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Lead Architect Resume

Southlake, TX


Seeking a position in which I can utilize my object oriented analysis, design, and implementation skills in architecting project solutions and mentoring teammates in a team lead capacity.


Technologies: Jboss Application Server, BEA WebLogic (6.1 and 8.1), SQL, JDBC, Struts, J2EE, JSP, Servlets, EJB, XML (Schema and DTD), XSL, HTML, CSS, Axis WebServices as well as Weblogic WebServices, PHP, Apache Webserver, Java stored procedures in Oracle, Ant build scripts, JPA, Hibernate, RESTEasy, JMS

Database: Oracle, MySQL, MS SQLServer, MS Access

Methodologies: Object Oriented Analysis and Design using UML

Languages: Java, PHP, Confidential, .Net, Pascal, Visual Basic, C

Tools: Eclipse, Subversion, IntelliJ Idea, MS Visual SourceSafe, Oracle Jdeveloper, Vitria BusinessWare, JBuilder, VisualAge For Java, VisualWorks, Confidential, Objectivity OODBMS, Paradigm Plus, JDK 1.1, 1.2, 1.3.1, 1.4, Visio

Operating Systems: MS Windows, UNIX (Solaris), Linux, MS - DOS


Confidential, Southlake, TX

Lead Architect


  • Interviewing over 100 applicants and hiring 30. Designing interview process currently in use.
  • Designing all solutions to support carrier needs and new product needs.
  • Implementing design process for all new projects to include a detailed design document, tasklist spreadsheet, and requirements document.
  • Delivering level of effort estimates for the completion of all development based upon my designs.
  • Leading a team of up to 20 developers through the implementation of my designs
  • Delegating responsibilities and assigning workload to a staff of 20 developers.
  • Implementing development process with 20 developers to include code reviews, design reviews, api reviews, etc. I was the one responsible for conducting the reviews as part of the process.
  • Evaluation of new technologies and third party vendors to provide solutions for our application.
  • Visiting vendor and carrier sites to work with their development staffs integrating their solutions with ours.
  • Building, modifying, and maintaining ant scripts and build process to utilize a build server for consistent stable builds
  • Implementing change control process utilizing Subversion, Trac and various branching and merging techniques
  • Developing code for and maintaining applications using PHP, Apache, Java, JDBC and JBoss Application Server utilizing MySQL as a backend database.
  • Mentored new employees in the use of these technologies and successfully transitioned work to them.
  • Design and implementation of an SOA based service bus architecture to allow for the easy distribution of services among the application servers in our server farm
  • Design and implementation of a modularization framework to allow isolation of changes to individual pieces of functionality.
  • Leading a team of 20 developers in the integration of a newly acquired company with our own.
  • Troubleshooting and performance testing of an application to handle over a million simultaneous users in a production setting.

Confidential, Dallas/Westlake, TX

Senior Java Analyst


  • Developing code for and maintaining web pages using PHP, Apache, Java, JSP, EJB, JDBC and BEA’s Weblogic Application Server utilizing Oracle, SQL Server and Microsoft Access as backend databases.
  • Mentored new employees in the use of these technologies and successfully transitioned work to them.
  • Developed several frameworks and components to facilitate development of applications. These include:
  • An events framework for event based programming, used for logging, email generation, etc. A properties framework useful for maintaining configurable properties within the system and providing global access to them. An application configuration component to allow easy configuration of an application and it’s various parts (event framework, etc) through simple XML files. This includes a web front end for on the fly changes to any of the properties, etc in memory. A mainframe service manager component to ease development of communication services between Java and legacy mainframe applications. This is XML based for easy configuration. A website for the administration of migration requests for all our applications
  • Developed several web services applications for business to business communication utilizing both Apache Axis web services and Weblogic web services.
  • Requirements gathering, analysis, architecture, design, and implementation of the back end of a large scale project to provide a web site to handle claims against our company. This involved the use of multiple heterogeneous technologies - Java, MS Access, Oracle, and MS SQL Server databases, MS DTS, email systems, MS Excel spreadsheets, Java stored procedures, and XML transfer of data. This project required me to work with several differing database programmers across the country in order to transfer data between them all.
  • Maintaining applications and providing support for them as well. This includes after hours migration support as well as application support.

Confidential, Dallas, TX



  • Analysis, Design, and future implementation of a system implementing Vitria BusinessWare for the provisioning and use of a leading instant messenger software with wireless two way messaging devices.
  • Design, development, and maintenance of a two way paging and content delivery system using Vitria Businessware for the infrastructure. Includes connectors to HTTP, RDBMS, XML, and custom connectors and translators. Also uses JDBC and Openlink database support.
  • Maintenance of a remote administration tool implementing Java using applets, GUI, CORBA and VisualAge for Java
  • Analysis, design, and implementation of an application to route paging traffic utilizing Java, sockets, and multithreading
  • Maintenance and construction of web pages to handle two way paging functionality. This includes the development and implementation of a version control plan, as well as gathering and implementing requirements from marketing and others.
  • As a member of a team of 10 developers, design and implementation of the software which serves as the two way paging network.
  • Ownership of the analysis, design and implementation of the billing interface to the paging network.
  • Liaison between the developers and the QA department for purposes of coordinating testing efforts and developing a testing plan
  • Configuration management utilizing Confidential and other improvised tools
  • Installation and configuration of the system as well as development of tools to facilitate the installation and configuration.

Confidential, Arlington, VA



  • Requirements gathering, analysis, design and implementation of part of an order entry system as a part of a 4 person team.

Confidential, Irving, TX



  • Reverse engineering and documentation of the order entry system designed there.

Confidential, Dallas, TX

Object Technologist


  • Consulting for various clients in the areas of Confidential programming and object- oriented analysis and design.
  • Also used Objectivity's object oriented database and Java.

Confidential, Lawton, OK



  • Maintenance of the software which controls the Firefinder Intermediate Maintenance Trainer using Hughes Authoring Language

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