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Sr. Salesforce Developer Resume

Salt Lake City, UT


  • Over 7 years of IT experience with 5+ years in Salesforce.com CRM including experience working on Sales cloud and Service cloud using Visual force, Apex and Java Technologies as an Analyst, Administrator and Developer on Integrating Enterprise Applications.
  • Exceptional documentation skills for writing use cases and functional requirement documents as well as for creating Use Case diagrams, Activity diagrams and business process flow diagrams using MS Visio.
  • Experience in evaluation, design, testing, maintenance and production support using SDLC process and AGILE methodologies.
  • Implemented Visualforce pages with public - facing websites by using Force.com Sites
  • Good understanding of Salesforce Setup Menu, Configuration, Custom Application development, administration and deployment of applications to Force.com platform.
  • Worked on the various Application modules such as Sales and Marketing Customer Service, Business Processes, Finance and recommended solutions to improve their processes using SFDC.
  • Expert Level understanding of Salesforce.com CRM and its Development Life Cycle.
  • Experience in building Custom Objects, Fields, Visual Force pages and Custom Controllers, Components, Reports and Dashboards.
  • Experience with release management and bug tracking tool - Jira
  • Expertise in Force.com technology stack: Apex, Visual Force, Flex, SOQL And SOSL.
  • Experience in sales cloud and service cloud functionalities
  • SFDC Configurations/Customizations - User Interface, Page Layouts, Tabs, Custom fields, Custom objects, Validation Rules, Triggers.
  • Extensive experience over creating workflows, approval processes, validation rules and sharing & security rules.
  • Working knowledge in generating Reports, Dashboards, customized reports and analyzing the data in Salesforce.
  • Experience in SFDC administrative tasks like Creating Roles, Profiles, Sharing Rules, Email Services, Page Layouts, Workflow Alerts, Validation Rules Actions, and Approval Processes.
  • Data Load for SFDC Standard objects, Custom objects.
  • Knowledge on understanding and implementing the new salesforce Lightning Experience.
  • Used different data tools - Apex Data Loader, Excel Connector, Import Wizard, SFDC Data Export, and Clouding.


SFDC Technologies: Standard objects, Batch Jobs, Workflow & Approvals, Apex Language, Apex Classes/Controllers, Apex Triggers, VisualForce Pages, Data Loader, Offline Edition, Integration, migration, Reports, Dashboards, Sales cloud, Service cloud, Force.com IDE, Eclipse, SOQL, SOSL, S-Control

Web Technologies: Web Services, HTML, CSS, XSL, XML, AJAX, JavaScript, JQuery.

Languages: Java, C, C++, APEX, Java Script, SQL

RDBMS: Oracle, SQL Server 2008

Operating Systems: Linux, Unix, Windows 9x / XP / 2000 NT / Vista


Confidential, Salt Lake City, UT

Sr. Salesforce Developer

  • Worked on Fox application is to improve the client’s over all invoice experience through consolidated invoicing and dispute reduction. This shall be accomplished by allowing clients to select from a predefined list of frequencies and formats in which they wish to receive their invoice(s). Reducing some manual touch points and increasing accounts receivable data accuracy
  • Worked and developed public facing client portal that clients use to interface with and update company data (Salesforce, VisualForce, Apex, JQuery)
  • Work closely with the Marketing Department to develop and worked on company public facing website which include job boards and interactive form-based applications (VisualForce, Apex Triggers, Js)
  • Worked and developed financial management application to track all reimbursement, invoice and payment transactions - over 100,000 transactions yearly
  • Developed Apex Documentation on Fox Application.
  • Worked on Push Topics using Streaming API
  • Designed, developed and deployed Custom Objects consisting of validation rules with effective formulae fields, Workflow rules necessary to suit the needs of the application.
  • Defined lookup and master-detail relationships on the objects and created junction objects to establish connectivity among objects.
  • Created workflow rules and defined related tasks, email alerts, and field updates.
  • Developed Triggers, Apex classes and visual force pages as per the needs of the application.
  • Created VF Components used repeatedly in VF pages to reduce the redundancy when needed.
  • Developed various Batch Apex classes and scheduled those using Apex Schedulable classes.
  • Developed Test Classes for unit testing and Apex Triggers for various DML events and functional needs in the application.
  • Worked on SOQL & SOSL queries with Governor Limitations to store and download the data from Salesforce.com platform database.
  • Integrated the Web Services for extracting the data from external systems to display in the pages of salesforce.com.
  • Used SOQL and SOSL queries to pull data from database for data manipulation needs.
  • Used Data Loader for insert, update, and bulk import or export of data from Salesforce.com objects. Used it to read, extract and load data from comma separated values (CSV) files.
  • Integrated salesforce data with external systems by writing salesforce REST Web Services for Inbound classes and used Http Request methods to call external application REST API endpoint.

Confidential, San Ramon, CA

Sr. Salesforce Consultant/Developer

  • Developer for a Front-Office application built on top of the Salesforce Platform for Robert Half's Candidate and Placement management system.
  • Worked on various custom objects and standard objects.
  • Implemented new enhancements including creation of custom objects, workflows, email alerts, templates and UI changes.
  • Worked on various SFDC standard objects like Case Management, Accounts, Contacts, Content, Reports and Workspaces
  • Created Various Profiles and roles, modified various sharing settings for the security needs of the application. Worked under Agile SDLC using Scrum methodology.
  • Designed and developed Apex Classes, Controller Classes, Controller Extensions and Apex triggers for various functional needs in the application.
  • Developed and maintained visual force pages, custom components with responsive design using bootstrap.
  • Experience working on Eclipse IDE with Force.com Plug-in for writing business logic in Apex
  • Designed and Developed wizards using visual force, JavaScript, HTML, CSS.
  • Writing test classes for apex classes in order to ensure that code is working properly or not.
  • Experience in designing Custom Formula Fields, Field Dependencies, Validation Rules, Work Flows, and Approval Processes for automated alerts, field updates, and Email alerts.
  • Handled the responsibility of User provisioning, Profile and Role base hierarchy and Field level security. Used change sets for deployment.
  • Involved in the Web Services Integration to connect with the different Applications.

Confidential, Palo Alto, CA

Sr. Salesforce Consultant/Developer

  • Project AirForce is focused at enabling the key drivers for AirWatch to achieve the 2016 revenue target of $540M. The top line priorities for this project are -
  • Unified sales motion and opportunity management by Confidential (VMW) and AirWatch (AW) to support revenue growth.
  • Improved partner and customer experience
  • Obtain operational efficiencies
  • There are a lot of opportunities to enhance and support the growth potential that both AirWatch and Confidential together promise. The strategies need to be aligned from sales till bookings supported by robust integrated processes in order to unleash the growth potential of the combined entity.
  • Meetings with business to review requirements, walk through for UAT and assistance to create standard reports and dashboards.
  • Created Custom Visualforce components and attributes to override the look and feel of standard Visualforce components
  • Developed Apex Classes, Controller Classes and Apex Triggers in accordance with the Governor limits for various functional needs in the application
  • Used the sandbox for testing and migrated the code to the deployment instance after testing.
  • Used Visualforce in development mode to change the behavior and appearance of Visualforce
  • Add methods that can be called from Visualforce pages to Controller Extensions
  • Created Custom Objects, S2S Connection and fields for transactional and contractual information.
  • Created data migration checklist and field mappings document.
  • Implemented the requirements on Salesforce.com platform and Force.com IDE Plug-in using Eclipse.
  • Used field level security along with page layouts to manage access to certain fields.
  • Data Load for SFDC Standard objects and Custom objects

Confidential, Johns Creek, GA

Sr. Salesforce Consultant

  • Responsible for the maintenance of the legacy Salesforce instance and assisting with the architectural design of the new enterprise instance being deployed that will eventually house eight different business units, unifying them under a single umbrella from various legacy systems. Additional duties included development and deployment of custom Apex/Visualforce code, objects and reports.
  • Worked on work orders generated for enhancements on existing salesforce application.
  • End to end work order process from review requirement, design, documentation, development and deployment.
  • Created Objects, Tabs, Fields, Visualforce pages, Apex classes, Triggers and Layouts.
  • Created validation rules, workflows, record types, sales processes, email templates, email alerts, change sets, approval process.
  • Created standard reports, custom reports and dashboards.
  • Created users, profiles, roles, public groups, permission sets and sharing rules.
  • Export and Import data using data loader when required for existing and new fields.
  • Good experience on data and metadata backup.
  • Oversaw the process of migrating source code of a managed package into one maintained by Confidential .
  • Created and implemented enterprise profile/permission set security mechanism using SSO.
  • Designed and coded a time and expense tracking system using Contracts/Products & Orders.
  • Utilized flow triggers in addition to traditional Apex development for many customizations.
  • Involved in End user support, production deployment, Daily data feed, Email integration support, weekly active user list, Daily data load and Daily metadata backup.

Confidential, Cherry Hill, NJ

Salesforce Developer/Administrator

  • Acted as a SFDC developer on several large projects including lead management from Marketo, customer on-boarding across multiple systems, contract management implementation, and Salesforce-to-Salesforce organization merge.
  • Worked to implement and tailor several existing Salesforce applications including Miller Heiman, Apttus Contract Lifecycle Management, RemedyForce Incident and Change request management for business needs, as well as created entirely custom applications such as a text parser for analysis of wire distributions.
  • Worked with a variety of teams including customer support, marketing, finance, and IT to architect and customize solutions for their respective challenges including the aforementioned large projects.
  • Worked closely with other IT teams and led junior Salesforce developers in implementation of designs.
  • Created multi-map integration processes using Pervasive for integrations between Oracle and Salesforce. Completed a total of nine different integration processes between Oracle views and staging tables, and both custom and standard objects in Salesforce.
  • Led the architecture design and testing phase of a massive project to retire Pervasive and re-implement all of the existing integration processes in Jitterbit. This involved close collaboration with the Oracle team and the Jitterbit developer to utilize the opportunity to make optimize the integration processes and ensure that the transition was seamless.
  • Used both Pervasive and Salesforce Dataloader to transform and import data from raw files into Salesforce both custom and standard objects as needed


Java/Salesforce Developer

  • Involved in Salesforce.com Application Setup activities and customized the apps to match the functional needs of the organization.
  • Worked with configuration and also Security aspects of Salesforce.
  • Worked with various Salesforce.com objects like Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Reports, and Dashboards.
  • Developed various Custom Objects, Tabs, Components and Visual Force Pages and Controllers.
  • Developed and configured various Custom Reports and Report Folders for different user profiles.
  • Developed Custom Objects, Custom Reports and configured the Analytic Snapshots to dump the data on regular basis for the sales performance and lead generation statistics.
  • Created and deployed Several Reports using Salesforce.com platform.
  • Created Custom Objects and defined lookup and master-detail relationships on the objects using junction objects to establish connectivity among objects.
  • Developed Apex Classes, Controller Classes and Apex Triggers for various functional needs in the application.
  • Developed and deployed workflows and approval processes for opportunities and products/ assets management.
  • Created and used Email templates in HTML and Visual force.
  • Data migration from legacy system to Salesforce using Data Loader and CSV files.
  • Used Data migration tools and de-duplication.
  • Used the sandbox for testing and migrated the code to the deployment instance after testing.
  • Designed Apex Before Insert, Before Update, After Insert and After Update Triggers.
  • Involved in querying Salesforce tables using SOQL & SOSL queries using Force.com Explorer.
  • Interacted with the Salesforce.com premium tech support team on a regular basis.
  • Worked with Chatter that helps the users to communicate with the organization easily and quickly.
  • Part of the technical team in the development of Model View Controller (MVC) Model architecture to handle configuration, database connectivity, and template management allowing the developer to focus on application-specific business logic.

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