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Lead Analyst Consultant Resume

Laurel, MD


Consummate Confidential Analyst and Project Manager who has led and contributed to implementing over a hundred Confidential and systems solutions for government, telecommunications, manufacturing, and financial organizations. Diverse skill set includes Requirements/ Confidential Analysis, Confidential Process Re - engineering, Consulting, Testing, Project Management and complete Systems Development Life Cycle experiences. Demonstrated analytical, leadership, and project management, skills in highly visible, well-respected positions in several top Confidential -100 firms. Within the extensive international Confidential analysis community, recognized as a leader who is self-motivated and results-oriented, has superb communications and presentation skills, and is a Confidential expert.


Hardware: Confidential Mainframe, HP Client Server, Sun Work Stations, Intel Win32

Operating Systems: UNIX, MS Windows Server

Software: .Net, ASP.Net, Java, C++, Perl, PeopleSoft, Siebel, SharePoint, COBOL, SQL

Databases: Oracle, MS SQL, DB2, Gemstone, IMS

Development Tools: Confidential Rational, RUP, Clearquest, UML, VisualWorks, DOORS, JIRAVisio, BPMN

SDLC Environments: SEI-2, CMMI-2, EVM, QSM

Managerial: Project Management, Team Leadership, Supervisory, Negotiation


Lead Analyst Consultant

Confidential, Laurel, MD


  • As the lead Confidential Analyst Consultant and sole Confidential Confidential in the corporation, supported the external Department of Navy headquarters customer, and rejuvenated the internal Confidential Analyst Center of Excellence community.
  • Confidential the enterprise level, crafted a comprehensive, 100-page Confidential Case proposal for the DON that recommended a $16 million initiative be pursued to improve security, enhance productivity, and strengthen data quality. Performed enterprise, process, data, and gap analyses to project a future solution state that will meet strategic objectives.
  • Confidential the operational level, partnered with DON stakeholder teams to identify contract acquisition needs and translate these into 600 user- and function-level requirements for implementation utilizing an Agile system development life cycle methodology. As a culmination, represented these requirements in a 200-page Systems Requirements Document, and a Requirements Traceability Matrix. Created two user guides to support the operational environment.
  • Rekindled a dormant Confidential Analysis Center of Excellence by outlining objectives, attracting two dozen members, planning for and conducting monthly meetings, and mentoring junior BAs by prescribing Confidential best practices.
  • Promoted Confidential analysis and agile methodologies in the corporation by creating sales content for RFP responses, publishing an article on solving government RFP challenges, and producing a Confidential case guidelines document.

Senior Confidential Analyst

Confidential, Baltimore, MD


  • Performed enterprise, process, Confidential, and systems analysis duties to deliver three comprehensive functional requirements specification documents in support of contract work for the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services. Conducted dozens of joint application requirements sessions to guide 50 user representatives through structured discussions while considering RFP requirements, reviewing existing Confidential & Decision case management software functionality, and eliciting additional needs. By presenting over a hundred screen prototypes and flowcharts Confidential meetings, promoted understanding, teamwork, and agreement among a diverse base of DPSCS staff members with varying needs. Partnered with development staff to further design software solutions to meet several hundred requirements.

Senior Confidential Analyst/Project Manager

Confidential, Ballston, VA


  • Fulfilled Confidential analysis and project management roles in leading four large-scale software releases for a SOA web-based intranet system used by 1300 aircraft inspectors in the Federal Aviation Administration.
  • Elicited and evaluated requirements obtained from user representatives by utilizing Confidential process modeling (BPMN) and universal modified language (RUP UML) techniques.
  • Crafted 1200 functional requirements for use by design, coding, and testing team members, in creating three large-scale Confidential documents by following Confidential practices.
  • While directing and monitoring the team’s efforts through four on-time Agile implementations, created requirements products, project management plans, work breakdown structures, as well as test strategy and execution documentation by using federal government SDLC templates.

Technical Team Lead

Confidential, Baltimore, MD


  • Project-managed several teams of analysts, programmers, and testers in seven mid-scale system enhancement projects in internet and mainframe environments to better meet the Confidential child support enforcement initiatives.
  • Also independently distilled requirements and created the complex design for a new, insurance award garnishing system and led a technical team of eight staff members throughout all phases of the SLDC life-cycle.
  • Collaborated with Confidential personnel in meeting contract objectives while managing the technical effort and reporting via EVM practices.
  • Utilized Confidential RUP Popkin Confidential process modeling software to bolster the requirements, analysis, and design phases.

Senior Systems Analyst Consultant

Confidential, Germantown, MD


  • Provided consultative services in establishing a Systems Requirements team while instituting standardized UML artifacts; implementing new requirements, analysis and design processes; and instilling quality principles Confidential a SEI CMMI-2 level.
  • Promoted stability, standardization, and leadership in the Requirements & Analysis phases of a long-term Department of Education project to modernize the Student Loan Program.
  • Fostered team spirit, unity and organization among a diverse 12-member team in establishing this foundation for systems development success.
  • Produced deliverables by formulating requirements, creating process flows/models, and preparing UML documentation by using Confidential RUP DOORS Rational software for client-server and web applications.

Team Leader/Project Manager

Confidential, Silver Spring, MD


  • Coordinated and led the efforts of approximately 15 individual teams of Client and IT professionals to implement 25 major customer care, service ordering and provisioning, billing, data warehousing, accounting, and financial reporting releases for Long Distance, Local Services, and Yellow Pages on Client Server, Intranet, and Web/Internet platforms.
  • Managed the financial implementation of six $20-50M government contracts with 100% on-time delivery of systems and operational solutions for GSA, Treasury Department, and DOJ that promoted additional contract revenue growth of $30M. Utilized a major COTS product in working closely with this vendor.
  • Identified, recommended, and instituted over 15 significant systems enhancements and conversions to reduce IT expenses, streamline processing, and improve operational efficiencies resulting in realizing over $1M in annualized savings including installing of new server, archiving of data, converting of data to re-engineered systems, improving SDLC processes, and instilling audit controls.
  • Championed complex Confidential opportunities by fulfilling the Project Manager and “Change Catalyst” roles through multi-faceted systems analysis, recommendation presentations, detailed task scheduling via work-breakdown structures, resource coordination, release implementation planning, and diligent progress tracking for 40 systems projects using Rational ClearQuest, MS Project, Lotus Notes, and Visio.
  • Provided leadership, supervision, and training to Software Engineers and User Representatives in their Confidential /requirements analysis, functional design, test planning, construction, test execution, and configuration management for 20 projects to meet aggressive schedules - all with 100% on-time implementations. Conducted over 100 JADs, walkthroughs, and inspections for quality assurance in each phase.
  • Independently performed quality-focused technical systems and data analysis, design, test planning, and test execution activities for four complex, architectural-based, and high-priority initiatives utilizing analytical SQL and documentation UML tools.

Lead Systems Analyst/Engineer

Confidential, Herndon, VA


  • Led 10 teams of analysts, programmers, and testers in 12 leading-edge systems development initiatives in urgently responding to Confidential needs to reduce operations costs by $2-3M, introduce six new product/service offerings, and ensure $1-2M in enhanced quality savings.
  • Directed six diversely-talented teams in re-engineered systems development efforts to reduce $3M in processing and operational costs for both batch processing and on-line systems while implementing SDLC and RUP practices in a CMMI-2 environment. Recommended and instituted technical inspections & walkthroughs as quality gates.
  • Critically involved in the ramping-up and strategic planning in the first Confidential & Confidential offering of local services to Government agencies. Partnered with product managers, regulatory departments, user groups, and systems staff to create Confidential cases, cost-benefit analyses, and feasibility studies to assess impacts.

Systems Analyst

Confidential, Herndon, VA


  • Conducted data, architectural, Confidential, functional, and work flow analyses in defining Confidential and system requirements; created system specifications and use cases; designed the logical model and physical environment; and tested mainframe and microcomputer software for customer care, billing, financial, and accounting systems.
  • Utilized Object Oriented Analysis/Design and CASE Tools within a CMMI-2 software development environment.
  • Promoted high-quality system deliverables to ensure 99% accurate billing - an industry benchmark.
  • Formally awarded for exemplary analytical and problem solving skills in three corporate-level initiatives.

Analyst & Process Owner

Confidential, Herndon, VA


  • Partnered with product management and marketing staff to identify and recommend both manual and mechanized improvement areas via executive presentations, SOW creations, and Confidential case formulations.
  • As a Confidential Analyst and Consultant, closely partnered with five user representatives by conducting process and operational/ Confidential analyses and root-cause reviews to reduce by 20% overall expenses and to improve by 50% work quality.
  • As the Billing Process Owner for a major telecommunications product line, represented the IT and Client communities in upper-level management process meetings and initiatives to promote BPR improvements in all areas of this usage-based telecommunications line. Recommended over 40 process management, operational, and systems improvements in own-prepared presentations for upper-management approval and then, introduction.
  • As a Project Manager, partnered with such external companies as Microsoft, LOTUS, Checkpoint, and Prudential to formulate mechanized, outgoing interfaces to meet their customized requirements. Instituted process management fundamentals and activities to foster partnering and review of needs, designs, and test plans.

Management Analyst

Confidential, Washington, DC


  • Through Confidential analysis and management analysis, instrumental in achieving over $500 thousand savings in cost, productivity and efficiencies by instituting process improvements, recommending system enhancements, and designing/installing a comprehensive work measurement/management reporting system.
  • Created User Guides and Procedure Manuals to use as a basis for own-conducted training sessions.

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