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Systems Analyst Resume

Fremont, CA


  • Extensive experience of Business & Data Analysis, Data Management and Architecture
  • Extensive experience in translating business requirements into conceptual, logical & physical data models.
  • Extensive experience in Business Analysis & Planning, Complex Data Management, Data Modeling and Migration.
  • Member of Data governance team to streamline the authority and control (planning, monitoring, and enforcement) over managements of data assets.
  • Extensive experience in Confidential required Compliance Management System.
  • In Loan Origination and Modification processes, ensured the Data points and Containers are consistent to MISMO standards.
  • Data Architect/Analyst for the Data Governance(Data profiling, Data Quality, MDM) projects in banking commercial stream
  • Experience in Loan Origination process, Loan Modification, Wholesale commercial Banking.
  • As part of data profiling, extensive experience in statistical analysis and assessment of the data values and exploring relationships between value collections within and across data sets.
  • Key skills include recommending and developing design standards for using normalized data structures, de - normalized structures and dimensional structures.
  • Detail oriented individual with exceptional skills in problem solving using analytical methods.
  • Experience interfacing with key business/functional/product groups for requirements gathering for new projects and continued working with product support and engineering teams in multi -cultural global arena.


Confidential, Fremont, CA

Systems Analyst


  • Performing Data profiling of SOR data to identify anomalies.
  • Creating Data mapping documents.
  • Creating DDL Public and Private Scripts from ER Studio. Public scripts are used to create individual schemas for each SOR, in Oracle. Private scripts are used to create tables in validated private area.
  • Informatica ETL tool is used to import data on a regular basis.
  • Created ILMD documents (Integrated Layer Mapping Document) for STRATEGY and REALM SORs.
  • Developed SQLs as part of processing logic to help developer in development efforts.
  • Assisted development team at development stage.

Systems Analyst



  • Review of data values populating data sets through quantitative measures and analyst review.
  • Statistical analysis and assessment of the quality of data values, within a data set.
  • Exploring relationships that exist between value collections within and across data sets.

Software: Oracle/Informatica 9.x

Confidential, Simi Valley, CA

Systems Analyst


  • Interacted with LOB to create Business requirement documents and Change control documents.
  • Interacted with the developers on the technical specification
  • Worked on Confidential required Compliance Management System
  • In Loan Origination and Modification processes, ensured the Data points and Containers are consistent to MISMO standards. This helped to not only improve accuracy, consistency, improving Operational efficiencies and reduce processing time but also mandated by GSEs.
  • Explored for deprecated data points or containers in Logical Data Dictionary and mapped to new Data Point Name and Container Name.
  • Developed for loan origination, Key performance metrics like Cycle Time, Fallout Rate, Number of Lock Extensions, Pull-through Rate, Number of Conditions per Loan, Profit per Loan Originated.
  • Interacted with LOB to create Business requirement documents and Change control documents.
  • Liaison between SMEs, Data Modelers, Developers, QA teams for the smooth execution of the project
  • As part of Data Governance team focused on Data Profiling, Data Quality, MDM.
  • As part of MDM
  • Identified Master and Reference data needs, sources and contributors
  • Defined and maintained Data integration architecture
  • Defined Match and Merge rules
  • Defined hierarchies and affiliations
  • Involved in creation and maintenance of Golden records.
  • Worked on Data analysis, profile & implementation (design, coding & testing)
  • Highly experienced in using SQL Server/Oracle for coding the business rules related to enterprise data elements
  • Worked on creating / modifying the enterprise data element Business rules specifications by profiling the data
  • Data Architect for the data integrity projects in banking commercial stream
  • Oversaw the deployment of the process changes
  • Create defects and resolve them in the post production phase.
  • Confidential integration using Agile/Rally technology

Software: Oracle 10g/11g, MS SQL Server 2008, Informatica, SSIS,SSRS, Rally

Confidential, Phoenix, AZ

Data Analyst/Business Analyst


  • Gathered from the users their home modification requirements.
  • Developed Loss mitigation reporting requirements like Referrals, Application, Submittals and Decisions etc. for their Home Equity solutions
  • As part of data profiling, developed statistical analysis and assessment of the quality of data values with a data set.
  • As part of data profiling, explored relationships that exist between value collections within and across data sets.
  • Data import and data modeling of large amount of data running into 1TB of data.
  • Developed/implemented process and guidelines to ensure readiness to process incoming data. Mentored and provided solutions for operational problems. Process improvements resulted in practically 100% validation.
  • Production support on all the user issues including bug fixing, report enhancements, and user training.
  • Responsible for providing analytical data for their decision support.
  • Designed the database by creating tables, semi-summary tables, and other database objects to cater to the needs of the user requirements.
  • Enabled and utilized the CDC feature on key tables to track changes. Closely worked with DBAs in database creation.
  • Responsible for report performance and interacted with the DBAs to advise on table partitioning, data imports from DB2 databases and other issues.
  • Responsible for smooth transition during upgrades of DW objects like stored procedure, tables, packages etc.
  • Mentoring other team members on the requirements, database design, applications and business processes.
  • Performed QA to ensure correctness and performance of their reports
  • Participated in weekly IT status update meetings.
  • Designed and developed a database to house data from various data sources for all reporting needs.
  • Created SSIS packages to extract, transfer and load data into the data warehouse on a daily basis.
  • Identified the Data Source and defined them to build the Data Source Views.
  • Developed Query for generating drill down reports in SSRS 2005/2008.
  • Schedule jobs to transfer reports to MS Excel.
  • Created and scheduled SQL jobs to run SSIS packages on a daily basis.
  • Created complex Stored Procedures, Triggers, Functions, Indexes, Tables, Views and other T-SQL code and SQL joins for applications.
  • Generated Reports using Global Variables, Expressions and Functions for the reports.
  • Created stored procedures, views, triggers, user defined functions to in corporate the flow of business and called various stored procedures.
  • Created ETL SSIS packages both design and code to process data to target databases.
  • Created parameterized, drill-down and drill-through reports.
  • Deployed reports to Reporting Services.
  • Participated and documented all aspects of the QA process.

Hardware/Software: MS SQL Server 2005/2008, Oracle 10g/11g, DB2, MS SQL SSRS, SSIS, CDC.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Data Analyst/Business Analyst


  • Provided the Application Analyses, Data Modeling.
  • Conducted data analysis and did Data Modeling and Created ER Diagrams using Logical Schema and Star Schema.
  • Involved in developing logical and physical modeling of the database using Erwin.
  • Responsible for logical and physical data modeling, database design, star schema, data analysis, programming, documentation and implementation.
  • Metadata Management, Integration & testing functions for existing applications and the new Performance Assessment and Invoice Visibility applications.
  • Researched multiple divisions and prepared, presented and received approval from Senior Business and IT management for a strategy providing for Data Quality, Data Integration and Master Data Management services.
  • Worked with designing and building the complex Ad Hoc, Standard Reports using SSRS and worked with tuning the large complex reports on SQL Server Database.

Hardware/Software: Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2005, Windows XP, Transact SQL, SSIS, SSRS, Erwin, Query Analyzer, SQL Query Manager, MS Visual Source safe, Performance Monitor, Query Optimizer.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

MS SQL Server Analyst/ Developer

Hardware/Software: MS SQL Server 2000/2005, SSIS, SSRS, T-SQL, Visual Studio 2005, MS Office, SQL Profiler, Windows 2000/2003


  • Developed Complex Queries in T-SQL, Stored Procedures, and Views with best execution plan.
  • Created User Defined Functions, Triggers, Indexes.
  • Optimizing Stored Procedures and long running queries using indexing strategies and query-optimization techniques.
  • Used the SSIS to migrate Databases such as Oracle and Access database, flat files to SQL server 2005.
  • Developed DTS jobs to import data from legacy systems.
  • Used SQL Server Mail Agent for sending automatic emails when any packages, queries are failed.
  • Responsible for Developing, Monitoring and Deploying SSIS packages.
  • Used Event Handlers for Exception Handling in SSIS packages.
  • Generated periodic reports based on the statistical analysis of the data using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).
  • Created Complex Reports like Cascaded Reports, Drill Through, Tabular Reports, Matrix Reports, Drill-down and Crosstab Reports.
  • Designed and developed various Service management reports, utilizing dynamic and cascading Prompts, sub-reports, charts, Formulas, parameterized reports, Navigation reports and dynamic reports using SSRS.

Confidential, Philadelphia, PA

MS SQL Developer

Hardware/Software: MS SQL Server 2000, T-SQL, Enterprise Manager, SQL 7.0, Developer 2000,MS Office 2000, Windows 2000, ASP/VB.NET.


  • Responsible for installation, configuration and maintenance of MS SQL Server on various environments.
  • Developed stored procedures and T-SQL code to accomplish various tasks.
  • Created the different user defined functions in the application.
  • Tuned SQL statements and Stored Procedures.
  • Transformed data from various data sources using OLE DB connection by creating various DTS packages.
  • Combined a few simple, unrelated Database Accesses to improve performance.
  • Managing disk space on Windows NT systems.
  • Interacted with front-end developers to fix data base issues.

Confidential, Hopkins, MN

MS SQL Server Developer

Hardware/Software: MS SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2000, SSRS, SSIS, T-SQL, MS-Excel, XML, Windows 2000/2003/NT/XP.


  • Analyzed business requirements and built logical data models that describe all the data and relationships between the data.
  • Documented the data such as entity relationships and attributes, file descriptions and definitions.
  • Developed high Level Design of ETL DTS Package in MS SQL Server 2005 for integrating data from heterogeneous sources (Excel, CSV, Oracle, flat file, Text Format Data).
  • Created SSIS packages to migrate data from Oracle 8i, MS SQL 2000 to MS SQL Server 2005.
  • Used BCP utilities, Data Transformation Services (DTS), Extract Transform Loading tool (SSIS) to populate data from various data sources, created packages for different data loading operations for application.
  • Created SQL server Reports using SSRS 2005 for management. Tasks included defining requirements, design, develop, test, implement and maintain reports using SSRS Reports.
  • Developed several reports with consistent drill-down functionality including Drilldown reports, Summary reports and Master Detail reports
  • Developed Custom Functions, Manual Running Totals and Complex Formulas for reports.
  • Created new database objects like Procedures, Functions, Packages, Triggers, Indexes and Views using T-SQL in Development and Production environment for SQL Server 2000.
  • Created SSIS package to vendors in which records were loaded daily, also to other data resources such as Excel, Access, flat file, Oracle and XML in order to create and maintain a centralized data warehouse.
  • Created drill down and sub reports from SSAS cubes that can be browsed on web.
  • Created cube structure for the analysis of business condition and for creation of report using SSAS.
  • Promoted database objects from test/develop to production. Coordinated and communicated production schedules within development team.
  • Used breaks, calculations, sorts, filters and sections to enhance data presentation in reports.
  • Created Queries for generating drill down reports in SSRS 2005.

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