor, Data Mining, Data mart, OLAP, ROLAP, OLTP, SQL *Plus, SQL *Loader

Data Modeling Tools: ERWIN 4.0, MS Visio, Rational Rose

Database: Oracle 8i/9i/10g/11g, SQL Server 2005/2000, MS Access, DB2Teradata, Postgres

Languages: C, C++, C#, SQL, PL/SQL, Java, J2EE, HTML, XML, VB, UML

Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/2000/2003/ NT/XP/Vista, MS DOS, LINUX, HP-UX, AIX

Tool: & IDE: DAC (Data warehouse Administration Console), Microsoft Visual Studio 2003/05.

SQL Tools: SQL Developer, TOAD.

Application Servers: OC4J, Apache Tomcat.


Confidential, Atlanta, GA

OBIEE Developer


  • Participated in the Requirements Gathering of the various work streams by meeting with the business user and base lining the details
  • Customized Oracle BIEE Metadata Repository using Admin Tool by importing some of the required objects with integrity constraints into Physical Layer.
  • Worked on Configuration & Application Deployment Management.
  • Designed and developed Performance Measurement Dashboards/ Reports that are Dynamic & Interactive with drilldown, drill across capabilities split reports for summary & details information, and local & global filters using Oracle BI Presentation Services
  • Developed different kinds of Reports (pivots, charts, tabular) using global and local Filters.
  • Enhance performance of Reports/ Dashboards by implementing the Aggregate tables, Materialized Views, Table partitions and managing Cache.
  • Worked on Metadata Repository objects and also Web catalog Objects which include Dashboards, Reports, Pages and Folders.
  • Implemented data level security (Location Managers, Sales Executives etc.) using Session.
  • Customization of OBIEE (Style/Skin)

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

OBIEE Developer


  • Installed oracle database on Linux and windows
  • Installed and configured oracle BI applications OBIA 11..1.7.1 on Linux
  • Created schemas using business Analytics applications suite RCU
  • Implemented Security in OBIEE 11g
  • Effectively interacted with the end users for requirement gathering and defined requirement specifications document by access and retrieval of financial and personnel data from one single source.
  • Involved in Creating and Administering the Physical Layer, Business Model & Mapping Layer and Presentation Layer using Oracle Business Intelligence Admin tool.
  • Identified & Created Facts, Dimensions, and Hierarchies of the business model.
  • Created Catalog Groups and set permissions for items in the presentation catalog and privileges and rights to users and groups.
  • Created groups in the repository and added users to the groups and granted privileges explicitly and through group inheritance.
  • Configured Interactive Dashboard with drill-down capabilities using global and local Filters, Metadata Objects and Web Catalog Objects.
  • Applied Cascading Prompts and Multi Level Prompts on Dashboards.
  • Identified issues, performance bottlenecks, and optimized the Business Intelligence Dashboards and Reports.
  • Developed different kinds of reports (pivots, charts, tabular) using global and inline Filters.
  • Managed Oracle Delivers, Scheduler & IBOTS.
  • Wrote Custom SQL Codes for the reports.
  • Applied Optimization Techniques for the better performance of the reports.
  • Deploy RPD and catalog using Enterprise Manager.
  • Trained End Users and Pilot Users about OBIEE
  • Worked on the enhancements of the existing reports as well as Change Requests.
  • Worked on SCM and Financial module BIP reports
  • Developed OTBI reports based on user requirements
  • Analyzing business requirements, process flow and understanding the source data received
  • Used ODI to effectively integrate heterogeneous data sources and converting raw data into useful information
  • Analysis, Mapping and Migration of data from ERP to the DataMart using ODI
  • Created ODI packages scenarios using procedures and variables
  • Developed Essbase cubes for Finance and Retail departments at Confidential
  • Loaded data using SQL interface.
  • Wrote calculation scripts member formulas to calculate Essbase database.
  • Wrote Maxl to automate Essbase daily and weekly cube refresh.
  • Loaded actuals into Planning Application and consolidated actuals, forecast and budget numbers to provide a complete financial view.
  • Tested Data load rules, fixed errors from the error log files, resolved issues of data retrieve from Excel
  • Developed Excel reports using the advanced member selection techniques using SmartView.
  • Worked directly with forecasters and planners and helped them in analysis.
  • Participated in Requirement analysis phase and gathered reports in several format, analyzed the reports to design a Hyperion Essbase Cube
  • Involved in defining data mart to support Hyperion Essbase and created reports financial reports.
  • Created BSO application to support Financial Budgeting and Forecasting Application.
  • Developed and maintained Rule files, Calc Scripts (BSO), Maxl Scripts

Environment: OBIEE, OBIEE, Tableau 10.2,,Oracle 10g/11g, PL/SQL and Windows 2003 Server, Linux, Toad, SQL developer, Essbase

Confidential, Atlanta, GA



  • Installed and configured Oracle Business Intelligence on both Windows and Linux servers along with infrastructure team
  • Used RCU to create BI Platform database schemas
  • Installed Oracle BI 11g using Universal Installer
  • Used the Upgrade Assistant to upgrade metadata and schemas from 10g to 11g.
  • Performed Regression test dashboards, reports, actions
  • Conducted Project planning and work estimations, Responsible for developing, supporting and enhancements of OBIEE reports and dashboards on OBIEE
  • Worked on the all the three Repository layers (Physical, Business and Presentation) and all the different views in BI Answers
  • Experience importing tables from different Multi-dimensional databases like SAP BW in the Physical Layers and worked on different types of Hierarchies in the SAP Cubes
  • Created Users and Application Roles using the Enterprise Manager in OBI
  • Worked in the OBIEE RPD Migrations from one instance to another instance using Enterprise Manager also experience in merging the Repository for deployments.
  • Created the Dimensional Hierarchies, Measures, Level-based Measures, Aggregations and Time Series Functions (AGO, TODATE) using Time Series Wizard on different tables and columns by creating logical columns and tables
  • Worked in creating the Session Variables, Repository Variables and also assigning the security Users and Groups in the repository
  • Experience working with Data-level security to restrict the data to certain groups of users and created new custom application roles for Object- level security on the reports and dashboards
  • Created reports using the Pivot Tables, View Selectors, Column selectors, Guided Navigation, Charts, In-place drills in the reports, Embedding HTML links in the report columns etc.
  • Expertise in creating Presentation/Repository/Session Variables, Prompts, Filters, Results bases on another analysis, Guided Navigations, Master- Detail Reports, Interactive Reports
  • Experience working on configuring and scheduling the reports using IBots and BI Delivers in OBI
  • Involved in the meetings that helped the business to better understand the tool and train them to use the BI Answers for the Ad hoc reporting
  • Worked closely with Oracle Support Team to resolve the SR’s that occurred during the development of various projects and the patches that were released by the Oracle on the enhancement and bugs from the current versions.
  • Developed various data connections from data source to Tableau Server for report and dashboard development
  • Developing predictive statistical models using statistical analysis and other predictive modeling techniques
  • Worked across departments to identify and understand key business questions, and standardize key metrics and measures
  • Analyzed and gained understanding of the underlying data and generated tableau dashboards with forecast and reference lines
  • Worked with clients to better understand their reporting and dash boarding needs and present solutions using structured Waterfall and Agile project methodology approach
  • Designed and developed prototype for various dashboards using tableau desktop
  • Involved extensively for building the dashboards such as creating Tableau Extracts, Refreshing extracts, Tableau Layout designing, Tableau Work Sheet Actions, Tableau Functions, Tableau Connectors (Live and Extract), Dashboard color coding, formatting and report operations (sorting, filtering (Quick Filters, Cascading filters, context Filters), ranking, Top-N Analysis, hierarchies)
  • Built interactive Tableau dashboards and publish Tableau reports utilizing parameters, calculated fields and table calculations, user filters, action filters and sets to handle views more efficiently
  • Created Actions, Parameters, Filters and calculated sets for preparing dashboards and worksheets using Tableau
  • Blended data from multiple databases into one report by selecting primary key's from each database for data validation
  • Generated several drills down and drill up reports
  • Worked on querying data and creating on-demand reports using Tableau Desktop and publish the same to Server
  • Used Tab admin and Tabcmd commands in creating backups and restoring backups of Tableau repository
  • Administered user, user groups, and scheduled instances for reports in Tableau
  • Monitored and maintained incremental refreshes for data sources on Tableau server

Environment: OBIEE, Tableau, OBI IBots, Oracle 10g/11g, SAP BW, PL/SQL and Windows 2003 Server, Linux, Toad, SQL developer

Confidential, Roanoke, VA



  • Involved in the installation of the OBIEE 10g on new servers along with infrastructure team Analyzed and worked on various documentations (HLD, LLD) by attending all the meetings and working closely with both the client and the business users to build a good data warehouse model and fast OBIEE Reports
  • Analyzed and tested the efficiency of Norfolk Railway LEADER Software on the locomotives and build OBIEE reports for better analysis
  • Worked on the all the three Repository layers (Physical, Business and Presentation) on Multi-User Environment (MUD)
  • Experience importing tables from different relational databases like Teradata and DB2
  • Designed both Star Schema and Snow Flake Schema depending on the requirement in the business layer on different subject areas
  • Created the Dimensional Hierarchies, Measures, Level-based Measures, Aggregations and Time Series Functions (AGO, TODATE) using Time Series Wizard on different tables and columns by creating logical columns and tables
  • Worked in creating the Session Variables, Repository Variables and also assigning the security Users and Groups in the repository
  • Experience working with Data-level security to restrict the data to certain groups of users and groups and also Object- level security on the reports and dashboards
  • Created reports using the Pivot Tables, View Selectors, Column selectors, Guided Navigation, Charts, In-place drills in the reports, Embedding HTML links in the report columns etc.
  • Worked on creating Presentation variables, prompts, filters and Results bases on another analysis
  • Enabled Caching on physical table Created Views, Indexes on the tables for the performance of the reports
  • Experience working on both BI Server and Presentation Server Cache
  • Worked on mainframes(ISPF) and ETL using JCL
  • Experience working on scheduling tools like ZEKE on Mainframes
  • Worked on creating tables, loading data and migrated tables from DB2 to Teradata using JCL scripts
  • Worked on Teradata utilities like Fastload and multiload
  • Worked on Unit testing and System testing of the reports and dashboards
  • Involved in the production support of both the Data Warehouse and BI reports

Environment: OBIEE Oracle BI Publisher, Oracle BI Scheduler, DB2, Teradata, SQL Assistant, Windows 2003, Mainframes, JCL

Confidential, Greensboro, NC

Sr. OBIEE Developer


  • Installed and configured complete suite of OBIEE on both Windows (DEV) and Linux (QA and PROD) environments
  • Involved in all the meetings and worked closely with the business analysts from both the client and end client (Verizon)
  • Also worked closely with Data warehouse team to get good knowledge on the data architecture to get efficient and fast reports
  • Involved in migrations of the development from DEV to QA and finally to PROD environments on both Windows and Linux boxes using the version control tool called SVN
  • Worked closely in migrating the Security Groups, Id’s, Users at the time of migration along with catalog
  • Designed the star schema in the data model (Physical, Business and Presentation) in the repository
  • Created the hierarchies, drills and level-based measures on different dimensions in the repository
  • Worked efficiently in creating the session variables and also the assigning the security groups and users. Also, worked on the data-level security to restrict the data to certain groups of users
  • Created reports using the Pivot Tables, View Selectors, Column selectors, Guided Navigations, In-place drills in the reports, Embedding HTML links in the report columns etc Also worked on color gauge reports on a different dashboard that helped the users to easily analyze the reports
  • Worked in creating the presentation variables, global filters, charts, tables, global prompts. Creating glossaries as a book-mark link in the reports
  • Worked on moving the entire catalog, security groups to the production and also involved in the production support
  • Worked on BI Publisher reports in generating the templates (Word, PDF, and HTML) as required using the MS Office plugin
  • Used TOAD and SQL Navigator for the database queries and data validations of OBIEE Reports
  • Worked on performance tuning on dashboard and BI Publisher reports working closely with the database developers on indexes and tuning the data in the tables with the appropriate facts and dimension measure in the tables
  • Performed Unit and Regression testing on all the reports developed to maintain consistency and efficiency to meet the users requirement
  • Efficiently co-ordinate with the offshore team in taking the requirements between the client and team efficiently and meeting the deadlines and the deliverables on time
  • Imported data from various sources transformed and loaded into Data Warehouse Targets using Informatica
  • Worked with different sources such as Oracle, MS SQL Server and flat files.
  • Worked on Informatica - Source Analyzer, Warehouse Designer, Mapping Designer & Mapplet, and Transformation Developer
  • Created Informatica mappings using the designer, respective workflows using the Workflow manager to extract, transform and load source data from various heterogeneous sources to the associated Facts and Dimensions
  • Created cubes, dimensions, hierarchies, mappings and complex mapplets using Informatica Power Center designer
  • Extensively used Transformations like Router, Aggregator, Source Qualifier, Joiner, Expression, Aggregator and Sequence generator
  • Knowledge of slowly changing dimension tables and fact tables
  • Migrated and Stored reformatted data form relational, flat file, XML files using Informatica
  • Tuning existing mappings, identifying and resolving performance optimization at various stages

Environment: OBIEE Oracle BI Publisher, Oracle 10g, TOAD, SQL Navigator, Windows XP, Linux.

Confidential, Syracuse, NY

Oracle/ PL SQL Developer


  • Analysis of the Functional Specification Documents specified by the client Coding the PL/SQL triggers, Functions and Procedures
  • Involved in writing the Test Cases, Unit testing and Regression Testing and the data testing with the Data Analyst and also worked mostly on the Production Support issues
  • Developed custom set of Crystal Reports v.8.5/9.0
  • Coached in-house IT staff on architecting Crystal Enterprise 9 environment and security for internal clients.

Environment: Oracle 9, TOAD, SQL PLUS, Windows 2003

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