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Delivery Module Lead Resume

San Francisco, CA


  • Developed highly scalable and available micro - service oriented applications with TIBCO Businessworks and Springboot - Netflix stack for Emerging Payments (Zelle, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay and Citipay). Experience in JSON data modelling and RESTful API design, Domain Driven back-end implementation, messaging (JMS, TIBCO EMS), caching(Gemfire, ActiveSpaces, Java Caching System), Async jobs, persistence with RDBMS (MySQL, Oracle) and NoSQL (Mongo DB, Google Big Query), to complex Gemfire cluster services, micro-services, event sourcing, stream processing.
  • Implementing cloud based solutions (AWS, PCF and Docker). Experienced in Twelve-Factor App and DevOps implementation.
  • Currently Undergoing Google Cloud Platform - Data Engineer Training:Data Analytics by running Hadoop clusters on Google Cloud Platform. Map Reduce, Apache Beam, PySpark, Google File System, Cloud Pub-Sub, Google Big Query, D3 Visualization and Tensorflow.
  • Full-stack enthusiast (using Javascript, Google Maps API, Bootstrap CSS, jQuery)


Programming Languages: Tibco BW, Java, Python, Mulesoft, Shell Scripting, XSLT

UI Skills: Javascript, Jquery, Google Maps API

Database: Oracle, MySQL, Dynamo DB, Google Big Query, Mongo DB

Caching: Gemfire, Java Caching System

Data Visualization: D3.js, Tibco Spotfire

Data Analytics: Apache Beam, Dataflow, Google Dataproc(Hadoop), Map Reduce, Cloud Pub-Sub, Spark, Pig

Machine Learning: Tensorflow

Modelling Skills: Swagger, YAML, XSD

UI Skills: Javascript, Jquery, Google Maps API


Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Delivery Module Lead


  • Building and supporting large-scale micro-services infrastructure as a middleware platform. Developing APIs for Digital Banking platform and scaling up/out performance by analyzing CPU and Memory usages. Led the new Platform team, responsible for core Platform services like 360 degree view, document management, core banking, address validation services using REST, SOAP services over HTTPS and JMS protocols.
  • Data modelling for JSON object storage in mongo DB by balancing the needs of the application, the performance characteristics of the database engine, and the data retrieval patterns. Applying validations to various collections using json schema and query validators.
  • Deploying Mongo DB using Docker image and setting up Mongo DB cluster using Mongo DB Atlas.
  • Created D3.js visualization of the entire source code management repository in order to dynamically represent, the interdependencies between different API’s. Implemented using Java, XSLT, Spark Map Reduce and D3.js, this utility helps multiple teams during all phases of application lifecycle.

Confidential, Irving, TX

Technical Lead


  • Designed and Developed API’s for Confidential initiatives in Confidential . Built reusable micro-services platform for Apple Pay (Provisioning and Customer Servicing), Samsung Pay, Android Pay and Citi Pay and build unified Platform from a set of diverse products
  • Used multiple design patterns (Proxy, Shared State, Aggregator, Branch) for over 70 REST/JSON APIs. Secured APIs using AES-256 and RSA-2048 encryption and remote Safenet-HSM devices.
  • Distributed Cache setup using Gemfire Clusters and Java Caching system. Used Spring, PCF, Netflix Stack (Eureka, Config Server, Hysterix), TIBCO, Swagger and API Gateway.
  • Setting up data pipeline topics using Kafka and JMS for Enterprise Fraud Detection and Splunk/Arcsight log streams.
  • Integration with Visa, Mastercard and Amex Token Lifecycle and Customer Service APIs.


Senior Software Engineer


  • Developed DevOps automation utilities for deployment pipeline (using Perl, Bash, Jenkins), environment health monitoring (using Java).
  • Shell scripting to automate daily tasks such as JVM restart, application usage reporting and GC analysis. Developed API Monitoring dashboard (using jQuery, AJAX, SQL)


Software Engineer


  • Managed real-time event infrastructure which powered all FX trading messages, application event notifications and chat messages using Java Messaging System providers (Active MQ, TIBCO EMS, Vitria dBus).
  • I continued to improve not only our code and quality standards, but a lot of processes like automation, user onboarding experience and knowledge bank.

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