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Business Intelligence Developer- Erp Engineer Resume


  • I am an experienced developer with 5+ years’ experience in implementing and developing Corporate BI solutions using OBIEE 11g,12c, and Tableau.
  • Experienced in working with senior management, business analysts, and team leads to gather business requirements and develop prototypes.
  • Extensive experience in developing Physical, Business Model and Mapping, and Presentation layers of the RPD.
  • Extensive experience working with connection pools, schema folders and tables in the physical layer.
  • Used Update all row count/view data, to make sure my connection pool was working.
  • Created Alias tables in Physical layer for reuse of database tables.
  • Expertise in joining Fact tables to Dimension tables, thereby creating Star Schemas/ Snowflake Schemas.
  • Expertise in dealing with and using primary and foreign keys in joining tables.
  • Created Business models in the Business Model and Mapping layer, as per business requirements.
  • Used the rename wizard to rename columns to a more business naming convention.
  • Created Hierarchies, Time series models, Level - based measures, calculated logical columns in the BMM layer of the RPD.
  • Proficient in creating/ managing variables to streamline administrative tasks
  • Experienced in managing the entire BI architecture: BI Answers/Analytics and OBI User interface, BI Server and Admin tool, BI presentation services and the catalog, and the Data sources.
  • Developed reports, interactive dashboards, dashboard prompts, and filters in BI Analytics.
  • Managed catalogs, user interaction enhancement, creating action links, column formatting, data formatting, conditional formatting, creating Bins, creating agents, managing filters, formatting views, charts, and creating dynamic content to enhance user experience.
  • Extensive experience in using BI Config files and log files for diagnostics and changing parameters.
  • Managed performance by using cache management, aggregate tables in OBIEE environments.
  • Managed security by creating users and assigning them to their respective groups.
  • Excellent people, teamwork, communication, organizational skills, and a quick learner.
  • Strong Understanding of ETL and data warehousing principles

Environment: Oracle 11g, OBIEE 11g versions /9, 12c,BI Publisher, BI Apps(Supply Management), Tableau, and SQL Developer, Essbase Cubes Smart-view, Team Foundation Server(TFS), Windows XP/7/10.


  • OBIEE 11g
  • SQL
  • Tableau eClinical Works
  • Team foundation Server (Agile development iteration management system)
  • Essbase excel add-in data validation and analysis



Business Intelligence Developer- ERP Engineer


  • Configured and Developed Corporate reports and dashboards to assist higher level executives to enhance their decision making in-order to expand and grow the business.
  • Interacted with business representatives and business analysts for requirements collection analysis and to define business and functional specifications.
  • Attended Agile sprint planning meetings and daily stand-up meeting to collaborate and update team members on project progress
  • Maintained requirements tractability matrix and change requests log while developing reports and dashboards in development environment.
  • Attended weekly meetings with, Corporate Finance teams, BA’s, and company Stakeholders for project status updates.
  • Developed interactive Dashboards and Reports in Oracle BI Analytics as per the reporting specifications.
  • Created reports with different views Table, Pivot table, bubble charts, tree maps, Narrative, ticker, Graph, Gauge, Funnel, column and view selectors’ etc.
  • Created presentation Variable to display customized views for end users
  • Implemented Section Conditioning to enable and disable sections as per user requirements.
  • Used Filters and Prompts appropriately to avoid excessive data showing up on Reports.
  • Created Session, Request, and Repository variables to use in Reports and Prompts.
  • Used column properties' Style, Column format, Data format, and conditional formatting to enhance reports.
  • Used the sort feature to sort reports in ascending or descending order as per business requirements.
  • Created report prototypes and presented them to users to get approval.
  • Used Agents/ to schedule reports in various formats, to various destinations.
  • Used the catalog to manage reports and dashboards, and to make changes where necessary
  • Implemented security based on LDAP Authentication by creating users and assigning them to their groups.
  • Performed unit and integration testing of reports and dashboards.
  • Migrated Web Catalog objects from Dev to Test to Production using catalog manager.
  • Enhance new and existing reports and dashboards. Analyzed and implemented solutions for performance improvement
  • Research and implement business solutions to increase business competitiveness by staying on top of our business competitors.

Environment: Oracle 11g, OBIEE 11g version, and 12c, SQL Developer, Essbase cubes Smart-view excel add-in, Windows 7


Business Intelligence Systems Analyst-Developer


  • Gathered Functional and Technical requirements from different user departments.
  • Performed GAAP analysis to compare current state and to be state in-order to make a compelling and beneficial business case.
  • Conducted business systems analysis to investigate and gather valid data to be used in reports and dashboards
  • Recommended schema designs for developers to utilize when creating a data model by specific joining tables which fulfilled business reporting requirements
  • Developed prototypes to help refine user functional and technical requirements
  • Maintained development change configuration management software to monitor and ensure scope alignment.
  • Assisted in sprint planning and management meetings to ensure timely delivery of reports and dashboards using Team Foundation Server Software.
  • Created connection pools, Alias tables in physical layer.
  • Identified Facts and Dimensions tables and created Star/ snowflake schemas in physical layer.
  • Created Level based Hierarchies, Level based measures, logical columns.
  • Used various time series models to track incidence data and morbidity occurrence data patterns.
  • Eliminated snowflake schemas in the BMM layer by using Logical table sources.
  • Used calculation wizard in the BMM layer to make comparisons of changes in measures.
  • Used consistency checker to check for errors, warnings, and best practice violations.
  • Used variables and created Initialization blocks in the repository.
  • Used analytical SQL queries against the source databases to identify and analyze the authenticity of the data.
  • Developed and configured several reports and dashboards for use by the company operations management, marketing promotion team, and senior level decision makers.
  • Administered permissions and privileges for Dashboard visibility and modifications to users
  • Extensive experience working in Analytics, Enterprise Manager, and WebLogic Admin Console.
  • Performed quality assurance testing and Data Validation of reports by running SQL database queries in SQL Developer.
  • Trained users and junior developers and junior Business Intelligence systems analysts on OBIEE functionality and technical application.
  • Gave Demonstrations of the final Dashboards for user acceptance or feedback. Researched and implemented interactive dashboards to improve and enhance business efficiency.

Environment: Oracle 11g, OBIEE 11g version, SQL, SQL Developer, Windows XP/7

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