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Senior Software Engineer, Business Intelligence Architect Resume


  • Confidential is a highly skilled, creative, visionary and self - motivated Information Technology Professional with 20+ years of experience in the Analysis, Design and Implementation of computer systems. A .Net developer with extensive experience in Business Intelligence, Data warehousing and Microsoft Windows Azure Applications to complement the most demanding enterprise application development environment.
  • Works extremely well independently and with teaming arrangements.
  • Microsoft BI full Stack, Data Warehousing Architecture, Data-mart, Multidimensional Design, Star and Snowflakes schemes, Data Vault 2.0. Kimball Methodology
  • Strong knowledge in Analytical, Conceptual, Physical Models, Normalization, Optimization, Tuning (SQL Server and Oracle)
  • Tabular and Multidimensional Modeling, Analysis Services, MDX and DAX Scripting.
  • Expert developing complex reports in SQL Server Reporting Services and Crystal Reports.
  • ETL Process. Integration Services
  • Analyzing and Visualizing Data in Business Intelligence Tools like Microsoft Power BI, Power Pivot, Reporting Services, Custom Dashboards and Web Parts in SharePoint and Performance Point, Excel Services.
  • Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud Services, Azure Websites, Azure Mobile Services, Azure SQL Databases. Azure Projects
  • Strong skills in .NET with total knowledge of the standard programming languages techniques, tools and frameworks, like MVC5, C Sharp, HTML, HTML5, CSS, AJAX, jQuery, JS, JSon, LINQ, XML, XSLT Multithreading, Web Services, Windows Services, POO, NUnit, Telerik. Extensive experience developing responsive, mobile-first web sites with Bootstrap Framework and Angular, etc.
  • Agile project management environment, Team Supervision and leading, Best practices advisor, Code and Data model reviews
  • Experience at providing organizational trainings especially in BI tools.
  • Experience supporting a wide portfolio of enterprise business applications at Confidential, developed in a variety of technologies.


  • Business intelligence, Data Warehousing Architecture (10+ years)
  • SQL Server, Reporting Services (SSRS), Analysis Services (SSAS), Integration Services (SSIS) (10+ years)
  • Oracle (5+ years)
  • Windows Azure (2y+)
  • SharePoint, Performance Point (5+ years)
  • .NET Developer, Object Oriented Programming Structure (10+ years)
  • Agile (5+ years)


  • Strong analytical problem determination/solving skills
  • Ability to work independently and within a team.
  • Willingness to teach and learn.
  • Self-Motivated and Goal Oriented.
  • Flexibility and adaptable


Senior Software Engineer, Business Intelligence Architect

Confidential, Miami, Florida


  • Modeling a new data warehouse and data Mart solution for Confidential Global. Currently In progress (Data Vault Model 2.0, Star and Snowflake schema, SSIS, SSAS Tabular, SSRS, Power BI). (Added 100+ SSIS packages, source: 2 Oracle Databases, 2 SQL Server Databases).
  • Assess existing and available data warehousing technologies and methods to ensure our Data warehouse/BI architecture meets the needs of the business unit and enterprise and allows for business growth. Provide recommendations on evolution of the architecture.
  • Designed and Developed a new data warehouse for Confidential North America. It includes different business processes AS (Financial, Marketing, Sales and Human Resources (Star Schema, SSIS. SSAS Multidimensional, SSRS).
  • Create detail design, work on development and perform code reviews. Analysis & implementation of better performance strategies.
  • Work directly with functional analysts and business users in understanding the information needs of the business and developing new data warehouse/BI functionalities or tools to meet these requirements.
  • Developed a comprehensive BI solution that incorporated a Data Warehouse, Analytic Cube, Oracle Financial, Projects, HR and Vision CRM data to provide three different web portals, with hundreds of Web Parts and Reports. Recognized by executive management as an essential solution to effectively monitor and run the business. A complete package of key performance indicators (KPIs), charts, tables and flags allowed the firm to make critical and timely adjustments based on trending analysis. Post implementation, I ensured that the application overall performance positively exceeded end-user expectations while delivering 99.9% uptime during the last 7 years.
  • Designed and developed a framework to seamlessly transfer, translate and map data between the company’s legacy HR Systems (Ultipro) to Oracle HRMS during a major Oracle migration project.
  • Developed a Web-based analytical application that connects to Oracle Projects and allows the Project Managers to visualize and update By Project Level and Task Level the PPC Physical Percent Complete and the Forecast EAC (Estimate at Completion). This application is essential to run the Confidential NA business (.NET, C#, MVC, jQuery, Oracle).
  • Developed a Mobile first project on the Azure web using Bootstrap as responsive framework, Azure websites, Azure Mobile Services, Azure SQL Databases (.NET, C#, MVC, Bootstrap, SQL Server, Oracle).
  • Developed a Web-based application to manage the Contract’s capacity and estimated revenue earnings timing (.NET, C#, SQL Server).
  • Designed and Developed a multidimensional Cube in SQL Server Analysis Services for Financials.
  • Designed and Developed a Tabular Cube in SQL Server Analysis Services for Marketing and Sales.
  • Developed a distributed, easy to use and full-featured Web-based reporting solution for the Confidential North America reporting visualization. This is a rich in features framework with runtime customization that is currently supporting and running more than 100 reports (.NET, C#, MVC, jQuery).
  • Developed a custom reporting services subscription to overwrite or replace the SSRS reporting subscription. It was necessary due of the complexity in the process of delivering the NA reports (.NET, C#, MVC).
  • Developed a collection of web application to support Confidential North America business (.NET, C#).
  • Designed and developed a .Net solution with more than 15 projects allowing the real-time and near real-time data exchange from Vision to Oracle applications and back. The solution is a set of Object oriented libraries, Windows and Web services to handle the whole data exchange synchronous and asynchronous ways. It is in use every single day and night and supports a very large number of transactions per day (.NET, C#).
  • Designed and developed a framework to seamlessly transfer, translate and map data between the company’s legacy HR Systems (UltiPro) and Oracle HRMS during a major Oracle migration project.

Senior Business Programmer Analyst

Confidential, Miami, FL


  • Developed a complete Treasury management system to manage, analyze, and optimize all Assurant companies’ cash and investment daily transactions. Automatic reconciliation, cash flow balance, optimization, automatic disbursements, wires, Confidential, Transfer, Inter-company Transfers, Splits, Net Cash Process and Forecasting were some of the features (.NET, C#).
  • Allow Assurant international division to process all claims and track extended warranties sold to customers. This app supports multiples territories
  • Developed a component that allows the integration of different reporting engine plugins into any Web or Windows application. This integration provides a robust scripting interface that enables the creation of rich server-side Web applications, also created a plug in for Crystal Enterprise.
  • Allow managers and users to assign, track, plan and analyze all human resources, time expenses and chargeback to the customers in a more accurate way. Can be viewed as a custom extension of Microsoft Project (.NET).
  • Performance tuning of sql queries, stored procedures and reports in oracle.

Software Engineer

Confidential, Miami, Florida


  • Project planning, Analysis, Design, Implementation using Visual Studio .net, C#, Asp.net, SQL Server 2000. Web Services SQL Server database Design, implementation and Administration. GUI and Reports. Web Services technology, Soap, XML, Asp.net, C#.
  • Project planning, Analysis; Design; Implementation using Visual Studio .net, C#, Asp.net, SQL Server 2000. Web Services SQL Server database Design, implementation and Administration. GUI and Reports.
  • Project planning, Analysis; Design; Implementation using Visual Studio .net, C#, Asp.net, SQL Server 2000. Web Services.
  • Project planning, Analysis; Design; Implementation using Visual C++ and Dialogic API. Real-time processing.
  • Project planning, Analysis; Design; Implementation using MS Access 2000, VB 6.0, SQL Server 2000 SQL Server database Design.

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