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Sap Bw Senior Consultant Resume

Plano, TX


  • Having Around 8 years of experience in software industry which includes, experience in analysis, design, development, testing and implementation of Enterprise applications using SAP BW, BO, BPC, IP and HANA (Native).
  • Extensive full life cycle implementation using ASAP methodology, Agile methodology and post Go - Live experience in estimation, analysis, design, development, testing, maintenance, performance tuning and deployment of SAP BI, BO and Planning applications.
  • Possess very good functional knowledge of ERP modules e.g. Financials, Controlling, Logistics (SD, MM, IM etc.) and Human Resources. Developed several models as per the client requirements.
  • Expert in integrating heterogeneous source systems such as ECC 6.0, SAP APO, SAP CRM, Flat Files & 3rd party Databases with SAP BW.
  • Worked in End to End Implementations and Upgrade Projects in BI, BOBJ and HANA. Managed multiple application maintenance/support projects, upgrade projects from BW 3x to BI 7.0, 7.3, 7.4, 7.5 on HANA and upgrade from BOXI 3.1 to BO 4.0/4.1.
  • Used LSA++ (Extended Layered Scalable Architecture) which is optimized for BW powered by HANA. Expertise in in native HANA Models i.e. Attribute views, Analytical Views, Calculation Views, AMDP Procedures, HANA Optimized Transformations, SQL Scripting etc.
  • Worked on User exists, ABAP Workbench Objects, Custom extractors, generated extractors, BC extractors, transformations, IP, DTPs, Bex reports, Query elements, Web templates, Portal Content development, BADI’s.
  • Working experience on SAP 7.4 features i.e. Composite Provider, Open ODSviews, Bex Queries; Input ready Query, Advanced DSO, and New Composite Provider, Planning on PAK, Inter-operability of HANA Views and BW Models.
  • Experience in creating custom extractors and Generic Extractors, involved in enhancing existing transactional data extractors Modified and created User Exit programs to accommodate additional fields in the extract structure of the data source.
  • Expertise in Business Objects 4.0/4.1 Enterprise suite using Web Intelligence, Dashboards, Design Studio. Developed universes on single and multiple sources, OLAP Cubes, BEx queries, Merge Queries, designed the Universes with connection source as SAP and legacy systems. Expert in designing Queries using Webi Formula Editor.
  • Experience in building planning layouts using Design Studio (Planning & Analytics) and Analysis for Office 1.5 (Sales Volume Planning & Indirect Planning).
  • Individual Contributor with good interpersonal skills. Can integrate with the team and work within the team for the cause of the projects.
  • Experienced in optimizing several complex ABAP Programs and implemented Complex Business Logic in several High Volume landscapes. Expertise in handling High volumes of data extraction and Reporting in SAP BW.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills clubbed with good presentation skills.


  • Experienced in the SAP R/3 system involving implementation of the FI, CO, PP, HR, QM, MM, PS, SM, and SD modules.
  • Expert in developing custom ABAP code as per the requirement i.e. Virtual Chars / KF, Transformations/Start Routine/End Routine/Expert Routine, Data source Enhancements, Complex Functional Module extractors, ABAP Reports (SE38, LDB, Info set Query, ALV Reports), FM/RFC FM/BAPI/BADI, Module pool Programming, Subroutines, SAP Scripts, Smart forms, BSP (Business Server Pages), Variable Exits, Performance Tuning, OO ABAP, Workbench Tools (ABAP dictionary, SQL Tracer), Debugging, ALE, EDI, SAP Enhancements, User exits, BAPI, BADI, BDC, LSMW, SOLMAN Change management, Visio, PowerPoint and MS-Project.


Confidential, Plano, TX

SAP BW Senior Consultant


  • Managing SAP HCM BW upgrade from SAP BW 7.0 to SAP BW 7.5.
  • Responsible Pre upgrade and Post upgrade activities
  • Responsible for Project Plan Preparation and Project tracking
  • Involved in Pre upgrade activities like consistency check, Clean up activity, Temp table checks, Check/Repair Status of Info Objects, Clean/delete the messages for error logs, Checks for Master data consistency, Clean up background jobs, Repair inconsistent info packages and backup for Bex query outputs before upgrade.
  • Involved in HANA migration cockpit install and check pre and post upgrade activities.
  • Checked RFC’s and source system connections and replication of source system.
  • Involved in Post upgrade activities like check for Delta working fine, Check data flow for master data and Process chain up to Bex query.
  • Migrated older version of Bex queries to newer version.
  • Involved in testing the master data and transaction data loads.
  • Checked the routines, transformations and DTP’s.
  • Validated Bex query and report output after upgrade.
  • Involved in checks for existing and new functionality of BW 7.5
  • Involved in UAT for Quality and Mock testing before Production
  • Responsible for monthly release and change management for SAP BW/BOBJ. Well versed with Solution manager.
  • Experience with proper data architecture, PSA maintenance, Info Packages, Data Transfer Process (DTP), Delta functionality, Flexible Master data staging, and debugging loads using the Data load Monitor.
  • Hands on experience undertaking performance tuning activities for SAP BI and BOBJ, managing upgrades, creating technical and functional design and support, up keeping the Knowledge Management System.
  • Daily Monitoring of complex Process Chains. Taking care of Daily / Weekly / Monthly Jobs as per client requirements.
  • Troubleshooting the process chains and keeping track of the issues that occur and identify to find long term solutions for them.
  • Extensively worked on scheduling, rescheduling, decommissioning, setting up alerts, defining dependency of SAP and Non SAP jobs using Control M agent.
  • Responsible for Weekly and Monthly maintenance activity for SAP BW/BOBJ.
  • Hands on working experience with SAP BO tools set like SAP Universe designer, Web Intelligence, Analysis For Business Explorer, Xcelsius (Dashboard) and SAP BI tools like Query Designer, BEx Analyzer, BEx Web analyzer and Application designer.
  • Responsible for monthly release and change management for SAP BW/BOBJ. Well versed with Solution manager.
  • Maintenance of documentation of the daily loads, process chain status, etc.

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN



  • Design, Develop, Test and Deploy HANA Optimized Customer Pricing Models using SQL Scripting for Trade Planning project i.e. List Price, National LS and Bracket Price etc.
  • Developed Several Hybrid HANA models as Attribute views, Analytical views, and Calculation views, Composite providers, Open ODSviews.
  • Developed re-conciliation reports to check the data that’s been planned in BI-IP, Retracted to ECC, and brought back to BI and pushed to BPC Info providers.
  • Created and Modified Data Manager Packages to load Master (Attributes, Text and Hierarchies) and Transactional Data to BPC from BW and flat files
  • Created input forms, Consolidated financial statements and reports using EPM Add-in.
  • Design, Develop, Test and deploy several Planning architectures which includes HANA Optimized modelling approach (PAK) for several business processes i.e.TPM etc.
  • Developed SAP IP planning objects on PAK powered by HANA i.e. Aggregation Levels, Standard Planning functions, Custom Planning functions (ABAP and SQL), Filters, CR Derive (ABAP and SQL), Planning Sequence, Table Types, HANA SQL Procedures, Filter BADI and Query BADI Implementation etc.
  • Developed BW Transformations using AMDP Procedures via Expert Routine.
  • Good experience on Trade Funds, Dynamic Funding, Volume Planning using Promo Planning etc. Expert in troubleshooting the issues.
  • Developed Several BW Objects i.e. Info objects, Multi providers, Composite Providers, Advanced DSO’s, DSOs, DTP, Transformation, Info packages, SQL Script, ABAP Workbench Objects etc.
  • Developed complex Webi / Web Intelligence reports using combined queries, Cross Tab, Vertical Tables, Complex Conditional Formatting, merging dimensions, Breaks, Sections, Input Controls, complex Formulas at Webi Document level and Implemented several dynamic filters to satisfy the end user requirement.
  • Should be hands on and well experienced in designing Lumira dashboards and story boards.
  • Should have experience in creating Dashboards, Lumira stories from universe using IDT/UDT by understanding the design as well as using data from multiple sources as well.
  • Experience in handling migration of reports from other SAP BO environment to SAP Lumira and its migration related issues.
  • Should have very good analytical & visualization skills, ability to handle critical issues faced while designing and supporting Lumira reports.
  • Develop custom Design Studio (UI5 Components) and Analysis Office (VBA Code) workbooks for Indirect Planning and Volume Planning using IP PAK.
  • Developed several HANA SQL Script Planning functions i.e. Custom Recalc function, After Sync functions, List Price Read, Gross Margin calculations, Indirect Ship Vol rollup to wholesalers, Overlap Rate calculations etc.
  • Involved in implementing best practices for HANA enterprise applications i.e. SAP Business Objects Reporting (Design Studio and Webi), Planning on HANA and Reporting.
  • Activated complete Business Content statistics (Technical Content), scheduled process chains and customized some extractors and queries based on user requirement.
  • Wrote BADI’s to extract and retract data from to BPC environment to BW cubes and DSO’s.
  • Used ABAP Object Oriented programming concept in BW routines, like BADI’s, Classes, Methods and includes depending on requirement.
  • Worked on number of change requests after Go-Live to facilitate additional requirements.

Environment: BI 7.4, 7.5, IP, BPC 10.1, HANA, BO 4.1, Design Studio, EPM Add-in, BEx Query Designer.

Confidential, NYC, NY



  • Involved in designing, documenting and configuring the Information Model for the CRM Service BI Implementation.
  • Extracted Data from CRM for the Service Contracts, Service Cases, Confirmations and Billing Using business content extractors and as well as generic extractors.
  • Created tables, attribute views, analytical view, calculation views and stored procedures for supply chain on time shipment and order visibility analytics.
  • Handled the complex business transformation logic in calculation view in HANA.
  • Worked on predictive analysis algorithms on sap HANA for the supply chain.
  • SAP HANA Security activities like User Management, Assigning Roles to users and Managing Analytical Privileges to enable course gained and fine grained access control.
  • Creating Hierarchical views
  • Interacted with Business stake holders in order to understand their structured and ad-hoc reporting requirements, business rules for finance, sales and marketing domains.
  • Created a high-level and detailed HANA implementation and migration plan and develop a training plan for the current development resources
  • Leveraged knowledge of data ware house, ETL and software development methodologies to contribute to the overall planning by recommending approaches, identifying resources and developing timelines
  • Designed Delivery score card and localization analysis Reports in BO WEBI & Explorer on HANA IDT universes.
  • Developed complex reports and robust business applications with Crystal Reports
  • Installed several client tools for several developers. Designer, Dashboards, Crystal Reports, BI Client tools etc
  • Created Report templates, Summary Reports, Master/Detail Reports, Parameterized Reports and Cross-tab reports.
  • Worked on Business objects explorer integration to HANA for creating BO explorer information spaces for supply chain on time shipment and order visibility analytical reports.
  • Should be hands on and well experienced in designing Lumira dashboards and story boards.
  • Should have experience in creating Dashboards, Lumira stories from universe using IDT/UDT by understanding the design as well as using data from multiple sources as well.
  • Experience in handling migration of reports from other SAP BO environment to SAP Lumira and its migration related issues.
  • Should have very good analytical & visualization skills, ability to handle critical issues faced while designing and supporting Lumira reports.
  • Extensively Worked on the Transformations, DTPs, Error Stacks and Error DTPs.
  • Extensively worked on Start routine, routines in transformations and End routine.
  • Extensively worked on the currency translations in the transformations and Reports.
  • Worked on the report to report interface to jump from the aging summary report to the aging detail report extensively involved in creation of secondary indexes on the Data store objects to improve the data load performance and indexes on the Master data tables when they are being used in the navigational attributes.
  • Created generic extractors for billing and contracts conditions using the functional module for the discount analysis reporting.
  • Developed Reports using exceptions, conditions, offsets, calculated key figures, restricted key figures and exceptional aggregation.
  • Developed Service Contract Amortization report which will give the month on month forecasting amounts, month on month actual amounts, total contract amount, total billed amount, and total back log amount with drill down for service organizations, service product hierarchy, tool hierarchy and sales hierarchy.
  • Integrated all Webi documents in Net weaver Portal using Knowledge Management (KT) (Both SAP Repositories and File Repositories).
  • Imported transports into SAP BW for crystal publishing to SAP BW
  • Analyzed, Implemented and tested New Patch features and Bugs, working closely with SAP Support team to fix existing Product Bugs i.e. Webi Formatting, AAO Variants, Saving AAO Workbooks in NW System, Webi Data Quality Issues, Webi Data Integrity Issues etc.
  • Developed 2 super Queries for WISER and CRO to deploy in Xcelsius dashboard reporting using QAAWS (Query as a Web Service) methodology.
  • Published and scheduled the reports in Crystal Enterprise using Crystal Management Console so that reports are accessed from Front-end application.
  • Published all these Webi Documents and Xcelsius documents in Infoview. Tested LDAP functionality for all upgrades and System Builds.
  • Dashboards Using Advanced Multiple Drills Down, Dynamic Visibility, and Alert Features were designed to support Complex Requirement Scenario.
  • Utilized Crystal Reports to create detailed financial reporting using sub-reports and parameter based reports.
  • Involved with designing standard invoice and billing reports for customers using Crystal Reports.
  • Designed dashboard using best practices and advanced filtering techniques to dynamically filter and serve as the source for the dashboard.
  • Optimized dashboard performance for speed of thought analysis even with large data volumes and simultaneously allowed user customization on the fly.
  • Created several new Webi reports to report on CRM Analytics (Leads, Opportunities, Activities and service Contracts) using Business Objects functionalities like Slice and Dice, Drill Down, Cross Tab, Input Controls, Vertical Tables, Sections, Conditional Formatting, Data Tracking, Alerted, and Formulas etc. using Web intelligence.
  • Transported all Documents including Web Services, Universes, Xcelsius and Webi documents etc. using Import Wizard. Coordinating with Admin team to manual override target system connections.
  • Working knowledge of BI Accelerator and Coordinating with Client team for developing Process Chains i.e. BIA Indexes etc
  • Developed Days Sales Outstanding report for measuring of the average delay to get paid, from the invoicing date with drill down for Plant, Company, Customer and Cal day

Environment: BI 7.0, ECC 5.0, CRM SD, MM, FI, Oracle 9i, BEx Query Designer, Crystal Reports.

Confidential, Irwindale, CA

BW/BOBJ Developer


  • Responsible for designing Business Intelligence solutions using SAP BW 3.5 and BI 7.0 to meet the Daily operational and Analytical reporting demands of the business
  • Working on a SAP Net weaver 2004s BI 7.0 Upgrade upgrading from BW.3.5 Understand the SAP Upgrade Process for the BI Net weaver components
  • Worked on HR Info types Head count to extract the data from R/3 to BW and wrote the required routines when loading data in to BW.
  • Developed Summary and detailed reports and Charts based on SAP CRM Leads, Opportunities, Service Contracts queries using Web Intelligence, Crystal Reports and also Bex Analyzer.
  • Created 5 Universes using Universe Designer, worked with tables, fields and joins, involved in resolving loops by creating aliases and contexts using SAP BEx queries.
  • Created/Edit queries and reports in BOBJ - Info View for multidimensional analysis and trained users on drill-down, cross-tab, triggers, master detail, slicing and dicing, ad-hoc reports by Web Intelligence Webi, Voyager workspace, scheduling and publishing to BO Inbox, email, FTP, .. in multiple formats html, pdf, ActiveX doc
  • Created the Crystal reports using tables and tested the reports by cross checking and verifying data against the reports generated from the legacy system.
  • Wrote formulas to calculate the group summaries based on the group levels in Crystal Reports.
  • Created reports across the channels (Sub Reports Drill-down, dynamic grouping, Master/Detail, Cross-Tab, graphical, aging reports etc).
  • Extensively involved in creating Parameters and Record Selection Formulas to allow the users to filter the data in Crystal Reports.
  • Created Report templates, Summary Reports, Master/Detail Reports, Parameterized Reports and Cross-tab reports.
  • Imported transports into SAP BW for crystal publishing to SAP BW
  • Published and scheduled the reports in Crystal Enterprise using Crystal Management Console so that reports are accessed from Front-end application.
  • Handled Incompatibility issues between Crystal Reports XI and Excel and between Crystal Reports and PDF.
  • Setup ABAP transports on SAP server side for Crystal publishing to SAP BW
  • Utilized Crystal Reports to create detailed financial reporting using sub-reports and parameter based reports
  • Worked on new DSO delta uploads into BI and good working knowledge on new BI 7.0 objects.
  • Worked on Business Explorer (BEx) to creating reports like Balance Sheet, P&L, Cash, Gross Margin Monthly Sales Open Orders, Back Orders, Overdue, Daily Sales Reports, Payment, and History etc. Using structures, formulas and Cell definitions
  • Experienced in new data transformation process (ETL) Extracted data from ECC 6.0 and 5.0 into the BI, According to report requirement, enhanced the existing HR Info types and used deltas where required.
  • Wrote number of routines in update and transfer rules according to requirements.
  • Created reports in BEx Query Designer then published them in to BOBJ Analysis for Excel for End users. Created few WEBI queries and scheduled them to run every day especially for reconciliation purpose.
  • Setting up the migration of the new Authorizations concept of Net weaver 7.0 (New BI Authorizations’ Using Analysis Authorization) and the considerations/issues with migration.
  • Worked on number of HR head count and personnel info types to extract data in to BW and wrote Conversion routines in update and transfer rules where required.
  • Created the process chains (RSPC) and Meta chain to automate the data load process according to the load Procedures and dependencies, resolved the Process Chain issues in Data loading.
  • Created number of test scripts on different objects including Info Cube, ODS, Master data, reports and data Loading and also involved in user acceptance test with the business users.
  • Worked on quality check (testing) of the BW objects before and after the BW Upgrade among the system Landscape
  • Created number HR reports and also the forecasting report to predict next six months working hour’s Directive data to keep all the Employees under 48 hours a week (HR) (BPS)
  • Converting the Data Sources and the PSA to the new DTP Process, Using Transformation, process, fixing The ABAP OO codes in Start and End Routines.
  • Worked till the Go Live and support. Removed number of issues in cooling off/ transition period.
  • Checking Reaction of SAP BI System after Upgrading, Running RSD1 to check Info Objects.
  • Resolved number of tickets with in the given time frame and used to call the business user and explain what the problem why it occurred was and how to resolve, incase if it occurs in the future.

Environment: SAP BI 7.0, BW 3.5, SAP R/3 5.0, and 6.0, FI/CO, HR and CRM, Crystal Reports.

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

BW Developer


  • Understanding the requirements on various units of the Business modules.
  • Created Various Open Hub Destination to load data from BW system
  • Created routines in Transformation as per customer requirement.
  • Working extensively with Data Warehouse Workbench for Modeling, Monitoring, Scheduling DTP-Info package and Process chains.
  • Installing and activating various Business content for Inventory. Installing Inventory standard data sources and Info cubes and info objects.
  • Working on activating the standard delivered business content in the form of Info Objects, Info Sources, ODS/DSO, Info Cubes, as well created various objects as per requirement.
  • Created Data Target, Info Provider, Info Cubes, Char and key Info Object Catalos and Info Objects.
  • Performed Data loads for Transaction, Master Data from SAP R-3 using Process Chains.
  • Performed loading Data from Data source to DSO and DSO to Info cube.

Confidential, Washington DC

BW Developer


  • Involved in identification of business requirements meeting the needs of end-users in sales and distribution.
  • Involved in design, development, and testing of enhancements or user requirements for implementation by Identifying the customer requirements, modeling the data, and defining the data sources at OLTP
  • Used extended star schema for data modeling. Also worked with ABAP programs.
  • Performed Event Scheduling and created Process Chains, and Monitor settings.
  • Created Generic Data Sources for Transactional data, Master data and Texts based on Views and Function Modules
  • Extracted data from R/3 using LO, CO-PA and Generic extractors.
  • Handled Profit center Accounting (EC-PCA), Accounts Payable (FI-AP), Accounts Receivable (FI-AR), General Ledger (FI-GL) Info cubes as a part of cross-functional SAP BW implementation.
  • Multi-Planning Areas to conduct variance analysis Plan/ actual and analyze volume / price changes.
  • Responsibilities included fixing and partitioning PSA, setting-up ODS, and combining ODS from different modules, writing Transfer Rules, transfer routines, update start routines and update routines and Info Cube Partitioning
  • Tailored Transfer Structures, Communication Structures and Update Rules to optimize performance.
  • Uploaded master data and transactional data from SAP R/3 via Data staging to PSA, ODS and Info Cubes.
  • Involved in Reporting Agent configuration and settings, Jump-start and routine build up.
  • Worked extensively on BEx Query Designer and developed flexible queries using filters, navigational attributes in BEx Analyzer to facilitate data analysis in a drill down or summarized way to give detailed levels of information
  • Assigned queries to different User Catalog on client specification and developed Excel workbooks for publishing views on the web using Web Application Designer.
  • Provided quality assurance and technical assistance during go-live.


ABAP Developer


  • Responsible for coding along with implementation team and continued for modifying the programs as per the requirement.
  • Up gradation of Reports, Transaction, and BDC’s.
  • Using modification assistant for all objects to make modifications.
  • 24/7 support and monitoring back ground scheduled jobs
  • Prepared test scenarios for many of the above developments and actively involved in testing all those developments in QA.
  • Involved in Weekly Data upload work using BDC’s in background jobs and error corrections.
  • Planning analysis & development of reports.
  • Developed Reports in Material Master that outputs valued stock grouped by material type and plant. This output shows Material number, Storage location, and description.
  • Developed an ALV report that gives the stock overview for a given project with Des number and the value of the stock for Manufacturing and DS Materials.
  • Developed a Simple ALV ABAP LIST VIEWER Report to Display list of Material Cards differentiated as Shop Cards, Stores Cards, Duplicate Cards and Emergency Cards for Printing.
  • Developed a classical report that gives the CNote No, GR No, PO No, PO Date, LRNo etc.
  • Developed a report that gives the Discrepancy list between WBS BOM and PRs.
  • Modified the layout set MEDRUCK, SAPFM06P in purchasing using SAP Scripts according to BHEL requirements.
  • FORM and PRINT Program for Material card summary.
  • FORM and PRINT Program for CDC Legacy Gate Pass Printing.
  • Module pool for knowing the purchase Requisition status.
  • Module pool to assign Des No. value for a Sale Order.
  • Implementing a BDC program to migrate Vendor master data from legacy system to SAP R/3 database. The data was uploaded using transaction code XK01 and XK02.
  • Involved in Material Master Conversion Interface that transfers the legacy system material data to SAP through MM01 transaction (Basic view, Sales view, purchase view, Plant/Storage location and Warehouse views).

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