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Sr. Rpa Developer /lead Resume



  • A software professional having overall 7 years in IT industry with 2+ years of relevant Experience in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Business Analysis including Requirements Gathering, Solution providing and Application development using Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism and UI Path.
  • 2+ years of Great Experience of working with Automation Anywhere for developing front and back office robots.
  • As an Architect, Responsible for providing Techno - functional solution to Automate business and played as Lead initiative to standardize the Requirements gathering Process.
  • Good understanding of Process Automation Life Cycle (PALC) and developing technical documentation in various stages of the Process.
  • Good experience of working as SME in partnering, and influencing stakeholders to promote simplification, standardization and innovation and to ensure risk estimated and minimization.
  • Creative in developing and configuring the automation processes as per TDD and to meet the defined requirements.
  • Well versed with the AA (Control room, Task Editor) as well as Task Bots, Meta Bots and IQ Bots and experienced with Control Room and Release management.
  • Responsible for Developing architectural blueprints, development protocols, best practices, and ptimization.
  • Good Involvement in creating Process Design Document(PDD) and Solution Design document(SDD) for The process flows (IS-AS, TO-BE) and Responsible for monitoring the ROI.
  • Have good organizational, management, customer relationship, communication, and presentations skills.
  • Creative in Automation of Web Based, Windows, Mainframe, java based, Citrix applications and S.A.P Interfaces using Various Automation tools.
  • Have good experience of working with SQL, .NET, VB, Java, Python and Html applications
  • Experience in creating AI techniques such as machine learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), machine reasoning, Classification and Pattern recognition, Deep learning cognitive computing etc.,
  • Have knowledge of various programming languages like R, Python, Java, Mat lab and C/C++ etc.
  • Experience with scripting and building macros as well as have Experience with MS Office Suite, specifically Excel and Outlook.
  • Strong working knowledge of Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) and Decision Modeling Notation (DMN).
  • Good knowledge of working on Thin- client applications using Surface Automation and Cognitive Automation techniques.
  • Management of the Development, QA (UAT), and Production environments.
  • Hands on experience in automating multi-threaded applications /APIs and Error Handling in AA.
  • Creative in working with Desktop applications, SAP, web browsers, OCR engines and so on but not limited.
  • Involved in Mailing Operations using Email Automation and Experienced with Files/folders and various XML commands using FTP/SFTP commands.
  • Have good experience writing scripts using various commands of Automation Anywhere designing of different types of BOTs for multiple applications.
  • Experience in understanding Applications using Recorders (Smart, Object and Web) as well as performing Debugging tasks using Exception Handling.
  • Good Experience of using String operations to compare and eliminate the duplicates of the data and Send Email reports and Errors via SOAP, REST web services in Automation Anywhere.
  • Expertise in Creating Automation Tasks in Minutes, Record Keystrokes and Mouse Clicks, and use easy Point and click Wizards for Navigation Operations.
  • Have good understanding about to interpret and visualize business process flows and translate the same into automation solutions.
  • Took business requirements, current and future state process designs and translated them into process flows and Visual Business Objects within the Blue Prism object studio, Blue Prism process studio.
  • Expertise in performing Data Manipulations and Macro Operations to and from Excel Sheets/Databases/web based using various RPA Tools.
  • Experience in creating Work Queues to improve the Performance of the Process.
  • Knowledge of MS Excel, MS Word VBO, Utility Collection Management, Utility File Management Efficiently.
  • Creative in Queue Configuration, Monitoring, Internal Blue Prism Work Queue actions, Exception Handling, efficient use of stages, blocks, data types, Session and Environmental variables for processing of Business Process diagrams.
  • Good Knowledge of using screen scraping wizard extracted information such as text and images from .pdf files using different activities(such as Read PDF with OCR, Read PDF text) and also used Get Text activity to extract text from UI elements.
  • Experience in Task Recording, Editing, Scheduling, Debugging and Error Handling of an Automation Task using Automation Anywhere.
  • Strong Knowledge on Various Commands, String Operations, Excel and CSV Commands, Error Handling, Send Email& Email Automation Commands, Delay and Wait Commands, Object Cloning and Manage Web Controls, Loop Command, IF Command and Schedule Tasks.
  • Experience in preparing demos based on the automation performed and showcase the same to potential internal/external customers.
  • Excellent communication, leadership and interpersonal skills with proven abilities in resolving complex software/ application related issues.
  • Experience in Agile Product development methodologies and following best SCRUM Practices and Develop Work Plans, Manage Daily Sprint Meetings and Coordinate Project Team Activities with Team.
  • Strong experience in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle with Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Integration, Testing, Debugging, Production and Maintenance.
  • Experience in Collaborating with developing Client relationships to develop new opportunities with clients and identifying Engagement follow-on opportunities.
  • Involved in process automation collaborations with business users globally to analyze business processes, recommend RPA based solutions for the processes, and develop robots using Automation software.
  • In-depth understanding of testing and experience in architecting testing strategies for enterprise data warehouses, business intelligence and clinical decision support software.


Programming Languages: JAVA, JS, XML, C#, SQL, PL/SQL, .NET

Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VB Script, DOM, SOAP/REST Web Services.

Operating Systems: Unix, Linux(Ubuntu),Windows XP/ 95/2003/2008/10, DOS, Windows Server 2008/2012

Databases: Oracle 11g, MS SQL Server 2005/2008/2008 R 2/2012/2014/2016, MS Access 2005/2007.

Automation Tools: Automation Anywhere tool 9.0&10.5, Blue Prism 5.0, UI Path 1.2

Project Methodologies: Agile(SCRUM), Waterfall

Scripting Languages: Python, Windows Power shell, VB,C#


Confidential, CT

Sr. RPA Developer /Lead

  • Involved in End to End development of Business Process using Robotic Process Automation.
  • Actively involved in understanding of PDD as per the business requirements and implemented the SDD.
  • Experienced in staging and deploying the automation solution into test and live environments and efficiently handled monitoring and troubleshooting the automation environment through Control room.
  • Responsible for Installation, configuration, and network set-up, version management, upgrades, control and monitoring activities
  • Performed workflow walkthroughs and process improvements Issues and risk management.
  • Involved as SME in Robotics & Automation for Operations and Technology functions and processes.
  • Performed requirement gathering by identifying the automation opportunities and implemented the automation tasks.
  • Good experience of Managing the credential vault and other overall security management and architecture including within the RPA environment.
  • Participated in online meetings to demonstrate the capabilities of RPA for on-going projects and potential clients.
  • Efficiently worked with data manipulations with various types of data using Automation Anywhere.
  • Using Excel Commands to perform operations in excel sheet while taking excel sheet data as input.
  • Used process, objects, work queues, calculations stages to perform logical operations in Blue Prism.
  • Interacting with windows application and created object and interacted all the objects in process studio and created work queues and running processes.
  • Experienced with Screen scraping techniques using OCR, Image Recognition and Object Cloning in automating the Regular data.
  • Implemented authentication by defining user roles, creating users and setting password policies using AA Control room.
  • Problem solving issues that arise in day to day running of Automation processes and providing timely responses and solutions as required.
  • Provided Exception handling and Scheduler at every possible scenario for a robust error-free development.
  • Setting up bots in the Control room, by using Scheduler, I have scheduled a Bot to run 24/7 from the Control room and this made very easy to complete the jobs in time.
  • Configuring new automations and objects using core workflow principles that are efficient, well structured, maintainable and easy to understand.
  • Efficiently worked with the AA Workflows to improve the performance using Work Queues.
  • Monitored the performance of the BOTs using ROI and have experience of working with Cognitive automation in 10.5 as well as Citrix Automation.
  • Effectively used the Error Handling Techniques by understanding Error Description and Error Line numbers.
  • Worked with Email Automation and Send Email to send acknowledgements and various attachments to the Recipients. And effectively used the mouse clicks and key strokes.
  • Worked with the Meta Bots and Triggers to improve the accuracy of performance and to achieve time effectiveness.
  • Experienced with Web Controls and Window Controls for various Desktop and Web applications.
  • Involved in working with String automation to grab the important data from the documents.
  • Involved in encrypting the data to maintain the security for the confidential data.

Environment: Automation Anywhere 9.0&10.3,10.5, .NET, VBA, HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL Server, Power shell, Visual Studio, Python, UNIX/Windows NT, DB2 etc.

Confidential, RI

Jr. RPA Developer


  • Extensively involved in Robotic process automation solutions using Automation Anywhere.
  • Developed and configured automation processes as per the Process design document (PDD) to meet the defined requirements and implemented the SDD.
  • Created database connections to fetch the data and automated the process to arrange data with Automation Anywhere.
  • Involved in automate the business requirement using Automation Anywhere (AA) by creating tasks using task recorder and task editors.
  • Worked on using Excel and CSV commands with Automation Anywhere and experienced in using Send Email command to Email reports and errors.
  • Experienced in using Delay and Wait commands which helps in creating clear views.
  • Worked on Activities using Object Cloning and Manage Web Controls, and Performed Image comparison using Image recognition command.
  • Automated tasks using web recorder and Scheduled tasks to repeat as per requirements using Automation Anywhere.
  • Responsible for scheduling Task scheduler to exchange data between ERP and application and used log file to view the status of the process.
  • Experience in managing robot's workloads using Automation Anywhere (AA) Work Queues and identifying and debugging the errors using Error Handlers.
  • Involved in the designing solutions utilizing RPA (Robotic Process Automation) software, maintained technical responsibility for project delivery as the technical resource on a project.
  • Extensively worked with command like APP Integration, Manage Windows Control, Object Cloning and Variable Operations, and Automated tasks using web recorder and Scheduled tasks to repeat as per requirements.
  • Performed tool evaluation and feasibility to help in selecting suitable Automation tool for RPA implementation.
  • Designing and documenting automated process solutions in accordance with standard design principles and conventions.
  • Involved in the centralized infrastructure for maintaining Multi-Bot architecture across the organization.
  • Problem solving issues that arise in day to day running of robotic processes and providing timely responses and solutions as required.
  • Developed and implemented new technical solutions for production applications to interact effectively with users.
  • Generated the automated exception reports using advanced EMAIL automation.

Environment: Automation Anywhere 9.0&10.3, VB, Web Services, JavaScript, MS SQL Server 2008, Xml, Windows 20007/2010 etc.,

Confidential, Plano, TX

.NET Developer


  • Involved in Use case design, functional documentation and technical documentation.
  • Developed, tested and supported web pages per requirements and met deadlines.
  • Developed applications using C# .NET.
  • Used ASP.NET Input Validation controls and JavaScript to perform client-side validation
  • Extensively used Master pages and Themes to have a uniform look and feel for entire website.
  • Used ASP.NET web controls such as data grids, combo box and list box for designing of web forms.
  • Worked on Generic classes using C# to create Support Functions and Database Operations.
  • Used Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to attain uniformity of all web pages
  • Developed code for exception handling to resolve Run Time Errors
  • Regular status updates are provided to project manager and product lead
  • Provided suggestions for process improvements and application improvements
  • Created and maintained technical and process documents.
  • Configuring the Web.config file for Authentication, Authorization, and Session State.
  • Used ADO.NET to utilize SQL data source implementing Datasets, Data Reader, Data Adapter to connect and manipulate databases
  • Used PL/SQL, Packages, Procedures, views and Triggers.
  • Developed Reports using Crystal Report.
  • Used SQL Data Adapters & Datasets extensively for database activity.
  • Created SQL Stored procedures and triggers for complex business logic

Environment: Visual Studio 2008, .NET Frame work(ASP.NET,MVC), C#, SQL Server 2008, HTML,CSS, Java Script, AJAX, Web API etc.


SQL Developer


  • Participate in the requirements gathering of functional requirements.
  • Involved in various phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of the application like Requirement gathering, Design, Analysis and Code development.
  • Modify/Analyze existing code to enhance existing processes according to business rules.
  • Performed basic DBA functions like optimization, indexing and performance Tuning.
  • Task included attending daily Scrum meetings and Scrum retrospective (at the end of each sprint) and helped with the plan for coming sprint with positive feedback.
  • Analyzed the features that are loaded and split them into user stories and work with the product owner to prioritize them.
  • Effectively participate in different database level troubleshooting to facilitate regular check run for our client.
  • Participate in moderate web development work for troubleshooting and data requests or creating new modules for an existing website implemented for our client and Ability to code using ASP.Net, C#.Net,
  • Preparing the High-Level and Low-Level Design documents based on the understanding of the requirements.
  • Review the code entirely to ensure accuracy, completeness and quality of the deliverables.
  • Created DDL Scripts for database schema and database objects.
  • Extensively used joins and sub-queries to simplify complex queries involving multiple tables.
  • Attended and co-ordinate with offshore and onshore meetings to discuss the progress of the task assigned and the issue faced.
  • Partitioned the fact tables and materialized views to enhance the performance.
  • Extensively used bulk collections in SQL objects for improving the performance.
  • Extensively used the advanced features of PL/SQL like Records, Tables, Object types and Dynamic SQL.
  • Handled errors using Exception Handling extensively for the ease of debugging and displaying the error messages in the application.
  • Created queries to minimize transactions, table data size and to copy the data.

Environment: Microsoft SQL Server 2008/12/14, SQL Server Management studio, SSRS, SSIS Packages, MS Excel, MS Access, HTML, ASP.NET etc.,

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