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Business Intelligence Sme/ Technical Application Development Lead Resume


  • Fifteen (18) years of comprehensive information technology experience, with profound technical skills and experience in enterprise architecture and management, business intelligence reporting, application development, database design/ administration, network engineering, systems administration, infrastructure development and many other aspects of information technology at a thorough, cross - disciplinary level
  • Eight (8) years of Oracle Enterprise 9i, 10, 11g and SQL Server support; certified Oracle 9i database administrator; data modeling including normalizing and de-normalizing data
  • Six (10) years of SAP BusinessObjects architecting, administration, report & universe development, security & governance management
  • Five (8) years of business management experience including marketing, human resources, financial & accounting, strategy planning, supply-chain and logistics management and overall operational and process-centric management
  • Five (6) years of Project Planning and Management experience including planning, scheduling, resource management, effective team communication, project performance and risk assessment
  • Extensive experience in-depth knowledge and understanding of current and future technologies, their capacity to drive business information, and of the business being transformed



Business Intelligence SME/ Technical Application Development Lead


  • Led team of 4 developer and testers through relational data model design, requirements analysis, application solution and BOE universe architecture & report development for the BITA Tool for the DRTBA/Cyber security IRS organization
  • Conducted reporting requirements analysis, design, development and test of 25+ Web Intelligence reports
  • Conducted technical sessions to review requirement, data issues and identify missing functionality within the custom GUI; Participated in project management sessions; developed schedules for the technical areas of the project
  • Engaged in revisions for the custom GUI developed in visual C# using Visual Studio 2013
  • Engaged in agile development approach using Scrum methodology. Led development of scrum schedule, scrum subject areas, user stories, test plan development
  • Participated in IRS ELC documentation process for new application development and deployment
  • Conducted data extract, transform, and loading (ETL) for business impact analysis (BIA) and information system contingency plan (ISCP) testing analytics groups within the DRTBA


Business Intelligence Senior Consultant

  • Engaged in rapid and agile development and support development for BusinessObjects reporting supporting real-time reporting catalog for the JDAO CM/ECF within the AO
  • Supporting complex Webi reports with high number of tables and sections within each report using very sensitive relative alignments and user prompt based display
  • Support and resolve dozens of old performance and functional issues within reports by using efficient and effective reporting development practices including streamline on-report code
  • Strengthen existing report security by modifying data providers and on-report functions to retrieve and display data based on user role and function
  • Improved report performance by optimizing universe, removing complex derived tables with simplified table joins and alias in addition to adding aggregate tables at the databases and indexing reporting data sources
  • Review and fix complex behind the scene PL/SQL stored procedures used in tandem with the universe and reports to fetch very complex and high-performance data requests


Business Intelligence Consultant

  • Participated in development and review of reporting requirements and design deliverables for canned reports
  • Developed extensive training material for various BusinessObjects components including Information Design Tool (IDT), BI Portal (InfoView portal)
  • Delivered step-by-step webinars and hands-on training to the IRS team on the fundamentals of BusinessObjects reporting, how to create a universe using the new Information Design Tool; how to access the reporting platform; how to create a report; schedule report runs and a preview of the BusinessObjects administration platform.
  • Developed a reporting catalog on the unified reporting portal that allows IRS users access to all reports across domains within a single interface. All reports available to users are validated against the security strategy deployed within the BusinessObjects;
  • Developed reports with charting and drill-down and slice-n-dice functions to allow for what-if analysis and visual analytics using the WebIntelligence reporting
  • Documented subject matter SOP for various reporting functions with samples and screenshots to aide in easy delivery of information and training


Business Intelligence Center of Excellence

  • Actively promote Shared Services and manage end-user concerns that have escalated through an established service hierarchy; develop and implement strategy and plans for growth, service enhancements, cost reductions, and sustained continuous improvement
  • Ensure all business processes are documented and executed appropriately, are cost effective, contain appropriate controls, and in corporate best practices
  • Actively participate in the Steering Committee with an emphasis on performance oversight and service expansion
  • Create and maintain an engaging, collaborative, and performance-focused work environment
  • Business Objects BO 4.0/XI 3.1 installation and administration of entire hardware, network-layer and software products like Tomcat, and Apache (Clustered and Standalone environments)
  • Worked with infrastructure team to provide them with list of specifications need to build the servers for BO4.0
  • Designed, developed, maintained and optimized the Universes using Designer module; troubleshoot aggregates, linked universes, drill-through and dynamic modules
  • Effectively administered and supervised the Business Objects (SAP BI) environment by monitoring/granting permissions and rights to users for viewing, creating and publishing reports
  • Extensive knowledge and implementation of Business Objects Security Model and experience with Business Objects Security Implementation (Row level, Object level)
  • Experience with IBM DataStage for ETL (Extraction, Transformation, and Loading) of data from multiple sources database systems to Data Warehouses
  • Extensively performance-tuned, identified and resolved performance bottlenecks at various levels like source, target, mappings, and session; experience in writing system documents, technical documents, and user documentation and also writing training materials helpful for end users
  • Assisted in developing and executing data center migration and version upgrades for SQL 2000 environments to SQL 2008; expertise evaluating the performance of SQL statements and PL/SQL modules
  • Good knowledge and experience in data warehouse development life cycle, requirement analysis, dimensional modeling, and implementation of STAR, Snowflake schemas
  • Extensive root-cause analysis for performance and SQL failures; troubleshoot failing SQL connections and SQL fail-over; implemented user security and role management; index health review and management



  • Developed Logical Data Model (LDM) for Defense Personal Property System (DPS) that is fully compliant with the USTRANSCOM Master Model per guidance identified in the USTRANSCOM Data Management Handbook.
  • Ensured that the LDM provided a concise, rigorous description of the data needed to support the DPS business processes; models were normalized up to level 3 and sometimes level 4 to achieve some abstractness


Oracle Database Administrator

  • Designed database technical architecture for development and testing environments for 3 projects.
  • Installed Oracle 8.1.7 and 9.2.0 along with Oracle tools and maintained development, product test, system test, and regression/performance test.
  • Wrote PL/SQL Packages, Procedures and Triggers; Installed Oracle Upgrades and Patches software.
  • Implemented Oracle Partitioning for large database tables to speed up data retrieval and increase data manageability; assisted in the technical architecture designs on a new project involving high availability and scalability solutions of Oracle 9i Real Application Clusters (RAC).
  • Monitored table-space, sessions, database status and automated alert messages of database resource issues to pagers; used Explain plan and Statspack reports; Optimized SQL statements; monitored Alert log and Trace files
  • Indentified, resolved performance problems to the Application Support team; developed procedures including SQL scripts to identify data objects, tables and indexes that need reorganization and rebuilding.
  • Assisted in designing and documenting Oracle Backup & Recovery using RMAN/ Netbackup and Oracle Export/Import utility; wrote scripts to automatically refresh development/testing instances based on current db release.

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