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Sap Mm/wm/ Functional Consultant Resume

Atlanta, GA


  • Six years functional experience supporting organizational deployment of SAP MM/WM modules.
  • Six year’s experience in business process design and mapping, business process blueprinting, Gap Analysis, configuration, Data Migration, Integration/UAT Testing, End - user training, documentation and go live support.
  • Six years’ experience creating functional and technical specifications documentation based on business requirements.
  • Experience leveraging SAP LE/WM/MM standard functionality in providing solutions to new business requirements.
  • Five years’ experience in Master Data Management. (Data Standardization, transformation and data maintenance)
  • Six years’ experience providing post go live support and root-cause analysis for technical and Functional system exceptions.
  • Excellent knowledge of supply chain and Logistics business processes (Planning and executions)
  • Six years’ experience in project management.


Confidential, Atlanta. GA

SAP MM/WM/ Functional Consultant

  • Collaboratively developed a warehouse target concept by reviewing present system, processes and result of request analysis including interfaces with legacy systems.
  • Per business blue print I defined logical warehouse structure encompassing several storage types, sections and bin types based on SKU turnover, SKU characteristics and LE qty for 5,000+ SKU.
  • Based on movement path optimizations I defined and maintained stock placement, stock removal, 2 step picking strategies and internal movements for all storage types and stock categories.
  • Based on business requirements I configure batch determination and Product serialization for both raw and finished products.
  • Based on ABC classification I assigned placement and removal strategies to each SKU.
  • In addition to utilizing standard movement types, I also defined custom movement types for fixed bin replenishment, kanban replenishment, bin to bin transfers, inbound stock category separation, cross docking, bin consolidation, threshold replenishment, emergency replenishment, two step wave picking process and VAS.
  • I assigned storage types, shipment types and requirements types to each movement types (standard and custom)
  • Configured two step picking with reference to standard movement 850
  • I defined settings for automatic transfer order creation via background processing for Transfer requirement and Posting change notices.
  • I maintained Print control setting based on user requirements.
  • Configured and maintained settings for product serialization and batch determination procedure.
  • I defined the inventory methods (Placement inventory, Zero stock check, continuous inventory) for each warehouse/storage type combination in addition to reconciliation movement types.
  • I created functional specification document for implementation of dynamic cycle counting for channel Items in addition to stock category separation process.
  • Collaborated in implementing storage unit management for 3PL warehouses by activating SU management, Defining number ranges and conversion exits.
  • I defined and maintained VAS setting for relevant warehouses by assigning condition procedures and relevant movement types for each work center milestones.
  • Maintained work center VAS profile.
  • For all none 3PL warehouses I activated warehouse activity monitor and defined critical parameters and periodic background job updates for unconfirmed TO, Open TR, Open Posting Change, Negative stock and stock at interim storage in order monitor critical activities.
  • I maintained LE-WM Interface to Inventory Management and posting change. In addition to reviewing consistency checks.
  • Created functional specification documents for implementation of automated goods receipt process for intercompany transfer (STO creation, automatic OBDL, PGI, IBDL and GR posting and subsequent inbound delivery replication from ECC to WM stand-alone system via IDOC.
  • I worked on defining IDOC segments and field mappings based on information exchange requirements with WCS conveyor system and HCM lightning pick system for the 2 step picking process.
  • Maintained IM/WM interface using interim bin generation and WM reference movement type.
  • Familiar with MM/WM/SD interface.
  • Performed data migration task using LSMW (Direct batch input option) for master and transactional data in support of North America plant consolidations.
  • Collaboratively developed test plans in addition to executing Integration regression and UAT testing to validate end to end process meet quality and business requirements.
  • Developed training documentation and troubleshooting (SOP) for all the component processes.
  • Executed all knowledge transfer training activities for 18 system support associated and super users.
  • Supported all GO LIVE activities by working closely with end user and addressing any functional and technical exceptions issues.
  • Acted as level 1 support to address all technical issues logged in SharePoint arising per the scope of implementation.
  • Reviewed ongoing process in order to measure efficiency and ROI in addition to working with the business to propose enhancements that would improve efficiency.
  • As needed performed data analysis using excel, tableau and SQL in order to review system efficiency.

Confidential, Charlotte NC

Industry: Process Manufacturing

SAP MM/WM Consultant

  • I conducted Business process workshops to review existing processes (Materials Planning, Purchasing, Inventory management, GR/IV and Account Assignment) in addition to performing gap analysis to identify processes requiring RECIFW development.
  • In collaboration with Business Process owners I created business blue print document mapping, to be processes (CPB, Purchasing, external service management, STO, Subcontracting, consignment, Inventory Management, GR/IV, Account assignment s, Master Data, release strategies, partner determination, Vendor evaluation, Print Control and Output determination)
  • Based on Gap analysis I created Functional and technical specification documents for custom business requirements not available in the standard system.
  • I acted as level one reviewer/ approver for final project blue print and functional/Technical specification documents.
  • I maintained and updated project plan, obtained sign offs in addition to communicating project progress to all stake holders.
  • Based on org structure blue prints, I configured the organizational elements (Plants, Storage Location, Purchasing organization, Purchasing groups, and Warehouse) and their related assignments.
  • I configured the custom material types and their respective output formats, global settings, number ranges and material attributes and price control and classification assignment.
  • Configured and activated the batch determination function at plant level
  • I configuring procurement documents types (RFQ, PR, PO, SA, Contracts) in addition I defined release strategy matrix with classification based on business blue print.
  • I defined master data objects (information record, Source list, Quota arrangement, Vendor and Material Mater, MRP controller, MRP type, MRP area and Planning Calendar, Rounding profile).
  • I defined internal and external confirmation categories in addition to confirmation control for Standard PO, STO document type.
  • I defined partner determination procedure by defining account group with partner roles in addition to vendor master assignment.
  • I configured Stock transfer process for both inter and cross company transfers based on special procurement type in addition to Vendor Consignment and Subcontracting process.
  • Mapped all inventory management processed (GR, Returns, dynamic and regular Cycle Counting etc).
  • I configured the vendor evaluation criteria/sub criteria, in addition to weighing key and value and scope of list for each purchasing organization based on evaluation requirements.
  • Initiated vendor EDI on boarding process by collaboratively working to define partner role and profile in addition to segments and field mappings based on information exchange requirements for 3PL partner and independent logical systems.
  • Collaboratively Supported Mass data migration by performing data standardization in addition to data migration using Legacy system migration workbench function.
  • I created test plans for all component processes in addition to executing integration and regression testing and overseeing user acceptance testing and documentation.
  • I supported all Go live activities in addition I provided end user training and knowledge transfer for different business process and system functionalities
  • I created training documentation/references, process maps and task sequences for the different business processes.
  • I acted as level one support for all process and technical issues that arose post go live.

Confidential, Oklahoma City

SAP LE/MM/SD Business Analyst

  • In collaboration with business user, I reviewed existing logistics business processes in order to identify gaps requiring enhancements.
  • Determined specific business application software requirements to address complex business needs.
  • Developed project plans, identified and coordinates resources, involving those outside the unit.
  • Coordinates and executed all training activities according to training concept and plan.
  • Coordinates and execute all testing activities and contributed to test plan creation.
  • Support key user community with user mentoring, process documentation, and end user training.
  • Leveraged SAP best practices and standard functionality in adoption of new processes.
  • Developed functional document for RECIFW development.
  • Experience developing a warehouse management layout and structure design concept in addition to mapping efficient storage path optimization.
  • Created Defined and configured storage types, section and corresponding indicator based on storage requirements.
  • Configured stock placement and removal strategies based on storage path optimization
  • Designed and Configured automatic fixed bin replenishment and consolidation based on process blue prints.
  • Experience configuring and maintaining mobile access integration (Wave link) with SAP WMS.
  • As needed Created and monitored automatic batch jobs for MRP, Auto PO creation, PGI, invoicing, fixed bin replenishment, consolidation and inventory cycle count document creation.
  • Responsible for Master data maintenance in the logistics environment covering Material Master, Vendor Master, quota arrangement, source list, Information Record, Customer Master, Pricing record, Routingst, BOM, Work Centers, Production versions, Control cycles, Warehouse Master record and WM strategies.
  • Knowledge of EDI based on X12 Standards using FTP (File Transfer protocol), RFC (Remote Function Call from/to SAP R/3), ALE/IDOC.
  • Collaboratively worked in supporting Data migration using LSMW MASS and MM17 tools.
  • Responsible for developing custom reports using SQVI and SQ00 based on user reporting requirement.
  • As needed Performed data analysis using SQL and tableau applications in order to determine RIO in support of project justification.

Confidential, Richmond, VA

SAP WM Analyst

  • I designed Warehouse target concept based on site blue prints in addition to proposed material flow.
  • I mapped the Warehouse organization structures In SPRO in addition to related assignment/interfaces to MM.
  • I defined and configured storage types, section, Bin type, picking area, doors and staging areas based on storage requirements and business blue print.
  • I defined the Bin structure/template for automatic storage bin creation.
  • I defined strategies for storage type search, storage section search and bin type search in addition to material master assignments (WM 1 View)
  • Based on material movement requirements I configured movement types with corresponding requirement and shipment types.
  • I configured wave picking functionality based on warehouse and labor capacity.
  • I configured automatic batch determination based on SLED by defining class, search class, sort rule and batch search strategy in addition to material master settings.
  • Configure automatic fixed bin replenishment via batch execution of program RLLNACH1
  • I configured physical inventory and cycle counting strategies for each storage types and SKU turnover classification.
  • I defined the WH print control for the, WH evaluation objects in addition to RF queue management.
  • Worked in carbonization and palletization of the product shipped to optimize the packaging size and weight.
  • Worked with UPS parcel shipping program (connect-ship), and conveyor system interface with SAP.
  • Worked with implementation of RF device setup and implementation of RF scanning solution.
  • Supporting DC during go live and after go live in addition to troubleshooting and resolving all SAP issue in SD, WM and MM environment.
  • Processing and resolving all incident tickets from global IT operation.
  • SAP trainer: Trained super user and end users. Creating documentation for training.
  • Supported wireless Zebra printers, conveyor system in addition to print control for warehouse management.
  • Set up and maintained all master requirement for WM put away and picking strategies.
  • Achieved successful go live for the implementation of SAP in the consolidation for 4 DCs into one.

Confidential, Richmond VA

SAP Business Analyst

  • Analyzed business processes and identified relevant systems based solutions alternatives and discuss these with business users.
  • Work directly with users and management to build consensus on a solution and coordinate implementation activities.
  • Created, maintained and updated detailed project plan with clearly defined work breakdown structures for all Open projects.
  • Collaborate with business leaders and key users to continuously improve existing business practices.
  • Developed and maintain design, Training, and business process documents for all logistics processes.
  • Developed technical and functional specifications documents based on gap analysis in addition performed subsequent SAP system configuration activities in addition to testing and documentation.
  • Leveraged SAP best practices and standard functionality in adoption of new processes.
  • Regular interaction with users to ensure they understand and are making full use of the system capabilities
  • Assist in the technical preparation of Business Process Procedures, Test Scenarios, End-user documentation, and User manuals.


  • Knowledge of Scrum and Agile Project delivery methodologies.
  • Solid implementation, configuration, functional and technical experience.
  • Experience supporting various Test phases within projects.
  • Experience of interfacing with external systems & performance optimization.
  • SAP functional experience with the following modules: SD,MM,WM,PP,LE
  • Knowledge and experience using Microsoft office application, SharePoint, OTRS, SQL RDMS, Tableau Analytics, BPMN process modeling. Microsoft Projects.
  • Exceptional End User Training Skills.
  • Exceptional Documentation skills

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