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Sr. Consultant Advisory Solution Architect / Data Architect Resume


I have extensive experience managing teams and technical environments. I have worked in many different industries including Information Technology, Financial, Advertising, Power Grid, Healthcare, Datacenters and Education supporting OLTP & analytical (DW) platforms. I have 20+ years of experience designing BI/Analytics solutions, helping clients to increase profit, reduce their cost and managing teams performing Database functions including Installation, Configuration, Performance Tuning, Backup & Recovery, Database Architect Design and ETL/ELT & BI Analytics Reports/Dashboard technologies running on Oracle, MSSQL, Greenplum & Hadoop. I managed & led cross - functional onshore and offshore teams in Database and Big Data spaces. I work well in leadership as well as individual roles.


Operating System: Window XP, 2000, 2008, Unix (Solaris, Red Hat, Linux, HP Unix)

Greenplum Database: 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, Oracle Databases 9i, 10g & 11g / SQL RDBMS 2005,2008 & 2000 Hadoop PHD, CHD, HDP

Analytics Data Lake /Data Reservoir Strategy & Tools: Tableau, QlikView, Cognos, MicroStrategy, SAS, SAP, Presto, Impala, HAWQ(HDB)

Big Data Solution Design: BI and Analytics using Greenplum, Hadoop, Kafka, RabbitMQ, Hive, impala, ETC…

Others: Gemfire, Nifi, Sqoop, Flume, gpload

Advance Architecting on Amazon Web Services: Cloud Migration and Architect

Cloud System Architecture: Concept and Design / Cloud Strategy



Sr. Consultant Advisory Solution Architect / Data Architect


  • Advise as SME to install the Hadoop and Greenplum data lake clusters. Client is running more than 20+ Greenplum Clusters and 20+ Hadoop Clusters with up to 10 PB Data. We brought more than 80+ sources data to Data Lake. I have led onshore and offshore team delivering these solutions and manage system development life cycles. I identify technology opportunities and actively engage both business and technology leaders on the realization of those opportunities. Architects in the Technology Assessment & Management Team identify and evaluate vendor solutions, Big Data technologies and Cloud solutions to enable business objectives through the use of technology. I work closely with Business Units, Technology Teams, Software Engineering, Global Security, Procurement, Enterprise Architecture and Infrastructure teams to understand required business capability, identify solutions and balance both technical risk and cost of ownership in the product selection process. I serve as the primary liaison between the Business, Architecture, Development and Testing teams throughout the project lifecycle. I also advise the client DBA team and Business LOB which technology fit best to resolve their Business needs. (Hadoop, Greenplum, Gemfire, Nifi, Sqoop, Flume, gpload, attunity, Hive, Pig, Storm, Spark, Kafka, RabbitMQ, Impala, HDB(HAWQ), HBASE, Cassandra, MangoDB, CouchDB, Tableau, QlikView, Cognos, MicroStrategy, R-Studio. Wrote scripts and best practices doc for the Database Team. This project supports their Analytics and Data Science teams.
  • Performance health check of Greenplum DCA’s, develop and deliver technical training to their user base of approximately 200+ people and also trained their DBA team. Develop executive level presentation on findings, recommendations, best practices. They gather sensor data from 1 Million devices. Guide them through the process of Greenplum Hadoop integration.
  • Implement new Greenplum and Hadoop DCA environments, provide knowledge transfer, lead effort to migrate data from 50 different places to Hadoop and Greenplum. Create scripts to start/stop DCA, Back & Recovery, Data Cleansing, Data Integration and Data Load. Trained their DBA Team and Unix team.
  • Manage and drive competing resourcing requests demands for multiple concurrent client projects. Identify and orchestrate project activities of teams from cross-functional customer, LOB and partner stakeholders. Manage project to schedule, budget, and contracted deliverables (including planning, scheduling, milestone reviews, etc.) Drive project kick-off processes so the right resources are available to the customer at the right time. Drive project post mortems for management and customers. Ensure quality and time management processes are followed by team (e.g., change controls, time tracking). Help to document best practices in developing and deploying Big Data Analytics solutions. Serve as a frontline resource for best practices and informal customer questions
  • Define and deploy multiple big data solutions for HealthCare researchers. Provide technical support and troubleshooting Install and configure Greenplum, Hortonworks Hadoop, HDFS, Spark, Hive, HAWQ, HBase and Kerberos KDC. Secure the Hadoop services via KDC, configure single-sign against Active Directory and auditing on Linux environments per regulations. Provide technical support and troubleshooting of Hadoop, data domain and Greenplum issues for researchers. Lead the team in moving their reports and environment from Oracle, MSSQL to Greenplum. Which reduce their BI reports time from 24 hours to 2 hours. Team build the new dashboard on visual IQ and tableau.
  • Greenplum SME, provide health check on Greenplum DCA environments, performance tune environments, identify and resolve issues to make the GPDB performance better. Advise the data science team which do search on enterprise stock market risk analysis for very large financial investments.
  • Client have to fill million of orders daily and their system is very slow. Advise their Top management and chief Architect about new business technology solution which help them to reduce their sync delay between multiple data centers & Applications from 5 minutes to few million second. Lead the team to implement the solution.
  • Implemented multi-threaded extracts to Hadoop/Hive and to Greenplum to meet the business need for Analytics platform. As SME advise and provide ongoing training to the client database & engineering team. Help troubleshoot issues.


DBA & BI Team Lead


  • Coach and mentor to staff with an emphasis on building a world class database team in our organization.
  • Support entire company’s data in Oracle11g, 10g, 9i databases, MSSQL 2008, 2005 and 2000 servers. Troubleshoot day to day database and application issues. Support VLDB in data warehouse and OLTP databases. Provide 24x7 level-4 DBA support.
  • Support and maintain Cognos BI application. Troubleshoot analytics team reporting issues.
  • Responsible for Monitoring, performance tuning, trouble-shooting, backup and recovery, partitioning and configurations in development, QA, Staging and production environments.
  • Restore databases with cold backup, hot backup, incremental backup, and archive logs
  • Create shell scripts to automate database maintenance procedures and to generate system reports.
  • Install and Upgrade databases to 10g, ASM and Test Oracle 11g.
  • Create and implement security models. Provide input into standards and procedures and for monitoring, capacity planning, maintenance, backups and recovery. Keep all environments up to date with patches. Work closely with developers to deploy codes to different environment. Create and implement best practices for PL/SQL scripts, triggers, packages, tables and views
  • Optimize database performance by analyzing objects, generating statistics, creating indexes and views
  • Setup and maintenance VMware servers which are running test and training databases in Red Hat


Sr. Consultant / Team Lead - DBA & BI Architect


  • Lead Database team to implement and manage the Enterprise Database Services teams within company.
  • Responsible for architecture, database operations and recovery, performance tuning and monitoring Engage with Business, Development, Team Leads and other Technology team
  • Document database and system process requirements
  • Assess the risk and business impact of Data Architecture on existing and future implementations
  • Protect critical database solutions from security exposures and up - time availability
  • Perform analysis and end-to-end execution from roadmap to implementation of database consolidations migrations, conversions and upgrades.
  • Make recommendations to ensure we scale the business.
  • Maintain and administer databases and supporting automation (e.g. database objects, security roles capacity, performance tuning, import/export, alert rules)
  • Provide technical direction to DBAs, database developers and development Team Leads Architect develop and maintain transactional and multi-dimensional database solutions
  • Support compliance and disaster recovery activities
  • Resolve database issues (incident and problem management)
  • Establish database standards and best practices
  • Possess strong working knowledge of High Availability, Backup and Recovery
  • Database - Oracle, SQL, GPDB for OLTP. DSS & Big Data Analytic

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