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Consultant Resume

North Brunswick, NJ


  • An accomplished professional with over 12+ years of Front Office Development experience. Used agile practices and Test Driven Development techniques to provide reliable, working software with a strong excellent teamwork and successful coding project management.
  • Specializes in problem identification and proposal of alternative solutions. Adept at working on multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Experienced low latency desktop GUI Development using Win Forms, WPF Modular application development with PRISM, TPL, Async/Await, Reactive Extensions, specializing in SDLC entailing business requirement mapping, analysis, design, development, testing and implementation of software layered application using design and architectural patterns.
  • Extensive experience for managing client expectations and implementation of large - scale distributed applications and the integration of disparate systems in Microsoft based platforms.
  • An effective communicator with strong leadership, relationship management and analytical skills.


Languages/Framework: WPF, Win Forms, C#, .Net Framework 1.1/2.0/3.0/3.5/4.0 , Multithreading, TPL, Reactive Extensions, LINQ, WCF, Web Forms ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Entity Framework, .NET Remoting, Unity, Spring.NET

Database: SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 , 2012, Oracle 10.x/11.x

Tools: Visual Studio 2003/5/8/10/13/15 , DB Artisan, Ervin, TOAD, MQ Scanner, Net Advantage Infragistics Grid Control, DevExpress Grid Control, SQL Developer, NUnit, Moq, Rhino Mocks

Reporting Tools: Crystal Advanced, Crystal Enterprise Server, SSRS/SSIS

Scripting tools: JavaScript, VBScript, ASP, and ASP .Net, XML, XSLT, Web Service toolkit for Office XP, Excel VBA / . Word VBA

Messaging: IBM MQ Series, Solace Unified Messaging Platform

Trading Platform: OpenLink Endur v6, v8, Web ICE, BARX, OATI Web Trader, Sophis and OPICS

OS: Win NT 4.0, UNIX, Windows XP, Windows 2003/2008/2012

Performance/Analysis WAS: (Web Application Stress Tool), Web Trends Analyzer

Tools: Control M Job Scheduler, AutoSys, UNICENTER, Tidal

Security Systems: DBAS (Deutsche Bank Authentication System), Clear Trust (RSA). Fortify, Single Sign-On

Issue Tracking: JIRA 3.13x, SharePoint 2010

Source Control: GitHub, Clearcase, Perforce, Visual Source safe and Team Foundation Server

Excel Integration: ManagedXLL, Excel Integration, Excel Macros, VBA, Open XML SDK

Others: Multithreading, OOD, Design Patterns, MVVM, DI/IoC, SDLC, Oracle Coherence, ReSharper

Build Tools: NAnt, NAnt build Scripts, Cruise Control.Net etc.


  • Strong Multi-threaded Server side development, WPF modular UI development using PRISM, Windows Forms, Development and Support of FO trading platforms
  • End to end management of onsite and offshore projects from product conceptualization and visualization to technology mapping and final execution of projects.
  • Mapping client’s requirement and providing them best IT solutions involving evaluation and definition of scope of project and finalization of project requirements.
  • Managing and leading team members; allocating resources among team members and guiding team members during the project, till final delivery.
  • Conducting system study and coordinating with team members for Product Documentation, System Design & Integration, Coding, Unit testing, Application Maintenance, etc.
  • Designing and executing test plans, UAT activity and gap analysis to ensure that business requirements and functional specifications are tested and fulfilled.
  • Verifying change requests and defects; tracking and reviewing test plans, test results and unresolved problems; reviewing test reports & taking corrective actions.
  • Holding review-meetings to monitor progress of the project as per schedule, and ensuring timely completion and delivery of the project to the client.
  • Delivering and implementing the project as per scheduled deadlines and extending post-implementation and maintenance support; providing training to end users


Confidential, North Brunswick, NJ



  • Working as a consultant in the development, enhancement and supporting of Securities Electronic Trading platform RUBICON covering booking of US Treasury, TIPS, Bills, RFQ and IRS product built using WPF.
  • Oracle Coherence reliable in-memory data grid as backend with high-performance JSON framework, Ison.NET to write/read from/to the GUI
  • Worked with Coherence for .NET API to access Coherence clustered services, including data, data events, and data processing.
  • Includes support for Real time Cache and Continuous Query
  • Monitoring changes in cache and real time to update the GUI screen, subscribing using RX.
  • Working on bug fixes, tracked using JIRA and testing with QA before moving into production.

Technology; WPF, PRISM, Oracle Coherence, .NET RX, Unity, TPL, DevExpress Grid Control 16.2. Json.NET

Confidential, New York, NY



  • Development, support and enhancement of the WPF application to meet regulatory requirement based on Market logic and Reporting requirement for various jurisdiction for Derivative products trading and display of real-time credit limits.
  • Worked on Fusion Capita APIs, from Sophis, to develop customized BTMU feeds flowing into various downstream systems used in regulatory reporting. Worked on XSL driven WordML for dynamic FX confirmation Word Document generation and involved in upgrade from Sophis version 6.1 to Sophis
  • Rolled out Customer Surveillance application built using WPF using MVVM interfacing vendor product called Adept Droit, java client on JBOSS through MQ to implement Dodd Frank regulation pertaining Deal / No Deal, mandated clearing. SWAP Execution Facility eligibility, IM Segregation requirement and External business conduct
  • Front Office Derivative Trading day to day trading application development, support and maintenance. Supporting excel based risk EUC tool “YOKOZUNA” used by Traders.
  • Working as IT lead, helping the Derivative Trading Desk in booking Interest Rate and Cross Currency Swaps and Option in Latin American currency called LATAM and initiative to meet Regulatory requirement on Reporting to clients.. As IT Lead I worked with BA to come up with BRD, FDD, TDD, Unit Test plan and QA for tracking. Testing involves running batch, working with various cross functional downstream groups within the bank to complete testing, report generation relating to PnL, Customer Statements and risk values and validating from Business users for Sign off before planning for production release.
  • Developed a WPF GUI application for Operation users to view & generate custom reports.
  • Developed WPF application using Infragisitcs grid to view various reports relating to Broker Fees and reconciliation using WCF Service layer that connects to Oracle Database to get data to front end. WCF service is self-hosted console application on net.Tcp binding used by for intranet clients with ability to run custom queries.
  • Supporting of vendor based product Sophis by Mysis used in booking Listed Future/Options, OTC FX Options and Back Office Processing. Working closely with back and middle office teams. Good knowledge of Back office SOPHIS module.
  • Implementation of SVA Wrap which guarantees book value for Stable Value Funds in return to periodic fees which was purchased from RaboBank
  • Development custom. Library for logging, exception handling, reading configuration files, and developing generic component for parsing flat and csv files using C #.net attributes, SQL Server 2008 and .net Framework 3.5 /4.0.

Environment: .NET Frame Work 3.5/4.0, C#.Net, SQL Server 2008, Oracle 11x, ADO.Net, Entity Framework, Excel Macro, Excel VBA, WCF, Windows Services, Tidal, Open XML

Confidential, New York City, NY



  • Worked closely with US power and Gas traders assisting in daily trading activity and fulfilling new product booking testing and rolling out for trading.
  • Member of a core team of developers mandated to build out the next generation E Trading Application for the entire commodities business, with emphasis on building out Gateways connecting to ICE, NYMEX, BARX, Orderbooks, Tradebooking and Position Management system using Solace, a high throughput low latency hardware based messaging infrastructure.
  • Was involved in various design meetings with the end users, project managers and other developers.
  • Developing the Real Time Trading gateway to use the Barclays Commodities Electronic trading infrastructure (COMET) using C#.net 3.5, MQ and SLQ Server 2008. COMET is an e- trading platform for commodities used by oil, power, gas, metals and index. Basically it is made up of 2 parts, backend is auto booking trades into OpenLink Endur and front end is COMET GUI. COMET GUI is made using winforms and devexpress. The external exchanges are referred using gateways implementing fix/XML .Trade booking uses XML and XSLT for conversions and rule checks on the messages which then feed into OpenLink. The heart of the system is based on Dialtone which is based on sending/ receiving heartbeats. Every system in the framework uses Dialtone heartbeats to send the client a signal showing they are alive or dead. Those are called assurance messages.
  • Supporting Real Time trading Power desk and Logistics/Operations in scheduling of physical trades that uses a product called OATI Web Trader. Worked closely with traders developing pricing sheet and supporting daily trading..
  • Development and support of Decision Support System used by the Power and Gas desk
  • Configuring and testing of new trading products / markets for US power and Gas trading desk
  • Working closely with the vendor and Application Management to resolve any issues in timely manner
  • Liaised with Application management teams to codify and document support procedures, BCM and DR policies to ensure 24x & uptime for the Trading / DSS system.
  • Developing Web scraping applications to get Real time prices from different ISOs - PJM, NYISO, MISO, CAISO, ERCOT and displaying in excel as requested by the traders using C#.net 3,5, Managed XLL Add in
  • Excel VBA support and development in calculating DVaR for Commodities Market Risk group.

Environment: .NET Frame Work 2.0 / 3.0 /3.5, C#.Net, SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 , ADO.Net, Asp.net, Win Forms, Managed XLL, Excel Macro, Excel VBA, Windows Services, AutoSys

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